I had my Fraxel Re:pair Co2 laser on 11/21 - Amazing - San Diego, CA

I had my Fraxel Re:pair Co2 laser on 11/21. I had...

I had my Fraxel Re:pair Co2 laser on 11/21. I had absolutely no pain during the procedure and after. I was given Valium and Demerol before and nerve blocks.

The 1st 72 hours were the most horrifying experience. My face swelled up on day 3 to the point I had to call the doctor cause I thought I was having an allergic reaction.

I am on day 8 and I can't believe how great my skin looks. I had acne scars on my cheeks and dark circles under my eyes. I am only 34 years old but my skin was always bothering me. Best thing I ever did for myself. I am going for my 2nd post opt on Monday.

I choose an amazing doctor. He is known as the Laser King and he wrote part of the protocol for this machine. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO DO YOUR RESEARCH AND DON'T TRY TO SAVE/CUT CORNERS WHEN HAVING THIS SORT OF PROCEDURE DONE. I have had to take no pain medication. I have been religiously doing my vinegar soaks every 2 hours and drinking plenty of water. I AM SO HAPPY WITH THE RESULTS.

AMAZING.  I have had no pain...

AMAZING.  I have had no pain whatsoever!  My cosmetic dermatolgist is known as the Laser King.  Please if you are going to do this procedure do your research!  I had the repair done 11/21.  I did my whole face and my upper and lower eyelids.  I am of Middle Eastern descent so I had dark circles under my eyes.  I had really bad acne scars on my cheeks.  The worst day was day 3.  My face was so swollen that I had to call the doctor.  He said it was normal.  I have been in the house for 8 days.  I am going to my 2nd post opt on Monday.

I did my vinegar soaks every 2 hours.  I have had no pain or discomfort at all.  I am amazed at the results.  I am 35 years old but my skin looks unbelievable.  Everyone says how refreshed I look.  My scars are so smooth and my eyes are tight and bright.  I can't believe the work of this doctor.  He has written the protocol for the machine and submitted it to FDA.  He is truly the best doctor.  Please do your homework before you have this done.  I have no hper or hypo pigmentation.  I am still red but that will subside within a couple weeks plus the help of makeup.  I would do this over again in a heartbeat!  I giggled through my surgery.  I didn't even know he had started.  I can't wait to buy new makeup!!!!

She disappeared, hmm, maybe she works for the Dr. lol
I am considering this Drs. practice as well. Would you mind posting or privately emailing pictures?
Thank you for you comments. I too am considering this treatment and would only use this Dr., after all of my research. Please update us as you continue to heal. I'd love to hear how you feel about your results as time passes and the swelling has totally subsided.

Sorry I have not written in awhile there was a...

Sorry I have not written in awhile there was a death in my family to the wise guy who wrote the comment "I must have worked for the doctor".

Anyway- {edited - provider information is located above the review} is the doctor I chose and have had fantastic results. My 92 year old grandmother noticed the difference in my skin. I have gotten so many complements in the past few months. I would do it over again in a heartbeat. It's been almost 3 months and my skin is looking great. For anyone who is interested in this procedure please do your research and good luck. Thanks

Hi, I just had a consultation with Dr. Fitzpatrick. I agree with you about his level of expertise and I felt confident with him. He suggested for me the alexandrite laser for sun spots and the fraxel co2 mini repair. I would like to improved my eyelids, is it very painful to have the eye protectors while doing the laser, it looks painful and I am afraid, please comment on this one and also about your eyelid results after the laser. Thank you.
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