I am feeling stronger

I have a epigastric hernia and huge flap of skin...

I have a epigastric hernia and huge flap of skin that is hanging on my tummy! I look 4-5 months pregnant and I am a active strong woman! I have 2 beautiful girls 3, and 7. My husband is completely supportive and I realized this is so needed when my activities started declining and my body was in the way! I am planning on a mommy makeover as my breasts are a G and I am 5 feet tall...not sure my weight now maybe 155 I have a gymnast body as my mother always says!

I am having a TT SEPTEMBER 20! Then in a few weeks we will do the Breast Reduction. I think he is wanting the surgeries separate for healing the body one at a time deal?? I understand and am scared! I know this is the right thing to do and GOD will be with me and my family! I was feeling selfish and then angry for feeling selfish as it costs so much money and the insurance company is just arguing the necessity of the procedures even with several letters from Physical therapists and doctors agreeing to the needs of this surgery for my life and strength.

So we have skipped the arguing and are paying all out of pocket! I have family on the way for a month to stay and help with the kids! I am very excited to see results and get this over with! I am so worried my kids are going to jump on me! I do not want them to be worried I can do this! Thank you for all your posts and inspireing me to wrote about my experience! I have pre op Sept 19 then going in the next day!!

OK is it really coming soon~ I am so nervous and...

OK is it really coming soon~ I am so nervous and excited and I am sure we will get through this! My mom just hung up on me cause I added a poodle puppy to the mix..I just want my kids to be happy and not focus on mommy...they are stoked and happy and the family is already worried about the cost and time and surgery and omg the guilt!! WHY! I am praying this will ease up...I think I need valium! NOW

So here I am in hospital I was in for hernia and...

So here I am in hospital I was in for hernia and muscle repair Tt and they are making me stay the night cause the hernia was gigantic and crazy so I am here it's ok my man is here kids with bop bop and papa and inlaws all together!! I kept asking why not go home... And the hernia was just more than. They thought okdokee keep y'all posted love and prayers k

Out of hospital keeping up on meds feeling my...

Out of hospital keeping up on meds feeling my flatness through the cg is truly amazing pain is real walking to bathroom is like running a mile

Feeling good walking only to bathroom and a little...

Feeling good walking only to bathroom and a little around the recliner! Being very on too of drugs cause it hurts! Ice packs are the best I love my family and hope I keep up healing well..,my only concern is the belly button valley that when I sit it looks like it is a valley to my pubis incision??? Any ideas? I go see doc in a couple day !!! Night night peace to you all

Anyone have a dip right after surgery Tt from...

Anyone have a dip right after surgery Tt from belly button to the pubiic incision!?? It's like a little valley swollen I know but not flat !!?? Help

So i went out 10 days po!! park with kids walked...

so i went out 10 days po!! park with kids walked around for 15 min then bench...course I had mom and dad and husband thank god....then APPLEBEES!!! AND MY NAILS....i feel pretty....i am now soo in my recliner with 3 advil and water.....i go in for check up tomorrow,,,hope he has some light on the way it all looks....wrinkled still...and line from belly button to pelvis incision....the pelvis incision looks amazing,,,but the crease from the bb to the pelvis incision is so upsetting...will see....thank you for your support and I know you are all there,,,,

I am 12 days will post a pic still so swollen with...

I am 12 days will post a pic still so swollen with a deep crease down the center but doc said it will go away as it was put together right and my swelling and hernia was intense! I am walking with some pain upright though and can only stand for sprits at a time my binder is loose I think I got it too big anyways but I am wishing I could do more to help the family my husband had to leave town and I am so blessed to have my parents here to help with the children and the dogs !! Love and peace to you all thank you for being there !! I am only taking Advil and a half Valium if burning in muscles but it really is not necessary to take anything else just trying to stay positive !! Thank you everyone we are in this together !!

14 days tried to shave that was funny! back in...

14 days tried to shave that was funny! back in recliner so tired...my mom is an angel from heaven!

So I am the only one here with the center crease...

