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Had a micro laser peel today followed by a 400...

Had a micro laser peel today followed by a 400 micron profractional laser. I'm 39 with fine lines and mild (pitted scarring in the cheek area). I previously had 4 fraxel laser restore treatments with no results at all on the scarring so I decided on this. The whole procedure last 1 1/2 hrs. I had numbing creme applied. I have a very high tolerance for pain and I will be honest, this hurt, really bad. There were times I felt like getting up and saying forget it. When it was over my face was on fire like my head was in a 500 degree oven. They applied aquaphor and I went home with the a/c on high all the way. I do not know what the outcome of this procedure will be but if you ask me right now if I would do again I will say no. It hurt that bad. I'm not sure the pain will be worth the gain but this hurt. I'm 4 hrs post now and my skin feels hot in some places. Not terrible (took 2 advil when I got home) but not great. I look like Freddy Kreuger. Im red, dried up blood all over, a little swollen under my eyes and the aquaphor makes it look even worse. I will try to update in a few days. I'm a real patient who literally just had this done. Just hope I can help someone debating this make a decision.

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24 hours post procedure

So its about 25 hours since I left the doctors office. The night was rough. Tried to sleep sitting up (for swelling & not wanting to rub my face on pillow). I woke up this morning and looked horrible. Wasn't quite supposed to wash my face yet but I did. It stung like crazy to wash but it helped because about 70% of the dried blood was gone. I applied the aquaphor again and have gone about my day. I'm redder today than yesterday but it's not as gross looking. I'm swollen under my eyes. Looks like a very bad sunburn and my eyelids are white. I'm not in pain but my face is very tender to the touch. Feels raw. Will try to update next 24-48 hrs.

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54 hours post procedure

I like to update using hours because I never know when someone says day 2, 3 etc if they are counting the day of procedure. So this is 2 days and 6 hrs later. A little less red but very blotchy looking. I have that "grid" as you can see in the picture. Tried just using a moisturizer but it stung so went back to aquaphor. You can see lines and marks from where the laser hit so it's not an even all over red, it's just weird looking. I'm peeling already like crazy. When I wash my face I get little balls of dead skin rolling up all over my face. Then when I put the ointment on you can see loose skin all over. Not sure how long this grid will stay but hope it goes away soon. Will update soon.


Ouch!  That looks very painful and raw!  Thank you for sharing your details and pictures from the procedure.

Definitely keep posting pictures as you heal.  I would love to see the final results.


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4 days 4 hours after procedure

Not much change to report. Maybe just a slight improvement in the redness. Still a good bit of red lines (marks from laser) When I wash my face it gets very dry and tight as soon as I dry it. It was so dry tonight I actually went back to the aquaphor. Moisturizer just doesn't soothe it. With all the swelling gone I'm starting to see my imperfections again. : ( I'm hoping this is one of those where I will see results later since I'm not seeing any yet. I went to work today and got some weird stares. (no makeup) One girl said I looked like I had a really bad sunburn. I wouldn't mind being an all over red like a sunburn but the red lines make it look way weird. But I digress..... We'll see from here.


Mine was the sciton also. I'm now realizing that all the hair on my face was completely removed by the laser and is now starting to grow back so I have fuzz. I like a little facial hair around the cheek area cause it seems to deflect flaws a bit. Not having any they seem to stand out even more. I would suggest using the aquaphor or vaseline as long as you can because you will heal quicker. Every time I tried to go on moisturizer it stung and made me redder. Good luck...
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Just also did sciton profractional at 600 over deep scarred portions of my temples and cheeks. It really hurt badly!!
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one week later

Well it's been exactly a week since my procedure. I'm healing up pretty well. Not much redness left just a couple of pink marks here and there. I am very dry. My skin is very flaky especially after I wash it. I do seem to have a big red pimple coming up on my chin. As far as results, I see none now. My skin looks the same as it did the day I went in. So I really hope things get better with time. I guess you just feel after all that there will be a little noticeable change once most of the healing has taken place. So it's kind of discouraging to look in the mirror and see no improvement. Time will tell. I will try to post a picture later.

