Got My Lady Lumps!!

Hello everyone! I am 5'4" 108lbs... and an A cup!...

Hello everyone! I am 5'4" 108lbs... and an A cup! I have two boys (ages 1 and 2) whom I breastfed 5 months each. I have always been small in that area... but at least before kids, they were nice round and perky! Now, I have lost a lot of volume in the upper breast. My husband and I have decided that we're happy with a family of four... So it's finally time to do something for me!

I am an active mom. I love playing sports, the gym, etc... so I am looking for a conservative upgrade. I would like to be a full B or small C. I want silicone implants, under the muscle, with breast fold incision.

I have been to two different consultations. I was not thrilled with my first consultation. It was free, but I really thought I would have met with the doctor. Instead, I met with a nurse who did all of the measurements and what have you. I also got to try on sizers. The nurse was really nice, but she was trying to push the bigger sizes on me. She thought 370cc looked great but I, however, thought they were huge!! I'm not trying to compete with Dolly! I was quoted $8000 for the surgery, which in my opinion is crazzzzyy....

I enjoyed my second consultation a lot more. I met with the doctor. He went over every detail of the surgery with me... and discussed MY goals. The size / profile is ultimately up to the patient... although he does offer advice. I like that. Dr Fiala measured my BWD... 11.5 and explained the sizing chart. For the most natural look (based on my BWD) I should be somewhere around 250-300cc for a moderate profile... and 325-375cc for a high profile silicone implant. I am still undecided on profile. I keep reading that small framed girls should get the high profile... but I am thinking that's just if they want more cc's. I honestly liked the way the 250cc moderate profile implants looked. I am just hoping it will fill in the upper breast enough as I do have a little sag to my breasts. Anyone have any thoughts on this??

So overall, I loved Dr Fiala's office. I have booked a surgery date of July 27th!!! I have a pre-op appt on July 11th, which my husband will be going with me and helping me pick a final size. Of course his motto is "Go Big, or Go Home!" Boys! I have read a lot of reviews where women wish they would have gone a little bigger. I will keep that in mind when choosing.

I am so excited to get this done! I will keep everyone updated throughout my journey. I just hope my review is somewhat hekpful to others going through the same experience. And thank you to all of you who have shared you're story here on RealSelf!

Will post pictures soon :)


hi LoveMyBoys84,
Yes my result turned out great IM happy with the PS that i choosed and he was very nice even the staff and the anaesthesiologist they kept checking me evryday after my op.even texting and visit me at the hotel where i stayed.I had it done in the Philippines.Im glad i had done finally after 4 years of thinking if ill do this or not.
Goodluck in your operation at first u will be scared but once ur inside the operation room youll just wake up with new babies.I hope ull be ok and ur result will be fantastic.
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Paleo Girl - That's so exciting! I'm so jealous that yours is at the end of the month!!! I feel like my surgery date will never get here. Would love to keep in touch and follow your story!

MamaRoma - I am not from Altamonte Springs. I live on the east coast, but have decided to have surgery in Orlando area because price is more affordable. And I think your results turned out great!
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Hi Lovemyboys,
Goodluck on your upcoming BA.
anyways i accidentally sent a comment to other here asking where in altamonte springs you are.
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Well only 50 days left until the big day! That...

Well only 50 days left until the big day! That seems like forever! I have been trying to keep myself busy that way I can take my mind off BOOBS! I think my hubby is getting tired of me talking about it. LOL! Not only that, but I am constantly online with every free second I get to look at boobie sizes! There's a website that has a lot of helpful before/after photos of different size silicone implants. But it's amazing how different everyone turns out even with the same size implant!

I finally got my vacation time approved. I will be taking two weeks off of work to recover. I have a stand-up job working 8 to 12 hour days, so I'm thinking that will be enough time to get back to the norm. I'm more worried about taking care of my two little boys. They are total mama's boys and love to cuddle!

Well, will update more later. Pictures will come one of these days!

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Well pics are posted. As I was told in high school...

Well pics are posted. As I was told in high school... "looks like nipples on a rib age!" Bahaha! Not for long!!