So I am the only one here with the center crease so bad! He said it would go away and I am still so swollen due to excessive surgery and hernia....sad but will be ok or he will fix right?? ANYONE had this crease>??

I cannot believe a month has gone by! I feel so...

I cannot believe a month has gone by! I feel so much better but still so tired after walking just a short ways! I cannot believe how much people's bodies are different! I feel pretty good NO advil today and swollen but I know I made the right choice! I really can feel actual stomach muscles now but I have a crease that looks pretty bad in the center below my belly button and it is so deep! I am so sad about this and my PS knows it but hopes it will resolve in months time but if it does not he will release skin under and it will fix he says...I have a follow up next monday and we will discuss this...happy healing everyone and thank you sooooooo much for the support and positive vibes! I will be glad to share more soon!

My crease has been a shocking amazing flattening...

My crease has been a shocking amazing flattening out in the mornings and then at night swell hell!! I did go out for the first time last night with family and friends !! I was done~ Now I am resting to go to parade early and be back in recliner around 4 ....
I finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.....

So not sure to walk more or sleep ! I am so tired...

So not sure to walk more or sleep ! I am so tired I am so swollen and I have a crease so huge under my belly button! I know I have to be thankful for the muscles that are repaired but darn....anyways I am spasming when i walk too much then if I chill all day with some walking the spasms subside...not been sleeping at all! trying to take a valium to sleep...hope this helps for spasms and sleep! love and peace everyone!

OK HALLOWEEN morning kids already gaga all over...

OK HALLOWEEN morning kids already gaga all over seriously dancing to gaga! I am very surprised and glad to look in the mirror this morning.....I am feeling like this will be OK I am 5 1/2 weeks and only can see the good stuff in the morning..than at night woo weeeee bad swelling and icky! BUT I see the light I think...I also had a fever yesterday been feeling very very tired and low energy...trying to get out and walk but I think my body said otherwise!!! So listening to my body and will maybe get out for a walk with my 3 year old! In the rain!! Thank you everyone!!

This morning I feel better! I took this picture...

This morning I feel better! I took this picture and i think it will be ok! The PS was right....It is going down and the crease is subsiding....I want everyone's thoughts on this OK!

It has been a wild ride....swollen and not and...

It has been a wild ride....swollen and not and puffy and sore and 2 kids....wow! This is a journey! I am feeling better cause I put on my favorite jeans and they looked good but no way I can wear them yet as it hurt too much to keep buttoned soreness and I am puffy...But NO flap! So I have to be thankful for that and my family and my warm house...my healthy kids and the 6 inches of snow outside...oh boy....I am back in yoga pants and hoping for the gym this week! And I was told to eat more food as I was eating 1400 calories to loose some more pounds...Dr says 2000 minimum for healing! I am trying to make them all good calories! Turkey and spinach and almonds......wow...I put on some makeup and my boots and we will tromp in the snow to get some hot coco for the kids....

SO my dog ears are like handles and my belly...

SO my dog ears are like handles and my belly button is closing up...I am going for revision this next week,,,I am nervous but I know it will be ok and I will have a good summer with smooth flat stomach! I am very looking forward to him fixing this and making me so happy! Praying for excellent results and relaxing recovery,,,,love to you all out there!

I am thankful for my family. I was able to do the...

