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Getting the Girls I Always Wanted - Altamonte Springs, FL-breast lift

I am 42, a wife and a mother of 3 kids. I finally...

I am 42, a wife and a mother of 3 kids. I finally decided to get a much wanted and needed breast lift. My breasts sagged since I was a teenager. I have also lost 45 pounds. My surgery is scheduled on 05/09 and I am hoping to be 25 to 30 pounds lighter which will be me in range of my ideal weight. I am 5ft tall and my current weight is 147. I will be sharing my experience to help others in their journey as the stories shared here by so many have helped me make my decision.
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Great experience so far. Dr and staff were wonderful.

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Ty for sharing. Will def follow your journey:-) congrats and please continue to keep us posted:-)
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Congrats on decision and weight loss !! I'm also short 5'2" I'm trying to shed the last 10 before surgery 2/13. . I'm wondering what size you are considering. I've heard anywhere from 300 to 450 cc. Since I'm getting lift and implants I want to have a nice big set of tatatass. Might as well since I'm spending the money. Preop i1/31 and will try on at that time. I've done the rice sizer and I'm leaning toward 400/450. It's nice to see women in 40-50 age group doing this. We are few here! My best to you. Good luck sweetie.
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Hi, it is good to share this journey with others and encourage each other. It is a very emotional experience. I am currently a 36DD my PS recommended no implants and I agree because I m big enough. But I know that when I drop 25 pounds I will be down to a full 36C and I would like to be a D. He is also removing skin which will make me smaller. I am going back in April to have a consult and then decide if I should go with implants. If I do I would keep it under 300cc because you have to also consider the bigger the implants the more stress it puts on the lift. Let me know how it all goes.
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I'm so excited you are starting your journey with us on RealSelf! Sounds like you've been preparing for you new look with a lot of weight loss. Congratulations! Keep us updated on the rest of your weight loss goal and your breast lift research!
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