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I've had some acne scars on my right cheek ever...

I've had some acne scars on my right cheek ever since I had very bad acne in my teens. I took 3 full courses of Accutane and my skin gets a few break outs here and there, but has been tremendously improved since I was about 19 and took the first course of Accutane (I'm currently 33). My main issue is a few of the lingering scars (not sure which type they are). About 5 years ago I had a few fractional resurfacing treatments (apparently with a 1540 laser, not sure of exact laser) and the results were just ok. I think it left my skin texture nice for several years, but I didn't see a large improvement in the scars. I've also had microdermabrasion and light peels with no improvement. I've had Juvederm injected into the scars and that is somewhat helpful but is pretty pricey over the long-term as it only lasts about 6 months (you also need to buy by the syringe which is $500+).

I decided to get a package of eMatrix treatments at American Laser. I got 6 for $1,100, which I felt like was a good price. I was terrified of the recovery period from looking at photos here so I waited to get my first treatment for months. The procedure itself was not too bad with numbing cream. It didn't really hurt at all. My face was just red that night. The next day I did have the red "track marks" and the start of the rough texture, but it really wasn't as bad as I expected. I even put on mineral makeup and went out to eat at a casual restaurant that evening. There was a huge difference the next day and you could not tell I had had anything done with makeup on unless you looked close. It began to fade each subsequent day and the rough sandpaper texture went away in maybe 4 days.

I've already seen a pretty big improvement, more than with the fractional laser treatment. My boyfriend has also noted a huge difference. The primary difference is "filling in" the scars and I haven't noticed much difference in discoloration improvement, smaller pores, skin tightening, etc. though it has only been 2 weeks and results can take several months apparently. . I'm very please with these sort of results after only 1 treatment and I still have 6 remaining treatments in my package. I was very reluctant to do this treatment due to some bad reviews and the scary looking recovery photos, but I'm so happy that I did. I can't wait for my next treatment in a few weeks. I'm confident my scars will be almost completely gone after a few more treatments and I can save the additional treatments to be used at a different time.


Your results look promising, glad you found something that is working for you and that you are feeling confident in the treatment! Keep us posted on your progress - good luck!
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3 month update

I thought I would post the pics if 3 mos post my first treatment and I've currently had 2 treatments with the last about 6 weeks ago. I think the results are good so far. 1st pic is comparing before treatment to now. Second is difference between 2nd and 3rd.


I've had 5 fraxel restore and 1 pro fractional laser the last 18 months with hardly no improvement. I have shallow scarring in my cheeks I've spent 10 years trying to get rid of and I've literally tried everything. I'm 40. I've debated this procedure. Would you reccomend it? There's usually nothing I won't try to get rid of these dang scars but the reviews on this really scare me.
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There is nothing to be scared of about the actual procedure. The pictures posted here and on the web in general of the "after" period make it look much worse than it is. Pretty much by day 3 you can go out with make-up. It really isn't a bad recovery at all. I get it done on a Wednesday and everything is completely fine by Saturday or so (well at least to the point that you wouldn't get any second looks, etc.). I got what I thought was a pretty good deal (6 treatments for 1100) which is why I got the package. I have had 2 treatments with Ematrix and then I had one with treatment with a Palomar Lux 1540 (do not recommend this as I had severe breakouts after). The medspa I go to gave me a free Palmomar Lux treatment, their new equipment "replacing Ematrix", due to a customer service issue. I think the treatments, primarily the 2 Ematrix, have helped a lot. They look a lot more shallow and filled in than before. I don't feel self-conscious about that side of my face as much. I still have 4 ematrix to use as well. One thing you may want to try is injection of filler, Juvederm, etc., if you have found lasers aren't working. I thought that was very helpful as well and absolutely no downtime, though quite costly (like $500 syringe and it only lasts about 6 months). Check out the Vi peel pics too. That is my next procedure to try as some of those results look really great. Good luck!

4 Month Update-1 Treatment with Lux 1540 vs. Ematrix

I've posted pics for my 4 month update. I've had 2 Ematrix and 1 treatment with a Palomar Lux 1540. I got a free 1540 treatment because of a customer service issue. I cannot personally recommend that treatment as it made me break out awfully (and my skin still seems more acne prone since) and the results were not as effective as the Ematrix. I think they look shallower and I'm less self-conscious of that side of my face.

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