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A little about me I am 4"11 @ 133 lbs.....

A little about me I am 4"11 @ 133 lbs...(yikes) After being blessed with my first son (born C-section=( I was able to bounce back to my pre weight which at the time was 105 lbs...slowly I went up to 115lbs at this point i looked just right. 5 years later I took one for the team and gave brother a lil brother of course not being selfish i figured i would go back to normal weight since I was a vivid gym rat. every one said after my first child the 2nd one around things would be better and easier ...Wrong!!! needless to say my boys are very healthy and keep this MOM very busy!!! Did I mention I am a single parent...Yes sigh...
Anyhow my oldest is 7 years old and my baby is 16 months and now i think its time to take care of my needs and wants...
Yes I need to feel sexy and self confident again, and I want to feel healtly oh yeah did I mention hot...lol = )
So here I am joing this world of tummy tuckers...

sweetness....thank you...! You have been great with all my questions...= ) Jamielynn1021 im so sorry i put down the wrong date...dope it's actually 7-13-12 but the good thing to that is that you will be 4 weeks out,,,, = ) But i did want to mention that having 2 c sections is no Joke i mean the first one you have a lil more time to take care of your self, but the second one YIKES!!! I was out and running around like a chicken with out a head...with my 5 year old then...sigh.....but with my tt I will make sure that i take care of mu investment...lol = )
ladies i am going to try so hard tonight to take pictures of this ugly thing that seems to be hanging on to me for dear life!!!! and hoping that this week i can resume my work outs once again...
Best of luck to you!! We're going to be surgery buddies, mine is the same day as yours.
Yaaay you joined us. So excited for you! On here you will get all the great support and cheering on.

Okay so today I confirmed that i will have my pre...

okay so today I confirmed that i will have my pre op June 25th, this day i will pay my surgery in full after all this time saving my pennies, it's finally going to pay off!!! Talked to my cousin/brother...ready to help me out in this journey...I'm so excited..i will for sure take those scary pictures of this belly that seems to be hanging on for dear life!!! = ) lol


I really appreciate your post because we are exactly the same height and weight! Can't wait to see your results, we have about the same body shape. I will be getting my TT and lift done the end of August.

Ok so yesterday I paid my surgery in full...$5700 ...

ok so yesterday I paid my surgery in full...$5700 yikes for a min there I really thought about it, I mean this is my life savings..i could pay off my debt i could trade my van and get a new van omg!!!! I can go on Vacation with my boys...but no i just had to be selfish and remind my self of how pregnant I look and if I wanted to look pregos for the rest of my life...So I signed on the doted line = )
I was blessed to be able to hire a nurse to stay with me and my boys for 2 weeks....hurray!!!!!!! dont get me wrong i love my cousin and all but he wont be able to shower me help me when i need to go bathroom...etc...= 0) Not to mention my mommy said she supports me 100% and she will take her kids oh sorry my kids under her wing and help with what ever she can....
Surgery is schedule for July 13th 7:30 am...the count down begins....= )
Joanna got to call u to tell u the drama and how I ended up with a nurse...sigh stexas are u nervouse omg I can't stop thinking about it I'm just starting to make my list of all my needs...but I knw it will be worth it :)
I'm really excited. I was super nervous but as it's getting closer I'm doing better. Of course that's subject to change at any time ;)
Our surgeries are on the same day :)

Good morning ladies, finally got all my meds today...

good morning ladies, finally got all my meds today...i just need to waork on the recliner, i got the potty chair and the walker... the count down is on now. Next week today i will be be recovering....im so nervous and anxious, scared, sad happy...all these mixed emotions. Trying to make sure all the bills are paid, next week thursday i will prepare with last min grovery shopping. This weekend i will spend it with my two wonderful boys that I love so much, Disneyland, baseball bbq and some down time just to hold and cuddle with them...sigh!!!
Good morning, just a week away from having my surgery....im so excited and nervous, I walk around the house like a chicken with out a head...I've gained 4 lbs in the past month and i have no idea how...oh wait maybe i do....i've become a nervous wreck....
Judy gOod luck with your surgery I'm scheduled the 12th a day before you ;)

Good morning, what a long weekend did as planed...