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3 weeks out not too great

Ok so it's been almost 3 weeks. Not doing well. My skin looks awful. I'm breaking out terribly with small bumps all over my forehead, temples and jawline. I've never broken out in those places. I called Dr. and they put me on Cephalexin. If it's possible, my skin looks worse than it did before treatment. My imperfections seem way more pronounced than before. I seem to have more scarring. It's weird. I hate looking in the mirror right now because everything jumps out at me. My skin has a very waxy appearance. I can't explain it it's just yuck. I think I'm done with lasers. I've tried them several times and have no improvement whatsoever. May be time to just accept me the way I am. If this has worked for others that's great but it's not working for me. And right now I'm trying to clear up acne. So problems on top of problems. Sigh : (


Me too! Had this done 18 months ago ! My scars and indents look like a burn victim! This is shear damage that no one will admit.
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its been a month... i do love the effects of sciton. After the skin has healed, it really has great quality, and the results improved as the days progresses. I thought the good results would disappear after a few days but it even improved for the better. I have been advised once a month treatment for 3 sessions to maximize the result. I love to do it again but i guess my finances and work schedule would not permit it.. Its 5 days downtime for me and i cant be absent that long
Had this done about 2 days ago on my cheeks for severe acne scars I'm seriously paranoid that my burnt bacon looking skin will never go back to normal, also it HURT and your post was very helpful. Nice to know I'm not alone, especially being 19 years old I'm very self conscious right now, I haven't been outside my house yet not even to check the mail

About 6 weeks later

It's been almost six weeks since I had this done. Just got back from vacation. I've been a bit depressed because I saw a picture of myself taken last week and the sun was hitting my face and it looks awful. I swear my skin is worse than it was before I had this done. I have no volume in my face at all. It's sunken in and 1 or 2 people have even commented to me that I look like I've lost weight in my face. I really think my imperfections are worse. I'm also stil fighting breakouts in strange spots. I have broken capillaries on my face now too. It just doesn't look good. I wish I had just stuck with microdermabrasions and chemical peels. They're not miracle workers but they do make my skin more even. Now I just look yuck. I would say to people do not have this done. It's not worth it in the end. I realized before having this done that all the research I did on this was posted by doctors and medical spas. Of course they talk it up. It sounded like a sure thing. I wish I would have listened to the reviews of people who actually had it done. Sadly if you read on here, the majority of the reviews are bad.


Me too! I know I lost volume in my face!!
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Almost 3 months later

Well, I thought I'd take a minute to update. Things not too good. My skin has not improved at all and I hate it more now than I ever did before. I keep big pinkish bumps on my forehead and temples. I never in my life broke out there but it stays broken out now. I still have no volume in my cheeks and am considering sculptra. My pores are bigger. The texture of my skin is waxy and my forehead looks like an orange peel. I've been doing salicylic chemical peels (they used to work great on my breakouts) now they don't do much. I might get clear for a day or 2 then break out all over again. I wish I would have just had a co2 laser. I had one done about 5 years ago and other than a week of downtime I had none of these issues and better results. Well, good luck to anyone who has this done I hope it goes better for you than it did me...


I had pro fractional laser done also and wish I had your review (or some like it) before I did it. My skin also looks worse after the procedure and it has been over a year. I broke out in hives within one day, had to use a steroid cream very sparingly because it basically reverses what you just had done. Also had some pimples come out which I have never had a problem with. I think the hives were from a medicine they had me take to prevent fever blisters (which I told the doctor I HAVE NEVER HAD), but insisted I take anyway just in case. I found out on the Internet after the fact that it can cause hives. Geez! I think the dr should have known that. Anyway, didn't change the appearance of my lines/wrinkles and they seem to be worse. All that pain, downtime, more visits because of issues and $$ for bad results.
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Hey there, I want to sincerely thank you for sharing your story with the community, I was hoping as I got closer to the end of your review that you would have been happy with your results  :(

I did read that it takes almost 4-6 months for the collagen remodeling to occur following your treatment, do you think you may see a turn around?

