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TT, MR and Lipo. Let's Get This Party Started!

I am 38 year old,165 pound and 5'5. I am a mother...

I am 38 year old,165 pound and 5'5. I am a mother of 2 wonderful kids, age 13 and 10. I bounced right back with the first, the second was not so kind. I gained 50 pounds and a huge belly that I can not get rid of. I have lost 40 pounds in the last 18 months and still could stand to lose 20 more. I have a close friend who works at the PS office as a nurse, and they gave me a great deal, and I love the PS so I booked as soon as I saved the money. My husband told me that when I got the weight off, we would spring for a tummy tuck, and I held him to that! I have had a few surgeries on my stomach so I think I am prepared for the pain and the recovery. I have taken 2 weeks off work and can work half days if I need after that. I am not such a fan of working out, but if I am going to spend this kind of money on my body, I will make sure that I keep it looking great! I am trying to talk husband into an elliptical and I am starting a workout regime to get a few more pounds off before the surgery. I am not ready to put up pictures yet, but I am working up to it, the review is the first step. Hopefully pictures are next

Pre-op is tomorrow! I am scared and excited all in...

Pre-op is tomorrow! I am scared and excited all in one. I hope to lose a little more weight before my surgery, 22 days to go. I would like 10-15 pounds, but 10 might be more reasonable. I think the pre-op will give me a boast to get my diet and exercise going again. Wish me luck!

I had my pre op yesterday and feel like weight has...

I had my pre op yesterday and feel like weight has been lifted. I have really been stressing about the pictures and paperwork and just finalizing this entire procedure. I went in right on time and they made me feel comfortable and calm. Lol. I am happy to report that he will be flipping me over to do lipo on my lower back so I will have smooth results all around. The ps and the nurses really seem to be excited about my results and they think I will be very happy. They said I will lose tons of inches and need to buy all new clothes. I think they are excited because I have really thin arms and legs so all the weight is in the areas he will be lipo-ing and removing with TT. Now I need to get everything I need together so I'm totally prepared and I can just worry about healing. Everything else can work itself out.

I had another crazy dream about the surgery last...

I had another crazy dream about the surgery last night. This one was about the drains. I was getting them removed and they hurt so much! I have been pretty calm about the surgery,but I guess I have some deep seated issues that I need ro work through lol. I have had a few surgeries so I am really not worried about that, just the healing and what I will look like after. I hope that he can get rid of the tummy and love handles, and I will be flat. I have a fear that I will go through all this pain and money, and I will still have a tummy. The PS did agree that I needed lipo on my back as well so I will be flipped over for lipo. I hope he goes to the bra line, but if he doesnt, I will work it out. 13 days to go and I am so excited!! I bought pillows and new jammies that button in the front. I also picked up two compression garments, bromelian, a bra that buttons in the front, dry shampoo, crackers, chocolate(LOL), maxi pads for leaking and antibacterial soap. I think I'm finally ready.(I hope)

I did it!! Surgery was a breeze, woke right up and...

I did it!! Surgery was a breeze, woke right up and was out in 45 minutes. They took 5 pds of skin and 4 liters of lipo!! Woo hoo! Because the took so much he's putting me on a blood thinner shot for a week. I'm posting two pictures. Thanks for all the support ladies, I could not have done so well with you!

I'm adding the lipo and skin pictures, I can't...

I'm adding the lipo and skin pictures, I can't remember if I did it already and they are not up, do I will do it again lol!!

PO 1 went to the bathroom by myself since its 4am...

PO 1 went to the bathroom by myself since its 4am and I didn't want to wake my husband. Took forever but I'm settled back in and in very little pain. Very itchy. I loosened my binder and that helped the pain a ton. It was super tight, so I must be swelling a whole bunch. I'm obsessed with my after pictures, I can't stop looking!! In the first after picture, you can see a scar right next to where my belly button gauze is. That scar used to be about 5 inches below my left boob! He really pulled that skin down. I had such an overhang that I said anything would be better that what I had. My ps has really outdone himself, I feel like crying every time I look down and can see the tops of my thighs and girly bits without moving all the skin out of the way! This surgery is a roller coaster of emotions that's for sure. I'm not really a very emotional, touchy-freely kind of person, but I'm sure acting like I am right now lol. Best advise I can give? Stay on top of the meds!! Dont try to be a hero, or think you don't need them because its not hurting right that minute. I made that mistake and thought I would never be out of pain, I was doing labor breathing to try to stay focused until I could take another.