Good morning, what a long weekend did as planed hit Disneyland. made it to the baseball bbq, spend quality time with the two lil men that hold the key to my heart,,,,; ) came to work yesterday kicked butt!!! went home rented the recliner, thanks Joanna for the tip..= ) going to kick butt again at work just trying to keep my mind busy....I got my results from all the testing my Primary doctor had done on me, all came back normal EXCEPT for Cholesterol OMG i am at 225 what the heck!!! so that was a major reality check this is the heaviest I've ever been 136 (really let my self go) 20 lbs over weight!!! i will for sure get my work outs on and take care of my investment...lol = ) 3 more days for me.....
YAY Judygirl!!!! You have 2 days to go!! OMG I am biting my nails for you. How exciting! Keep us posted k? =)
Nena...mine are usually 4 full days...yikes....= ( wishing you luck and prayers
Me tooo. Mine came yesterday by tomorrow will be almost gone. I hope :/

Good morning ladies didn't sleep last night...

Good morning ladies didn't sleep last night tossing n turning. I can only imagine what tonight is going to be like. Good thing I got Xanax to relax me hope it works. Well today is going to be a busy day making sure bills r paid and doing some grocery shopping . Cleaning house. I can't believe I'm 24 hrs away from getting this piece of Yuke off my belly.....I'm trying to see how to down load pix from this I pad. Gerry very frustrating.....starting to get sleepy now since I only got 4 hr sleep.....

What a day,,,,with 4 hour zzz I managed to clean...

What a day,,,,with 4 hour zzz I managed to clean house do the kids laundry grocery shopping target run and most importantly made it to mass......went to pray and ask god to watch us through this.....all that are having surgery tomorrow...got the blessing from the priest.....:). It felt great! Finally came home put the kiddos to bed and now just sitting here trying to relax....oh that's right had my last burger @ 5 pm. It will be a while before I have another one. Lol. Well I have to leave the house @ 4 am to be at the surgery center by 5 emotions are running I'm thinking and thinking just of the worst...just wondering if any one is feeling the same or felt the same.....I will try my best to update as soon as I can.....wish me luck I will be on the flate side soon....
Good luck Judygirl! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow morning. I sent up a prayer for you. Can't wait to hear how everything goes. Post pics as soon as you can :))
Awww thanknu Mizo cola it's almost Thank u for the prayers. ;)
Good luck and many prayers coming your way!!! =)

Good morning ladies......after a night of 2 hour...

Good morning ladies......after a night of 2 hour sleep I have finally made it to the surgical facility!! I'm a bit better :) in a few hrs I will be in and this belly of mine is going to be history..! I'm excited to beging this healing journey.....thank u ladies for all the wishes and prayers...:).

Finallybdid it. I'm in some pain the meds from...

Finallybdid it. I'm in some pain the meds from this morning are starting to fade. I'm feeling really tight and soarb hoping I feel better
GOOD LUCK!!!! I cant wait to see your results b/c you and I are pretty close in height and body shape. I am sure you are going to look amazing : )
Thinking about you. Your turn now;) I'm waiting for you on the flat side. You will be fine girl.
Thank u ms jaimelynn :)

Good morning ladies today is my 2 day post op........

Good morning ladies today is my 2 day post op......I'm feeling better than I thought. It's actually some what like a c section recovery just that this time around I am really trying rest rest rest.....not to much pain may a 4 from a 1-10 but I do veal very tight soar....I can get up to use the bathroom with some help but walking on my own. My back is killing me but this recliner is the best :). My drains are leaking just fine had a small bowl of oatmeal and small Coffee and I'm stuffed.....I got this binder won't be able to see my belly until Monday morning. Happy healing
hi judygirl, welcome to the "flat side" :) My MM was the 9th & I haven't really been in pain, just yukky from the meds mostly. Like you, the backache is the worst & I don't like getting in & out of my recliner. Today is my PO day 6 & I haven't had any strong pain meds since 5pm yestrday. It feels like a turning point. Feel more like myself but not going to overdo. Oh & appetite is improved :) my dog is disappointed :( Judy, I want to say that I hope you never secondguess your decision to do this - I raised 3 children on my own and I wish I could have done this 20 yrs ago! The better you feel about yourself, the better mama your precious boys will have :) Good luck, God bless you, and happy healing!
Yes Miz cola.....ur going to join us to and I'm going to be routing for whoowhoo : ). I tell you having a nurse. Is the best. I think I'm going to want to keep her :).
Nena....yes my back is like yikes. But I'm hanging in there I don't have much of an appetitebut I knw I got to get some food in my system. I hope our healing journey is a smooth one. I'm still praying for u s.....

