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Tummy tuck in - Amsterdam. 4 weeks PO and even happier with results!!!

I had had never weight problems in my live......

I had had never weight problems in my live....since i got pregnant of my first daughter. I put on 22 kg (48 lbs) I remember looking at myself in the mirror after giving birth and not recognizing myself. So much i had changed. I managed to get most of the weight off with healthy eating and exercise, but the i found out i was pregnant again. verything began again exactly. Though i tried to control wat a ate, i gained around 15 kg (33 lbs) It was very depressing. To make the long story short: pregnancies were not kind on my belly. I had also big bellies, people looked like me and made comments and they thought a had a at least a triplet! lol..
I have been thinking of having the procedure done for at least three years. I just want my body back!
Operation will be on monday june 18th in Sint Lucas Andreas Hospital in Amsterdam. Plastic surgeon is Gijs van Selms, a very good surgeon specialised in reconstructive hand and breast surgery as well as breats augmentations and tummy tucks.
He is performing TT, lipo of the waist/hips and muscle repair. I will stay three nights in the hospital.
I'm really very nervous..... just 17 days to go!!!

June 2nd 2012: I received my compression garment....

June 2nd 2012:
I received my compression garment. It fits like a glove. Lucklily. I was feeling anxious i maybe had not measure myself right.
But now i have a worry less.
Feeling very excited and anxious with 16 days to go!
I'm also trying to loose some weight.
Í will soon try to post some before pictures, so you can see what Dr. Van Selms will try to fix on june 18th.... lol....

I have began to take my two week-food supplement....

I have began to take my two week-food supplement. It's the Pre Op program from Make Me Heal.
It has a lot of Vit C and other important vits. and mins. for fast healing after plastic surgery.
I am also trying to work out now that i can.
Have been very busy tiding up the house etc. Will soon pack my bag to the hospital :-)
I have also bought two sweat pants from Bad Cat :-) I normally only wear sweat pants to work out. But i have read that sweatpants come handy after a TT since one will be swelling and the abdominal area will be very sensitive.
This brand reflects me feeling (hopefully) sexier and more confident with a flat belly ;-) Also, the change i've gone through, not willing to always play nice and being more assertive :-)

With just 4 days to go, feeling very excited but a...

With just 4 days to go, feeling very excited but a biet affraid too.
I'm packing for the hospital. Bought a few nice sweat vests and pants :-) Something comfy and not tight around the middle.
I'm taking my arnica supplement as well.
Also some whey proteine to mix with milk at the hospital. Gotta watch proteine intake for speedy recovery.
Further advice is welcome!

O, my.... it just hit me.....only 3 days and 2...

O, my.... it just hit me.....only 3 days and 2 nights to go..... nerves are really starting to kick in!
I'm almost finish with packing my stuff :-)
I hope i won't forget anything really important!
I am affraid of the risks and complications, but i really want to get rid of that muffin/pooch/flab or whoever you want to call it :-P.
...Bye for now girls, wish me luck :-) I'll keep you posted!

Sorry i had not updated earlier, I spent 5 nights...

Sorry i had not updated earlier, I spent 5 nights at Sint Lucas Andreas Hospital and had not notebook with me or access to internet. Once home i really needed rest since i couldn't sleep much there at the hospital. It was posible to leave a day earlier but then i had to go home with drains on and go back to hospital to get the drains off. I decided to stay one more night so that i could go home drain free.

The operation went very very good. There is 2 kg (4,4 lbs) skin off my belly.
I only had some pain the first 72 hours. But on a scale of 0 to 10 i'd say it was around 3. Thank goodness for the pain buster!!! After those 72 hours i took pain medication the next 24 hours. That's all i needed. I do not need pain medication and no other drugs since then. Not even stool softeners. It's been a blessing.

I had of course a catheter, two drains and a pain buster (aka a pain pump, a little container filled with local anaestesia such as lidocaine and something more, but i do not recall what it was exactly)
That's a lot of strage things hanging out from your body, hahaha......

To everybody considering doing this procedure i would like to say: GO FOR IT! You'll be glad you did! (This is of course asuming you are in good health and have no higher risk of complications)
Do be afraid of pain or discomfort. Do not let that discourage you. It's noy that bad.
After the initial 48 to 72 hours (when you are sore, and trying to work all those drugs from your body) you are going to be VERY PLEASED you did it.....believe me. The first two days i was like: oh, my..... what was I thinking???!!! But then i went over to a mood like: YESSSS.... i have a flat belly, and i will look great!!! This is a crucial moment, since from then on it only gets better and better. Just hang on, get yourself through the first 48 or 72 hours. You'll be exhilarated you went for it, just wait and see!

I'll try to update with fotos. It is at the moment a real trouble to get in and out of the compression garment. I only do it to shower! I'll try to take pics in one of those moments, hahhaha...... still rather swollen though.... but results are AMAZING!!! And it makes me very happy knowing it will only get nicer.

Today i'm 9 days Post Op. Swelling becomes less...

