I have always been in the " itty bitty titty...

I have always been in the " itty bitty titty committee" and been heartbroken about it. My Mother and Sisters have these big overflowing breast and they would tell me how they think I'm great the way I was (that's what they had to say LOL). Anyway, since probably middle school though, when girls start developing, and I never did, I experienced my first taste of real insecurity. Lids can be so cruel! Boys would point to books and call my name out loud implying I was as flat as a book...and the girls in the locker room whose breast by the way were so HUGE (ridiculous huge) got a kick outta picking on me too. So sad right? Well fast forward to now, I am a 31 year old wife to an amazing man (who btw loves me how I am :-) ), and mother to 3 beautiful kids. I breast feed them all, and the last two for more than 15 months. I am blessed beyond measure and mature enough to know boobs are not my identity or lack there of :-)

I just want to fill out my clothes and bikinis ( yeah baby) and fill out my poor pancake boobs. My pre op scheduled for next week soo I am excited and nervous and scared and nervous and scared LOL. I plan to schedule surgery in February, so stay tuned! I will try to post my experience at each milestone. Hope to hear from some women getting surgery in February too so we can share experiences.

Oh, as of now I am set on Saline/Mentor/ 350ccs
Height: 5'6 Weight: 130pds Cup: 34AA (saggy and pancaked)

A whole new me on February 28th! I tried on sizers...

A whole new me on February 28th! I tried on sizers again and thinking to go a bit bigger than 350 ccs. Maybe 375 or 400. I wonder if that increases chance for CC the bigger you go? My surgeon is soooo great in communication. He is very genuine and realistic. My hubby is even impressed. We had a terrible experience with another PS so the difference is a God send for sure! Anyway, I am ready to go! Just 40+ days (I think)! Patience has never been my specialty so it's gonna be rough but I am looking forward to everyday getting closer!!

I had a couple surgeries in 2011 to have an...

I had a couple surgeries in 2011 to have an umbilical hernia repaired. I have the scar to show for it but no repair...it came back both times in a matter of a week! :-( I had been coughing a lot over the past week from laryngitis and believe it caused my hernia to strangulate...sooo painful. So off to the ER last night to hopefully have them tell me it would correct itself in a few days. Not so much...that's when the xrays proved it was an emergency surgery situation. So I spent 24 he's in the hospital and am recovering from surgery. I am posting this b/c I wonder if I will have to push BA back (can ya believe I'm thinking about my boobs right after emergency surgery!)? Has anyone ever had a medically needed surgery and BA or cosmetic procedure done in a month from one another? I have to call my PS, I know, but I don't want to hear bad news right now. :-(

I am doing much better since my emergency surgery...

I am doing much better since my emergency surgery 2 weeks ago, so I thought I'd post a before pic ( covering my nips and surgery scars). My BA surgery HAS been pushed back but just by a couple weeks. Not thrilled about that, but, PS knows what he's doing and if he wants to wait awhile just to be safe...then we're waitin' and I trust his decision. Thank you ladies for your responses to my last posting.

Couple weeks till the big day and my anxiety level...

Couple weeks till the big day and my anxiety level is through the roof! I really can't believe this is really gonna happen! My prescriptions are filled, got the Arnica stuff, do I need another bra when the surgeon supplies one? What should I wear on the day of? Zip up sweats? I hope it's not a thousand degrees that day ( ya never know what cha gonna get in sunny FL during the " winter" months! Any helpful advice on girls in warmer climates what you wore or planning to wear after surgery? I AM READY TO GET THIS OVER WITH!

Soooo I went out today to get some post op bras...

Soooo I went out today to get some post op bras that have front closure. No luck sadly. I tried Target, Kohls, Ross, and TJ Maxx. So I picked up some "as seen on TV" bras called the Genie Bra. Has anyone used these for post op? Will I regret notordeing front closure bras? Cause if I NEED it I will order some and hopefully they arrive just a little after my surgery.

I found 3 front closure bras at Walmart! Wasn't...

I found 3 front closure bras at Walmart! Wasn't even going in for bras but my hubby found them for me. Front close bras...check!

It's 10:36 pm and the very last night before my...

