Operation Boobs Be Gone is in Recovery mode!!- Amarillo, TX

Hello. I don't even know where to start!! In...

Hello. I don't even know where to start!! In middle school I left seventh grade with really a flat chest! Then summer was over and guess who showed up, The Sisters!! I was overwhelmed with it all! The smallest I can ever remember being is a D cup or bigger! I was small but with my boobs I always felt large! Wore big baggy shirts to hide myself! After I graduated I kept getting bigger and bigger! No weight gain at first so I never understood! Fast forward 22 years-I have four children that I breast feed all them. They are sagging way to low, I have huge intentions in my shoulders, my neck hurts which brings on the migraines, my back across my shoulder blades hurts, my arms and hands fall asleep and my strength in my hands is not good! I have been to many doctors, therapist, chiropractors, and none of them have ever said its The Sisters fault!! That is until two months ago!! We moved to Texas last summer so all new doctors! A couple months ago I went in because my chest was hurting so bad! The doctor started pushing all over my shoulders and back and told me it was my muscles in my chest that were being pulled by The Sisters!! I was well I want them gone!! So he sent me to the PS. I was shocked but excited!!

So. I went to PS on Monday April 16. He took pictures listened to my whys and said ok we will write up a report get my other doctor info and submit to insurance! I waliked out thinking ok I tried. Insurance won't ok it. He said 2 to 6 weeks we will know something! My daughter told me that He didn't talk or say much and I said well there's not much to talk about if insurance don't ok it. Everything was sent in on Thursday April19. Mean while I was getting ready for a hysterectomy and I honestly thought it would be turned down! Well Thursday April 26th I had my approval letter in the mail!!! Yes APPROVAL!! I called PS to make sure and they said yes it's approved at full bennifits!!!! The next day i got the call to set the date!! So Tuesday June 5th is the big day!!! I have spent years of laughing at the jokes, making the jokes just so I won't cry!! I am a 40k and can't buy shirts or swim suites or even dresses that fit right because of the Sisters!! I am so ready for this! I am still recovering from my hysterectomy and when I go in for BR I will be four weeks out from it! But I am ready I have a great support system and that are all as excited as I am. I am ready to feel human!! It's exciting to think I will soon be perky and not saggy!! I don't ever remember being perky! LOL if you have any tips please let me know them becausevI don't see the PS till day before surgery to discuss everything. Through my other surgery I asked everyone at the hospital about PS and they all love him and have nothing but good to say!! So here I go!!! I will post pics as soon as I can.....

Welcome to RealSelf Fayth! Congratulations on your quick approval! You will be amazed at how good you feel and how good you feel about yourself when you trade in those pesky big sisters for adorable little sisters! It truly is transforming :-)

Ok I have been reading post after post. I have...

Ok I have been reading post after post. I have seen my PS once and not again till day before surgery! So we have not talked about size what I need to get or anything! I feel I need to call and ask questiona but dont want to bother anyone! I am still excited and ready to get it going!!! 3 more weeks!!!
LaterOh one more rhing! I called hostpital to check on what I have to pay and they said nothing that because of my recent surgery insurance will be covering it all!!!!!! Happy Mother's Day to me and Anniversary! !!!!
Thanks! I have decided to call tomorrow to see if I can come in this week or bext week to ask some questions! !

You are not bothering anyone by calling them! That is part of the service they provide. They should have a triage nurse that is happy to answer any of your questions and if you feel you need an appointment before your pre-op you should be able to request one of those as well. Good luck!

Hi again!! Well tomorrow marks exactly two weeks...

Hi again!! Well tomorrow marks exactly two weeks till the big fay! My asthma is acting up so I have to get in!! I am so afraid that my date will be pushed back! I am trying everything to get a handle on this!! I am busy this week, but next week i have nothing to do so it will be one long week! At the moment I am not nervous but anxious! I am so ready!! I still need to upload pics. I need to get that done!! I will get that done tomorrow!!!! Have a great week!!

Ok I am trying to put pics on here and when I go...

Ok I am trying to put pics on here and when I go to update my profile it is not giving me an option! Does anyone have a suggestion of what or how to do it? Kimmers sent me the link but when I pull up its still not on the page! I have 10 days to go! Still very excited! I love reading all the updates on here how everyone is after its done and how pleased they are!!! Well I am going to keep trying to update and add photos !!! Have a great Memorial Day weekend!!
I am guessing thats the problem!! Thank you!! I will go over to my friends and upload them!! Thank yiu so much for the info!!!:-)

Faythfull, are you using your iphone or a tablet. I have read that some people can't do it that way. I always used my laptop or desktop and have had no problems.

Hello once again!! I finally got to upload a...

Hello once again!! I finally got to upload a couple of pictures! I hope all is well with all!! I have 9 days left and I am ready!! I was in Wal-Mart with my hubby this morning and found some cute bra's!! I am in shock just thinking that I will be able to wear a smaller bra!! I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend!!

Hi Faythfull! Thanks for posting the pix. From the looks of your pre-op pictures, you are really going to be impressed with that tiny waist you have hiding under there! Good luck!
All I can think about is BOOBS!! looking at bra's reading everything on here!! I am so ready!!! I dont see my PS till the fourth to discuss everything!! So I am a little nervouse because of this! But excited! We will have to keep in touch! !!
Hey Faythfull! Surgery buddy! Our day is soon!!!!!! Hope you are doing well and able to focus, I am so excited it is all I can think about!

I have six days till surgery day!! I am ready but...

I have six days till surgery day!! I am ready but nerves are starting to get frazzled! I dont see PS till Monday(the day before) we have not talked about size or much of anything. He is the best around here and have talkes with lots if ladies who love him but I am getting nervouse! On the other hand I am so excited to get it going! I AM tired of the weight and pain!! I am so addicted to this site that I check on it all day!! Then to top it all off i tore something in my knee! Ugh!! Going to doc today! Praying i dont walk out with crutches!! God is in control and its all going to be ok!! I keep telling myself this!!
It is ALMOST our day! :)
I can't remember being this excited about an upcoming event for a very long time!!!
Ok. From what i have read lufting your arms will be painful for a little bit. I wouldnt be shaking either!! I would do easy at least first week at least!! Do not worry about snacks for feiends!! They are there to check on you and to help you!! You sound like me!! Its hard to let others care for you!! Dont over think!! Easy meals have friends on call to run get you something. Have you some lotion, books, movies so on!! Lots of fruits and vegies to get enough fiber!! I go next tuesday! So I am going stir crazy!!! Hope that helped you out!!!

Hi ladies! I have four sleeps and three days left...