Good morning ladies......just a small update I...

Good morning ladies......just a small update I sleepy all night just got up about an hour ago. Drained my buddies and took some extra s tylenol. I think I might have to make another potty run for what I've been waiting for....crossing my fingers....lol. I feel a bit better it didn't hurt as much as I thought. I weight my self I know I knw but I'm down to 129 lbs. omg can this be possible. ; ). Today I go see my ps and I get to see my belly for the first time I'm ver excited.....I'm still hunch back and my back is killing me. I'm so blessed to have the circle of support with my ill monsters my mom she's the ultimate she is the best!!!!!!!! And my nurse I don't think my recovery would of been so easy with out her she spoils me!,,,,,,;). And all you brave ladies on this site I'm so addicted,,,,just reading and following up on every one.....I will update after the ps visit. Happy healing....

Ok ladies I'm excited. Got one drain out today......

Ok ladies I'm excited. Got one drain out today....whoooo whoo...dr said every thing is healing and looking good. I go back Thursday maybe the drain will come out....ok so I saw my belly it is flat. I mean swollen of course but it looks 1000 xs better....I'm happy with my results so far...... No appetite yet.
Thank u Nikki........I compare it to a c section recovery but this time I'm getting really spoiled...:). Now just to be patient with standing up straight and the final results. I will try to up load new pix. Happy healing...
Hey Judygirl glad to her u doing well and recovery is going smooth. I am having a great recovery also. Hope everything will continue to go well for the both of us. Happy healing.
So happy to hear you are doing good as well. I guess July was the month to get this done. We have been lucky. I thank god for our so far smooth recovery. :)

Good morning ladies im not sure if today is my 4th...

good morning ladies im not sure if today is my 4th or 5 th post op day...any how i am felig better as the days go buy. im able to walk faster and move around a lil more the one thing that is kiling me is my back omg it hurts if i walk for a long while. other than that the inceion itsself dont hurt it feels tight and a bit soar.....my appetite is still very minimal coffee yogurt fruit water....the ecliner is the best but now 5 days later m bored of it just sitting there not being able to do anything is driving me up the walls....but i am managing and i keep reminding myself it will get bwtter ;) hapy healing to my recoverying buddies....lol

Good afternoon ladies. Today I am feeling great...

Good afternoon ladies. Today I am feeling great except for when I sneezed. It almost killed me......I am so taking it easy relaxing and trying not to stress....I had an emotional morning my ill man he wants mommy to hold him and play and just by looking at him it breaks me....I called my mom to tell her how much I love her she has been my back bone through this journey. There has been no major pain other than my back. It's killing me. Appetite has been minimal. Drinking lotta of water and taking Anika for the sweelling and minor bruising. Hope every one is healing well.....; ).
Hey Judygirl! Stopping by to check on you. Sounds like your recovery is coming along GREAT! That's wonderful. I pray, pray, pray that my recovery goes that well. Glad to see you are doing good. How did you feel after going to your post-op appointment? Were you exhausted? How are you doing with swelling?
LOl... Yes he's pretty excited too... I'm glad to hear your super happy with your results and I hope I will be too... Can't wait till u post pics!!!
Hi judygirl!!! Good to hear your healing well.... I have a 2 year old and I don't know how I'm gonna manage...I go in Friday at 930......I think I have everything I need... Except a couple things and tomorrow afternoon I'll be going grocery shopping for "healthy" food

Good afternoon ladies......saw my ps today he said...

