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IPL Photofacial. Is This Normal Results or Burn? - Anchorage, AK

I've had IPL photofacials done in the past and...

I've had IPL photofacials done in the past and never had this type of reaction. I saw this esthetician last year for an IPL and micoderm and results were good. I had an appointment with this individual on Tuesday and was shocked at the results! My face felt like it was on fire after IPL was over. She gave me 2 ice packs and samples of hydrocortisone to apply on my face. My husband and kids thought I had burns all over my face. My face was red with brown scabs all over. The next day my friend saw my face and was/is convinced I was burned and this isn't normal reaction. I'll admit esthetician was to aggressive for my liking. I ended up calling her with my concerns and text her pictures of my face. Of course she reassured me my face wasn't burned and this was a normal reaction to my skin tone. Day 4 the scabs are slowly starting to flake (not much) I'm keeping face clean, not scrubbing or picking and using ointment. Would like an outside opinion if this is normal reaction or was I burned? No blistering at all. A little itchy now but that's it for discomfort. Any input is appreciated!
Hi. I don't know anything about IPL but, you may want to try emu oil for helping to heal the burned areas. I hear it helps and I've used it many times after peels that were too strong as I have very sensitive skin. Anyway, look it up.
I had my 1sy IPL on Saturday it is now Thursday and most of the purple lines on the sides of my cheeks are nearly gone, my forehead is quickly healing it has what looks like small scabs on it. I was forewarned by my skin care lady that my skin would look alot worse before it gets better. I was told there is no down time, meaning I can use makeup right away and continue with my regualer skin care routine which I do not complicate. I had 2 fraxels before for bad acne scarring and could not wear make-up for a week but the tiny marks weren't noticable. I use Skinceuticals Vitamin C oil- I think that's what it's called. I was given to me in a kit after my 1st fraxel treatment. I can definately see my hyperpigmentation is about 50% gone thus far. I am happy with those results. IPL is a light not a laser. You need to get it done by a professional. Check reviews ask to see before and after pictures of previous clients. I would say if they can't provide what your asking run the other direction. I hope this helps.
The problem is that a lot of the operators are "professionals" - aestheticians or even doctors. I think more key is "Do they have a lot of experience actually running that IPL machine?" I have read an awful lot of these burn stories on Real Self now, and a common thread seems to be either that key questions were NOT asked, such as "Have you had sun exposure in the past two weeks?" Or, "What treatments have you been using on your skin recently?" (Such as maybe Retin A) And can they fairly judge what issues IPL will and will NOT address? Would they know the difference between more superficial sun spots - and deeper hyperpigmentation. And if they are running it on darker complexions, do they have any experience having done that? They also do not mention that there may be a delay in the results - depending on exaclty what "results" a patient is seeking. And patients, for their part, are often not "patient". It is not like a magic wand or instantaneous or suited for all situations or skin tones and types. Personally, having done about 4 IPLs over two years, I do NOT rush back into makeup. I think with any IPL or laser treatment, a great post-treatment regime for 1-2 weeks is the best idea. Skinceuticals does have a great one. Not so much Vitamin C oil, but there's a cream for face & neck and another for decolletage, and a serum "mask" plus SPF in the "Post Treatment Pack" that I buy. At a very good place, they'll include that Skinceuticals Post Treatment as part of your "treatment". That is done after my Clear & Brilliant fraxel treatments. Then I have my own kit at home which I keep using for about 10 days or so. After any of these treatments, what you want is a literal "cooling off" period. A calming period. I think there's too much of a rush to go do more more more.
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