Hi ladies! I have four sleeps and three days left to go!!! I have found that I can not just sit still. I have to be up and moving all the time!! Been looking for some button/zip up tops or PJ's. Not a lot of luck! Or I don't want to spend the money they want and would rather wait and buy cute tops and BRA'S. I have some really comfy t-shirts that are big because I bought the wrong size, I can wear!! I think they will work! I can step in them! I am ready to get this going!!! If any one has any one thing they wish they had done or gotten please let me know!!! Thanks!! My nerves are on the edge just because I am stir crazy really bad!!!!

I understand that long drive to town! We have to go about 15 miles for milk or bread, more than 30 if we want to do some real shopping...but you can beat the quiet nights!
And the stars! Love living out. You wouldn't believe the food I've brought home for this caper, though! How long until I can start walking on level, wide trails?

Two more days!!!! Oh my goodness!! I never dreamed...

Two more days!!!! Oh my goodness!! I never dreamed that this would happen!!! All the emotions that are going through me right now!!! I really am excited. My husband is being great but I know he will miss the girls! He loves my boobs!! We keep joking but part of me has the feeling if he still will love me without the girls!! I know he will but these crazy things are going through my mind the closer I get!!! We have been married 23 years on June 10. We have Been together 26 years!! High school sweethearts!! So he has been through it all! With me!! The tears of looking for BRA'S , not finding my size or one that fits me good!! So I know it's all in my mind!!!

Well tomorrow will be spent doing laundry and disinfecting everything before I go to bed!! Then Monday afternoon I have my pre-op with my PS then my pre-op at the hospital ! That will take up all of my afternoon!! Then it will be time !!!! DEEP BREATH!!!!

Thank you all ladies for All the support and info!!! You all have been my best friends through all this!! We all know what we all have faced and the emotions connected!! You all are a huge blessing!!!!

Praying for all those in recovery and for those getting ready!!!! Love and blessings!!!
You're going to look amazing! Best of luck and happy surgery!
MNRN. Just a couple more days!!!!! I am getting really on edge with the waiting! I guess my nerves are higher than I thought!!! Pluses I am very tired!! All this trying to keep busy caught up with me today and I have to remember I am just a month out of my last surgery!!! I will get lots of rest next week!!!!! I was at the mall today and this poor guy walked by and instead brushing my shoulder it was a full on BOOB brush!!! He turned around and his poor face was so red!!! I just laughed but deep inside I was crumbling ! So that's one major thing I will not miss!!!!!
You really should be resting! Two weeks out of major surgery you were already up and running. Your stamina is amazing, but you should bank some the next couple of days for the second round of anesthesia. I so admire you for doing two surgeries back to back...one recovery for two problems, but it doesn't sound like you even stopped after your first one!

Won't it be nice not to have our boobs be the thing people, food, and dirt hit first???

One more day!! Deep breath deep breath!!! This all...

One more day!! Deep breath deep breath!!! This all is becoming so real!! This is all crazy but in a good way!!! I think everyone's emotions are high around my house!! I am so ready to get this going!!! Not much to to update tonight but tomorrow I will have all my info from my ps!! So till tomorrow!!

Ok went and saw PS and he walked in and said we...

Ok went and saw PS and he walked in and said we are doing this and walked right back out!!!! He said he was taking me down to a C and walked out!! I have seen him twice and a total of 5 min. I freaked when the lady was going over my papers. A nipple graph, that was never discussed!!! I technically am a k and going to a C freaked me out. We have not talked and he made me feel like it was my fault!!! You don't bring a woman in day before surgery and tell her very little and walk the hell out. They didn't tell me what I needed to wear, any scripts, freaking nothing!!!!! I paid my money walked out crying. Then they called and cancelled on me..
So now I have to go through it all over!!! Oh I asked how much insurance said had to be taken out at the office and they wouldn't tell me!! Then after talking with insurance I find out that the ass told them how much he was taking out and that's why I was approved so fast!! Never asked me about it at all!!!
He said I was not mentally prepared!! You freaking think!!! He waited till thee fin day before!!!
I have two appointments made one for June19 and then July 17 but I am thinking about just freaking living with it!!! I am so devastated by today. They will have to submit papers all over and I just don't think I can go through all this. I am a basket case just for waiting till today!!

Praying for you all and good vibes sent out to all!! Good luck and speedy recoveries!!!

Oh, Fayth! I am so sorry!! I couldn't believe it when I read your update. But God does work all things out for the good of his believers, and it is better to have this surgery cancelled then for you to have come out of it with horrendous results. And just think how horribly he and his staff would have treated you post-op if you had any worries. That is not the kind of people you want to surround yourself with right now. I would also make sure that you post your review of him on the websites where others say he is wonderful. Make sure that anyone looking at him for their procedure knows what they may be facing.

Another thought may be to give your insurance company a quick call to let them know that you did not have the surgery with the provider originally approved and that you will be searching for a new one, that way when your next request for approval comes through they aren't letting it sit too long assuming you had it done already.

Best of luck to you and sending huge HUGS your way!
Sorry for what your are experiencing faithful. I just believe that you were not meant to b operated on by him. Just don't give up now, hang in there
I plan on doing nothing except rest for at least 2 weeks! Already learned the hard lesson about setting recovery back by trying to get back to "normal" like it was a race. :-/ Thanks for the good wishes!

This journey is getting crazy!! I will get a BR at...

This journey is getting crazy!! I will get a BR at some point! It's looking like the end of July first of August! I have two new PS that I will see. I was told the one I see in July is really good all the way around! So in the mean time, I went to an orthepeidic doc to look at my knee. I have to have surgery. I tore my meniscus. But I have to lose ten pounds! Well let's see I have a bumb knee and the boobs are killing my shoulders and arms. So I start my adventure/journey tomorrow! I need to get weight off but it's been hard then with the nightmare PS I just am down. So I have a plan! I will keep checking in here because I need all of you ladies support!! The BR will happen I will just be lighter when it does!!! I will get down ten pounds get my knee fixed then it will be time for the boobs to go!!! It is my time and I need to focus on myself. I will just have to take this one day at a time!! God has a plan and the boobs just have stay a couple months longer!!! So I will get a list of questions to ask each PS and I will be prepared!! So here I Go!!!

Sounds like you are getting the ball rolling again, Fayth! This will happen, there is a purpose behind everything and we all just have to trust that good will come out of the disappointments. Just think, once you lose that 10#, get your knee taken care of, and then have your breast reduction, there will be nothing holding you back any longer! Good luck and keep us posted!
yes girl it sound like you got a lot goin on like me girl im really having stomach issue but at the same time they say that does not effect me of getting my breast reduction girl i have a few more months also 5 more months to be stuck with the girls i hope all goes well girlie just keep praying and stay encourage you will get threw this keep in touch godbless
Faythfull, sorry to hear of your troubles, jeez how much can a girl take? Hang in there and don't give up on the breast reduction! you will really get relief. keep checking in like you say to this site and keep the faith.