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Rib Cage*** dang it

Rib Cage*** dang it


Hello! I was reading your story and I had just got High profile, under the muscle, and crease incision implants, however saline. If you have any questions about any of the procedure, feel free to visit my profile and ask away!
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Yay! Well congrats ! You are on your way!
God, choosing size is so hard even when you try on the sizers. Everyone looks so diff in each cc size.
So since you like the 250cc - get those and up them by 25cc to account for the shrinkage factor. Make yourself some rice sizers. What would 250cc be? Around a cup and a half per zippie? Just wear them around the house when you can and see how you look in them. Do it as often as you can so you can get used to the look. B/c when you arent used to it, anything bigger than you got is HUGE.
I did the rice sizers and it helped me realize that the rice size I tried, i liked it but it was a little smaller than i ultimately wanted. So I compared them to the actual implant sizers to double check size before the surgery.
I hope that doesnt sound confusing and actually helps.=)
And HP will give you more projection and has a narrower base. Might be good for saggy boobs. Just get a smaller cc. 375cc sounds like a little much compared to the 250cc...
Moderate plus will give you a wider look. I had to have those since my rib cage is wide and my breasts were always really round.
What did your doc recommend on profile? I didnt have to figure it out. My doc TOLD me which one I was getting. I mean, hell- they do so many you'd think they could tell YOU! Like what do WE know on our first BA? lol

So anyways, MORAL to the story..LOL
The sizers always look bigger (and not as attractive !) when you try them in a bra. Whatever size you like, go about 25ccs bigger. prob no more than that though.
Were the sizers the actual implants shoved into a bra? Apparently there are two types, so that make a difference to what i just said.

Look at my review and my sizers comparison collage that includes the pre-op and post op together. You'll see that my post op doesnt look as big as the sizers. I got the exact size i tried on b/c I actually thought those were a little too big, so i hoped it would look smaller once in. And they look soo much better in!!
Anyways, maybe all this will help. Good luck~
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Scrappy - I appreciate your comment a lot. I have done research on the rice test, and think I may give it a shot! Got nothing to lose... but some rice! And your comment about "anything bigger than what you got is gonna seem HUGE"... I can definitely relate to that. Even the 250cc sizers felt HUGE to me when I looked down. But after looking at the pictures they took in the office of me wearing them, they might be a tad bit on the smaller size. I think I was just overwhelmed looking in the mirror and seeing any sort of lady lumps!

The 30 day count down starts NOW!! Whooo Hoooo!!!!...

The 30 day count down starts NOW!! Whooo Hoooo!!!!

I have done very little to prepare for recovery (probably because it still feels like an eternity before my surgery!) I have bought a couple zip-up bras from JC Penney and ordered a Marena zip-up bra from The Marena bra had very good reviews, and I also remember a realself member saying how comfortable it is. So, figured I'd give it a try. Next up, shopping for button-up PJs!

More before pics to come soon!

Pre-op still scheduled for July 11th. The big day to finalize an implant size! HALLELUJAH!


Tomorrow is my 1st post op visit. Left breast feels fine. Right breast is still sore, since I had it redone last Friday, only 4 days after getting my BA done on July 2 (due to a hematoma on the right breast) I have a lot of bruising on my right side near the armpit and my left arm. I got 325cc mod plus silicone under the muscle, under the crease incision. I have been off the pain meds since Sat since they were making me sick. Today was a good day, I am excited about post op tomorrow. This past week was very rough but things are looking much better. Please keep me in your prayers. I still have a drain on right breast.
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@Love-I am thankful it wasnt anything too serious and def. fixable. Glad your doing better, soon this will be all behind you. I wish you a speedy recovery!
Maybe you should call the emergency line for them. Sounds strange that your arm is swollen. I hope its nothing and that you'll feel better soon!
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Had my pre-op appt today! Paid for the surgery in...

