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I have a butterfly tattoo on my abdomen that I got...

I have a butterfly tattoo on my abdomen that I got when I turned 18, it was kind of impulse and now I hate it, so I'm having it lasered off and I'm just hoping that I don't get any scaring. I would hate to have a huge scar instead of a tattoo! I purchased a Groupon since I could not afford to pay full price. I am posting this about a month after my first session.

Although they gave me an after care sheet to take home and it explained a lot, there are still a lot of things that I had questions on that were not on the sheet, but I called an the laser technician answered all my questions. Like I said before, I am afraid of scarring so I wanted to take good care of the area. The area sure does itch! And pardon the pics, I took them myself : )

I have been applying Neosporin to the area about twice daily, the laser technician told me to "keep the area moist", I think I was doing too good of a job though because it took a long time to heel. I kept it covered for the first two weeks or so because of the area it is in, my jeans would rub against it and the skin could just scab off. You should let it "breath" a little at nights when you are at home, not when you are sleeping because I sleep on my stomach and that would not be good.


It looks like it's starting to fade! I also have a tough time with bandaging my tattoo, the tape always irritates my skin. Did you use any type of numbing cream or anesthetic?
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I can already see tons of fading, some parts more than other!
And yes, I arrived an hour early to get numbing cream applied and I let it sit for a whole hour before the laser treatment, but I do not think their numbing cream worked for me. I could feel everything, including her cold fingers!!! For the next treatment I will try to buy my own and apply at home because the pain is pretty bad. If someone could recommend a good numbing cream that would be great!!

The laser tech told me I could ask my physician for a prescription numbing cream and they should be able to give me one. I will see though.

How long do you keep yours bandaged for after your session? I kept mine like a whole 14 days covered, even at night!

From the pictures it looks like some of the ink is already breaking up after just the 1st treatment. That must be encouraging to you. It seems a lot of people don't do the removal through the summer, because it makes their skin sensitive to the sun. Do you plan to keep doing it right through the summer, or are you going to take a break?

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I just wanted to add some new information to my...

I just wanted to add some new information to my post. The Laser they are using is called ALMA LASER (like my name!!) and I had some numbing cream applied one hour prior to the session but I did not feel like it helped at all.
I also wrote the doctor's office name wrong, they are called "GA Aesthetic Med Spa".


Wow really? I have 3 sessions left and my next one is scheduled November 4th. Do you think the laser will scar me? Also, what laser do you recommend? Thanks for your comment.

Thank you so much for letting us know what type of laser is being used - that is very helpful info!! How funny that it's like your name, guess its the right one for you! ;)

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I've never used numbing cream, it is too expensive where I go. If you find a numbing cream that works somewhere else let me know what it is because I'd love to try it.

After my first session I kept it covered for about 6 days, but now I don't really cover it for more than 3-5 unless there's blistering. I can't stand having it covered, but with yours being so close to your pants, it's probably a good idea to do it. I personally think 14 days is a little long though and as long as it isn't blistered i think a week would be plenty. Once is scabs there isn't much of a chance of anything getting to it. Just my opinion though!

Hi, just had my 2nd tattoo removal session. I used...

Hi, just had my 2nd tattoo removal session. I used a prescribed numbing cream this time so it was much less painful than the first time. It's just prescription LIdocaine if you are wondering. I got it prescribed by my physician after I told him it was for the tattoo removal. I will try to post pictures tomorrow as today it is still covered.


Hey I see your removing a tattoo on hip/stomach... How painful is it?? I have tattoos on each side and I want them removed... I don't want a scar... So I haven't got it removed yet.
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Here is the picture of the day after my second...

Here is the picture of the day after my second session. It doesn't seem to be as irritated as the first time and I don't see any blisters yet. I will keep it covered until it heals. I hope I see more fading again this time...

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I went in for my third treatment this morning and...

I went in for my third treatment this morning and yet again I had a different person removing it. This person was much more knowledgeable than the last person. The last session was not as good as the first one and I did not see fading at all. I am considering switching providers although I am already scheduled for my next (4th) treatment. I cannot post pictures today because it is still covered but I will post soon. Again I used the prescription lidocaine for numbing.

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Just wanted to post the pictures I have available....

Just wanted to post the pictures I have available. The laser technician did a much better job than the last person. I have lots of blistering today and I will post pictures of that later. Here are the pictures of the day after the session.


Looking good so far, especially only 3 tx's in! How old is the tattoo?
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Hey it's about 5 years old. I'm 23 now. Got it right at 18. Yes I can definitely see some fadig .
For sure.. the newer the tattoo, the easier the removal. Good for you

I am posting a picture of my tattoo 3 days post my...

I am posting a picture of my tattoo 3 days post my 3rd treatment. The picture is pretty gruesome, it's after some of the blisters have burst. It blistered A LOT this time. At first I had little tiny blisters and by the end of the day it turned into many big blisters and a huge blister in the middle. I have been keeping it covered and applying Neosporin to it. A lot of the blisters burst when I was sleeping and during the day today. Due to the blistering I am hoping to see a lot of fading this time. I will keep you posted.


Just wondering how your fading is now after your third treatment and some healing has taken place.
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Hi, actually i'm a little upset and will discontinue my treatments until further notice. I have noticed a lot of fading of the black ink after this treatment but I think it hypo-pigmentated my skin. From my research I hope my normal skin color will come back but I don't know for sure. Most people say that hyper-pigmentation and hypo-pigmentation from lasers usually returns back to normal so I'm hoping this is my case. I don't see why this happened since I take good care of not popping the blisters and not picking at the scab.

Mine blister just like yours!  I am excited to see more pic updates.  I hope you get it off quick! :)

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GA Aesthetic Med Spa

I knocked off some stars off my provider because they had different people working there and I don't know how experienced the person was. I didn't feel as comfortable as the first time. I really hope to see more fading this time.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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