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Hi I am 31 and wear 38f although it's a 38g on my...

Hi I am 31 and wear 38f although it's a 38g on my left breast. I was scheduled for my first appointment 2 weeks ago but had to leave because my doctor was arrested for hire for murder, while I was at his office. So now I'm scheduled with a different doctor. I'm scheduled for August 15 for my first visit. I have herniations from my neck to my rear. The most severe are in my thoracic area. My back doctor thinks it might help with my pain. I am on medicare do to my back. Does anybody know if this will cover it completely. I am a single mom of four kids and breast fed my twins which has cause severe sagging. I am a litlle scared anything ya'll would like to share with me is welcomed.


i have my BR August 30th! Just next week and you will be on the road!! i have been in your shoes!! good things come to those who wait!!! you can post on the July boards asking about recovery and so on! those ladies are great and will answer your questions!! once I have the reduction I will be updating and give you any info I can! when you can get on here and read. i have learned so much from the ladies on here! do you have a list of questions for your PS? i didnt with the other PS but my new one I had a list! like stitching, drains, how much taking out, what cup size he was thinking and so on! i am here for ya if you need anything!!
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Hi faythfull , I'm soo anxious. Thank you for stopping by. My Internet has decided not to work right so I apologize in advance for any late responses. Have you already had the surgery? If so how long was your recovery? I'm ready for shoulder neck and back relief. ;?
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hello. i just wabted to drop by and see how you are doing? i know the wait is horrible but so worth it!!
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Well today is day4 of having my reduction. I am a...

Well today is day4 of having my reduction. I am a little sore but my neck feels wonderful . I am still wrapped and canny determine how big they are . I really feel flat chested when I pick in at them. Does anybody feel the same? I hope I have some left . I will keep y'all posted.


Hi faythfull . Today I feel worse than I have been. Mainly because of the pain pump running out. I didn't get wrapped in ace bandage but only a Velcro bra with gauze and sponges inside. I do have the pump hooked up and drains . The doctor is suppose to reveal everything on weds . I would love to hear how your response when you see them . Seems like weds is forever away.

How are you feeling? I pray your recovery is super fast .
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i feel flat compared to before!! i know they are there!! will be taking off ace wrap around noon today. we will see what they look like!! how are you feeling?
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That feeling of being completely flat is normal. I felt the same way and I'm still a DD! It just takes your brain a bit of time to adjust to a new normal. Glad everything went well. Keep us posted.
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Well it's been a week and one day . I'm in a...

Well it's been a week and one day . I'm in a regular sports bra 38 c which is pretty big on me. It's kind of concerning me because I feel so flat. I can't figure out how to add pics on here. Feeling a little down today concerned that I have no breast. Is this normal to feel this way? Just really want to cry .

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I typed that wrong I'm in a 36 c bra right now ....

I typed that wrong I'm in a 36 c bra right now . Sorry bout that.


Thanks girls!!
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sandi a real quick post! the reason you can not upload pics is because you have to use a regular computer!! cant from phone or ipad!!:-)
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Sandi, please remember that it will take your brain a while to catch up with the changes that have happened to your body. You are so use to seeing extremely large breasts when you look at yourself, and what you see now is drastically different. A C-cup really is not terribly small, and certainly not flat. Once you become accustomed to seeing them I bet you will really like the new size. But it is completely normal to feel conflicted or even disappointed at first. A lot of the girls have had this reaction. Another thing to keep in mind is that as the swelling leaves the breasts start to soften and settle and believe it or not, you actually do get a smidgen bigger...maybe even a cup size, so even if you feel little now, more than likely you will get some of that size back. Good luck!
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