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TT with Lipo of Post Waist Scheduled Feb 24th!!! - Altus, OK

I'm extremely excited about my TT next week. But I...

I'm extremely excited about my TT next week. But I keep thinking "what if I don't wake up" or what if I get a clot....

Is this going to be worth the pain of recovery???

Ok....so I have a really crazy question......

Ok....so I have a really crazy question....

Should I shave my "area" before surgery? I normally do, but I don't know if that will mess with the position of the incision. ;)

Ok...so, I'll be 4 weeks PO this Thursday. I'm...

Ok...so, I'll be 4 weeks PO this Thursday. I'm super excited about the results already. I'm definately tired of wearing my compression garment. My dr said I could take it off at 4 weeks, but I'm afraid if I take it off that I'll swell up like crazy. I haven't had any problems with swelling so far. Maybe just a little. Any suggestions?

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im so excited for you chels, keep us posted.. and post before pic soon, my is a month away.. i can olny guess how excited you are right now...
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Good Luch Chels! You will do great!
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thanks kimmer. i am schedule for march 24th. the kids are going to be with their papa the night before and the night of surgery.. Than my husband will be doing the mr mom. they are 7 and 6. ohh no my husband with me not doing a thing, haaaaa!!!! I guess the kids can not match for a week or right?? lol
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LOL...kids are resilient and pretty much just go with the flow.  It will all work out you will see.
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Christina yes this is normal :). It only means that you are a good mom and love your kids. But you are not wrong in doing this for yourself. You deserve it. The kids will be fine during your recovery. You will be back up and feeling wonderful before you know it. Plus you will have a beautiful flat tummy.

Go for it girl:)
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i am not feeling tho question.. i am feel guilty on taking my kids mom away for the time ill be down.. is that normal?? im schedule for march 24
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I have the same scares, but I'm sure we'll be fine! I'm trying to stay positive and think of the great end result! Good Luck!I'm scheduled for March 15 :)
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Thanks!! Good luck to you too!
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Hi Chels,

I assure you that these are all normal thoughts before this procedure.  We all have felt the same way and freaked out about the same things. 

You will wake up and the pain is all temporary and will end.  Just try to stay focused on the prize at the end.  It really is worth it :)

So tell me how  you found your doctor? 
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Thanks for the advice! I'm trying to stay positive. My surgery is in 3 days, and it still hasn't really sunk in that it's going to happen. I've been wanting this so long, it seems like it's not a reality. I'm sure the night before will be a sleepless one. I found my doctor by going on the board certified plastic surgeon website.
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