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IPL - Happy With Results on Sun Damage

I am 36 years old and used to use a tanning bed. ...

I am 36 years old and used to use a tanning bed. The past few years I started to see red marks on my face--sun damage.

I've had five IPL sessions now. Although it is a slow process, I am happy with the results. It has eliminated the major red marks on my face. My doctor charged $600 for a package of three IPL sessions.

IPL is not pleasant, but it is not unbearable either. Typically I am a little pink the first few hours after, and then I return to my normal color.

Lesson Learned - Use sunscreen! I could have avoided this!

Fannie Louton

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Hi Cveroleyva. I just had my 4th C02 laser treatment about a month ago (yes, for large pores). I am happy with the results. Although my pores are still on the larger side, I do feel that it made a difference. It definitely took four treatments to notice--and it's not cheap! If I could afford it, I would probably do at least two more.

I also started using Proactiv recently. Although I didn't have acne, I did have lots of clogged pores. I think that has helped my pores shrink now that they aren't so congested.

Hope that helps! Good luck to you.
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Glad to see you've had good results. I had red patches treated around my nose with great improvement.

It really annoys me that so many people on this post have been so negative, it's like some nut-job crusade going on.
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There are so many that have been damaged from IPL so I'm sorry you are tired of the truth! With anything in life when something goes wrong -rest assured others will speak. I don't understand your logic on why you wouldn't want the truth to be told?!

Try goggling IPL burns and see how many have suffered. Or go to yelp and see the damage by so many on there. Have you not read the horrific stories here and seen the proof? Perhaps you haven't been damaged and don't have compassion for those that have. I pray that you never experience what so many have been put through. It's a shame that you want those that have been put through HELL to suffer in silence and pretend it's alright.
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Thank you PI3ski for your kind words. In addition to IPL, I have also had three C02 fractional laser treatments. My doctor here in State College is wonderful! I think that might be the key!
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Hi SCgirl,
Hows the update on your latest laser? I have large pores post ipl, so was wondering if you got it for the same thing and how it went.
All the best!
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Please read this and know it's REAL! I am shocked that the doctors are getting away with this. Don't be the next victim!
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carla's right. i had the same thing happen to me. i'm 31, had great skin, have always worn sunscreen, avoided sun. i was talked into ipl (1 session) for some tiny broken caps. now i have wrinkled cheeks and look 10+ yrs older in a matter of months. it is horrific. do not do it unless you truly need and have tried everything else. i was told there are no side effects, totally safe...which is total bullsh*t.
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People Wake Up!!! Do Not Do Fraxel or IPL!! A member here spent her last two years researching and trying to warn the public and make the FDA aware of the dangerous adverse effects of these devices. May she rest in peace, knowing that she has already saved 1000's from this horrific fate and will continue to save 1000's more. She started the fight, and now there are others willing to continue the fight in her honor. My damage was caused by IPL 6 months ago. Fraxel and IPL seem to be causing the same damage. (Thermage nightmare?) I have fat loss in my entire face, eyelids, cheeks, jaw line, along with scars, bumps in my skin, vision problems, pain in cheek, jaw and brestbone (my chest was done also), broken blood vessesl and more! There are suppose to be NO Burns, NO fat loss, NO permanent scaring, NO eye problems, No permanent redness, NO hypopigmentation,NO depression with IPL or Fraxel!! That is what the medical community around the states are telling their patients. Doctors are lying to you! Dermatologists are lying to you! Plastic Surgeons are lying to you. Nurses and Aestheticians are lying to you! Medical Boards are lying to you! Manufactures are lying to you! The FDA and the Government are lying to you! They are only interested in protecting this Billion Dollar industry, and do not care about the severe damage it has caused to 1000's of people. These procedures are the new "CASH COW" for the industry and the manufacturers and doctors will go to great lengths to keep this from the public. The people that did these procedures will tell you, "these devices couldn't have done this damage, they don't go deep enough in to the skin---they don't cause fat loss, they don't get hot enough---oh the burn scars will go away in two years--you had eye protection on, you can't have eye problems-----and the biggest lie, it's natural aging causing your skin to sag and face to lose volume! These are the lies I am hearing in every damage case. NO ONE prematurely ages 10-20 years in the matter of 4 Months. Question your doctors about that. Ask him how much extra revenue he is making a year by adding this device to his practice and then paying poorly trained nurses and estheticians to do the damage. And yes, for the Professional Doctors and Plastic Surgeons who have caused this damage, you are a disgrace, with criminal intentions, who took a vow "do no harm, patient safety first" but turned it into "admit no fault, offer no help, just collect the cash and run" I would never wish this on my own worst enemy, yet I can only hope that this would happen to doctors wives, daughters, sisters, or mothers, so then you would understand the torment and hell you have put us all in, a life of disfigurement, isolation, financial distress, and emotional and psychological torture. And offering no help to any of us! Are there any real doctors out there that actually care about people, if so, please stand up! We need you. As for the doctors who respond on this site, you owe these members the truth. One doctor will comment this can happen and the next comments it cannot. One month a doctor comments it is IPL burns and two months later they tell someone else it is not. (I have read all of your comments on IPl and fraxel damage and I took notes, and now months later when I checked, some of those comments are missing--the ones that believe IPL caused this, how convenient) You all know the truth, it's in your seminars, lectures you attend, on doctors discussion boards, and if you don't know the facts, either research it or don't comment. You are jeopardizing hundreds of members by telling them these devices are safe. Could it only be to try to harness more cosmetic business? Would you put your own loved ones in harms way if you weren't sure whether they would be damaged or not because you were not warned beforehand of possible permanent DNA damage to your skin? I bet not. No, these results don't happen to everyone, but to more than enough and that number is growing, by 40 percent according the the AAD in 2009. There is tons of research out there proving these machines cause this. Even papers from the FDA discussing adverse events about botox and injectibles and how long should they allow this to continue especially since the damage is happening to healthy people! There are hundreds of victims on various sites telling their stories of burns, fat loss, vision problems, hypo scaring, etc. There are serious side effects happening, most irreversible, that doctors, esthetians and the manufacturers are NOT telling us about. TAKE PICTURES, THEY DO NOT LIE, KEEP TAKING PICTURES, THEY ARE VERY IMPORTANT PROOF! People need to start making noise to get attention drawn to this epidemic of damage. These devices are in every town now, and unless everyone that has been damages speaks up, hundreds of thousands of people will be victimized by this in the future. Please, lets help each other
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Nope! Nobody lied to me! My sun spots are gone! As stated in my review, I am very happy with my IPL!!
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SCGril, it's great that you had no problems. However, MANY have had adverse reactions to IPL and other cosmetic devices. Do a quick google search on 'ipl and laser damage' and see how truly lucky you are.
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