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I am 35 male, 6'3" and have been considering tummy...

I am 35 male, 6'3" and have been considering tummy tuck / lift for almost a decade. There are a lot of people here with experience so would love to hear some feedback. I am one of the few males on here so hoping that other males also join the party.

I was 220lbs as a 15yr old and average height for that age. One summer school holiday, over 6 weeks, I lost over 60lbs [of baby fat] with diet and exercise - lost 10 inches around my waist and gained 10" in height. The fast weight loss, I believe, killed my skin. In my 20s I had lipo, and then two other revisions with another surgeon. Lipo was horrible each time - it made things worse - caused dimples, hanging, asymmerty, etc. I got NO benefits out of it.

I consulted a few surgeons regarding tummy tuck and some are for it while others say I am too borderline and they would not want to cut me up. I ESPECIALLY hate my flanks - it sticks out when I wear tight clothes and I get very self conscious when people put their hand around my waist, some have even commented how soft it is!!

So I needed a surgeon who specialises in extended tummy tuck and even perhaps an inner thigh lift - body lift. And since I am soo tall I worry also that the surgeon will not be able to handle me properly during surgey giving me sub-par results.

The cost (money/scar/time) vs benefit argument. I understand that for many people this might be an easy decision because they feel they DEFINITELY need the surgery. It's because I am borderline that this is a tough decision.

So after 6 years of research and almost non-stop research over the last 3 months, I have decided it is better to JUST DO IT rather than keep thinking about it. I have lived 20 years wanting a better body .. worst case, i will have to spend the next 20 years hating a botched up surgery. Then after that I will be too old to care, I hope.

So I have short-listed three category of surgeons:
1. one specific US based surgeon. His credentials are impeccable, his experience in this sort of surgery extensive, and his cost reasonable. I am surprised to have heard very little of him on RS. I guess the hold up of choosing him is that in US I imagine the doctors will be very conservative with the surgery and lipo. With good reason too, I guess. And the extra cost of after-care as I am alone and non-US based meaning I will have to pay for after-care and hotels for 3 weeks.

2. a Mexican based surgeon - not much of him on here, but he has his own sub-forum at OH. His credentials Mexican (many int'l surgeons also have American certification and/or international plastic surgery certifications). But given the extensive reporting on him at OH I trust he gives good results. In Mexico I like that all costs will be less (he costs the same as doc 1 above but his price also includes 12 days nursed care in a hospital/hotel, transport, medicines, garments, etc).

3. Surgeons in Brazil - the land of the beautiful and surgically enhanced, and now the world #1 ranking of cosmetic surgery per capita! There has been extensive reporting of Brazilian surgeon Ivo Pitanguy - proclaimed by NY Times to have a hand gifted by god. He is surgeon to American stars and models. He is 87 and still practices - charges the same as doc 1. For other brazilian surgeons I have been looking at I have used the criteria that they have to be graduates of Ivo Pitanguy's training AND certified by American and International plastic surgery associations. Brazilian surgeons are not allowed to post before and after pics so that has been the biggest hurdle. It means I will have to go there in their office to see these pics. And ofcourse the language barrier - people in Latin American countries DO NOT SPEAK english and a bit ho-hum about customer and patient service.

Again the biggest draw on Mexico and Brazil is that they will be prepared to push the envelope more than Western surgeons.

I would love some feedback on my post and pics. Sometimes it is hard to think objectively when thinking about something so personal to me. IF you feel I should not have surgery at all then that is fine too - would love to hear all opinions.
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Hello there. I don't know if you have selected a surgeon or not, but if possible and not to complicate matters, I would like to give you my opinion. My name is Peter Fisher. I am a plastic surgeon in San Antonio who specializes in post massive weight loss body contouring and have done so for 13 years, having been in practice for 24 years. From your history and the photos I see two things. 1. You obviously had liposuction that from what you said historically was poorly performed. 2. It is difficult to tell if you need a lower body lift or not, but to me it looks like APPROPRIATE liposuction of the abdomen, flanks and back should give you an excellent result. Certainly an lower body lift will give you an excellent result as well, but if you don't need the incisions don't do it. Also your recovery will be somewhat easier with suction alone. Having said this, examining you might lead me to change my mind. I agree with some of the comments made that at least you should have a phone consultation if not email and best of all personal. Good luck. I hope all goes well with whatever you choose. Most important is that whatever is done carry out and follow the surgeons post op instructions to the letter. Peter Fisher M.D.
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Thanks doctor for taking the time to review my photos and situation. MANY other surgeons have suggested the same via virtual consultations. Unfortunately, after the failed lipo operations I won't go down that route. Also majority of the times the pre and post pics look the same, lipo has only a 75% satisfaction rate on here vs the almost 100% satisfaction of tummy Tuck based operations. But yes horses for courses. And of course I don't need the incisions that come with a tummy Tuck but I guess its a free gift :-) still considering the best way to proceed and will definitely give it more thought.
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I thank you for getting back to me. I certainly understand your position and as I said believe you should get an excellent result from a circumferential abdominoplasty. Make sure you see at least 2 to4 surgeons or at least their results. All the best. Good luck with your plans.
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I think that you will benefit from a body lift. How many doctors said you were borderline? Maybe they just don't know how to help you. Other than your tummy and flanks, your body looks quite good. You have nice arm muscles and you have a bit of that V shape that men love.
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Thanks MBL. Yes hoping my mid section will complement the rest of my body after surgery. I also agree regarding skill of surgeon. Dare I say in most countries most surgeons performing tummy tuck or body lift are only looking to alleviate patient issues to a manageable level. But it's only a few surgeons, and only in the Americas, that surgeons are now skilled and considerate enough to be beautifying patients.. Not just allowing patients to 'get by' after surgery.
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I agree that many surgeons' goal is improvement. For my the money I spent (self pay), and now to have incision scars all over my body forever, I wanted dramatic results in return.
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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing with us.

Have you decided whether you're going to go for a Tummy Tuck or for a Body Lift? If you've short listed 3 doctors, I would try and have a consultation (even if by email/phone/Skype), with all 3 of them. That way you can better judge how you feel after interacting with them and if you feel more or less comfortable with any particular doctor. Do your research and make sure they're board certified also. :-)
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