5'9 140 Pounds 4 Kids 750cc BA

I just had my BA 4 days ago, I got a very large...

I just had my BA 4 days ago, I got a very large implant. BC my height, when I nursed I was a full C. Right now my breasts are still very high. I'm anxious to see how they look once they drop. I don't have much pain. Its more pressure specially when I stand up. I have found it comfortable to sleep on my side with a pillow between my breasts on my arm on it as well. In 4 days I will have my stitches removed. :) I'm very happy with my choice on size. No matter what size you get . getting them re done in the future is needed. I'm seeing so many negative things about my size. But I have yet to have any of those problems.

Today is day 6, my boobs are still high. I. Hope...

Today is day 6, my boobs are still high. I. Hope they drop soon. I'm getting my stitches out tomorrow can't wait :)

Can anybody tell me how to add pictures? I have a...

Can anybody tell me how to add pictures? I have a smart phone. No computer. . thank you :)

Let's talk about numbing! Who was numb? Who is...

Let's talk about numbing! Who was numb? Who is numb? Who isn't numb? Loss of nipple sensation?
My numbness is basically my whole left breast. My right 100% fine... Your input will be appreciated

Here is a pic. 4 days post ...

Here is a pic. 4 days post ...

Last night was rough, seems my breasts are harder....

Last night was rough, seems my breasts are harder. I couldn't get comfortable :( I use to sleep on my sides with pillows. But last night was fail, I had to sleep on my back with 3 pillows. Poop I'm tired.
How are y'all sleeping 7 days after surgery?

I've been wearing a tight sports bra since my...

I've been wearing a tight sports bra since my surgery ! The past 2 days my right breast has been irritated near my stitches. I'm not sure what is causing it, so I took off my sports bra and its no longer hurting.
How long can I go without wearing anything ? Just let them hang low for awhile with no support?
Any answers would be appreciated.

Took my stitches out, my right breast is bleeding...

Took my stitches out, my right breast is bleeding pretty bad. Makes sense BC that one has been itching and hurt pretty bad. So I have neosporin (sp) and a wrap over it. Feels much better now. :)
My husband noticed my breasts have dropped more. Ya

What are Gummy bear implants ?

What are Gummy bear implants ?

Hi ladies, need more advice! How can I tell when...

Hi ladies, need more advice!
How can I tell when my swelling has went down? Or if I have swelling at all? My implants are very large, so Idk if its just my implants ...
Thank you :) I am 8 days PO

How many ladies went to 750cc's like me

How many ladies went to 750cc's like me

I think its so funny, to have a website for...

I think its so funny, to have a website for nothing but women and we all have naked boob pictures. Any man would love this website. Hahaha. And to see all these beautiful women and be happy for them. Also know we can be honest and open & help each other threw this similar surgery.. Its a fantastic thing. Thank you all for your advice, comments, opinions, ..... Its really awesome to have y'all here threw this new chapter of my life.

Wow so excited, I was able to sleep on my side...

Wow so excited, I was able to sleep on my side last night for the first time. Wasn't as comfortable as it use to be. But I did it :)
My left breast is healing great since I had my stitches out. My right one however still bleeds at times.
That was the breast that hurt while my mom removed my stiches. I have gauze pads and triple antibiotic ointment on that one...
They have also dropped more. They aren't all up in my collar bone now. So things are going great :) I look awesome in a sports bra. That's been my outfit for several days...
Next stop, looking for a job..
Soooooo happy.

12 days PO and each day gets so much easier. I...

12 days PO and each day gets so much easier. I played Golf yesterday, well as best as I could with these knockers. I found it more difficult to drive the cart over those hard core bumps. Ha!
Sleeping is awesome now, laying on both sides & my back :)
My chest has started the dropping process. My left one is ahead on this race, loved to see my right one catch up.
My kids keep poking at me, & my toddler tried using them as a step stole onto the couch ...ouch that hurt..
Anyways, just wanted to update y'all :)

Well next week I'll be 1 month. My boobs are still...

Well next week I'll be 1 month. My boobs are still very high :(
I hope they drop, everybody says I look like a line backer >_<

I have a question, I haven't really been wearing a...

I have a question, I haven't really been wearing a sports bra. Is that ok?

Well as of now I'm 1 month & 3 days since my BA....

Well as of now I'm 1 month & 3 days since my BA. Things are looking beautiful. My boobs have dropped. And they look amazing. I'm struggling with my scars though, they haven't lightened up :(

doing amazing

Loving my breasts. I have gotten a new job at a strip club. I'm not a dancer. Just a waitress. But I have seen a lot of boobs and I'm so happy with how mine turned out :)

4 mknths post

4 months and doing wonderful :)
Dropped perfectly, I feel so hot and sexy. Having these has made me such a confident person..
dr brenett

My sister has hers done by him

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Your girls look great. I debating on 700 or 750 silicone under. My PS said I have enough chest space to go that big
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Did you get silicone or saline?
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I got silicone. If one pops it won't leak.. ;-)
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Looks awesome
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very nice congratulations, looking great!!!!
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Congratulations! You look great! Hoping your scars are beginning to fade a bit. Take care!