Had my pre-op appt today! Paid for the surgery in full! Glad that is over and done with! My surgery time will be at 9:30a on the morning of July 27th!! 16 more days! I received prescriptions for all medications: Percocet, Lorazepam, Singulair, phenergan, and doxycycline. I also decided to buy the Vitamedics pre/post-op vitamins that my surgeon sells. I don't take any medications, nor do I take a multi-vitamin... So figured what the heck... I'll try those. It contains bromelain and arnica 30x for swelling and bruising.

And for the SIZE!! I have decided to go with Mentor 275cc mod+ silicone! I'm pretty confident this will get me where I want to be. I was debating on that or 325cc HP. My husband likes them both, but likes the 325cc HP more because it projects more. It was definitely a close toss-up for me. I still have a week or so if I want to change my mind, but for now I'm stoked with my choice. Anything is better than what I've got now. My husband took a few photos with the sizers, so I will post later. Input from you all will be much appreciated :)


My ps never told me my bwd..but I researched how to measure. I got around 5 inches or a lil bigger..which is 12.7 cm?? At least I think they were mods... I am def asking all this to him tomorrow. I do have a wide breast, surprisingly for being petite. He has been doing this for almost 30 yrs. he is the chief of plastic surgery at the hospital I am going too & he also has an office that he works out of in Istanbul turkey. I am very confident in him and that's why I am paying more. There were surgeons around my area that were 1-2 grand husband thinks this ps is the one.Thats awesome your hubby is going with u, mine is going to be home with the kids. Please please tell me all about your appt. when you get home & have time. I appreciate your input. You are smaller than me so that helps me to know if you feel ok with the size u pick. I will prob feel ok too..I hope. I wonder if we have comparable tissue with what we are starting with now...anyways good luck & happy boobie shopping :)
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How did your pre-op go today?! I've decided on 275cc mod+ silicone? Did you choose a size?
Please let me know how your sizing decision goes..I go tomorrow @ 4:45pm. This time I am taking a sports bra & tank/fitted shirt to try on with the sizers.Still only debating between 275/300cc. I believe they were both only mods..I might see if he has a mod+ I am still not sure if I want that upper pole fullness that the mod+ has on the mods. I am also making my full CASH payment...AHHHHH !!! sometimes I think I am crazy.. I can't wait to be done with the surgery & focus on recovery :)
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Uploading some pics from my pre-op appt with...

Uploading some pics from my pre-op appt with sizers. Please give me you honest opinion as this is the toughest decision I've ever made in my life, haha! Not really... but you all know how tough it is!


Yay Friday is your big day right? Have you made any decisions yet?!? I remember how excited I was the week before, it's like Christmas and a birthday all rolled into one!!
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I was stuck between the same sizes you are, did the pics help you make up your mind at all? I feel like my breasts have changed a lot over the past few weeks and will try to post updated pics soon but I love my 330 HPs :)

Your surgery will be here before you know it!!!
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Dr. Fiala just did my surgery on the 11th. I haven't had a complaint, other than that the ace bandage is tight! He seems amazing! Can't wait to see my results shortly! I have a very similar body shape to you. I'm 5'7" & 115 lbs., with a 32/A. I decided on silicone gel, high profile 375's. So far they dont seem too big for me, although I havent seen them outside of the bandage...

Hope your surgery goes well!
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Well ladies... the time has come! I have less than...

Well ladies... the time has come! I have less than 48 hours until surgery, I am getting really excited about it. I am working this evening, and pulling a 12 hour shift tomorrow at work... hoping the time will fly on by!

I talked with my doctor's office yesterday. I have decided to stick with my initial size... 275cc Mod+ silicone implants under the muscle. After days of going back and forth on size... I finally remembered why I am doing thing. It's not to get huge boobs and gain attention. I'd prefer that no one can tell that I've got implants. I was always fine with my small, round perky boobs... especially with an athletic type figure. After having kids, I am just looking to get the fullness back from what they sucked out of me during breastfeeding! I am 100% confident that I will be completely happy with this size for my lifestyle.