Good afternoon ladies......saw my ps today he said everything looks great. He removed the stitches from the lipo and my last pump..he said just to change the dressings that r in the holes from the tubes. He said my hour glass shape looks awesome. I'm still hunched over and still taking it easy. I got the okay to shower but to be honest I'm scared....I think I might wait a couple of days just to be on the asafe side :(. All I have now is the garment ps gAve me...it's bothersome but I guess it's part of the package tt..and plus I don't think I would feel safe with out. Next appt is next wed.... I am still on tylenol at night only bcause thats when i move the most in the recliner. I'm feeling great the only down side now is my back that is killing me and not being able to hold my ill man but on the flip side to that he can come sit next to me and hold my hand....:) hope every one is healing great. Going to try to take some pix from this I pad
Indefinitely want information on your nurse. "Inbox" me her information. Keep me posted and let me know if that second drain is taken out. Good luck! Can't wait to see after pics.
Good morning miz cola....thank u. Everything good so far. I have my 2nd post op appt today may b the 2nd drain will come off...:). I felt so much better after I saw him the frst time he changed my dressings and assured me evrything was going smothly. My nurse has been an angel...:) if ur interested in her I knw ur local here in la. Not tto mention she cleans and helps mw with the lil monsters ;) I didn't feel so much exhausted I don't sleep during the day yikes. Lol. For swelling I'm taking arnika and it looks not that bad also works for the brusing. :).
Preaying for u. Bussy mom....:) good luck

Good morning ladies......got up feeling soar and a...

Good morning ladies......got up feeling soar and a burning sensation in my inscision. I can't believe that's its been one whole week. Never thought I would do this......:). Well ladies I won't lie I got up feeling a little down I saw my in scion last last and it looked really swollen and where the scar is it looked as if I had a small pouch. My nurse said it looks great and that it's part of the healing phase...:(. Also today my son has his first baseball banquet and I'm so sad I won't be there. One of the baseball moms called me to see if I wanted to help out w the pot luck...my mom won't allow me to go imagine that at 37 lol anyhow donor said he would take a lot of pix for me. But it's not the same thing; ( hope every one is healing great
Hi nena.....I'm doing a bit better. Tried on some clothes to make me smile. I thought I saw a dog ear. But I think I'm just thinking to much. I better just slow down its only been a week....yes it it so hard to do things....grrrrr! But its okay its a matter of time before we get to our turnning point...:) hope things go well at ur daughtes swim meet...happy healing..:)
Hi judygirl sorry you are feeling down.I have a little pouch also where my incision is, but I'm pretty sure is like your nurse says, part of the healing process. Also one side of my waist seems to be smoother than the other one not sure if is fat or swelling what I'm looking at. :(. Probably still to early to judge. Is hard to want to do things and not to be able to do them. Tomorrow my daughter has a swim meet . I'm going to try to go for a little while and then come back home. Last swim meet I missed her winning g first place. Is tough.
Busy mommy prayers ur way......today is ur big day.......

Good afternoon ladies....what a day....I didn't...

Good afternoon ladies....what a day....I didn't get enough sleep last night (sigh) got up this morning made b fast for the boys cleaned a lil...took a sponge bath washed my hair and I have to say I was exhausted!!!! Took a nap for about an hour. Pain is non existent however my belly feels numb to touch. I'm still hunched over and that kills my back....my appetite is ver minimal I weight my self and I'm down 10 lbs. the emotional coaster hit again today my dad had to be taken to urgent care my baby wants me to hold him....I'm trying to keep it together as much as I can. Over all I'm doing better than I expected. Happy healing everyone

Good morning ladies, had a great night sleep got...