It's 10:36 pm and the very last night before my body changes for the better! I am excited and very anxious to get this done and over with. Say a prayer for me that surgery goes well and recovery too! Update as soon as I can...Off to bed for me *hugs*

I will update soon my boobs huuuuurt

I will update soon my boobs huuuuurt

Sugery was pretty simple we left home at 5pm home...

sugery was pretty simple we left home at 5pm home then left. The surgery vrt
when 7pm.
I keep sleep since then and pretty sore and drugged. I'm happy so happy

I wanted to recap and tell you ladies what...

I wanted to recap and tell you ladies what happened on my big day. Before bed I took antibiotic and arnica. I somehow managed to get a good 5hrs sleep the night before and went to bathe in antibacterial soap. Got dressed zipped up my hoodie WITHOUT A BRA that was when all the nervous kicked in b/c I would no longer be wearing overstuffed bras again...oh my! So anyways got to the surgery center signed my life away and was shortly called backed for OR.....I thought about turning around and heading out the nearest exit! Especially when I heard moaning and groaning from other rooms. Realistically now I know the surgery center did other procedures in the same building. But at the time all I could think of was its not too late to run...it's not too late to run lol.

The lovely very attentive nurses gave me something...

The lovely very attentive nurses gave me something to calm down abit like anti anxiety meds. Boy did that work. All I remember after that was my PS came in smiling and holding my hand for reassuance. Hes just the sweetest surgeon i have ever met and quite handsome too (side note). He asked if I was alright and or ready (to be drugged). I was injected then wheeled into La la land and woke up in discomfort in my left boob. After leaving which I remember nothing, and traveling 35 min back home the pain intensified so my hunny called my nurse and she asked for pics to show he doc. Needless to say zip was turned right back to have a hematoma drained. I have had no issues sine and the reason it happened is because my blood pressure gets and stays high for days at a time which affects blood clotting. All is well in the land of boobiez.

My post op appt went well. Boobs are still a bit...

My post op appt went well. Boobs are still a bit swollen so gotta hang out with the dreaded wrap a week longer...boooo! But they are healing well overall, so perky and pretty! They are surprisingly soft but numb in most areas. That's something that changes over time with light stimulation. My Right(Rosa) boob is the higher one but it's slowly dropping. Its the sorest breast mostly on the top area. When I push down on it it sounds like fluid....eeeek! It's normal though. My nurse taught me how to massage and I gotta tell ya I was SCARED to touch them like that but once I did I was pleasantly surprised at how good it felt. But, back up to yesterday, oh my, my hubby said something to me totally unrelated to how miserable I was feeling and I just BURST out in a full blown weeping fest! It was sooo random...he was so confused poor thing. My emotions are all over the place. The meds, not being normal yet, limited mobility, etc. Etc.. I hope for a better next week. Pray you all heal speedily. Me too :-)

These past weeks have been rough! Filled with...

These past weeks have been rough! Filled with discomfort, pain, grief, and anxiety! Roller coaster of emotions I couldn't even bear to go on my computer to see or read anything about BOOBS lol! I have been feeling a tad better though and hoping things get better. My right boob is high still and tight. My left boob has dropped considerably but achy and feels like its annoyed with the changes! I finally get to stop wearing the strap but now I'm braless for the next few weeks and my boobs are already upset with the weight of the implants so just when things felt a little better...its back to hurt city! I can not wait until this healing stuff is done! Why didn't anyone warn me how hard this would be!!!!! It's hopefully gonna be worth the initial woes...keeping the faith. Will post new pics. Happy healing!

Oh these past three weeks have proven BA is def...

Oh these past three weeks have proven BA is def something you need support for. Don't believe I could've made it through emotionally if it weren't for this forum ( great ladies) and my support at home. I feel so much better physically it just happened all of a sudden in the last day or so. There is a faint light I see at the end of this tunnel. :-)

Oh these past three weeks have proven BA is def...

Oh these past three weeks have proven BA is def something you need support for. Don't believe I could've made it through emotionally if it weren't for this forum ( great ladies) and my support at home. I feel so much better physically it just happened all of a sudden in the last day or so. There is a faint light I see at the end of this tunnel. :-)

I knew before my surgery I was not sure. I...

I knew before my surgery I was not sure. I proceeded after prayer not really getting a clear answer either way. So I went and got the implants. I have struggled so long with how my breasts have been changed not feeling comfortable in my own skin. Hiding my body from my husband even though he loved them before. So much research and I feel completely blindsided. I wish I could turn back time and undo my mistake, but all I can do now is pray God has mercy on me and gives us a PS that will be understanding, non judgemental, and will do the least evasive removal for an affordable price. This whole experience has opened my eyes and I vow to love myself how God made me. Lesson learned.