Surgery is at 9:30am Friday morning. I am to arrive at the doctor's office at 8:30am. Fasting starts at 12am the night before. I have started taking the pre/post-op vitamins. Yesterday I started taking the bromelain for swelling and bruising. I am to continue that for 7-10 days or until swelling is gone. Immediately after surgery, I am to start the Arnica 30X.

I had the day off yesterday. Spent majority of the day picking up little odds and ends for surgery, I picked up my prescriptions... they were a whopping $10.57 for all five! Cannot complain there! Also bought a button-up shirt for the days following surgery. I have a few camis already... I figured I could just step into those and pull them up as opposed to putting them on over my head. We will see! I also picked up some Vitamin E 400IU. Doctor recommends taking it starting two weeks after surgery to prevent CC.

Everything seems to be coming together! I can't believe my day is almost here... Feels like I've been waiting forever for this!

Last but not least... I would love to thank everyone for all of your thoughts and support... I have really met some great people off of this community.


Good Luck! I am one day post op and feel great. I wish the best. I was nervous and scared but, I now know its the best gift I could have ever given myself. I hope you do well.
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Wishing you a great day tomorrow and fast recovery. You will be in my prayers.
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Hey, thank you again for the photos. You look fantastic. I have decided to stick with my original size... 275cc Mod+. I am not looking to get huge boobs... just looking to fill what I had! With the 275, I think it'll bring be to a small C... which is more than enough for me! Surgery is Friday! I am soo excited!!!

On my way! My surgery was originally scheduled for...

On my way! My surgery was originally scheduled for 9:30am, but I got a call yesterday saying it had been moved up to 7:30am! Knocked two hours off the old timer! It's a little over an hour ride... My tummy is in knots. Hubby is driving, so I've got time to sit and relax. Will try to post more later after surgery if I'm feelin up to it.

Will see you on the other side! Cheers to new tatas!!!

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Well I made it! I am alive. I arrived at the...

Well I made it! I am alive. I arrived at the surgeon's office at 7:00am. They look me right in. I was asked to take my shirt and jacket off and change in to a gown. I got to leave my pants and socks on. The anesthesiologist came in and asked me questions about my medical history. He also explained all the different medications that he would be adding to the IV. And then reassured me he would be by my side the whole time monitoring my vitals. Very nice and professional. After that, Dr Fiala came in the room, confirmed my size implant, and drew his lines on me. He did mention that I so have some assemetry. My right breast is bigger than my left (It has always been that way even before breastfeeding) He didn't notice it at my initial consultation, but saw it today. It is very minimal and does't both me a bit. You really have to be looking to see it. My hubby has never noticed :)

He took measurements onace again, and agreed the 275cc mod + would be a great choice for me :)

There was a young nurse there ( I think she was a nurse ). She was very sweet and accomodating. She told me that Dr Fiala had done her breast aug, and insisted that I was in good hands. That calmed me down a little... as I was sweating so much! (Was not allowed to put deodorant on this morning!) She gave some anti-inflammatories and a muscle relaxant right before surgery... and poked me in the hand for my IV. After that, we were ready to rock and roll! She helped me to the operating room and up on the bed I went. Warm blankets were placed on me. The anesthesiologist came in and started a conversation. It really took my mind of things, thank God. He asked what kind of work I do and a few other questions. I explained that I am a pharmacist... and was mentioning about getting robbed at the pharmacy a few months ago... and that was it! I don't remember a darn thing after that!

I woke up in recovery and didn't know where I was at first. I looked down at my chest... I was wrapped in an ace bandage. I snuck a peek and realized I had tatas! It was all over before I knew it! I happily closed my eyes and went back to bed. Later on, my husband came in. The nurse was explaining all of the post-op procedures: Rest,rest, rest. I am to wear this ace bandage until next Thursday (6 days!) No showers until then. After that, I will be able to wear a supprtive sports bra for 4 weeks. Multiple vitamins are to be continued tomorrow. I also start my antibiotic and Singulair tomorrow, as well.