My first post op is today and I can't wait to see...

My first post op is today and I can't wait to see what's under the wrappings. Really excited about my bob and how the lipo is going to look. I hope to get some more pictures up after. My dad is taking me since my husband has to go to work. My son has surgery on Thursday and I need to get myself to a place where I can focus on him more. I am still on pain meds, and I will continue to take them but I need to taper off a little. I would like to see if he will move me to Valium for the muscle pain.

I'm starting to get some bad muscle spasms on my...

I'm starting to get some bad muscle spasms on my back and my stomach is waking up, it feels like the creepy crawlies. I put up a pic of my zombie bb. It will get better

I'm putting up a few new pictures. That bb is...

I'm putting up a few new pictures. That bb is still gross, but its a good shape and size and in the middle so I think all will be well. I have an indenting where my CG was digging in so I hope that sorts itself out. I'm feeling pretty good!

Day 9dpo feeling ok. Bb is annoying and I want it...

Day 9dpo feeling ok. Bb is annoying and I want it to look ok, but I need to be patient. Still taking pain meds about 2-3 per day, I'm just so achy and my hips just hurt so much. I have a strange shorting pain in my hip that no one can explain. I feel it when I move or stretch, it feels like when you get a shot and the meds go in. Like a burning shooting pain, I have no bruise or anything that would account for the pain. The nurse had no idea either. I think I look pretty good, both drains are still in. Next appt Thursday.

I had my two week appt today and was unable to...

I had my two week appt today and was unable to have either of my drains out. Ps said that they were still putting out too much for him. Such a bummer!! My next appt is in 5 long days. I have to go back to work on Monday and I am not looking forward to trying to hide my drains. Luckily I wear scrubs so it should be ok. I'm better news, the nurse came in the room for my appt and she had a folder with her. I caught a glimpse of some pictures of a woman in bra/underwear and thought to myself "who's the fat girl?" Then I recognized the tattoo on the back and did a double take. The fat girl was me! I look totally different! That picture wasn't taken that long ago, I can't believe I didn't recognize my own back! Made me cry a little to see how far I had come.

Adding a pic of my bb at 14dpo. Gross but ps said...

Adding a pic of my bb at 14dpo. Gross but ps said the black will come off and have a new pink bb underneath. He doesn't want to touch it because he's said the black is like its own bandage.

I still have a drain in and I'm a little depressed...

I still have a drain in and I'm a little depressed. I don't think i have changed any since last week so I think I will wait to put up any pictures.

Finally, at 5 weeks dpo I got my last drain out!!...

Finally, at 5 weeks dpo I got my last drain out!! They said I need to take it easy for the weekend because my numbers were still at around 30. I am going to try, but I have a job interview and I work on Saturday, so we will see what happens. I will post some pictures soon.

Still going in twice a week to have my ever...

Still going in twice a week to have my ever refilling seroma drained. He's getting about 20-30 each time, so I get to keep going until it stops. Still can't go to the gym or do any exercise. He said for sure next week. I don't believe him, he's said that before. Bb is being packed because it was shrinking to nothing. It looks better, but the skin needs to grow over it. I have been moved to silicone tape, my scar is very thin and a little red, but I think it looks great. Still having some pain in my muscle repair. I take a pain pill to go to bed, because it hurts to lay down. It's a shooting pain on the top left of the MR. I wish it would go away. I'm 7 weeks and a couple days po

I posted pics. In the last on I have the silicone...

