My MMO is Tomorrow! - Alpharetta, GA

Initially I went in to the Swan Center for just a...

Initially I went in to the Swan Center for just a breast lift and was scheduled for surgery on the 21st of January. I interviewed three PS total and settled on Dr. Fardo. Although I felt like all three were great PS (Checked certifications and malpractice issues on state board websites), Dr. Fardo made me feel like my concerns were valid and he was REALISTIC. I appreciate the candor.

Anyway, I ended up going back a few days later and inquired if a TT and lipo on my inner thighs would be a good idea for me. After he evaluated me and said healthwise, he thought i could do it all in one shot. Yes! So I scheduled it all!

About me; 5'4, 150 pounds and just turned 49... I workout 3-5 days per week, usually weight lifting and kickboxing or stairmaster...but i just cannot lose this tummy bulge...(Two kids-now teenagers) Besides the tummy bulge, my breast look great, only in a bra : (...otherwise I look like a pigmy woman. Not attractive at all. The other area of sheer stubborness is my inner thighs. I can't tell you the number of leg excercises I've done in the last two years and my legs look and feel good, except these darn inner thighs. So I am hoping to get any sleep tonight because the anxiousness of this all is really getting to me! So here are the before pics and will post Post photos soon. Please keep me in your prayers, as I do have a bit of fear going as well

How did it go?
Thank God all went well- still recovering and I understand it takes time before I'm back to normal but patience is key. I think I'll start my own profile - I feel like I'm overshadowing luckybear89.
I'm just recovering from mini tuck, breast lift with augmentation, and lipo to flank areas and approaching the 2 week mark on Friday. The first week it's very important to stay hydrated. I can't stress it enough. At times I thought I was gonna pass out with lightheadedness but once I really followed post op instructions, about 1 glass of water or Gatorade per hour while awake. Also make sure u have snacks like fruits, nuts and even protein bars.. Appetite is poor at first so think protein n fiber for best healing for your cells. Best wishes on ur recovery and congrats on your surgery!

Well i have been absent and unable to update due...

Well i have been absent and unable to update due to my post recovery. So here is the update; Day one-The surgery took 6 hours and by the time I got home, I was out of it. Girls, if you have a high rise bed, it is really difficult. My husband had to pretty much help me in and out of bed 99% of the time with most of the effort on his part. On Day two, I was feeling pretty good and thinking "this isn't so bad"...i talked to my BFF on the phone and was so excited that overall i was feeling pretty darn good. By late evening on day two, i started to feel, hear and experience a lot of gas building up that I could not expel. With a tummy tuck, the last thing you want to do is push. Well ladies this has been so far the WORST part of my experience. It became so painful, I was in tears. That night I barely slept because the pain from the gas was that bad. Day 3; The next morning, my husband called the doctor and he had him go get me GAS-X...That helped me, but not until late that evening. Once I was able to expel the gas, I felt SO MUCH better! Trust me, I knew I was feeling better when I heard myself talking about the joys of passing gas : ) By that evening, i was able to get in and out of bed on my own and i was standing up much straighter. As far as "other" pain, I am feeling a pain under my surgical bra and i think it is coming from the drain. it has a bit of a burning sensation. I have a doctors follow up appointment this morning, where I will find out. i have not taken any post op pictures yet, but will post when I do. The other discomfort i have is in my back (like a lot of the TT ladies)...Sleeping strictly on my back is completely foreign to me. i am the type that rolls around all night...So I will continue to follow up now that I am feeling up to the task.

Just got back from my doctors and the drains from...

Just got back from my doctors and the drains from the breasts came out, which was such a relief because my right side was burning me a bit. The abdomen drains stayed in for now. Saw my stomach, and OH MY GOSH, FLAT! So happy! Boobs were perky, but swollen...but so far I am so pleased with everything so far. I had that bad third day, but outside of that has not been horrible bad. The doctor told me to go get Milk of magnesia since I have not had a BM, which he said will cause a tremendous amount of pain if I don't have one soon. So I ate something, drank that and am waiting for my body to respond accordingly :) Another thing is I'm off my pain meds. I took two ibuprofens this morning and that was sufficient.
Luckybear- I can't wait to see after pics!!!

Thank you for your updates! I'm glad you're on the mend and that your tummy looks so flat! That's very exciting.

Looking forward to to reading more of your story. And yay for passing gas!


Well today is a an okay day... Last night was the...

Well today is a an okay day... Last night was the first night I really felt like I had been hit by a car ( not that I ever have)....I know I have quite a bit of bruising from my MMO, but I already knew I bruised easy before. So the pain I experienced was that bruising all over my back was achey from being only on my back while sleeping... That is really difficult for me, and I did try to lay on my side but my stomach stitches did not allow that. Even with this pain, I have decided to try not to use anymore pain meds...I am way more sensitive to prescription addiction from being a witness to it happen to someone close to me. So two ibuprofen again this morning. So another day of R & R is in my cards, which is just fine since it is so cold where I'm at today. I did take some time today to get myself reaquainted with the myfitnesspal app so I can start logging my food macros and make sure I don't destroy all this money and effort. Until tomorrow friends....
Just read your story. Congratulations! "Pigmy woman" haha! Love it! I can relate. My husband tells me I look like I can be on national geographic.( he is so lucky my self esteem is not in the toilet). Best of luck to you!!
Honeydoo72, so funny and boy do you have thick skin! I would have used my kickboxing training on my husband if he was the one to call me a pygmy woman : ) lol

Hey Ladies, so last night I decided to take ONE...