I was wheeled out of the recovery room at 10:30 and made it home by 11:30am. I felt great. I was able to get out of the car on my own and walk. So far I have had no real pain... just discomfort. I took a Percocet at 12:30 and it put me to sleep. It is now 5:30 and I feel amazing. I have been able to do quite a bit with no pain. I can open my pill bottles and water bottles with no problem (I read other ladies had trouble with that... maybe that's day 2??) I feel a little pressure when lying down... but nothing unbearable. I really expected a lot worse. So far it's been a piece of cake. (I hope it continues like that)

My breast are numb. They are a little bigger than I expected. I know that will go down as there is a little swelling. I have been taking the Arnica 30X today and will resume the Bromelain tomorrow to help with swelling. I just started doing the ice packs. It really feels good. I would recommend that to anyone!!

I do have an appetite already. On the way home from surgery, we ordered Panera and took it home. I had a turkey sandwich and soup. I have been staying hydrated with plenty of water.

My doctor's office exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Dr Fiala to anyone looking to improve their image

I think that's it for now. Sorry for the long post... but hopefully it will help others who are about to go under! I will try to post pics soon. But I am just in my ugly ace bandage so not much to see and gawk over ;)

Once again, I appreciate all of the support I have gotten from RealSelf. You all are wonderful!


I am so happy for you!
I am doing so much better. Thanks for caring!
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Yay! Welcome to the other side!
Now you are in the bigger boobie club instead of the itty bitty titty club. lol
Happy resting to you!
I look forward to seeing how things progress. =)
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Haha! Thanks Scrappy... you have been so wonderful throughout all of this. Great support and suggestions. Will keep you all updated on my progression :)

Woke up this morning in a little bit more...

Woke up this morning in a little bit more discomfort... so popped a Pecocet. Took the edge off. I haven't had a pain pill since then. No real pain, just manageable discomfort on day 2. I have been lounging around quite a bit today... but not as much as I would have liked to. My hubby is home with me to watch the kids, but of course he woke up this morning with a stomach bug. He's been throwing up all day... and pretty much out of commission. I have been watching the kids... but will wake hubby up when it's time to change diapers! Haha My excuse is... I can't lift them onto the changing table. Darn. Really wish I could wipe their butts all day :)

I posted some pics today. Don't tell my surgeon I pulled the ace bandage down for a total of 3 minutes! Hope he doesnt visit RealSelf often. The suspense was absolutely killing me. I had to take a peak and flaunt around in a bikini top. Overall, I love them. Still some swelling and lots of dropping to do. I think I will be pleased with the outcome.

Still icing on and off every couple of hours. No funky weird stuff going on yet. No complaints what so ever.

Next anticipated milestone is 5 days away... taking a shower. Thank goodness I have baby wipes around the house. Will update more tomorrow. Not much has changed from yesterday.


I so wanted to wish you good luck on your surgery yesterday!  My Kindle Fire wouldn't let me :-(  I am so happy to hear that you had a good experience!  How are you feeling now?  You think your breasts are too big now, but they will shrink down once the swelling is gone.  Rest up and keep us updated!  Eeeee!  I'm so excited for you!  I can't wait to see more pictures!
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Yay, you made it through :) Congrats and take it easy!!! Glad you are feeling well, keep us posted on your recovery.
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Thanks! I'm taking it easy... Well as much as possible with two rug rats running around! By the way... Your new pics look great!!

Well... Yesterday was Day 3. Both my kids had the...

Well... Yesterday was Day 3. Both my kids had the stomach bug the night prior so this mama did not get too much sleep. I spent majority of the day at my parents house resting up. The boys stayed home with their daddy. I probably would have been okay staying at the house, but I just didn't want to over-do it. The boys wouldnt think twice about jumping on mommy even with her "boo-boos" My hubby has been wonderful throughout this entire process =)

Today is Day 4. I havent taken any pain pills (not even Tylenol) since early morning of day 2!! I am feeling almost back to normal. I took a bath today and washed my hair in the faucet. Was able to comb and blow dry it with no problems. Still have my ace bandage on. It is probably the most annoying thing of my recovery... It will be burned by the time Thursday comes around when I get the okay to switch to a sports bra!!

