Using Liquid Nitrogen to Get Rid of Brown Spots/Sun Damage - Anaheim, CA

I have brown spots on my forearms, lower legs and...

I have brown spots on my forearms, lower legs and shoulders. I have been considering laser to get rid of them but the Dermatologist suggesting spot treating with liquid nitrogen first. Then we can see what is left and use a laser if desired.

We used a conservative approach because if you go too deep with the liquid nitrogen it can leave a small white spot.

The procedure only took a matter of minutes. It stung a little here and there so there very minor discomfort. I am now 5 days post treatment. As expected I have a bunch of small red spots where the brown spots were. Some are a bump and others are smooth. I expect to take a few weeks to heal from these so I will be wearing long sleeves and pants for while. Here are pictures.

So far so good

Today at 12 days after all of the scabs have come off both shoulders, my chest and left arms. I have 3 spots remaining on my right arm. Most of the scabs are still on my legs.

Where ever the scabs have come off I see pink skin no brown. So far it looks good and I am happy with the results. Here are pictures

3 Weeks post treatment

I am pleased with the results on my shoulders and arms. The treated spots on my arms are small and pink and fading nicely. The treated spots on my legs are still pretty big and noticeable. The jury is still out on my legs. I know it can take possibly months for the final results to be known so I will keep my fingers crossed that the spots on my legs fade.

4 Weeks post procedure

The spots on my legs are still very visible. They are very dark pink. It doesn't appear that much has changed since last week. I remain hopeful that the spots on my legs will fade

Red Spots Still on Legs

The red spots are still on my legs. The doctor said the legs will take longer to heal. I have been prescribed a fade cream to help the red spots fade. I am still optimistic that these spots will eventually fade and the brown spots will be gone. I am happy with the arms and shoulders.
Dr. Jeffrey Hicks

Dr. Hicks was friendly and personable. He answered my questions. He likes to take the conservative approach which appealed to me because I wanted to minimize the risk of getting small white scars where the liquid nitrogen was used.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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You didn't really specify whether age spots or keratosis, but my experience with cryo on keratoses is that leg lesions take longer to heal. While I have lightening on the back and trunk, the leg spots actually darkened. It's about 8 mos later and faded but still darker. Now working on lightening via topicals.
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They are brown spots...I believe from sun damage. You are right about lesions on the legs taking longer to heal. I am pleased with the way my arms and shoulders. I have been using fade creams but the spot on my legs are still visible. They changed from small brown spots to red spots. I don't recommend doing this on the legs. I still have hopes they will fade...they do appear lighter than they were but I still notice them. I think they are fading so slowly it is not noticeable.
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I have a friend whose derm will do cryo on facial age spots. The ones I've seen really don't. So I went the medi spa route for that. I've tried IPL, sensi peels, Clear & Brilliant, and micro dermabrasion and while faded, they are still there! Now using topicals. First derm was no encouraging: You are stuck with them. I don't take no for an answer - but in this case wonder if I simply waited too long or haven't gone "deep" enough. But I'm very fair and have sensitive skin. So figure slow and steady wins the race. This is my 2nd yr. Have added hands to the mix. They are as soft as a baby's cheek but the pesky age spots are still there tho faded.
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Can you tell us how costly the procedure was?
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Your last post regarding your legs was in December and I'm just curious what the progress has been like since then.
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Hi Misty! Very interesting review this is. I have the exactly kind of the same brown sports on my back, my chest, my arm, my legs, my face and neck, so I'd like to give it a try on my skin and see what comes out of it, could you please give me a tip on how to apply or to use this Nitrogen and how often?
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Get an AFT laser treatment instead of IPL. AFT is more advanced and takes less sessions to get done. Don't do the Nitrogen, because it can cause white spots.
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At day 5 the really red spots have all changed to brown scabs.   Today at 9 days after some of the scabs have been coming off.  I now just see pink skin where the scabs were.  So far it looks like the brown spots are gone.  I am looking forward to the rest of the scabs coming off and the pink fading. So far so good.
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Hi Misty, your review really interests me, it sounds like you're getting improvements and really fast, please keep posting as this could educate some of us, please let me hear from how to use this Liquid Nitrogen, I'm going through rough time because of these brown spots.
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HI Musie. So far I am pleased with the progress of the spots on my arms, chest and shoulders. I just had a few on my shoulders and chest. The jury is still out on my legs. The spots are still very visible. They are still red. I understand that the legs will take longer to heal so I am optimistic as it is still early in the recovery process. A dermatologist did the liquid nitrogen. So far I have only had to may my insurance co-pay. Don't do this yourself. You need a conservative approach. If you do too much/too deep you can end up with a scar. I also understand that this may work better on fair skin. I hear darker skin may be more likely to get hyper pigmentation. You really need to talk to a qualified professional and have it done by a qualified professional to get the best results. I will post my progress so stay tuned.
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