Good morning ladies, had a great night sleep got up this morning made a cup of coffee and here i am. Pain is non exsisting just very tight when i get out of the recliner. my appetite is very minimal however i did hear my belly talking to me this morning so i think im having a piece of toast..well i can say that all the swelling comes at the end of the day. my garment is super tight and n the am it feels loose...im still hunched back but working on it slowly its killing me ut i got to hang in there. my drain holes are closing up so im thinking tomorrow is the day for my SHOWER.....finally but funny thing im scared...i dont even know why...:{ this experience has been life changing...its tought me patience, that i can actually have some one take care of me, it has motivated me to get to the place i was 8 years ago...funny story a co worker made a comment to my sister(we work together) she said wel you know surgery dont make people happy....my sisters response was u got that right my sister went in for plastic surgery not a attdittue adjustment...what a hatter!!!! so for that i am wearing the cuttest dress on my first day back to work...mind you this was a good friend of mine....so saying al this i know who my friends are and yes of course if your not happy with your self it turns into depression and bitterness and that is why I chose to have selective surgery and guess what in just 9 days i have falling in love with me once again........well saying al this ladies enjoy your sunday...happy healing ladies
Hey Judygirl. Haters will always exist. Sadly most of time the first people to hate are "so called" friends. I always feel people hate because they are jealous and have envy. My mom always say, when people hate you know you are doing something right. So you must look terrific for people to hating already on the first day back. lol. Just imagine what they will say and do when you are 6 months down the line and all the swelling is gone and your is 100% noticeable.
Good morning beautiful, I read your last update. That's messed up of your friend and sister! I had some haters too! But the truth is who the fuck cares what other people think! The only thing that counts is what u think and how u feel about yourself. My sister told me she felt I was becoming stuck up! I call it confidence! Why aren't we aloud to feel sexy. Anyone with anything negative to say can kiss are asses! We gave up are bodies to have babies. Nothing selfish about wanting what u once had back! I hate it when people try to make others feel bad because there unhappy! Truth is they would do it to if give the oppurtunity!
Hey Judygirl can't wait to see your pics!!! I took some because my dr let me shower yesterday... And since I don't have a tummy anymore :-).... My boobs look pretty ginormous lol... Well I think your sis gave you "friend" a great response!... And no matter what you wear it'll look awesome.... Why can't ppl just keep those types of comments to themselves !! Ugh!!... At least you have great support here with all of us :-) !!!

Good morning ladies......a little about my Sunday...

Good morning ladies......a little about my Sunday well I had my boys with me my oldest got a stomach virus so u can imagine poor little guy....by 2 pm I was exhausted I took a 3 hr nap.....it was wonderful. My mom is god send she has helped me soooo much w her boys oh sorry my boys.....my nurse has been amazing just a few days before she leaves us yikes........;(. Any how got up feeling great!!!!! I'm finally going to take a full body shower today I will admit not sure why I'm scared but I am.....the pain is non existing still hunched over but a lot straighter today. :). Will keep working on that. However the swelling is killing me I can feel it the most later in the day. Still taking the arnica pills 4 x a day....I can't believe it's been 10 days already....happy healing every one. If any one knows how to down load pix from this I pad please let me know.... Thank u.
Judygirl where did you go and get a tummytuck for only 5700? i have been researching it for about 2 weeks now the least expensive is 6500. I live in the inland Empire. I am feeling so disappointed because on line they price them at 3495. Then when you call they add another 3000 on it. please let me know where you went. That is an excellent price.I dont have much time i must be back at work in a month. Please let me know ASAP. Thank you Susan PS. was it a full tummy tuck or a mini?
Hey Judygirl! It was great talking to you the other day. Thanks for all the information and advice. As far as your co-worker...like the old saying goes, "with friends like these, who needs enemies?" Keep your head up girl and don't let anyone steal your joy.

Good morning ladies it is 11 days post op.......

