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Amazing experience, do wish I had gone bigger as...

Amazing experience, do wish I had gone bigger as they are getting smaller and I do miss the fuller look. Hopefully the won't get too much smaller as they are right where I like them but have to remind myself that I wasn't going for an obvious look just a fuller look after having three kids (now 23, 21, and 19) and getting ready to turn 45 in February.


youre 45 years old???? you have the figure of an 18 year old! you look absolutely stunning and you picked the perfect size! do you have all the sensitivity back in your breasts and nipples by now? Some say they lose a bit of it for a while
Turning 46 in February... Thank you though, I ended up with good genes and happen to love to work out. Yes, I too did lose some of my sensation at first but I do have it all back now. I am thrilled with my size - perfect for me, not too big and not too small it just gave me my youthful appearance back again - which was what I was looking for :-)
they certainly are youthful. I am jealous that's all lol! You should post a few updated squishy / squeeze pics to show how natural they look & feel..thats my biggest worry is that if I get the wrong size they'll just look like hard cantaloupes under my skin! Do you feel like you've drawn more attention now? I always wonder if anyone on here has had people ask to squeeze them afterwards lol!
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Best in Anchorage!!! After talking with many patients and seeing photos, and speaking with other doctors he was the highest recommended! Couldn't have asked for a better doctor or office staff - AMAZING!!

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