Ok I have another week till new PS consult! I have...

Ok I have another week till new PS consult! I have a list started!! I also found out I tore my miniscus in right knee which has to be trimmed its a small surgery no biggie but I also did something to my MCL! I started my weight challenge on Thursday and I am down 2lbs. So I will have some weight off before I get the sisters to vacate which is ok! This will happen and I WILL HAVE SMALLER BOOBIES SOO, REAL SOON!!!!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!!
@Fay so your gonna wait until you see dr in july do you think you will h ave a soon surgery or what ?

Hope everything goes well with the new consult! I will be anxious to hear how it goes!
Iowa I am going to cancell the PS I was to see next week!! I have heard to many bad things on the worst infections from this PS. I have one in July. It's a month away but I hear nothing but great and 0 infections from reports! I was told we would be a great fit!! Plus he does beautiful work all around!! I have a call in to call in case of a cancellation ! It's all good!! I will get there!! The only thing is insurance has approved it and I have met all deductibles and out of pocket! So I have to have it done by Dec 31!!! It will be completely paid for!!!!!!!! LOL. I am going to keep posting and keep up with all the sisters!!!

Hi ladies hope all is mending great and those...

Hi ladies hope all is mending great and those still waiting that your nerves aren't going crazy! Well my PS consult this week will not happen!! Have learned way to many negative things against her from some people in the medical field! Bad infections and horrible work!! So I will wait for the next one july 17! This guy has a shiny record! No infections and beautiful work and has an outstanding bedside manor!! 5 stars in all areas! A very nice Christain man!! So i will wait. Praying for a cancellation though!! My chest hurt bad!! At times feels like a heart attach!! But its muscles being pulled by the boobs!! I have been to doctor to make sure! ! These girls have to go!!! So praying for you all sisters!! Have a great week!!
Self1ove i am calling insurance and seeing if they will tell me how much has to be removed! The jerk soc would not tell me how much he tols insurance he was taking! Thats why they approved so fast!! I will find out though!!!

Mshill i am not sure! From what I understand he is very popular so we will see how long! In my mind I am thinking far out like october maybe november that way if that ends up being true I wont be dissapointed!! Aa soon as I find out i will post right away!!

Iowa i am thankful that everything got cancelled with the jerk!! I am determined this will happen this year!!
Fay, I just realized I should have mentioned this before, but my insurance (BCBS) pre-approved me and I didn't have anything near 500 grams taken out of each breast. Now, I still haven't heard their final word on the surgery, but I'm confident my PS would not have gone ahead if she thought BCBS would change their mind based on the surgical report. So sometimes, you don't have to have the full 500 grams out of each side to be approved.

Good luck with this next surgeon! I'm glad you're looking carefully and glad you're getting more time to recover from the knee surgery.

Ok 26i more days till just my consult with my new...

Ok 26i more days till just my consult with my new PS!:-/ its very irritating. I thought I would be healing by now and on the recovery road!! I am praying hard once i go the paper process will be just a week like last tume and I can get in quickly!! I am ready to get under that darn knife! My shouldees are hurting even worse and my doctor is wanting me to do therapy because its getting so bad!! Ugh!! An expense i dont want to pay because of the darn boobs!!

Ok my rant is over for a second!! The wait continues!! I should change my title to and the wait goes on and on and on and onand.........


It does go on Fay, but remember, its only 26 more days now. It wasn't too long ago when it was 36 more days, so you are making progress...keep your chin up, it is going to be totally worth the wait when you are sporting an amazing new rack of high and perky boobs!

I know I have been very upset that the June 5th...

I know I have been very upset that the June 5th date disnt work out and I know God has His plans and I am very blessed all has worked out like they have!!! 8 years ago God gave us a sweet little surprise, Ella Grace! Little did we know His plans for her but He showed us a miracle through her!! She was born with spina bifida and we were not sure of what would happen but with Faith and Love He walked us through it all! Today she is up and running and you wpuld have never known or know of the struggles she has faced and continue to! But because BR has been put on temporary hold I get to run and play in the pool and celebrate this fabulouse day!! So with the same Faith I know my turn is coming and the BR will happen just not on my timing but His!!! Have a very blessed weekend and hug those who you love deeply!

Blessings my sisters!!!
I am still here!! Been thinking about ya! I see you have a couple of ladies joining you in November!! I have been reading up on everything! Weight loss iant hapening and not because i am not trying! Ugh!!! Still excited. I go to knee doc in the morning to find out exactly what we are doing about that! If july 17 dont get here fast i am going to scream!! I am ready to set a date!!! I will message you more in the morning while i wait at knee doc! Still holding on!!!
hey fay fay just here checking in on ya i hope all is well where both just waiting im still excited everyday i cant wait to for the big date....

Thanks for sharing such a touching story! Praying for continued blessings for you as well!

Hi there ladies!! I am still in wait mode!! The...

Hi there ladies!! I am still in wait mode!! The excitement has turned into agrivation, i am just ready to get things done and on the road to recovery. I am about 19 days till i meet the new PS!! Which i found out today that he is superior! I went to knee doc to talk knee surgery which by the way is this coming Monday!! So the knee doc gave the PS rave reviews!! So I am happy about waiting. Knee doc said it was very smart to walk away from the jerk!! So i will be mending my knee while i wait to see the PS. Praying that this surgery doesnt put off a possible BR surgery date! Mean while i have got a good list of questions started and have read up on the healing diet, which I will start in this weekend!! So good wishes on all those sisters on the other side on recovery and praying for all of us waiting for our turn!!! Blessings and prayers to all!!!
Man, what a journey! But this is such an important surgery and the results are fairly permanent, so you do want to make sure that you have the right surgeon! Good luck on Monday to you, and I am hoping for a wonderful experiene with your new PS!

Good luck with that knee...don't forget to let us know how that goes on Monday!
Thanks Iowa!! Its suposed to be about 45min!!! I should be able to wobble ut!! Lol my husband said by the time i get my perky boobies that I will be a all new persin!! Lol my i will update Monday!! Blessings

Ok ladies i am home recovering from my knee...

Ok ladies i am home recovering from my knee surgery! I have been out of it. It all went well!! So the surgical center I went to today will be the place I go to for the BR!! They are the nicest place and people!! On the way home I noticed i had a card. I opened it and it was a card from the center! Evertone who took care of me in any part of today signed it and put what they did! I think thats neet!! So i keep learning more about the places and people who will be taking care of me!! I am starting to feel very safe about the BR!!! Thanks ladies for being an awesome support group!! Love ya sisters!!
Thanks ladies!!