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             your 750 looks great!
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They look awesome:) what size did you go? After a month I hope you will be dropping more. It's gotta be soon! It makes me nervous i am ten days out and they are soo High I can't stand bein in public yet :( I can't wait a whole month!
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I'm 750 .... Loving them :) They are dropping.
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Yay :) I wish I had enough guts to go big but I was too scared lol
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You look fabulous!!!!. WOW they look great on you.
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Thank you all for your advice on the sports bra question. My sister told me to always wear one, but it doesn't seem right. Considering I want them to drop. Although they may still drop with one on... I guess I'll wear it daily. And take it off at night :) Thanks again guys...
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I totally understand that concern. However, my implants have dropped well even with the compression from the sports bra. Don't worry, they will drop. :-) With the weight of our implants, the risk of them staying high a tad longer is preferable to sagging (in my opinion). I have worn a bra day and night with the exception of showering since I had my implants 11 years ago. I think that's the reason why after three kids and having large implants, I don't have excessive sagging. I know it's not fun, but I think its worth it :-). Even with sub muscular placement, they are only covered by two thirds of our muscle. The bottom portion of the implant is only covered by breast tissue. It makes me feel better to wear a supportive bra to keep these puppies perky lol. Maybe once they drop, you could wear a comfortable bra at night? The body by gap looks so nice :-) My PS wants to me always wear something at night that has a wide band that lies flat on the ribcage. That might be because I had crease tacking though. Your PS may have completely different protocols...they are all so different lol
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Oh and this may have absolutely nothing to do with it. With my first augmentation, I was in a sports bra for six weeks and then wore a bra pretty much continually after that for 10 years. I had absolutely no complications and they dropped beautifully. With my second BA, my physician did not want me in any type of bra for six weeks, and that's the one that I have the complications with. There may be no correlation whatsoever, but I'm happy to go back to the bra protocol.
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Lour- thank you so much for you words. I guess I understand what your saying, I never had large breasts, so them sagging was never a worry. . now all.of a sudden I have these huge boobs. Lol I'm just so use to not wearing a bra, its almost unnatural to wear on. But I can get use to it. :))
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Totally understand, I was a 34aa/a before my first surgery. :-0 I think you'll really get used to wearing one ...and maybe even start to like the feeling...maybe haha
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Maybaby & lourdes are both right. But every woman's body type and implant size and shapes, play a very big part on the decisions, and suggestions. Your PS has your profile. Just call and ask about your concerns, but also ask why. Love you. Take care of them.
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My PS wants his patients to not wear a bra unless you have large implants. So being that 750cc is mighty big I would. I hear because of the weight you avoid them drooping later on. I would think that you should wear one a at minimum 80% of the time. But the PS is the expert.
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Hi! In regards to the sports bras, what does your PS suggest? I don't want to contradict his advice. However, unless there is some reason he does not want you to wear one, I think the support you get from the band is really important due to the weight of the implant. My PS has me in one all day except when I shower. use rte Marena post surgical bra and it feels amazing...soft and yet supportive. I know all surgeons protocols are diff :)
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My PS said I should not wear anything til they drop enough. But ask your ps though.
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I had to laugh at your golf comment, my husband didn't understand why it felt different but it does and mine are much smaller! I applaud you for sticking to your guns on size, I'm already planning on going bigger. You look awesome!!
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Oh lol ya! . I've heard of to many girls wanting a big size & the Dr turned them to a smaller size & they regreted it. & later got larger ones. I don't have that kind of money or time to go small then just go again .. I also had my sister to lean on. She went 650 and she is pretty much my height & weight. So I knew I wanted bigger. Thank you :) my left one has been dropping very nicely. My right one on the other hand is being stubborn.. Maybe a nice beating will do. Haha.
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Lol yes a good beating may help ;) awesome that you had your sis as a reference. I will def be following your posts to see how you do as yours are now on my list of 'perfect boobs' for when I go bigger!
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Hi there! You look amazing. You will absolutely love them when they drop ;-). I had my 3rd BA last week and exchanged for 700HP silicone so close to what you have. I'm working on my review but will likely have it up soon. I think you made the perfect choice. I hope your feeling well!
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3rd? Why have you had so many.? If u don't mind me asking. Yes I love them now, just ready for them to drop. I heard it can take 3-6 months. >_< I am feeling great, just dealing with the numbness on my right breast. Its annoying...
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