I want to clarify something, I do not want to...

I want to clarify something, I do not want to discourage anyone from having this done. I believe implants can be great. But some women like myself can't tolerate all that is involved. My PS did an AMAZING job on me and they are beautiful! I am just personally not an implant girl. Good luck to you all and happy healing! Xoxoxo

Happy & Free.... to be me

What a journey! It's been about 7 months since mine began. I have finally forgiven myself for the costly mistake and where my mind was at the time. My eyes have been opened so to speak to how God intended femininity to be. I am very thankful that he showed me so quickly after the surgery so that I could remove them sooner than later, become so mush wiser about self image, and be true to who I truly am. God never wanted me to think if myself as defective or lacking....he wanted me to look in the mirror and see him...an image of Christ which has no blemish. I know that's a bit deep for most to grasp but God reveals himself to who he chooses in his timing. Same goes for maturity in this area. I am not saying I will never struggle with body image issues...that comes with being a woman in this sinful, perverted, dillusional world we live in. I'm saying now I am aware of that fact that negative body image thoughts don't come from Christ and so now I am equipped with the truth to combat those thoughts and send them out.... with the Lords help. I would love to help any woman out there contemplating implants or removal as I have happily done. If you are reading my post...it's no coincidence. God is so AWESOME and uses us all who love him to do his work to glorify him. A few scriptures that are helpful to understand God's idea on our bodies: 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, 1Peter 3:3-4, Leviticus 19:28, Genesis 1:26-27. But, don't take my word for it...pray and read for yourself he is ready for you just as you are with all the questions and concerns you may have to ask him. God is not a God if confusion 1 Corinthians 14:33, so he WILL reveal himself to you if you are ready and he is willing to show you. I pray for all of you out there that you receive healing in your hearts and the Lord becomes your everything. Hugs and LOVE!!!!!!

OH, feel free to private message me to chat about ANY questions about my journey I would LOVE to be of any help.

So sorry

I also wanted to apologize for the posting where I said "Implants can be great" and "I don't want to discourage anyone from having implants". That was me trying not to step on anyones toes or ruffle any feathers. But, the truth is implants are not what God intended for women. No condemnation though because I did it...and he just gently meet me where I was and helped his daughter understand HIS intention, not mine or the "world's" standards of beauty and femininity when I was ready to listen Lol.

No pics because

So my amazing husband says it was fine to post pics of the bags because they didn't belong to him, they belonged to Mentor...my REAL boobies however are his and he doesn't care to share with the world Haha aaaa! So, no more boobies sowwy. However I may do clothed posts later without any padding. Still happy and freeeeeeeee
Altamonte Springs Plastic Surgeon

Friend had hers done by him. Takes time initially to make sure you are comfortable and well informed. Was disappointed he didn't see me until 6 weeks post op and never did a blood test. Also, my friend who used this surgeon admitted her regrets of ever doing such a thing to her body and ongoing pains she has because of the implants!