Hey Ladies, so last night I decided to take ONE pain pill because I ran out of ibuprofen...Wowza, I had the absolute worst dreams/nightmares....outlandish and scary all mixed up until i woke myself up screaming! NO MORE PAIN PILLS FOR ME! Once I woke myself up, I repositioned all my mountains of pillows and slept the rest of the night well. Since I have not taken a shower yet per PS orders, I finally washed my hair in the kitchen sink, took off my undergarments and took a luxurious sponge I do feel 100% better now that I have fresh, clean smelling hair and body : ) Well here I am 5 days Post Surgery and I feel really good. I am pleased with the outcome so far....I can't wait to get the last two drains out and take some PO pics to post.

So I have a tiny update/question; When I was at...

So I have a tiny update/question; When I was at home by myself today and decided to shower and wash my hair...I also did a load of laundry of my own clothes (so not a huge load-probably 6 pieces of clothing plus my surgery garments.) I did nothing more than that, but let me tell you, I really felt it a few hours afterwards. Is this normal?? Here I think I am feeling pretty good and a few hours later feel the pain in the TT incision area, boobs feel heavy, etc. i'm going to see where else i can post to ask this question, because I am really thinking that true normal may be somewhere past week 6, 7, 8 or even beyond?? Oh boy, and if that's the case....I really need to figure out how i am going to organize my life to create the least amount of negative impact.

I have no idea how to edit an update, so I will...

I have no idea how to edit an update, so I will re-phrase this...I did a sponge bath not a shower and washed my hair in the kitchen sink....
We have often joked about the National Geographic look too, lol!! Anxious to see your new pics. Hope your healing continues to go well

Well I do have something to update now....I got 1...

Well I do have something to update now....I got 1 out of 2 drains removed! I was scared stiff, I can't believe another post I read today where someone removed there own drains! Really?? and I took a full on shower, the first since my surgery on the 21st. I finally feel like a woman! lol. Because the doctor feels I still have some draining to do, he wanted to keep the other drain in until Friday or next week Tuesday. Either way, I'm fine with it, I would rather keep the drains in rather than have them have to aspirate it later.... I am still on rest dishes, laundry etc. for at least another week. I am taking the doctors orders seriously because I definately do not want to take two steps back in my recovery. So I managed to take a couple of keep in mind I am still swollen. Overall, i am pleased with my progress thus far.
You look great!!!! Hope you have a speedy recovery!
Thank you Honeydoo72!
Just read your review. Sounds like you are doing well - as well as the rest of us, anyways! I am POD 20 and I defintetly feel spent after not that much expenditure of energy. It is definitely better - but then you can tend to overdo yesterday (did 3 things on a outibng yesterday, paying for it today). You pygymy woman comment cracked me up. I called mine Boobs of the Serengetti. Haha. Keep your chin up - it is a slow upward climb, this recovery thing!

Today was a turning point for me...I feel so much...

Today was a turning point for me...I feel so much better. I thought I was feeling good before, but today there is a marked difference in how I feel. The soreness feeling that I think i have just gotten use to is significantly less. Ironically, last night I was feeling really worn out and really sore and went to bed early...I slept really, really well so maybe that helped with how I'm feeling today. But I also know this does not mean I get to go run around, clean, do laundry etc....this means that I am healing because i am taking it easy. I still have one drain in, that will be taken out on Tuesday. I can't wait to get into jeans and a regular top, living in stretchy pants and flannel shirts is wearing on me. Even though I am SO HAPPY I did this, i really wish all my years of working out and eating pretty well would have done the trick on my tummy (nothing but surgery would have fixed my boob issue).....i just don't get how all the girls with flat stomaches can do it with exercise and food alone?? Oh well, now I just have to keep my tummy flat by eating as best as I could!
I am using the same ps, I think you look fantastic! I hope my results look similar. Did you get lipo on your flanks? If so where does he do it? Hips, back? Thanks for the pictures I helps me see where he puts the scar it really low
Thank you...I am 100% happy I did this and totally satisfied with my breast lift and far as my inner thighs lipo, that is yet to be determined. I know there is still some swelling so hopefully once that goes away, I can see the improvement. I did get lipo on my flanks, but I swear I have no idea where he did it! He told me he was going to do it and I assumed he did it through the TT incision...I have no other scars in that region, so I guess that is how he got to the flanks....Now your making me wonder, lol! Good luck to you and you did make a great decision to go with Dr. Fardo and the Swan center...they have been nothing but courteous, kind and helpful! Keep me updated!

Today was my 6 week appointment. I have been...

Today was my 6 week appointment. I have been feeling great! And now I can start my workout routine again, just at a lighter pace. I was also given the green light to wear a normal bra (Yippeee), and lose the binder if i want. i can also sleep braless and on my stomach...looking forward to no bra at night. it may feel so foreign, I may end up back in it : ) I would do this all again in a heartbeat, completely satisfied with my results, with Dr. Fardo and especially with all the kind staff at the Swan Center in Alpharetta, GA.
I love your results! U look great!
You look awesome!
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Did my research to make sure i was getting my procedure done by an ASPS certified doctor. i interviewed three and settled on Dr. Fardo because I just felt the level of comfort that I needed.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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