I'm so happy that everything went well today and that at every step you are getting affirmation that this delay in your BR was all for the best! Happy Healing!
Fayth, congratulations on getting that knee surgery done! That's huge, and I hope you are feeling relieved to have this big important thing done. I'm send you big cyber hugs and well wishes for a speedy recovery.

Hey ladies!! I see some of you are having a hard...

Hey ladies!! I see some of you are having a hard time and others are just breezing through recovery!! Praying for you all!! I have 9 days to go till I see my new PS!! I had another plus for him! I talked with a lady who just saw him and her exact words were "omg Fay you are going to love him!"says. She went on to say that he drew pics of what and how he will do things and so on! I will get there and am very thankfull that I have waited! It also have sounds like I will get in quickly to get it done!! So i will wait and be happy and excited!!
That's great, Fayth! Glad to hear you are hearing good things and looking forward to an update after your appointment.

Hi again. I have a question, i just had knee...

Hi again. I have a question, i just had knee surgery and the doc sent me home with an iceman! Its this neet little blue cooler that you put ice in and water. Then it has a long double tube that plugs into a pad that went on my knee. You plug it in and it sends cold water intonthe pad. It circulates. It helped with the swelling and pain. Loved it!! I have been looking and wonder if there is a pad that can be used for our boobs. The machine was 150to with the pad. It really helps. You dont have to change ice pads thats need to be refrozen and so on. I didnt know if anyones PS has said anything sbout o ne! I go next week to ps and believe me I will be asking!!! Just wanted to see if anyone else has heard of this!!!

Sorry for typos I am on my phone and its a pain to go back and fix!! So hope all of you are doing goos! 5mire days till I am in the office with my ever long list of questions!!!!
I know!! Its getting crazy! Just talked to a lady at corner store that we have become friends and she asked who was doing the boobs, i told her and her sister had work done from this ps!! They love him!! Said he is one if the nicest people!!! So its just seems like such a God thing the way the things are fallimg into place!!! I am doing the happy dance!!!!
hi fay just checking in saying hey its getting closer know 4 days left....
The machine is mine. When i woke fron knee surgery my knee was etapped up and they had the pad wrapped in last layer if wrap and it came home with me.... its mine forever :-)i. It has helped tge swelling in my knee tremendously! Just got to thinki g about the boobs. With all the wrapping i could couldnt realt feel the cold! Till maybe four days after.. it's just a thought. I am going to ask ps about icing them after and if thats a possibility because you could just lay pad on top of the wrapping and i lay a hand towel over it. I will let you know tuesday what the PS says! I cant wait to meet the new ps and get this going again!!

Exactly 24one hours till my appointment! I think I...

Exactly 24one hours till my appointment! I think I am more nervouse this time!! Have my paper work filled out and i just need to fine tune my list of questions! Praying that insurance will be quick to approved quickly again!! Hoping you all are healing great and all that are waiting that your nerves aren't getting the best of you!! Blessings to all!!
Thanks Iowa!! Its been one text after another about the jerk. I am creeped out by it all! It seems like a soap!! Its crazy!!!!

I am so ready for tomorrow!! This is my time!! Thanks a lot!! I will post ASAP!!! Blessings to all!!

Oh and the jerk doc was a doc on here. I looked today and he has been removed!
Jacquie here is the kicker to that jerk doctor! He was arrested today for supposedly hiring a man to kill another doctor in a near by city! Its creepy!! God has my back! If he had done surgery i would be left without a doc for recovery! I will post about new doc tomorrow!! So excited!!

1st: Oh my goodness! Are you serious? Arrested for hiring an assassin? That is just like a soap opera! But honey, I'm glad you ain't Susan Lucci, cuz she would have gotten stuck with that whack-job!

2nd: Good luck tomorrow with Dr. Wonderful! I just know this is your time!

Ok i am all checked in and waiting!! I feel lije...

Ok i am all checked in and waiting!! I feel lije mu stomach is going to fly away with all the butterflies! ! Its crazy!! Wish me luck! I could burst out in tears with all the emotions!! Fingers and toes crossed and praying!! Need a fast date! Be back un a little!!

Hello ladies!! Can i start with the Good Lord has...

Hello ladies!! Can i start with the Good Lord has been looking for me through this whole process!!! First to start my jerk PS that I walked away from was arreste for hirring a man to kill ex girlfriends boyfriend! So Lucky on that then now people are coming out of the woodwork with complaints on surgeries he has done!! Lucky number 2. Now my new doctor is a dream come true!! So here is how it all went

1. His nurse brought me back took down a ton of information and visited with me.
2. In come the good doc!! Introduced himself and started just talking with me. Asked me what I was wanting. I explained what happened with jerk ps. Then he went to the white board and started drawing me pictures of how and what all he was going to to do! Explained the FNG and everything!!

So here is my luckiest of them all!!!

He said no problem on a full D!!! So excited!! THe nipple thing is a go to keep sensation but if he gets in there and sees that its not possible then he will do the FNG!
Stitches- He uses a new stitch called barbed stitching and they are all dissolvable!! Pluss it some how is all on inside so no stitches to be pulled or taken out!!!
Then He also takes a vial of blood sends down during surgery to spin out the platelets and glucomine(i think that is what its called) then when he closes up he sprays that on the inside which acts like a glue and closes up. This cuts down risk of infection, less scarring and helps in healing process less swelling and so on!! its new and its cost $600. most insurance dont cover we will see but I think I will pay out of pocket for it!! Its sounds wonderful!!!
I will have no drains if he does that blood thing. I will also stay the night in the hostpital and let go next morning!!
He will send me home in a wrap then after three days I go to a sports bra. He said he can tell which one to get at Academy!!
He also said before he sews me completely up they do a temp stitch and set me up to look at how things look and where the nipple is placed is even and so on!!!!

Can I say I am very estatic! Several new things that seem to be doing great that he will use on me!!! Then He over all was a very concerning doctor!! He has lived up to his reputation!! I also from what I understand Will be one of his largest to do but that he does the BR all the time!!!!

My surgery date is August 30th. Thats Labor Day weekend and he said by the next week I should be up and going. I could have gotten in earlier but He had to pick up a ton of people from the jerk PS!!! The surgery will be at 2pm and last three to four hours!! I am so excited!! Have I said that??? OOPS!! sorry!! Gods timing is the perfect timing!!!! Well I think I covered it all!!! Oh also he will do lypo on the sides. he said he is very aggressive on the sides!!! I am just excited to be a full D if not a a double DD!!!

