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Ouch... Just had the MicroLaser Peel &...

Ouch... Just had the MicroLaser Peel & ProFractional Laser done today. Let me tell you this, it hurt (certain areas) very very much! Will post updates as I have them. It is 6 hours past my procedure and my face is stingy, like a minor/medium burning sensation.
Let e say though in that my face looks worse in person than what the pictures show.

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Healing Super Fast! 26 1/2 Post Procedure....

Amazed how fast it is healing! Super excited and anxious! Lets hope all turns out well...


Thank for taking the time to share your review! Looks painful, but you do seem to be healing fast...can't wait to see your results!

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Day 2

Face itches but healing really well

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Day 3

Still red and 'scabby' but looking good. I am breaking out because of the Aquaphor, but I am not gonna complain because:
Not since I was a teenager have my pores looked this good!!! Still early, but I am getting so excited! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU Dr. Daws and your awesome staff!
On this day I don't believe I could be happier [except maybe if the 'healing process' was over :) ]!!!!


Awesome, so glad to hear you are happy with the results far! Thanks for taking the time to update your review :)

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Thank you!
How much did it cost ?? I have my whole chest full I want to remove it but I don't really have that much money wondering around how much it would be really want to get it removed I can't even go swimming

Will update

Will post an update soon....


Hey!!! How abut an update!!! You look awesome! Congratulations for making the leap!!!
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Thanks for posting and sharing . I'm having it done in January . Do you know how deep he went on the Pro Fractional ? I think I'm having 80 microns. I just had the micro laser peel it was 8 . Needless to say I'm a little nervous.
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WebCam Pic Update

Okay, so very sorry for the lack of updates!
It has been over 2 months since the procedure and I still can see grid marks on different parts of my face. Dr. Daws informed me that these 'marks' mean that I am still healing/repairing.
DO I SEE A DIFFERENCE??? I definitely do! My face still isn't perfect, BUT the size of my scarred/enlarged pores has shrunk, and I believe my skin looks fresher, if that makes any sense :).
I believe that if I have this done atleast 1 more time (OUCH!!!) I will see an even bigger difference.
But as it is now:
I wear less makeup
I am breaking out ALOT less
I actually go out without makeup on (never did before)
I feel slightly more comfortable in my skin :)

So the million dollar question: Was it worth doing? ..................YES
The pics I am posting are off my webcam (sorry for the quality)


Ipday, how are you liking your results now that it's over 4 months after? Have your grid marks faded?
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Wanting to schedule for this month. Looks worth it! I'm taking a week off...if I have it done on Mon do you think I will be okay to return to work the following Mon? I know everyone heals differently, etc but...you look fabulous!!
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Hi this is WynneB who has done Profractional twice. You should be ok, if your laser is not super deep. My first procedure I was work ready in 5 days, my second procedure was much deeper and really needed a full week, but I did return to work by then, and used mineral makeup to look ok. I'm 9 months out of 2nd procedure and skin is great. Plus use Obagi 6 step, which makes big dif. Where you getting it done and how $? Best wishes!
Georgia General Surgeon

Excellent Doctor & The Kindest, Most Courteous Staff!! Made me feel so comfortable. Thank You Dr. Daws and your wonderful Co-Workers!

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