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I have my BA surgery in 3 days I'm a mom of 3 so...

I have my BA surgery in 3 days I'm a mom of 3 so my boobs have been through a lot they got really huge being pragos and now that I am done having kids and lost all my weight my boobs are horrible lost all fullness and somewhat saggy but not enuf to have to get a lift. I had a few choices to pick from my PS suggested in the 400 and up rang so I picked a 457cc silicone (gummy bear) I'm kinda feeling like I should go with the 497cc they are gong under muscle. Ant help would be great


I don't know your stats but I'm 5'3 140lbs . I got 450cc high profile mentor silicone under the muscle . I'm in love !! If you trust your doctor and show him your desired look you then have to trust his judgment . They know best . I was worried originally I agreed to 400 because of the limited amount of skin I had to work with but my PS knew I wanted a little larger . During surgery he determined he could fit 450 ! If I could have kissed that man I would have lol . Only 8 days post op and loving them . Your welcome to look at my profile . I have lots of before and after pix . Good luck !
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Thank you. I'm 5'4 125/127 got them done yesterday we t with 457cc I can't see them yet my dr said I have to wait until tomorrow :( I wanna see lol
I have 400cc Sientra implants (gummy bear). The gummy bear implants are different than the others. You won't lose a lot of volume going under the muscle at all. Don't get boob greed. Go with what you feel looks good. I didn't want attention from men and I didn't want to look matronly as I got older. I'm 5'11 and love the look I have. They look big but not huge. If you want them to look bigger just wear a push up bra. I'm glad I went with the gummies. They are a little firmer than some of the other implants but they look fabulous!
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I got my boobies done yesterday. Wow what a day.

So it's done got my 457cc done yesterday. I forgot to tell you guys my body style. I'm 5'4 125-127 pounds. I has 3 kids which took its toll on them from being prago they got so big than had my last boy and lost a lot of weight. So they got small and lost all volume on top. I'm in a lot of pain still but I hope it goes away soon. I can't wait to see them. They are all wrapped up my DR said no peeking or he will take them back lol. Does anyone know why they have to be wrapped for a few days.


Congratulations! Sounds like you chose a great size for your body frame. Feel free to post a photo...even with clothing on...if you're comfortable. Do you have anyone helping you during your recovery? Don't forget to take some type of laxative to offset the constipating side effect of the pain meds. Looking forward to your updates!

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I was the same , all wrapped and had to waiting to see .. So have you seen them yet ?

Love my new boobies

Well I picked a perfect size for my body. Very happy :)


You look fabulous. Congrats!
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wow great results...
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How do I add more than one pic?
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Post a few pic of 3rd day

No swelling or brushing at all. My right is a bit bigger at this point. Still have a lot of boob in my arm pit how long does that take to go away or does it.


Congrats and Nice Results!
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You look great! I would have never guessed that your bikini pic was three days out. As far as side boob goes, do u you have mods or high profile? Mods are wider at the base so you would have more side boobage than with high pros. Once they settle and fluff up more they come closer together:-)
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After 3 kids

I feel so much better about myself it's amazing. My recovery went very good perfect I'd say. Except when I first woke up after surgery they couldn't get my pain down for awhile but after that went home slept for a little took my pain meds every 4 houses and my husband took care of our baby. It's been 15 days still soar here and there more when I wake up. How long does it take to D&F? And will it come down from the sides? Thanks for all the support.


Hi Angle 31 I got 400cc Sientra anitomical mods. Since they are textured they don't drop and fluff, but stay pretty much the same shape. They may settle into the pocket a little bit but the shape stays the same from what I heard. If you look in the "Ask a Doctor" section and type in "Are They Done Settling" you can see a photo of my BA, and you can also read what the doctor responses were. I love the anatomicals, but then again I'm 5'11, athletic, and weigh 140. I don't think any other type of implant would look as good on me. You look great and I'm glad that you are happy with the result. My biggest fear was not being happy and having to wait 6 months to go back under the knife!
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You are still early post op to see your final results. It can take up to 3 months for your implants to settle in. Dropping and fluffing is a term that the breast patients use. It has to do with the swelling subsiding and the implant finding it's way into the pocket with a bit of skin stretching. Here is a link to our Doctor Q&A that explains this process in medical terms. Keep us posted on your healing progress!

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Wow you look amazing!! Your pics look really natural already and it's so early on, congrats!
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I'm in love

I'm so in love with my boobie they are perfect size for me. They have healed amazing not much scaring and it's only been 5 weeks. I will post some pictures in a bit.

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