THanks to you all for your support!! Love and Blessings!!!!!

Oh and he said he is taking out 700I kg per side...

Oh and he said he is taking out 700I kg per side to start with but to get me to a full D he will probably take nore!
congrats fayth im so happy for you you have been patient and it paid off im so happy for you God is Good... stay in touch girlie and lets keep each other encouraged...
Girl your time will come,! Of course we will push each other through all this!!

Yay! So happy for you, Fay! It all works out!!

Well i did get my approval letter yesterday!! I...

Well i did get my approval letter yesterday!! I thought it would be next week!! So i went on Tuesday and got letter on Thursday!!
faythfull in Texas, I just read your story. I'm so excited that everthing is falling into place for you as it should now. You're going to do great!
Thank you!! I am so excited to be on the other side!! August 30th cant get here. Fast enough!!! So glad yours went good!! Hope it all gets better each day!!!


Hi there!! Well August is finally here and I am on...

Hi there!! Well August is finally here and I am on the count down!!! August 30th cant get here soon enough!!!! It's going to get crazy from here on out!! I have packets to pick up for kids to register for school and PTA meetings and so on!! Today I was told that my youngest school needs a TLC aid. She was making sure I knew about it!! I told her I have my surgery the 30th and I would have to be off for at least a week and then I couldn't pick up much weight. She just kept saying thats ok we will work with you, we will work with you!!! I am excited but I have the boob thing that is the main priority in my life at the moment!! Praying because this would be perfect with my kids and financially!! We will see!! School starts the 27th. It all just makes me nervouse because I do not want to jepordize the outcome of my new little jewels!!! Way off subject but you all here understand my dilema!!! Is it possible to go back to work after eleven days? I would only be off of work for 6 days! I am very excited about the month getting started. Called PS today to find out about the pre-op appointment and she said she would have to call me back because they are over loaded and will have to talk with the nurse and try to squeeze me in on the 20/21!! This is because of the first PS trouble with the law!! My new guy is picking up a ton of slack!!!! He also told me he was wrapping me up after surgery and after three days he will take it off throw it away and he will have me get this sports bra at Academy. Well I went looking and the one I found was $40!!! Oh well thats better than a 100!! He didnt tell me how to pick one out though!! I feel silly looking at a bra of any kind in a 40D. My 17 year old daughter just laughed her bottom off then looked at me and said soon momma soon!! I almost cried!! She knows how badly I have wanted this. Poor girl is in a B but I told her to be thankfull very thankfull. Ok sorry to keep rambling on!!! 29 more days!!! I got this!!! Blessings to my sisters on here! You all rock with the support for everyone on here!!!!

You do "got this" Fayth! The work thing is a tough call. There are some girls on here that went back to work at 1 week. I went back to my nursing job after 2, but was restricted on my lifting. There is no guarantee that you will heal without any complication. What would happen if you took the job with every intention of starting after 11 days recovery, but then wasn't able to for another week? Would they work with you on that? I think that is the big question. You don't want to have to be worried about the what if's. They certainly couldn't get someone different hired in a week's time, so you would probably be ok, but I would check with them on that. However you would definitely want to get all of the rest and healing in that you can during that 11 days! Good luck and let us know what you decide!!
I know all the what ifs keep going through my mind! The principal knows all thats going on. I kept tellling her i cant do this or that! She kept coming back with we will work with you on that!!! So in God's hands i lay it! He has had myback through every step of this journey!! Also the ps said with the infusion thing i will do that it helps a ton on recovery! We will see we will see! Thanks Iowa for being a great supporter!!

I think if the principal knows what is going on and that you may need a bit longer before starting that it would be fine to accept it, especially if it is something that you really want to do (I worked at my kids' school for a few years when they were young and it was wonderful to be on the same schedule as they were!!)

Ok this month needs to go by quickly!! I have 3...

Ok this month needs to go by quickly!! I have 3 bras that i wear all the time and slowly the wires are breaking!!!! I refuse to buy another one! Praying that i make it till the end of the month!
Still have not gotten a call back with pre-op date!! I know they are very busy but i need the date!! My calendar is getting busy! 27 more sleeps!!

Hi ladies. Well I am 21 days away!! August 30th is...

Hi ladies. Well I am 21 days away!! August 30th is my day!! we are having problems getting my pre-op date. The doctor is so busy picking up others from the wack doc and because insurance is paying 100%, yes 100!!! i really don't have to go in they said but when asking about scripts, and sports bras she was ok lets figure this out!! so waiting for a date. So this is my dilema!! I will be wrapped for three days then put in a sports bra that I purchase. he said something about Academy. I looked and its 50!! but problem is what size???? never worn a sports bra in my life!! Way to big!! My rib cage is 38 but wear a 40 because of how large my boobs are. We are trying to shoot for a full D. I am so confused!! I will be the one with no bra to put on when wrap comes off!!!!

My other dilema is still the possible school job!! I am stressing over that. Interview tomorrow. Not sure when I wil find out for sure the outcome! School starts the 27 I have surgery the 30th. I was thinking taking the next week off then start the following week. That would give me 11 days post op. A ball of nerves I am!!!

Love and blessings to all those who are in recovery and those getting ready!!!
Hey PNW!! i cant believe you are 9weeks out!! just thinking if I would have stuck with crazy PS I would be right with you!! but that wasnt the plans!! i try to keep up with everyone!! thanks on the bra! how long did it take to come in? i will check that out!! glad you are happy and doing good!! i can't wait!!!! keep in touch!!

I love my Clear Point Medical Comfort Bra. One size fits all, you order your band width, and they're $26. Even 9 weeks out, I still wear it occasionally and it gives great support and is comfortable.

So glad you're finally getting your turn! You are going to love being on the other side!

Hello!! I love reading and seeing everyone's...

Hello!! I love reading and seeing everyone's updates and pics!! It seems like everyday my boobs are getting heavier!!! My shoulders are killing me!!! I have around 19 days left which are going to be crazy busy!! I got that job!!! I am estatic but scared to death because of recovery!! God has a quirky sense of humor!!! I am ready!! I love this site!! I love all the support !! Love ya ladies!!
HI fay its getting time girlie everything is going to be great and you will feel much better me also i cant wait im so tired of holding on too 44 i 's its ridulcouls i know they look like they fit my body but they are huge i cant wait for my breast reduction godbless....

Congrats on the job, Fayth! Now just remember...healing is your top priority! They hired you knowing that you would be recovering from surgery, so they are willing to wait for you. Take the time you need because you don't get a re-do on your healing!

