TT and Flank Lipo Scheduled for May 4th - Anderson, SC

I'm 53 years old and have been carrying this...

I'm 53 years old and have been carrying this 'pouch' around with me for way too long. I had a breast reduction in 1988 and now I'm ready for my next cosmetic procedure. I've been working out faithfully and have lost 35 pounds in the last year and this tummy has just stayed hanging around with me! I can't wait for it to be GONE!!!

I'm beginning to have 2nd thoughts about this,...

I'm beginning to have 2nd thoughts about this, even though I've dreamed about it for 20+ years! Just knowing that I'll be arriving at my PS Wednesday morning and then leaving feeling like a truck just ran over me is almost more than I can take! Please help and remind me that it will all be worth it!

Wow...What an Ordeal! If I had any idea this...

Wow...What an Ordeal! If I had any idea this procedure would have been this bad, I don't think I would have done it. Also, if I had just had the TT and not the flank lipo, it probably wouldn't have been as bad as it was. My husband had to literally lift me in and out of bed everytime I had to pee, or take medicine, or even sit up for a few minutes! The pain and weakness in my sides were horrible. My doctor sent me home with a Fentanyl patch on my shoulder and it had to be removed the next day because I was not peeing, had no appetite, and was extremely nauseas. Once it was removed, I had to drink a gallon of Gatorade to finally be able to urinate. So, that left me with Loritab every 4 hours taken with food...when I didn't feel like eating. I had a huge like blood blister over my incision at the pubic area, and it's finally healing. My doctor was concerned that it could have been necrotic (dead tissue), so extra attention has been given to that area. Today, my pain level is pretty low...the only complaint I have is that my skin seems to be very sensitive around my rib area, in the front and back, and I'm only taking ES Tylenol. I'm so thankful that Monday night, I was finally able to begin sleeping on my sides again. I'm gaining a little more strength back each day and I'm going back to work part time the end of next week. I'll be glad to start getting out of the house again, cause I'm getting kind of bored being at home so much. Oh, my doctor said he took almost 8 pounds off of me! Hallelujah!

Well, It's been 4 weeks today and my PS says I've...

Well, It's been 4 weeks today and my PS says I've come a long way in 4 weeks. I've had a bit of a complication with healing over the pubic area. It's slowly healing and will probably be completely healed in another week or so. My PS mentioned possibly doing a revision in that area in a few months, depending on how it heals. My strength is better every day. I'm actually back to work and feeling good. Still having some stiffness from the flank lipo and swelling in the abdominal area. I did buy some new work pants (scrubs) and went from a large down to a size medium. That feels really good!
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Hi Anderson. Being so long aftervyour last post, I pray you read this and maybe can help me. I have a Wound that looks just like yours did. I'm about 4 weeks po, and this started early, with a reactionto tape, then turned to a scab, then started opening to a
what lookes like to me (a gaping hole!) above my pubic on incision. I saw your pic on the q n a, and was elated because I feel SO alone and afraid, not to mention grossed out and down :(. I don't dare share a pic of it, becausec I don't want to freak
anyone out! I do have a very experienced PS, whom I see every 4 days for him to monitor. Now he has me using old school gauze wet to dry 2x a day. I'm miserable and just hope and pray you can give me some in site to this healing process. I have patience, but 4 weeks and I don't even want to get dressed. I really am normally more positive, but even with my family, I'm all alone with this. If your still out there, please help.
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i hope you are doing okay!!!
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just keep telling yourslf that you are going to be so happy afterwards!!! You will look amazing dont be scared or nervous. Women do this everyday you will survive!!! No pain No gain :)
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Congratulations on the weight loss!  Good job:)   Well you will love having the skin removed and that will make you feel like a new woman! 

I look forward to reading your posts and following you through your process.  You have come to the right place for support and information.

Keep posting :)
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