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IPL - Happy With Results on Sun Damage

I am 36 years old and used to use a tanning bed. ...

I am 36 years old and used to use a tanning bed. The past few years I started to see red marks on my face--sun damage.

I've had five IPL sessions now. Although it is a slow process, I am happy with the results. It has eliminated the major red marks on my face. My doctor charged $600 for a package of three IPL sessions.

IPL is not pleasant, but it is not unbearable either. Typically I am a little pink the first few hours after, and then I return to my normal color.

Lesson Learned - Use sunscreen! I could have avoided this!


Hi Cveroleyva. I just had my 4th C02 laser treatment about a month ago (yes, for large pores). I am happy with the results. Although my pores are still on the larger side, I do feel that it made a difference. It definitely took four treatments to notice--and it's not cheap! If I could afford it, I would probably do at least two more.

I also started using Proactiv recently. Although I didn't have acne, I did have lots of clogged pores. I think that has helped my pores shrink now that they aren't so congested.

Hope that helps! Good luck to you.
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Glad to see you've had good results. I had red patches treated around my nose with great improvement.

It really annoys me that so many people on this post have been so negative, it's like some nut-job crusade going on.
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There are so many that have been damaged from IPL so I'm sorry you are tired of the truth! With anything in life when something goes wrong -rest assured others will speak. I don't understand your logic on why you wouldn't want the truth to be told?!

Try goggling IPL burns and see how many have suffered. Or go to yelp and see the damage by so many on there. Have you not read the horrific stories here and seen the proof? Perhaps you haven't been damaged and don't have compassion for those that have. I pray that you never experience what so many have been put through. It's a shame that you want those that have been put through HELL to suffer in silence and pretend it's alright.
Fannie Louton

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