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I had mine removed after 26 years. Should have done it YEARS ago! Glad you removed them when you wanted to instead of waiting like I did. I love all aspects of having my smaller boobies back :)
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I see you're married. How old are you?
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Yup ;-) I'm thirty something why do you ask?
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Just wondered where you were in life. I think that makes a difference too when deciding on something like this. Hope you are doing well. Thanks for sharing.
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No prob. I was insecure about myself until I realized those things I put into my body still didn't make me have breasts, they weren't real, they were man made money bags playing on women's insecurities. As soon as I woke up from the surgery I felt so bad for my poor body and knew those things had too go. Investing in loving yourself just how you are soso much more attractive and empowering. Lulalu.com has some beautiful A-AAA cup bras and lingerie...they fit perfectly and are SUPER sexy!! Just remember fake boobs don't make you confident, you make youself confident by how you see your true self. I hope and pray you see that before you alter your beautiful body.
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Thank you. I'll check that website.
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It is SOOO nice knowing I am not the only one not thrilled w/my nearly $8,000 mistake! Not reversing it but the grass isn't greener....
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I'm glad you are feeling better. Any body modification can take its toll. I'm glad that you chose what's right for you. I don't regret my decision to get implants but I've also gotten tattoos, piercings, etc.
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Wow, I was reading your review and although I added a tummy tuck to my journey, ouch, I felt exactly the same way about my implants. Now we are both free of those obnoxious things. I feel so free and brave for making the decision quickly. I feel bad for women who tried so hard to tolerate them and wait 5,10,15 years to have them out. Kudos to you or making a quick choice too!! I know you have an explant review and I'll pop over there, I just wanted to leave a note here for others to see that even though things go perfectly with the surgery and the results are what they are supposed to be, implants are not for everyone.
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OMG i just saw your post. You are so brave to do something about it now. I waited 5 yrs to get mine out! Everyone around me was saying how great they looked and natural. BUT NOT for me. Now i am almost 9 months without those toxic bags---I had complications post explant but boy am i so happy to be normal again with two marbles to show for it. Anyone that has the courage to stand up for themselves and ignore everyone around them--(at the end of the day its your body). I so admire you and your strength. Good luck x
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I had implants for a total of 13 years & 2 months explanted 4-29-13 with NO REGRETS! It's crazy society accepts this & condones it. Praying you do right for yourself you are so worth it:-) Blonde
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Thank you for your kind words, I had them removed today and I feel so liberated! Best thing for me for sure! God got me through both experiences and I believe it was a necessary journey. Thanks for the prayers! :-)
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Anytime Sugar! So happy your on the other side. I'm at day 11 if ya have questions feel free to ask. Get some rest :-) Blonde
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Hi there, I am happy for you that you made a decision that feels right to you.  Had you ever considered a Fat Transfer to the Breasts?  Feel free to read my story & others under the Fat Transfer section.  I went from a large A/small B cup to a medium C cup.  I am very happy with the breasts.  I had the surgery 6 mths ago.  Now, I never have to have them replaced which is wonderful.  Best wishes. Amelia Girl
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dumb ? but how much damage comes from removing them? I went from small B to a full D and am scared of the results if they are ever out..... :(
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Have you considered a fat transfer after explant?  See our section on real self..such a nice alternative.
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SRoss36 My breasts biunced back beautifully. I'm about 7 months post removal. They are a bit fuller than before which surprised me. Hope you find comfort in the fact that theres a great support group on here to talk to women who have done the best thing for their bodies and women who are searching for answers like yourself. Very liberating experience hope you find that too.
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Hi Amelia girl, I may consider natural breast augmentation but wayyyyyy down the line especially because I've already had 3 medically unnecessary surgeries this year alone. I am happy with them as they are now. Thanks for the advice though.
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Hi honey, I just read your review, hang in there. You werent to know you were going to feel the way you do. I didnt and I dont think a lot of women relise how having a BA can be such an emotional journey. I thought I wanted bigger boobs for years and cant explain why I reacted so negatively after having them, I was indeed not an implant girl. Your not alone in how you feel and you wont be the last to feel as you do (unfortunately). If you really do feel you have regretted what you have done nothing is iriversible. As I say hang in there, you will get through this. All the best.
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I just read ur post and I can understand ur concerns. But I believe when we get any kind of alternating surgery, our minds plays tricks on us... It's mental and physical for the first few months after surgery. All doubts and questions appear. So, I say wait it out a little longer since ur mind is taking u thru some crazy hoops, sorta speak! Now if ur implants are causing you health problems, then I say remove them asap. Otherwise wait it out, like 6 months top. Then if u stil feel uncomfortable then remove them. But honestly, u should have never gotten implants if u weren't confident ..sadly thats alot of money to give a way freely. Hope u find happiness at the end
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I know you have to do what's best for you, but doesn't seem like you have even healed yet! To me seems too early to jump to that decision! Wish you all the best!
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I know you have to do what's best for you, but doesn't seem like you have even healed yet! To me seems too early to jump to that decision! Wish you all the best!
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I'm so sorry! You definitely need to do what is right for you. I didn't realize you were that unhappy. I know you and I both have been through a lot with our implants in a short period of time. It's been rough. If you want to talk, I'm still here for you girl :).
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I'm sorry to hear this news Beachycowlgirl......what's been going on? I had no idea you were feeling this bad. I really hope you feel better have you talked to your dr? What is the dr recommending? Make the best choice for you only you know your own body. I wish you the best keep me posted
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Wow im sorry you are having such a hard time. I agree implants are not for everyone.I hope you find a great dr and all goes well with your explant...and you are Happy.
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