Good morning ladies it is 11 days post op.....everything is going smoothly, got by myself went potty, made a cup of coffee made my sons b fast.....I can see that things are getting back to normal. Still sleeping in the recliner but last night I attempted to sleep on my side w a pillow between my legs it was wonderful.....the bruising is very minimal actually my mid section is turning yellow a good sign of the bruising going away....I finally had my body shower yesterday and it was wonderful......dried mu incision with the blow dryer....just like I did my c section.....I pulled out my belly bandits I wore after my baby going to ask my ps if I can alternate those. I guess I'm in luck buzz their xs.....: ). As for my appetite it's been minimal I'm down to 128 lbs my goal now is just 8 lbs away....;) pain is non exsisting except for when I sneeze or cough....ugh.....still walking hunch back but working on it...I see my ps tomorrow will ask about a possible dog ear according to me lol and ask about the lil pouch I see...again according to me lol. I understand now about the swelling I can feel it early in the morning my cg is loose and by the end of the day it is super tight....ugh...but I can't complain it's 100 xs better than that ugly roll that followed me before....
I see you are feeling much better now. Is nice to feel you are getting back to be yourself. Every day gets better. Swelling sucks though I'm not sure what's fat and what's swelling anymore. I'm thinking about not looking at myself in the mirror for a month to see if it makes a difference then lol

Good afternoon ladies......I'm 12 days post op and...

Good afternoon ladies......I'm 12 days post op and I'm feeling great...saw my ps this morning he took of the last strip of tape he was very surprised to see me up and walking much straighter ....I asked about the dog ear he said it was to soon to tell since I am still very swollen I asked about any fluid back up b cuz my privates were very swollen again nothing to worry about. I think I'm just thinking to much...sigh. He said I can wear cg all day and take a break at night but I think while still at home I will keep it on. Plus I feel more secure with it on....he did give me the okay use a body shapper so I went and got 2 of them. But I won't wear those until I go back to work....over all I'm walking straighter today pain is non exsisting the swelling well it's there but I'm hanging in there and talking my Arnika pills faithfully. Bruising very light spots of yellow a sign of healing ; ). Energy level is good but when I over do it yikes.....nap time,,,,,lol. One more day before my nurse goes back home....going to be sad we got attached to her ...; (. Never the less this experience has been great I'm so glade I did this for me,,,,a big step to being confident and a step forward to motivation to keep up with my investment....: ). Happy healing ladies....
Hey judygirl!!! Good to hear you're healing well....I cant wait till I can walk normal....when will you post your post op pics im excited to see your result ... I'm sure you look awesome!
Hi nena recovery has been great.....yes ur right every day gets better...honestly I can't believe I went through with this. My mom told me that she is so proud of me that I am brave and strong willed to be able to have this surgery...she said even as a kid I was not scared of anything and she has always admired me for that... : ). Hope things are going well with u as well. Thank you for all the support.....! Love this site. Happy healing....

Good morning ladies.....well today in my 2 week...

Good morning ladies.....well today in my 2 week point...I am feeling a lot better than I thought. Tried sleeping in my bed we'd night but It didn't feel as comfy...so I'm back to te recliner. As for pain non exsisting. I am 128 lbs in the morning appetite is very minimal, my walking straight I'm about 70 percent there I'm just scared to attempt more than that...taking a shower I'm on my own now even washing my hair....my nurse is no longer here w me so my mom is taking one for the team and helping me the most she can well with my lil man even more so....driving is off limits. My mom won't let me ;(. I have to come up with a plan I made a hair appt for next Friday......sigh....haven't really left the house other than to the 7 eleven at the corner. Swelling well we all know that oh to well....it kills me my privates get so swollen that I'm like yikes will that ever function again!!!!!lol. I'm faithfull to the Arnika pills my moms got for me...keeping salt intake very minimal..so I think. I'm still wearing my cg I just feel a lot more secure with it. My ps said I can wear my belly bandit as well :). Over all this has been a great experience so glade I saved my pennies I so needed a gift to my self. Being a single a parent is no joke but being a single parent with confidence is everything!!!!! Happy healing ladies.

Hi ladies just wanted to check in....saw my ps...

