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This is my second round at the lip implants. I had...

This is my second round at the lip implants. I had them placed in December. They were noticeably off center from the start. My upper protruded off to the side on the right creating a lump on my upper lip. I was told to massage , it was swelling and it would go away. You could only feel the implant on the left 2/3rds of my lower lip also. I was scheduled for a redo , took a week off work and then my augury was cancelled do to the doctors schedule conflict. I then found a new doctor. The procedure the second time around was much easier. I only needed pain pills 1 day. I didn't even need Tylenol on day 2. I would advise a full week off work, because of swelling. I have been sleeping with an airline pillow around my neck for a week now to avoid putting any pressure on my lips by sleeping on my face. Was this my fault they slipped off to the left? Tiny stitches on the corners of my mouth come out today. My doctor and staff were extremely professional. I would definitely go back to them for other work if needed.
Thanks for sharing your experience on RealSelf. Your lips look beautiful! Do you have photos of your lips before your surgery or with the misalignment? That would help us visualize your experience. :)
Yes. I have a photo of my upper lip bump.on my profile. The lower lip looked normal, you could just feel that it wasn't centered.

Healing. Mouth feels very tight.

This is day 10 of my redo for migration/ misplaced implants. I am back at work. I talk a lot at my job and I am very aware my mouth doesn't feel normal yet. I can talk ok. No one at work has commented at all so I guess I'm the only one that feels differently. The shape when my mouth is at rest is just perfect. They are definitely in the right spot. It is hard to make a big smile because everything feels tight. Lines appear between my nose and upper lip due to the tightness looking kind of freaky so I'm just not smiling big at people. I try to open my mouth widely to stretch the scar tissue. It hurts yikes. Looking forward to all this being behind me. What a journey.
Hi, The lips look great! I am wondering what size you chose and also if lip implants still look natural when speaking/moving.
First round I got 5's because the doctor said I had a big mouth. It is true. None of the sizes cover the length of my lips, so they have to be placed centrally. The second doctor said they were way too big because my lips were already big. My goal was to stop getting Juviderm for lip wrinkles. These look tons better. I don't want to look fake, just the way they used to look before aging set in. We lose fat in one place and it goes to other places. Darn. By the way, I don't think fat transfer works. It is very traumatic and doesn't last. Wish it would. Great idea. It will be perfected one day. Not yet.

New pictures

Again , back at work. Trying to stretch out my mouth when I think about it. They are right in the center where they are supposed to be. Very happy about that. Looking forward to complete healing, getting the feeling back in my lips and the tightness going away.
I am wondering if you can feel them in your lips. The implants that I had were like memory foam and when they were implanted they felt hard and were awkward. No amount of massage could fix those awful things. I had them removed but my lips now fold in on each other and i am going to have to get implants again...I'm scared to go through it again only to have the same trouble.
What type of plants u has or have? I had foam and they are horrendous they changed shape on the edges horrible it even changes my lip shape and so decided to changed them with silicon implants with Salama. Am a bit scared thought am cared of the scarring, aside from bad implants the stupid doctor cut them shorter and he never ever told me I had to stretch my lips so when I healed my mouth when I opened my mouth is like a little kid mouth very small terrible. Doctor David Kaufman did my lip implant he is in Sacramento ca the worst man can't even call that a doctor.
Plano Plastic Surgeon

Extremely professional. Gave me a wonderful consult and I could tell he wanted me happy with the lip implant procedure. I think he actually invented it. The surgery went quickly and I can say I felt no pain past the dental block. It was even made easy by the Q-tip numbing gel. Gayla , his nurse assisted. She was supportive and utterly professional. I would definitely advise anyone to go to him for this procedure. He has done more lip implants than anyone in the country and fixes a lot of " mess- ups". It seems this would be a strait forward procedure, but it is not. Art and skill go into any plastics work. Just look at Hollywood. Some people have had good work ( Christy Brinkley) , others. Not so much....( Micky Rourke). Be careful. I'm sure they both paid well. It is an art after all, not just surgery.

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