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The Last Thing to Go After Losing 30 Pounds!! That Darn Tummy! - Alpharetta, GA

Hi, I'm 33 and my entire life I have been very...

Hi, I'm 33 and my entire life I have been very athletic, played competitive sports throughout college and continued to be very very active throughout my adult years. I have always been chubby. I was a fat kid and grew up as a girl who hid it well. Pretty face, great hair and I could hide my tummy well. I would win the boys with my face but they wouldn't stick around...I have never worn a two piece bathing suit in my life.

When I was 25 I joined Weight Watchers and quickly lost the extra 30 pounds my body had been carrying with my for years. It was like my body knew the weight it wanted to be. It was all about portions. I could exercise twice a day and not lose weight but if I watched what I ate and didn't drink in excess the weight would stay off. However, my damn hanging tummy was staying put. I'm 5'8" and a very healthy, fit weight of 150 (at the time of surgery). I am a certified yoga instructor in addition to working a full time job that I love in the field of internet advertising. I have always had a poor self image and decided it was time that I deserved to have the body I wanted and that I deserved. I was very scared because I thought only women who've had babies have tummy tucks and that I was copping out. I don't have a baby and I want kids so it's a huge sacrifice to do it before having kids.

By the way, it doesn't prevent you from having kids at all I'm just sure I'll want to do this again (God, Help me) after I do. At the time of surgery I had a 4 inch separation in my transverse muscle and was ready to say goodbye to my tummy. Anyway, it's been the best thing I've ever done for myself. I have a wonderful boyfriend who is so supportive and loving and would do anything to make me happy. I didn't take any pre-op photos as I couldn't bare to so once I get them from my doc I'll post. At the time I'm writing this I'm 27 days post op and feeling better every day!

U look great!
Good for you girl. We all deserve to feel happy with our body. Congrats on losing weight. I'm a lifetime member of WW. It's the most amazing diet b/c it's healthy eating for life. Good luck in your recovery. You already look hot!

5 months and finally happy I did this! pictures added

Hi everyone,

I'm 5 months post op and finally feeling confident about my decision to have had a tummy tuck. It's been a roller coaster but definitely worth it. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I find myself to be even more critical of my body now but I'm starting to see some results so it makes it all worth it. I still don't feel like myself physically and get frustrated not being able to go into full twists in yoga, do upward facing dog, do handstands on the spot, and find myself in pain for 2 days after slipping on the sidewalk and using my abs to the extreme to hold me up. It also hurts/feels weird to run and anything involving jumping. I still feel numb and tingly a lot of the time. I am massaging regularly and I think that helps a lot. I have a hard time relaxing my belly and feel like the repaired muscles are coming "un done." I know they aren't but it's hard to continuously try to think like a "skinny" girl and not revert back to the yucky tummy mindset. I have been doing p90x regularly (still don't do the plyometrics, cardio and full ab ripper) as well as my regular yoga. All in all I'm feeling good. My boyfriend told me that I have more of an hour glass figure the other day and it made my week! I hope everyone is doing well!
Ps our befores look very similar
Oh my gosh I feel the same frustrations about my recovery. When will it all be normal again?!?!. So weird to not be able bend my waist into poses that we're once so easy for me. And what's up with that tingling? I'm trying to break up with my CG but tbd. Boy what a journey this has been hub? Dude you lo fabulous btw!
Melisrw78...just looked thru your pics and u look great. U mention the lower bump being your ab muscle. How do u know? We look similar but i feel "thick" at my lowest part of my abs where my underwear sits....and yes the tingling can take a hike!!
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