I posted pics. In the last on I have the silicone tape over, I think it's making the scar darker. I can barely see it without the tape.
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Hey Roz! Checking in to see how things have been the past month. I'm starting to see less swelling but noticing I will be needing a revision on some dog ear issues. All in all I am doing great. Feel like my old self again. Hope to hear from you...have a great summer!
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How is the silicone tape working? I want to start some kind of scar therapy but I have 2 small areas on my incision line that are pure white...so I am still using an antibiotic ointment on those. Have you encountered that with your incision? And I just want to tell you how great you are looking - even swollen!! I am so happy for you!!!
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I think I'm allergic to the silicone. Only me lol. It was super itchy and the scar was turning bright red. I'm giving it a break and will try it again in about a week. I have a couple of stitches that are coming out, but other than that I think it looks good. My bb looks awesome!
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Imcurrently doing silicon treatments and I love it so far scar looks like it's disappearing!!! @Roswellmom you look great'
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Great results... sorry to hear about the seroma , I am sure it will be worth it in the long run as currently you are looking fantastic. We seem to have similar body shapes at the moment, but I am shorter. I had a seroma in the second week and my surgeon also said complete rest until it was gone... he tried to drain it but little came out and over the next 7-10 days it slowly dispersed. But it is a pain. I am nearly two weeks in front of you and still swelling but it is not as painful as it was 7 weeks post op, so hopefully things will start to look up for you soon. x
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So did you get your drain out? I had my 1 wk PO appt today and lo and behold he took ALL my drains out! I was shocked! I figured he would keep the TT drains in for at least another week. I was elated, obviously. I'm wondering now if it's because I didn't have lipo with my surgery?
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I didn't get mine out today, because I am still draining 70 ccs and more every 24 hours. I was told it was because I had lipo. They inject a solution into the skin that breaks up the fat, before they suck it out. Days later, some of that broken fat and solution is still coming out of the drains.
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Hey girl! Just checking in to see how your recovery is going? I am anxious to see some new pictures too! lol! Take care!
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Hey!! I'm pretty good, just waiting on one more drain to come out. I wanted to wait to post more pics until it came out, because it looks the same to me. Tuesday is my next chance to get it out so we will see. Hope you are well, I know your day is almost here as well
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Is the black glue that your PS put on your BB or is it necrotic? Keep us posted cant wait to see how cute your BB will be when it shows itself.
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Its necrotic. Kinda lol. I have had 2 previous surgeries on my stomach and the drs went through my bb. Because of that, the blood flow to my bb was compromised. Luckily it's only the very top layer and today when I went to see the dr they cleaned it, and the top layer kinda fell off to show the pink underneath. So, its coming along, there is a healthy bb underneath that yucky black, I saw part of it today. I also can't wait to see what it finally looks like. im sure I will post plenty of pictures lol
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Tummy Tuck $6,800.... Missing time off work $2,000.... Not recognizing the Lady in the pic is you->PRICELESS.... Hugs Hun Congrats...
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Awww! Thanks, that is exactly me! Those before pictures just blow me away! Good luck on yours
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You look amazing, could you possible give me the website of the place you got your surgery done? I'm looking to get the same thing as you but I'm having trouble finding a doctor.
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Thanks! I went to the swan center in Atlanta and saw dr fardo. He is awesome.
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Did you really pay only $6805?
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I have a friend who works at the office so I got the friends and family special. He really does great work.
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Ahhh dang.. I'm looking for a great doctor that has prices like yours.
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Hi Roswellmom, you are looking GREAT!
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Good luck with your first day back at work tomorrow. I will be thinking about you :)
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Thanks for thinking of me!! It's a half day and I'm still dreading it! With both drains in they pinch when I sit all the way up. Anyway, I will keep everyone posted.
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Be careful working with the drains. You look fab.
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You look really good, how long was your surgery, (tummy and lipo), l schedule mine God willing for march 16, my husband is afraid of the anestesia. Happy healing :-)
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Are you scheduling for next year? That should give you plenty of time. My surgery was 2 weeks ago today. If you are asking the time I was under it was about 3.5 hours. Everyday is something new but I am recovering and getting better. Waiting for the swelling to go down.
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