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Arrived half hour early so they went ahead and put...

Arrived half hour early so they went ahead and put on numbing creme after having me wash my face with special solution. Waited 1..5 hours (right at my appt time) the girl collected me (I will post her name when I remember it) and took me upstairs to the treatment room. Very pleasant conversationalist and seemed an expert at the procedure. She listened to my facial areas of concern, wiped my face with achoal and got started. She was very good with the instrument and keep a light conversation going while asking me how I was doing now and then. Overall the procedure was just a tad bit painful and only in certain spots. Pain 1-10 it was a 1.5 and only occasionally.

Took an anti-viral just after and will take one tonight then two per day. I purchased the medical grade recovery skin after care package as well.

I've been home about three hours and there is no pain and just a bit of swelling. As I understand it most of the swelling will occur overnight and I might be a balloon head in the morning. I have 11 days off for recovery, wish me luck.

Thank you for sharing your review.  It's nice that you have 11 days to recover:)

Keep us up to date on how the healing is going from day to day.

Day Two: Lots of swelling, don't recognize myself in the mirror. Absolutely no pain or discomfort at all other than the feel of the gel I keep on my face.

Day 4 A lot of the swelling has gone away but...

Day 4

A lot of the swelling has gone away but still super puffy. Itching quite a bit (healing symptom). Using a plastic fork with dull tines to gently stroke when super itchy, it is working well. Couple of xanax here and there to lessen the itch intensity. However, no pain whatsoever!

The washing is going well, I am being super gentle (hope that is correct way). This morning after washing I noticed a lot of peeling skin when replacing the lubricating gel on my face. Good sign I think. Overall, can't really see any under skin yet but very hopeful of the outcome.

I posted my 4 day pic.

Day 5 A ton of shedding occurred overnight in...

Day 5

A ton of shedding occurred overnight in my sleep. Mostly my chin area is completely peeled off now showing promising pink skin underneath. Not really uncomfortable just ready to fully peel so the sandpaper feel is all gone. :)

Still swollen a bit (wish some of the swell look would last!). :)

I'll report back tomorrow.

Day 6 Sorry for photo quality, my camera is...

Day 6

Sorry for photo quality, my camera is acting up. Today most all of the heavily hit areas are all peeled off. However, the lightly hit areas have not shed at all, they are just brown. Hope the skin does not stay stuck! Sure it won't but got to worry a lil bit. LOL

Overall today is itchy and the skin that has peeled looks fantastic. I know this won't last as most is swelling. It's a process over six months so I am willing to watch the magic happen. Hopefully patiently. :)

Day 7 Am almost completely peeled except for...

Day 7

Am almost completely peeled except for around the hairline, forehead and a couple spots on my cheeks. Overall look is smooth and while there are still spots, some of it is redness but looks like most of the dark spots have left the building. I would say at this point, I would do this again and maybe again. :) I think I got about 40% to 60% (depending on area) of improvement. Worth the downtime and very minimal pain.

I tried makeup for the first time today as I plan to go out tomorrow and am still obviously red. I used ID mineral that I had on hand. I only did half my face so it would show in the 7th day photos. I did not use any blush or bronzer yet to even down to my neck so the pics look a little weird. But I figured today would be a good day to practice the whole shebang before public time tomorrow. I'll post full make up tomorrow.

Day 8 Just a tad bit of peeling left at the...

Day 8

Just a tad bit of peeling left at the hair lines. Skin looks great, refreshed. I will probably do this again to get more results but am completely pleased with the results thus far.

This will be the last pic I post for a while. Will update in 30 days.

Adding a side by side to compare before and after....

Adding a side by side to compare before and after. I think I got good improvement from the procedure even tho I hate these two pics. LOL
thank you for posting your results! I got a living social deal for this same place in Dallas and booked an appointment in Nov. for the CO2 laser.
Hi who did this you look gorgeous .

Hi can you email where you got this done this is amazing wow. Thanks xxx D********************************


I purchased a Groupon deal for this procedure. Cost was right and they treated me like I paid full price. That's pretty darn cool!

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