Hi ladies rant time!! I see another sister on here...

Hi ladies rant time!! I see another sister on here had a horrible experience with PS before surgery happened! Thank God!! I know this surgery for most insurance pays for and its a medical need but these PS need to remember we are humans and that we have a voice and need to be a part of the process!! If its not for my family friends and my sisters here i would have given up back on June 4th! This is just sad!! Rant over! !

Ok i have worked last two days at school preparing our room and boards for school to start in two weeks! I can say as soon as i walk in the door the bra comes off and I hit the couch!! My shoulders (right one is worse) are killing me!! I wake up in the night thinking my bra is still on! I feel like it is permantly imprinted on me!! Ugh!! I am still searching for the bra to put in three days after surgery!!

I did find out one of the other aids i will work with had a BR in 05! So she knows what the healing is like!! I just cant believe how everything has turned out!! His plans are better than ours!!

16 days 15at sleeps! ! Its happening!
Blessings boob sisters!!
Thinking of you! I am sure you are getting very excited that your day is finally almost here. I have been following your posts as I await my date. I love this site and all the wonderful generous ladies that have shared all their stories and pictures and made it not so scary for the ones that follow like me! Mine do feel heavier every day, so I get that!
I will have you in my prayers and look forward to following your progress to a new you!
Omg fay you 12 days left are you getting situatied are you nervous its almost time yay go fay!!!!! love ya your friend reshema......l
hey reshema!! i know its crazy!! sorry i havent been around!! i started working at school last week so its been very busy!! i have not bought anything really! i am not ready!!!

Ok ladies its the night before!! I think I am...

Ok ladies its the night before!! I think I am ready!! Had a break down earlier but ok now!! Went to PS at 4the today got 4to scripts, vicodin, lunesta, antibiotic and celebrex. I took two celebrex tonight and two upon waking! They are an antiflamitory. They said it calms the nerve endings down???? My PS talked to me for awhile! He said that he keeps us overnight as a luxury! Insurance pays and just to make sure we dont get sick and so he can take care of us for the first 24 hours!! I really like my ps!! He said that he will yake care of me. I dont have a bag packed yet but i do not go till noon and surgery is at 2:30!! I will update as soon as I can!! My nerves has my tummy all upset!! To those who are in recovery i hope its going good!! Those of you waiting praying for patients( i know i missspelled!)!

Iowa its my turn!!! Its a go!!! All my tjought to be June buddies here i go!!!
Love and Blessings to all!!
Thinking of you and hope all is well and you are resting and finally relaxing! Will watch for your update when you are up to it.... hugs
Hi Texas, I hope you made it thru surgery okay, and you're doing well. I'm sure you will stop by and give us a little update when you're up to it! Thinking of you today!
Great big hugs from all of us. Everything will be great. I pray for you to relax and recuperate quickly.

Hello!! Well I made it!!!! Got to surgical center...

Hello!! Well I made it!!!! Got to surgical center at 11:30. They took me right back! Did the usual. Sat there and visited with my sons mom and then the PS rips the curtain back scares nurse and we all laughed!! Thank God he has a sense of humor!!!Then got all marked up!! While that was going on the discussion was about falling asleep at friends houses and waking up all marked up!! Loved it!! Once he was done he said lets go!! Go to room get on bed and it was lights out!!!

Took three hours my hubby got nervouse because he took longer. He came out told hubby he took 1350 out of each side!! It weighed 6lbs!!!! I still cant get over that!! He has me wrapped pretty snug!! I do have drains but not a lot of drainage! When I woke i was at a pain level at 5. I have been in and out all night! I have been up since 3:30 am now 4:30am. Been up walking around. I two long ice packs on my chest!! They are helping a lot!!
My hubby's comment as i look in mirror with gown on that tge sides are gine!! I look in mirror everytime i get up to bathroom, i am in awe i dont see boobs first but my shoulders and collarbone!!
My gubby also said that the one PS said tget look pretty! ! That he is real proud of his work!! That is why it took longer!!
Well i made it and am feeling great this morning!! Oh he also said they will be a full D/DD!! I am so excited over that!!
The centers nurses rock!! Very sweet and caring!!! I am glad he kept me overnight!!
Love and bleasings to all!! Time for a nap!!
Hi Fay,
Hope you're resting and doing ok? We made it we made it!!! Post op at long last!! I can't quite take it all in!! Lots of love and hear from you soon Debs x x x

Hooray, Fay! So glad to hear that everything went wonderfully! Get that rest and keep us updated :-D
So happy for you! I hope all will stay just fine and soon you will share some amazing photos with us!

Hi ladies! Today is day 3post-op. Yesterday was...

Hi ladies! Today is day 3post-op. Yesterday was rough. Stayed on pain pills and slept most of the day!! Today has been better! I can tell that right nip has feeling! I am more or less still numb to touch!! Getting out tonight to go walking a little!! Cant get hot so going to walmart late. If i get hot tgen the queezy tummy hits!! We did take off bandages today!! Was terrified to see what they looked like but my hubbys words were "they are beautiful! "Lol my 20 year old said they were nice and pretty and little!!! My 17I yeat old was afraid from pics she has seen of others and she was like mom you look so pretty!! Love my family!! I am going to be at a computer later and will upload what pics we can!! Ok Dinner has been brought in by a sweet friend!! Will update more later!! Praying for those i. Recovery mode and for those in waiting!! Love and blessings

Ok ladies here are some pics!! I am really really...

Ok ladies here are some pics!! I am really really swollen!! but the neatest thing is they do not sit on my ribs!! The bra I bought fit perfectly! A 40DD but can tell you once the swelling goes down I will be able to buy a smaller number in the rib cage!! It feels diferent to wear a sports bra!! I have never worn one before!! I am very happy with them! I am still in shock of how much was taken out!!!! LOL i have lost 6 pounds of boobs and about 3 more pounds of weight!!!! Ok I need to get home. Hubby brought me to his work so I could post pics!! love and blessings to all!!
You look great !! Congratulations!!!
Fay, you look fantabulous! You must be over the moon! Woohoo!!! Thanks for all your input.
Fay, you look FANTASTIC!!! All your troubles with the first ps were worth it to get you to this ps, cause he did great!

Rest well, and take those pain meds as you need them.

Hi there! Yeaterday was my one week post op!! I...

Hi there! Yeaterday was my one week post op!! I did make it!!

Had surgery tge 30thedge soent the night at the center! When I woke up they asked about pain level I said a 5. They gave me something then again later asked again and level 5 again. The over night stay was nice!! It was a surgical center not hospital! No alarms and beeps going off! They came in every 4hoursthought to do vitals and I had waken right before each time!! Got up walking that night! Went home when I was ready the next day! That was nice!! I felt I had control of everything!!