Today i'm 9 days Post Op. Swelling becomes less every day.
I only could take a pic from front due to low batt. on my camera.

I'm loving the results and i know it will get even better yay!!!

!4 days PO and feeling great! I have not been...

!4 days PO and feeling great!
I have not been able to go back to my daily activities (work, taking care of house and children and dancing)
I hope to be able to go back to work next week. I wil begin with a few hours per week.

Last thursday i went to my first check up...

Last thursday i went to my first check up appointment.
My PS was very happy the way everything was healing.
I've been on a very clean eating diet. because i wanted my body to be at its best for this healing challeng. After all, we are dealing here with a very large scar, comething like 40 cm long.
My PS told me i may start rubbing some scar lotions on. I will use Alhydran. I am using also natural Aloe Vera (i have a plant at home) and rosa mosqueta oil.
So far it works very good for me. My scar is very soft and it looks like a very fine line.

Ok ladies, having a bit of a hard time now. I...

Ok ladies, having a bit of a hard time now.
I have a cold. From so much coughing my abs hurt a liitle bit. They feel like i have been doing sit ups for an hour!
Not a very pleasant feeling....

Hi there, Today i'm 4 weeks PO. I'm feeling great...

Hi there,
Today i'm 4 weeks PO. I'm feeling great with almost no swelling. If i had known that a TT could be this trouble-free i would have done it very long ago!
I keep on eating very healthy and taking my vitamins.
I also alternate sitting with walking and lying. It works best for me. If i sit down too long i get fluid retention on my lower belly and pubic mound.

Have a great day and happy healing to you all!
Dr. Gijs van Selms

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Hi I think your results are amazing do you have contacts details so I can enquire about surgery with this surgeon I'm thinking of going to Amsterdam
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What a difference between your first picture and the last one. Glad it worked out so well for you!
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How are things going with you, Holantina?
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You look so good i can't wait for mine. I got my lipo and breast reduction first and am so happy. Happy healing
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Hi ik ben jaloers het ziet er echt super uit! Mooi bikini ook! Staat je goed.
Ben je alweer aan het werk?
Mijn operatie wordt niet 26/7 maar 30/7 lekker is dat hè!
Maar als mijn buik net zo mooi wordt als de jouwe wil ik wel die paar dagen extra wachten.
Liefs loesje
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Hey how's it going? just checking on you
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Very well, thanx. Hou are you doing?
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Girl we did it. You look wonderful! your incision is perfect wow. i kept saying 3wks po-i done forgot today makes 4 wks for us! CONGRATS AGAIN
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Thanks for that info, Hola. My scar burns like it's on fire and it's raw and angry. It is naked except for Mederma which acts like glue stick and glues my scabs to my underwear and they tear off every time I change and I am so DONE with this. I may go to the vitamin store and look up some of those things you listed. I'm calling my doc tomorrow to see if I can cover the scar again with gauze and tape.
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oh, that sound painful. How are you doing now? I hope it's over and you are feeling better!
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I forgot to tell you i go back to work tomorrow, actually i should be slleping right now lol. Im a law enforcement officer, i have to report to work at 4am. lets see how that goes ugh!!!!
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Your scar looks amazing what are you using?
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I rub natural Aloe Vera on my scar twice a day. I have a plant in a container in my garden.
I can see a difference immediately after i use Aloe Vera. It is really a wonder plant. I also use Rio Rosa Mosqueta oil. Rose oil (and rose water i use both) is a very effective beauty secret from the Middel East ;-) I also have Dermatix (this is silicone creme) I cover my scar with paper tape. Some PS believe it works even better than silicone. It keeps the scar flat, preventing raised scars (hypertrofic scars, keloids)
Nice to hear you are doing so weel. I was able yesterday to rid eon my bike ;-) is very important for people here in Netherlands, where everybody has bikes and goes biking as soon as it's nice weather, hahahaha....
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Hey girl your looking good. we were both so nervous and look at us now. I'm walking around longer with out getting as tired as b4. I'm happy so let's see what tomorrow brings!
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wow your looking good, keep it up,
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I have Make me heal Pre and Post Op program.
I think it's really helping. My incision was perfectly closed in less than 10 days.
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Excellent! I am also on a pre&post op vitamin regimen from MakeMeHeal. It is similar- called Vitamedica. I hope I heal as well as you do! Your incision/scar does look very good. I noted what you said you were using :) Isn't aloe vera amazing? I am adding the juice to psyllium & fruit juice for constipation ;) Happy healing!
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Thanx ,Tonya! I keep on eating very healthy and taking my Post Op vitamine program. I have my mind set on that beautiful final result :-)
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What is your vitamin program? Do you think it is helping?
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You look so good and your swelling is not bad at all! I think your final results are going to be awesome!
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Looking & feeling great! I'm very happy for you!
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Thanx! It's really going very well. Only tiny problem si tha i have a cold now and so much coughing hurts on my muscles... :-(
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Glad you are well!
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