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Finally Got the Courage to Do It

Im very active and I changed my eating habbits...

Im very active and I changed my eating habbits 4years ago. The last year I gained 20 pounds. I love my current size but my belly wasn't flat. I did my upper and lower abs to flatten it out. I felt a little tucking here and there during the procedure. Over all it was painless, the first night I was hurting like crazy. Didnt want to take the pain pills because of the high feeling I got from it. Anyways I was sored and it hurt to move,

Day 1 post Op
I felt pretty good, I am a hair stylist and was able to see clients, took one pain med and my antibiotics. However I couldnt drive cos it hurt to sit down. I wear the girdle and waist clincher provided all day. Inhad a lot of drainage from the incision site. But overall it was okay.

I had littoe drainage from the site. The incision closed up. I out A&D on the incision site and wore the girdle and waist clincher. I still ws able to work. Still couldnt sit in my car to drive though.

Day 3 post op . (Day of truth)
I was hurting so bad, woke up at 3am had tobforce myself to sleep. The pain was worst. Had to take the pain meds, I had class at 12pm, took me 8 minutes to walk from packing deck to class, usually a 2 minute walk. I couldn't sit back but up straight.

Day 6 post op.
My stomach is much flatter but sore. It still hurts and I massage it when am laying or sitting down. Its still morning.

I have been trying to stay positive. I start back working out on monday 09/07/2013.
Im a bit skeptical if my stomach will be flat. As It looks the same or bigger after surgery. They say dont look in the mirror untill after 4 weeks but I cant help it.
Keep you updated

9 Days Post Op

So the last week was hell, But today i got up with no pain, still wearing my girdle and waist clincher. I got on the scale this morning and have lost 5pounds from last time i weight myself. I know its probably the swelling going down. I bought a dress a while back for Graduation and it fits. My abs are still sored, but i went out for a run this morning, I feel great now. Having a salad for lunch, I'm beginning to see the difference in my abs.

My girdles were size small, one i got online and the other i received at the Doctor's office. Today I alterated them to an XXS in the waist area. I'm keeping fingers crossed for more results by the end of the week. I havent measured my waist, But tomorrow, I'll try to do about 90minutes on the Elliptical and see how it goes.fingers crossed

4 weeks Post Op

Ok so am on week 4 post op and all i want to do is cry. My abs look bigger than before lipo and I feel fat. I had to stop exercising this week because my thighs got hurt on the elliptical, but i have been doing yoga. My abs look bigger, and I was hoping by now i would see better results.

I looked better two weeks ago after surgery and now i feel like there is no result, i look worst. I dont know what is going on I am getting discouraged, I did this for my birthday which is in 2 weeks, If i look like this, this would be my worst birthday. I hope whatever this is, is better by the next couple of weeks


IT'S been 8 months since my surgery. I don't see any result. My ab area is bigger than before surgery. When I voiced my concern I was told I needed to pay more for the correction. I have loose skin hanging. It looks like I have 3 different ab section. I'm only 25 and my surgeon assured me I wouldn't end up with loose skin. Now I have a sag over my belly. My same bathing suit looks horrible on me. I'm so disappointed. I've had a second opinion and was told that the job was not done right. I look like I used to be heavy and lost weight on my midsection leaving me with saying areas. When I sit down it looks like am pregnant. It looks like I paid money to be disfigured. I have contacted American lipo centers and was informed I need to pay more for correction. I'm going to ask for my money back which I'm already doing.
Dr Shotwell


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I hope you're happier with your results now!
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No. Belly is just sagging. Looks bad
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Maybe you should make an appt. with your ps and ask what is going on. I have to assume it's some weird swelling. I just Started my period and feel very bloated.
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I am twelve days out and can finally fit into my pre-op jeans. I know exactly how you feel. About 8 days out I tried on my jeans and couldn't even do up the button! The swelling takes a long time to go away. Feel better!
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Thank You! Feel better too. Have you noticed any flattening? My birthday is in November and Im hoping and praying i dont look like this cos am going on a cruise for my 25th birthday.
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I was told that every week the swelling will become less and less. By November you (and me) should see a big difference. It won't be our complete transformation, but getting there. Yes, my stomach is definitely flatter.
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Amazing, I cant wait. I start working out tomorrow. I'll start speed walking
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Whoa, you went to work the first day after the procedure?! Girl, you are hardcore! I'm glad to hear you are trying to stay positive. You are still really fresh from the procedure, so be gentle with yourself and keep us posted on how you are doing. :)

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Yes, i was soo bored. i hate sleeping. am feeling a bit depressed since the procedure as i know its only been 1 week, my belly looks bigger than before the procedure. but will keep updating.
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