Day2 was the hardest for me! Just did not feel good at all!

Day 3 was take off ace bandage and put on bra! I was so terrified at the thought! But all went well! They looked good!!

Day 4,5,6 was about the same! Went out and about for each day!! Day 5 was a long day out and so 6 i stayed home all day!! Tge drains were a big pain!! Right side hurt! Oh and Day 5to that night had a scare in righty, an small hole hubby thought it was draining puss(not) called dic it was normal!!

Day7 Doctor day! Yes i wanted those dam drains out!!! So i go in, the nurse asked gow i was i said anxious! The drains, she went on to say that they will take out at same time!! WHAT!!! NOW I AM TERRIFIED!! So the nurse looked at me said it all looked good secind nurse walked in and they said are you ready!! NO!!! 1,2,3 they are out!! My right one hurt but had hurt the whole time!! Hubbys face went white!! Each tube was a foot long inside me!! Thank God the tube inside was smaller than on outside! They took a chunk if steri strip iff on each side! Around T junction! It blistered! Felt like they were scraping my skin off!! Did not see doctor but as ibwas checkung out He popped up by me asked how i was and said he would see me next week for sure! Saud i looked good!!

Today day 8 I get to take a shower!! AMEN!! I am so ready!! Nervouse about it but excited!! Waiting till tonight so hubby will be home just in case I decide ro fall apart! Lol

Chest gets very tight! Doc has had ne do arm lifts above head from day 2on. Ms. Righty oozes off and on. Energy good! Sleeping at night still isnt the greatest! Oh and doc does not want heart rate over 100 for 4 weeks!

Will post day 7pics soon!! Oh today they hurt under neath more than i have hurt the whole time! Weird!!

Hope this isnt crazy!! All the pills have my brain not thinking great!! Love to all!!
Faythfull so glad to read your 1 week update and to know you're doing better every day! In no time at all you will be back on your feet and be feeling so much better. Keep resting and let your family look after you! We're all SO excited for you!
Well, Texas, you made it through the first week, good for you! Oh man, that story about the drains gives me goosebumps!! So, you actually had your drains in for about a week, huh? My doctor, when I asked him, said about the same, but it all, of course, depends on how much I am draining...and OMG, I'm down to five days! Spent a good part of today getting all my clothes, bras, bedside, everything I'll need for the first several days within easy reach. Will also be doing some advance cooking, too, Now you continue to take good care of yourself, and post some new pictures when you feel ready! Hugs.
Hey Fay how are you so glad things are going good im so glad how your posting your experience it helps me a lot my firend i have been so crazy busy havent even really been on fb but im glad your doing great God is good cant wait to see your progress heal well friend talk to you soon love ya....!!! :) :)

Tomorrow will be my two week post op. Today I went...

Tomorrow will be my two week post op. Today I went in. He ended up doing nothing but called in a script for some cream. My t junctions one drains and other bleeds. Since the srains came out last week I have had a hard week. I am also swollen more than others from what he said. I went to work Monday dis good but Tuesday came home at noon! The swelling feels like i am going to bust open!! :-( My energy level has veen great till this week. I feel so ran down!! Well I go back next week and he will remove the steri strips and check stitching. He said it does look good real.good!! Still glad I did this!
Hey!! Make sure you aren't doing too much. I know I did and I suffered for it. I hope your swelling goes down soon and you get to feeling better.
thanks twisa! i came home and layed down! thats my plan for the whole weekend!!
Faythfull I am confused I thought you didn't have to go back to work for like 5 weeks for some reason. Maybe that was someone else's post I was reading??? I had a rough time taking child to doc at week 2 had to go round and round in a parking garage. When I got home I was hurting. I've been reading the august tummy Tucker's group posts and one girl on there was saying the pain from her tt incision was nothing compared to the under arm pain she was experiencing from a small BR she had done at the same time. I couldn't believe that but I do know this has not been an easy surgery to overcome. I am 4 weeks today I wake up ready to jump fences and by the end of the day I have that stressed pain look on my face because I just feel so depleted and achy. Be good to yourself this weekend. I'm glad you're doing so well.

Today is the three week mark! Went in to PS...

Today is the three week mark! Went in to PS thinking tape Is coming off and all will be good! Wrong. He took tape off and replaced the tape. Still bleeding on lefty under neath. Rightly still open under neath. So silver cream one more week then over the counter stuff! Tape stays on for three more weeks! Hubby saw incision lines and he said it looks like a thin pin line! The nipples look great! Swelling in weird places and random times he said it's normal. All in all looks great but since I was so big it's going to tAke longer to heal. Now I am getting an respiratory junk that's going around. I am reading the posts and updates just very tired and no energy to do anything!!! Praying for you all pre-options and posystem-op!! Will post pics later but to me there's not a lot of change! Love and blessings
Ice packs were great for me when I was dealing with the swelling! I'm glad you are doing well!

Oh Fay, I certainly hope you are getting some rest this weekend. It sounds as if you are pushing yourself pretty hard, so you need to take every opportunity to take care of YOU! Sounds like the PS is right on track and is taking very good care of you. I know its discouraging when you have a plan in your head that doesn't quite come to pass, but three more weeks is such a very short time in the whole scheme of things and you will be the better for following his instructions. Now keep your rump in bed this weekend and get to feeling better!!
Hey Texas, my friend! Glad to read your update, but sad to hear that you've caught something! Sad to say this happens a lot when you first start working with the little ones, which I did for ten years before I went into the medical field. It's really too bad you can't stay home all of next week, cause it sounds like you need it. Have you talked w/ the school at all about taking off more days?

As far as your healing and all, they look good, but it's too bad about the tape, but it seems like that's what happens when the docs use tape. All of my external incisions are sealed with a type of 'glue', and I haven't had any leakage but for half a day after my PS took out the drains this past Monday, which was only 5 days post-op! I feel pretty good, too, but taking it easy. Please hydrate and REST, REST, REST this week-end!!

Thanks for all the concern ladies! I went to...