Hi ladies just wanted to check in....saw my ps today: original appt date was for this Thursday comming up but this past Friday I noticed my inscision started to look redish I called my dr and he called in some antibiotics and said to come on Monday.....he checked and said every thing looks great....the antibiotics worked the redness is gone....he said one more week with my cg and then I can wear my spanx just to keep the swelling down....well I'm thinking my old faithful cg will be with me for a while lol....well I'm down to 127 lbs and I'm so excited about that...I'm about 80 percent straight (working on it). So far I'm feeling about 80 percent like my old self....im still taking it slow...still can't carry my lil man dr said in about 3 weeks I might....this is my last week of vacation I'm so happy and grateful that I've come this far with my recovery....I have no regrets....I'm just so happy that I can fit into my clothes like I did 8 years ago.....I will have to post pix when I get back to wrk this damm I pad won't let me or maybe I just don't know how...: (. Happy healing ladies
Kattmoccio....I feel the same symptoms ......I wish i knew how to up load pix my belly button looks a bit ummm how can I explain it?....well put it to you this way my son said mom your bbisnt round anymore? But like you I'm not to worry about it I'm just glade I fit into my clothes.....sigh.....;)

Good morning ladies....3 weeks ago I was waiting...

Good morning ladies....3 weeks ago I was waiting for my name to be called so that my life would be life changing.....time sure flys..ok here is my update saw my ps earlier this week he said everything looks great and that after this week my cg could come off...but I differ that I think my cg have a bond now....I feel more secure with it and even walk a lot straighter with it. Pain is non exsisting unless I sneeze or cough, but it's not as painful as it was 3 weeks ago....I'm about 90 percent straight on good days...ok here is what remains the same my swelling,,,,,it's no joke I'm nice and flat in the am and by the end of the day I blow up to a ballon!,,,,grrrrrr. I'm sure it don't help these past few days I've been running errands before I go back to work on Monday...ugh! On the plus side I've been sleeping in my bed since Monday...on my sides and my back...it feels so much better than the recliner...but no belly time yet....still no picking up the baby so my mommy has been god send she has helped me soooo much love her so much...she is one of a kind...;). I was down to 125 lbs yesterday but this morning I was 127. It's that darn swelling it's driving me crazy....I've read to drink cucumber water , do I just cut the cucumber in slices and put them in water let it chill and drink? Like at the spa? So today is my last day on vacation lol going to make the best of it going to go get my hair done my toes done and yes I went shopping Wednsday....so the New Judy will make a statement Monday morning to all my hatters in the office .lol. Other than that I'm still the good old Judy....well ladies my recovery was not as bad as planned for and I'm so grateful for that...I thank God for not leaving my sight at any time and for giving me the patience to not get up and do things I wasn't suppose to...can't wait until I get the green light to hit the gym because I'm so going to take care of my lifetime investment...; ). I will post pix as soon as I get back to work this darn I pad I don't know how to upload....happy healing ladies.....have a great weekend.
Hey Judygirl, how's it going? Any after pics?

Hi ladies...well today was my last day here at...

Hi ladies...well today was my last day here at home it's back to work in the morning...I've been pretty much getting back to normal I'm about 95 percent straight working on it...lol. I'm between 125lbs and 127 but I know it has to do a lot with all this swelling....yikes....I will be honest I think I've learned to just roll with the punches...because I would rather be swollen than have the rolls just roll out....as you ladies know I have a few hatters at work (used to be my friends) so I have to look extra cute tomorrow debating on what to wear bcuz in the morning the swelling is very minimal but come 2 pm yikes.....I'm going to try to upload some pix tomorrow....on a different note Im wearing my tight girdle during the day and old faithful (cg) at night...I just feel more secure with it...my next docs appt is 8-22- Im hoping that I will get the okay to hold my 34 lbs lil man and maybe start the gym...will see...well ladies hope every one is healing and doing well....
How was your first day back? How did you feel after work? Were you swollen, tired?
Have a great day at work!!!! Hope all your "friends" are like this
:-O.... Lol .... They're gonna be sooooooo jealous!
Good luck on your first day back to work tomorrow!

Well ladies yesterday was my first day in the...