I am thankful for my family. I was able to do the revision 2 huge dog ears and belly button...I can already see amazing smooth awesomeness not even 24 hours after my magic surgeon worked! I was nervous and scared and now home in my chair family helping with kids and food and we are working on no sugar and white flour !! This summer will be flap free and healthy living!!! I am on pain meds and hoping to be on tylenol tomorrow...
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I'm glad things are still healing well and you are feeling good. I totally get you on the whole swelling thing. I can't wait until this swelling business is done.
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Looking Fab!
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hi thank you I wish I was looking like you damn girl you on a magazine or something
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You are looking FABULOUS!!! I am so happy for you!
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thank you soo much xoxo
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I had no idea this is really serious procedure! you are very brave!
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xoxo you so nice thank you...you should see me now !!! been running around all morning now in my recliner!!! swelling like a michilin man
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Congrats!!! Fellow tummy tuck mommy and Fellow Washingtonian lol. How are you feeling? Mine is tomorrow Feeling anxious!! Any wise words of wisdom for me ? : ) Happy healing !!!!
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PATIENCE AND PATIENCE I am 6 weeks and just a little feeling normal! Everyone is different and do not miss your pills for the first 4 days...take all the help you can get my family stayed for a MONTH! AMEN
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Hi girlS !!! I have the same problem here,morning my tummy is so flat,afternoons so swelling.if I do somenthing like walk or clean my house my tummy look like a wattermelon, 2 months after TT and hernia fix..well...my ps says is ok..just wait until 6 months,,,happy pacience...
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@ Hi oceansailor. I just read your page. I wanted you to know Im there with you as well....I am 8 days PO and I to have the crease i didnt even know this could happen. Please don't stress out im sure there is something the Ps can do for us, its still really early. Oh and swelling does SUCK....Hang in there trooper!!
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Hey there! I just came across your page and wanted to tell you that I too have the dreaded crease. I am 13 days post op now and I have a crap ton of swelling too. I have some pics on my page and you'll see that I have tape on both sides of my crease, the doc was hoping that this would help pull the crease apart. But the swelling mixed with the tight CG, I am not accepting that I have a crease until I am farther along in my recovery. I will be posting new pictures tomorrow after my shower, that will be my 2 week mark. I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone :)
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wow you look amazing! Your crease is not as bad as mine! And my dr said he may be able to release the skin so it flattens out..I am almost one month out and the crease is definitely not even flattening out at all! I know he will fix it I just want to be healed up you know! I walked about half a football field today and made food and now exhausted! I am so so tired...my garment is loose so I got another and it is to tight.....AHHHGG What is your PS saying about your crease? Is he going to fix it? Sounds like your boobs hurt more than the TT I was not able to get the boobs at the same time with thei particular surgeon because of the hernia I had was so huge and he was very glad after surgery that we both made the choice to do one at a time..I know I need a reduction and will but am scared for more pain and anesthesia! Its so weird to wake up in pain and wonder where you been!! I was supposed to go home after and had to stay in the hospital and my husband was crying when I woke! I was like what is up honey and why are we here now in a room! ? I guess my BP went to 80/50 and the hernia epigastric and ripped facia...crazy anyways I will be ok you will be ok and we will be good soon!
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Thank you for your kind words :) I am going to the PS tomorrow so I will ask him about the crease. Right now his main concern is whether or not I will develop a seroma. It sounds like you had quite an eventful first day out of surgery. I am glad to hear that you are healing well now. When are you going to have your reduction?
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i am not sure...was suppose to be a few weeks after this but I am not ready for anything yet....I really just need to get through this and see about the reduction and of course there are finances! I already spent 10k heal well you stay strong!
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one month out! I see a light ! the crease is trying to be flat in the mornings when I wake up!!! It is crazy I can see it trying!! oh please oh please flatten
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Yay!! I hope mine starts to go away too. You're a couple weeks ahead of me so hopefully this is something I can look forward to.
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he will probably have to fix it :( i dont have a crease. but mayby it will smooth out in time :) i have a wrinkle on one end of my scar and i want him make it better and he will :)
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Hope you are feeling good I am so tired and sore still 15 days po thank u does your stamina come back soon? Should I be walking more?
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Thank you I will keep tough...we are in a remodel and my relax button has been disabled ...
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Thanks I know I need to just wait but I am so tired and I know it will be ok... How much did you walk 15 days po
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Dont be sad!!! Ive seen some weird wrinkles and creases on people that miraculosly and beautifully resolved in a few months. Dont be worried! Yours will smooth out or else he will fix it anyway. So stop looking at that and look at how GREAT you look!
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thank you so much..going to local seamstress as my girdle is soooo baggie
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Hi ocean . I'm just past 3 weeks now . Swelling is really good . I went back to full time college at 2 weeks and virtually back to normal . Just take everyday as it comes it can only get better . Take care jo xx
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