Thanks for all the concern ladies! I went to clinic Saturday morning and was put augmenting! 875mg twice a day!!! After starting new meds my nips started itching!!! Holy Moly!!!!!!! I was going crazy!! Didn't think about till I took meds today and it happened again!! CRAZY!!!!!! I have had feeling from
Day one and no itching! It's insane because it's just itching on the nips!! I feel a ton better today. All I have done is lay on the couch!! So far so good!!! Love you all!! I am in the irritated mode or bitchy mode! Anything sets me off! Still on that emotional roller coaster!! Take care all and hugs back to each of you!!
Hey fay just coming in checking on ya i hope all is well its getting closer and closer for me girlie but how are you feeling
Good luck with the antibiotics I hope it does its job without upsetting your system any more..Wishing you a quick and effortless recovery!
Thank you so much for your sweet comment- this community is probably the one thing that's keeping me resolute and moving toward my surgery date (well, that and having awesome small boobies, of course!). Your new girls look SOOO good- SUCH an inspiration! I know it's a roller coaster right now, but, man, it's already obvious you have a great outcome! I'd send you hugs, but I know they'd hurt right now... so future hugs your way lady! :)

Hello there. Its been a while. I wish I could say...

Hello there. Its been a while. I wish I could say all is well but I have hit a big road block. Ms. Lefty is doing great just a little spot from the blister from begining still is healing but the rest looks great!! Now Ms. Righty is sick!! The t part going down from the nipple is seperated and hurts like a mother!! I sent pick in last Thursday and they told me to use wet dry method. Saline soaked guaze on it twice a day. Then Saturday its worse looking and sharp pains shooting from it. So Saturday night they called in an antibiotic500 mg four times a day!! UGH!! He said its just going to take longer to heal because of how big I was. I am just ready for a normal bra. Still have tape on other parts. I did stop using the wet dry method I had to. This morning (Sunday) It took so long adding more saline to loosen up the guaze to come off and almost passed out from the pain.. So I am using polysporin and non stick guaze pads on it. Praying with that and the meds it will clear up!!!

I do not regret it. I do wish the healing would go a little faster. I am just over six weeks. I know its only six weeks but feels forever!! No neck, back pain at all. I have had one migraine but was a trigger from the sinus crud I had. I am buying shirt after shirt!! SO ready to buy bras!!!! That day will come!!

I pray all my friends are healing and doing great!! To those who are on this journey!, Do not ever give up no matter the obstacle that comes up!!! THis is one journey worth fighting for !! Push ahead!!! Blessings to all!!!!
Hey Texas!! So sorry to hear about your healing problems :(. I, like everyone else, truly hope that the antibiotics your doctor has prescribed will do the trick for you. Have you been working through all of this? If you have, I am guessing that the added stress of work, no matter how much you love it, is keeping you from healing as quickly as you should. Please try to do little more than rest when you get home, as much as that is possible. Just take one week and pamper yourself, and I'll bet you will get a good jump on things. Please do take care of yourself, okay?? Hugs, JJ
hope ur healing goes well. sorry to hear about ur righty. thank you for sharing. hugs and prayers for u. xxxx
Fay, So sorry that you have this added challenge to your journey. I will be praying praying with all my heart that this antibiotic does the trick and that you get the relief you have waited for. It is coming just taking a bit like you said you had a very large reduction and the payoff although delayed will be a huge one. Sending you hugs and prayers/ m

Hi once again. Well my healing has just recieved a...

Hi once again. Well my healing has just recieved a huge set back. :-( Not happy but thats ok. I called in and got in yesterday which is a week earlier than scheduled but my right opening is big then I noticed the left is starting to open and seperate!! Not happy but no infection but I have to do a dakins cleanse and dressing. Which is a bleach water soaked guaze put on openings and put non stick guaze over it for three to four times a day!!. This will clean out everything. The PS said it was just because I was so big going to small. He also said it will close up. I trust him just irritated. I am not looking forward to doing this but have to do what I have to do.

Still am glad I did this. Just haven't gotten all the way to the golden road. Just the green grass! Its all good!!! This is just part of the journey!!

Love to all. Miss all my August girls!! Praying for all what ever part of the journey your are in.

love and blessings

Hello. Most of the ladies I was with are quiet and...

Hello. Most of the ladies I was with are quiet and I am assuming that they are all healing well. I go back into PS tomorrow. My righty is about 90% healed up. I have a pretty good scare going on but i noticed that i was hurting on the side and low and behold I am leaking some fluid with some blood in it. Its a long the scare line. then my left has a spot still not healed up. Its going on 2 months now. I did go and buy a regular bra but it still feels like a sports bra. We will see what the PS says tomorrow. I send out great vibes to those ladies still in waiting or in recovery!! I do feel great. No back pain, shoulder pain and I have had only one migrain since surgery!!!!! It has been a huge adjustment to get used to being smaller. I was cleaning up the table looked down and could see down my shirt and past my bra!! LOL. Dont ever remember seeing that before!! Ok ladies I wll check in tomorrow!!!
Sorry about your speed bumps ... hope the appt goes really well and that you will be all closed up and healing for good very soon, hugs and prayers to you!
Hi faythfull glad to hear ur doing well. Sorry to hear about the leak. I'm still around just don't hear much from our group anymore. I'm not sure how many weeks PO I am now but I feel great. Sleep on stomach every night. Shooting pain every once in awhile out of nowhere. Numb but that's my only problems. I can lift or do whatever I want. I had my plate pushed way away from me the other day and laughed and pulled it closer thinking to myself , 'they're gone now' lol love it. Hope your spot heals quick. I'm so happy I did this and had you there with me.
Tig!! I am aol glad you are doing great!! Kiddos on sleeping in tummy!! Ican only lay on my left side comfy and tolerate laying on right. So glad you were there also! The journey has been a ling one but I do feel so much better!! My weight also has started to come off slowly but it's coming off!! Next summer will be a great one!! One thing I laugh about is the only one hitting my boobs is me lol. My books aren't running into anyone!! I will update whAt doc says today!!!

Hi ladies I just put up a pic I took this past...

Hi ladies I just put up a pic I took this past week! Its been two months. I am healing up finally!!! Its not a great pic but I will try to get a better one real soon. I bought a bra in XL but had to go back and get it in a size L. It has speghettie straps and its a soft stretchy material!! I am so excited. I did buy a couple of soft cup bras that were padded. well i had to take back becasue I didnt fill out the cup!!!! LOL I laughed so hard!! Well healing like i said is almost done. I did rip a little bit of the new skin that has healed but looks like its sealed up and no problems. Hope all is well with all the sisters!!!

Hey Texas, so great to hear the good news! You look great, so it's onward and upward!!! Hugs, Jacquie
Just checking on ya! Thought of u as I'm moving back to Dallas!! Lol. Glad the girls r healing for u.
Doing good. They are almost healed up!!! Good luck on the move!!
Amarillo Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Proffer is an all around great person!! He has listened to what I wanted and my concerns. His office staff is just as great as he is!! He has a great aense of humor and bed side manners!! i am so thankful to have him care for me!! He truely has a heart of gold and has a compassion for his patients!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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