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When I got my breasts fixed I hoped to look better...

When I got my breasts fixed I hoped to look better in clothes. That came true. However, I don't like the ripple from the under the muscle breast lifts and implants. I think it's mainly the silicone vs saline. I got saline, 310 cc.in each breast. I was so small that it was a bit of a stretch. I started out a 34 c and now, 15 pounds up I'm a 36 C but I'm sure some bras I could wear a D to avoid the side creep. Basically I love the look, I wish they were closer together, and that I got saline to avoid the ripple. Positive all around. I had surgery, came home the same day, took good care of myself , emptied the drains and was out partying less then two weeks later, and I went back to work 2 weeks later! I started dating a long time crush, had nothing to do with the breasts...we just ran into each other at the right time...he helped me heal by rubbing the coco butter on the scars and I felt that. There is a controversy that you lose the sensation in your nipple. I have to say that is temporary. Now,I feel like I don't even have implants...which has to be from going from 118 to 135 in 3 years. The extra weight made me look natural except for,the scars? Darned scars!

Wait..I do have saline!

I wish I got silicone but the docs didn't want that for me...more expensive too...

Been looking for my before pictures...

I can't find my before pictures...I know that is helpful..I also need better close up of the incisions...I'll try...the breast operation was the easiest out of the three since 2006. Tummy tuck first, 2006, breasts 2011 and the face mini lift 2013. Not sure my body can handle anymore!

Some pics

The right side is the worse of the two for rippling. On the bottom. Also feels smaller than the left.

I read everything I could

So I get it...the rippling is normal...the more weight I have on the better for the real feel...don't have to worry about that...I'm 140 right now!

High scars

Dr Anain said I looked beautiful. I was only 118 when I got them....I had no breast tissue...maybe that had something to do with it?

My tummy tuck scar shows in that photo...

I'm scarred but look great in clothes!

For my friend..lose4life :)

if there were no scars you'd never know!

looking up!

looking up at the scar...it faded but my scars last forever..thats just me...

another view

here you go...they move and flop like normal boobs now
New York Plastic Surgeon

It wasn't the doctor, she is great! It's the saline wrinkles that feel weird, the right breast is smaller and one nipple is off. When I got my breasts I worked out a lot and had nothing but nipples and saggy skin left from what were once decent breasts. Dr Anain said she could do what was needed and I was confident and she did a great job. I wish I got silicone, but I was 52 and she suggested saline. I think that's where the ripples come from. Other than that she is a breast reconstruction doctor with a wonderful reputation in the WNY area and she lived up to it.

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Thanks again mylady for adding new pics. Cant thank ypu enough. Okay next question. How do they feel? Do your boobs feel soft? I hope im not being too graphic. If I am please forgive me. I just really want to know. I just noticed last nite the when my hubby and I are intimate he really likes to grab my boobs and feel them. Would you say that is still possible with saline?
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Well, my husband is a big rough tough guy. I yell at him all the time that he's going to pop my boobs! But he hasn't and he has calmed down a bit on the man handling since the neck lift. That's been the hardest to heal from. May I ask how old you are? I say screw it and get saline for a grand more if that I what you want. I wish I did, although I am happy with my boobs....they feel real since I put on weight...it takes time to drop and all that, but when you are in a great top and a great bra..well, it's so nice to have the girls looking good! LOL
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I just posted my profile. I am 40
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Ohhhhhh ok mylady thank u soooooo much. I feel much better now! You look awesome woman! Just my opinion but I think the first set of pics mis represent how great you look. You are a freaking knockout! Im very excited now. Her work looks really good. Thank you for sharing.
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No problem! I can delete the first one....it was taken with my muscles crunched....in a bad light so I don't scare anyone...lol
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You look great!
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thank you...im working out at Body Combat again,..kicking, punching....i cant believe i gained over 20 pounds in one year. maybe the prednisone.
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Thanks ladies! Now I'm trying to feel great!
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I love Body Combat - going to class today at 2:30pm! Yes, prednisone is notorious for weight gain. Keep up the exercise and you will take it off. Eating clean and grain free helps, too!
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Mylady I am mostly interested in knowing why your scars under your breast are so high? Shouldnt they be under the boob and mostly hidden? Im trying to find out what Dr. Anain said about the look when you went back for follow up. What did she say about amount of space in between breast and nipple placement? I wanted to ask her myself when I was in for consult but I totally forgot.
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My husband said the same thing. Dr Anain said they were normal. It's almost 4 yrs so maybe I'll go for a visit and see what is what. Remember, I put an awful shot in.
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I mean picture"...
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Mylady I am begging you to please please please send new photos please im going in soon and im so grateful to find someone who has gone to the same surgeon. We are few and far between. Pleaseeeeee ;)
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Dr. A said it was the fact that I had no breast tissue so the way they went in under the muscle was as good as it would get unless i went big...and i didnt want to do that...so, even though i dont have the cleveage without a real push up its ok
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I can tell that w a push up bra they look awesome. Just wondering about placement of scars? It seems like scars are usually closer to base of breast and nipple symetry. Thank you so much for sharing. Also did u consider updating pics?
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She is a great surgeon...that is why she was mine!
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Hi My Bariatric Life..I wish I did get saline, but the doc felt that I was safer for some reason with saline...I just checked my card and she put in 330. At the time I was so thin that I looked huge...now I look normal...it's cool. My scars are fading because I started using scar gel more consistently. Good luck!
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Hi Mylady I cant tell u how happy I am to find someine who has gone to Dr. Anain. I have decided to have her do my breast and tummy after 90 lbs wt loss with help of vertcal sleeve gastrectomy I August 2012. Any info about your experience would be greatly appreciated. I was also wondering if u would be willing to post newer pics? Thanks for any info you can provide about what can be expected
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Just don't forget to keep us in the loop about how you are doing! When do you go in? You will be so happy....trust me! :)
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I was very set on getting saline vs silicone... Now you have me second guessing my decision. I am a D cup so perhaps I will not have the trouble with rippling.
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Hi mybariatriclife im planning to get surgery soon too. Id like to discuss silicone vs saline vs no implants and just a lift.
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Just a lift is not likely to give you upper pole fullness.
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Yeah thats what im afraid of. I reallyyyyyyy dont like the idea of implants. I just dont even want to be bothered with them. Ive been trying to find pics of dr. Anains who just had lift no implants but didnt see any. I was so happy to find the post that u guys did. I return for my second consult w her Mon. Ill post before pics and my story then.thanks for reply.
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There is a plastic surgeon in Pennsylvania that does a breast lift that shapes the breast with your own tissue. I think it is called a transdermal suspension lift or something like that. Check out Dr. Rubin.
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Oh that is great to know. I had only heard about the ultimate breast lift by dr. Horndeski in Texas. Ill look into it. Thank you so much
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