Well ladies yesterday was my first day in the office after 3 weeks of recovery....Im covering for one of the receptionist so I get to sit all day....well there was no pain unless I sneezed....but very minimal compare to 2 weeks ago...well for my buddy SWELL it really kicked in to gear! I was sooo huge at the end of the day I was sooo sad.....I mean I've accepted the fact that swelling is part of the process but yikes!,,,, I've been drinking lots of water which means I have to use the ladies room a lot more...other than that it went smooth....oh wait the haters yes there was a few....did not mention it or even look at me directly but I could see them looking with the corner of their eye! As a matter of fact one of them came all dressed up today mind u she always wears her flops and jeans...lol. I'm like cool but girl what can u do about ur face and teeth...I'm just saying lol. I will try to down load the pix I've been promising.....happy healing ladies....
Good morning ladies...busy mom....omg were they! I had the ones who gave me compliments and the ones that would turn their head....I was like whatever I'm still swollen this is nothing wait until I hit the gym....lol. It amazes me how women can be so jealous or envious...yes there is the good kind of envy and your friends will always admit to that just like my BFF and sister....love them! My commadre said to me Judy you needed this, this is you and god knows how happy we are to have the old Judy back...confident!!!!!! miz Cola.....work went smoothly I'm covering for the receptionist this week. Yes girl lots of swelling!,,,,,,,even more so from running errands last week but I guess it has to do with just sitting all day...ugh......by the time I got home I was soooo TIred....omg,,,,,ur day is right around the corner....do u have everything ready? What time are u scheduled for ur procedure?
Lol yea we all have those jealous "friends"... And then you have your real friends....most of mine have been very supportive and making sure I don't sabotage my results...hopefully this swelling goes away real soon for all of us ....
I know! These last two weeks cannot go by fast enough. My procedure is scheduled for 8AM but I have to be there at 6:30AM. I think I have everything...Im just ready to be in the " flat lands."

Ok ladies i think i got this right im'a start down...

ok ladies i think i got this right im'a start down loading some pix...hope im doing this right

Sorry ladies i haven't posted much on here...but i...

sorry ladies i haven't posted much on here...but i do read all the updates...= ) Well ladies today is 7 weeks post op...let me begin by saying that this journey has been wonderful....life changing!!! I've realized who my real friends are and who needed to be eliminated! ok now that i've gotten that off my chest here goes my recovery....belly is flat as a board in the morning and I love it!!! come 3 pm i could be about 4 months prego but its getting better or so i tell my self...= ) I've been wearing my girdle faithfully during the day and at night i still wear my Cg...I've been able to sleep on my belly but then i just roll over to my side, i know I have problems..lol I've lost a total of 16lbs i am now at 123. As for my result yes im very happy but like we all know we can be our very own critic and Im starting to see some flaws...1st my left side there is a crease and doctor did confirm it is fatty tissue he said i can lose it when i lose more weight?2nd I might have a dog ear on my right hand side doctor said give it another month so more swelling could go down, he would take care of this at no charge. Im starting to think that me being swollen looks like me being fat...he said i look great and that i will be good once i start hitting the gym and toning up. I got the okay to hit the gym but to listen to my body and do only what i think is fit at the moment (not to over do it) he also said it was okay to start doing sit up??? i dont know about that one, i still roll out of my bed? lol i got the okay to carry my baby huey 34lbs baby....(20 months) that made me happy...i wish i could post all my pix but my computer wont take the files very fustrating!!! Well ladies over all this is the best discesion ever finally it was about me...my confidence is back my smile is back, my laughter is back and just the Joy of going into my closet and i get to wear what ever i want...My boys finally got their MOMMY Back...= ) with every thing that I've gone through these past 8 years this is a new begining to be a much better person to love me for me and most of all to be able to live life to the fullest....! happy healing ladies...= )
Hey Judygirl! Time is going by so fast. Has it really been 7 weeks since your procedure? That's almost 2 months. Wow! I agree with you that we are our worst critic. Although I look much better than I did before, I feel I could be flatter. I can't wait to hit the gym. Hopefully, with so much fat gone from my midriff, fat from the other parts of my body will come off faster. Well, I'm glad to hear that you are doing well.

As for posting pictures did you try: saving the picture onto your desktop; click on "Write a Review;" click on "Add Another Image," select "Browse," select the picture you want to post, click "Open" and repeat these steps until all pictures you want are added. "Submit" once you're done. Hope this helps. :))
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