Sorry things didn't work out as you had hoped, sounds like you went through alot of pain, gosh it looks so painful, you are brave! Keep us posted if you try the Sculptra.

Take care :)


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It's been 4 months since & I really feel as if my skin is worse. I started back heavy on my retin a 4 weeks ago & it seems to be helping me gain a more even skin tone. Still going thru the dry flaky stage but it is helping. I'm still getting weird bumps here and there which I feel are fried hair follicles or something. Cause the pink bumps always come where a hair is. I won't ever do the profractional again for sure. Just hasn't seemed worth it in the end.

4 1/2 months later

Definitely not worth it... Nothing improved, I lost volume in my face & I battle more breakouts than I ever did before. I'm having chemical peels & microdermabrasion done fairly regular and use retin a daily. Helps... After a glycolic/lactic peel my skin is soft & glowing for about a week. Salicylic peels help with the breakouts. There are days I feel my skin looks better than others and then worse than other days. So no, I would not do this again. Wish I could undo it : (


How are you doing now? Still happy with the results? Thanks.
Luckily for me, results are still great. Ive combined it with dermarolling as I dont have the free time to do it again. Though im planning to get my second by april i guess.
That's great! Did you so this for acne scarring? If so, how would you rate the scarring (i.e. mild, moderate, severe)? How would you rate the improvement % wise? Thank you!

15 month update

So, it's been over a year since I had this done. Zero improvement in my scars. Since this I have had mircodermabrasions, chemical peels and even a fraxel restore laser. Still, scars exactly the same. Oh I tried a skin pen (like microneedling) about a month ago. Nada!! I swear sometimes I think my scars are actually worse than when I started because I seem to be way more self conscious about them now than I was before. I've tried to accept my skin the way it is but man it's hard. But I can say there are no treatments out there to really decrease acne scars at all. I would love to shed a ray of light to someone dealing with scars but I have to be realistic. Nothing works. Is my skin brighter, healthier looking? Yes, but still has the scars. Seems really bad in certain lights too. Well, if anyone discovers a miracle treatment please let me know. Good luck to any of you out there trying.


Thank you for updating your review; sorry to hear you’re not seeing any improvements after all your attempts. That's so frustrating for you! I understand how hard it is to accept your scars, I have been there and still have days when I look in the mirror and get annoyed. I have deep scars from cystic acne, I never tried any surgical procedure...yet...I was going to try Dermabrassion but actually the doctor talked me out of it because the risk was very high that I would have added scarring as he would have to go very deep. I do find as you get older you become more accepting of your scars, they are part of you and nobody is perfect. I did speak to a therapist about my scarring and I remember so clearly she asked me "Describe to me how your scars make you feel"I replied something like "You know when you find that perfect wooden table, and you drop something on it and it gets a scratch... and then over time another get frustrated because it's all marked up and looks damaged, well,  that's how my face feels."She replied "I understand, but some people look for that old table with the scratches because it is part of it's history and adds character" (something like that) Those words really helped me. I remember going to my car feeling uplifted and thinking, she is right... they are part of me and who cares if somebody doesn't like them!! I have a husband and family who loves me and they don't see my scars, why do I?! I think alot of times we see them more than anyone else does, in fact, I know we do. Ask someone really close to you what they think of your scars. When I do that, most times they say they don't see them till I mention them; they see my eyes and smile first. Using this website hopefully you will find a solution, you can check out our video section and other reviews/comments to see what has worked for others. Most importantly remember that beauty is from within. 

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Georgia General Surgeon

Doctor and his staff were absolutely great. Very personable and constantly asked me if I was ok during procedure or if I needed anything. Would recommend them to anyone.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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