I did try on a sports bra today, I bought it a month ago from JC Penney. I bought a 34B... the darn thing was too tight!! I drove myself back to JC Penney today (no discomfort) and picked up a 34C. So much better. The ladies are able to breathe. But it was short-lived, as I had to put the old bandage back on.

Today has been a very relaxing day. Kids are at daycare... Hubby is at work. Peace and quiet. My breasts are still numb. My incisions are a little itchy. Every once in a while I feel a twinge run down my right breast. All part of the healing process. I really think the vitamins, arnica, and bromelain had a key role in my excellent recovery... either that, or I have high tolerance to pain.

And the old pipes are working fine... was able to use the bathroom yesterday ;)


Hey girl! Just wanted to see how you were doing. Hope recovery is going well! I can't believe my surgery is on Monday. I cleaned so much yesterday I wore myself out. Looking forward to seeing results...can't wait! Keep in touch :)
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Hey! This Monday?! Holy cow... That flew by!! This last week for me has flown by for me...I made my first debut at the beach today... Got to show the puppies off!! I felt so good and confident! It's nice having something to show off up top. I can fill out a medium swim suit no problem... And love the fact that I don't have to wear the padding! I see you're going to probably end up with the same size implant as me! I'm so glad I didn't go bigger. It fits me perfect and is exactly the size I wanted. I'll try to post more pics later... I have family in town so haven't been checking in too often. Message me your email or phone # and I can send you pics if you want! This is going to be one of the greatest times of your life... I'm excited for you!
Yay for showing those puppies off! :) I hope you're having fun with family in town. I'll message you my e-mail address. Thanks so much!

Ahh... Sorry I have not updated in a...

Ahh... Sorry I have not updated in a while!!

It's been a little over two weeks since I had my BA! I am loving the new me!! I have gone to the beach a few times now. Man, it feels good having SOMETHING up top! Per doctor's orders, I am not allowed to go swimming in a pool or at the beach until the 3 week mark. So I've just been working on my Florida tan :)

I had my 2 week follow-up this past Thursday. Got the remainder of my sutures taking out. Got to see my incision scars.... they look great! The nurse went over massaging techniques with me. I am to do the breast massages twice daily for 5 minutes on each side. I wouldn't really call it a massage... it's more like displacing the implant up into your collar bone! It's a bit weird looking / feeling. Massages are to be done for as long as I have the implants in! Along with breast massages, I am to massage my scars to break up any scar tissue. The nurse said to do it kind of rough... and I will here crunching and crackling.. UGH! So gross, lol.

I am not in any pain. I was a little sore last week, but I think it's over now. My swelling is gone. I still have another two weeks of wearing a sports bra. Then I finally get to sexy bras! Whoo hoo! I think I might still continue to wear a sports bra at night for a while. I just feel so supportive in that thing.

I am still taking Singulair at night to prevent capsular contracture. I am to continue this until I hit 3 months. I have also started taking Vitamin E 400IU once daily. My doctor advised to take the Vitamin E for as long as I have the implants.

My doctor did mention that I cannot ever to push-ups or other chest work-outs again. I was a little bummed by that. I like doing P90X and other workout routines... Guess I will have to find something else to replace those workouts.

Other than that... I am super happy I did this. I am very pleased with the size!


You look amazing! I am getting my BA in 2 weeks. You mentioned you have kids, not sure how small they are but I have a 1 year old. My husband will be taking care of him for the first 2 weeks but after that I would like to slowly ease back into our regular routine. He just started walking and requires a lot of attention since he's exploring everything around him. Do you (or anyone) have suggestions for someone recovering and has small kids?
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Welcome EF895! Glad you have your husband to help you the first 2 weeks of recovery. Hopefully after 1 week, you'll slowly ease into your regular routine other than the lifting your toddler. 

Come join several other women getting their BAs this month in the May 2014 Breast Aug Forum!
Thank you for your review! It was very helpful! Was the meds 10.57, with insurance, or without? Also, how was your pain?
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Orlando Plastic Surgeon

Have not had surgery yet, but so far so good!

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