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Tummy Tuck & Lipo 6 months and 1 week pics

I am 23 year old i have a son that is 3 and i have...

i am 23 year old i have a son that is 3 and i have decided not to have more kids for medical reason before i became pregent with my son i lost about 50 pounds than i gained it all back pulse more after birth i than was 199lb at birth and i would go up and down with my weight all the time i decided that i would do a tummy tuck i had my consultation with my ps on may 19 2011 he weighed me and i weighed 186.4 he recommended that i lose about 20lb and to call back i called back on aug 15 2011 to make another appt. i am right now at 164.0lb my appt is on aug 29 2011 i hope to get done to 155.0lb before than

Today was a good day alittle scared now about the...

today was a good day alittle scared now about the consultion again because of my family and friends some keep telling i shouldnt do it that it is going to be very painful and i would need about 6 weeks in bed any opionion anyone

thank so much anyone have a opionion on hiow to rate my doctor because it wont let me post anything less until i rate ny doctor it saying to me help

Looks like you are now all set!   Welcome to RealSelf:)


Well, six weeks in bed sounds pretty extreme, more like several days to a week, and then lots of rest after that. You will be swollen for quite some time (months), but will slowly get better with each passing day. You can do this!


Hi will my pre-op appt was changed for tomo friday...

hi will my pre-op appt was changed for tomo friday 26 2011 and i am kind of nervous not sure wat question to really ask and i hope he could still do it on the 8th i havent been feeling my best been dizzy and stuff i think its stress

My appt today is at 1:00pm I am so nervous I...

My appt today is at 1:00pm I am so nervous I honestly am very scared about this whole thing I my whole thing is going crazy having just wierd dreams about the whole thing and I don't now how to feel reall

I just got back fronm my pre op appt it want very...

i just got back fronm my pre op appt it want very good doctor told me everything i had to do and not do i am feeling better about the appt and everything so i am less than 2 weeks a way feeling very good

My doctor give all the paper work and I fanlly...

My doctor give all the paper work and I fanlly paid for the tt and lipo he did say he was going to do mr on me and I would have to stay in the hospital over night which is pretty good since most on here go home the same day he told me I can't take my vitamins or my flex seed oil which is a bummer any other doctor has told any one that will I and about a week and a half away and I am getting nervous and also my doctor didn't give me any meds yet for pain is that normal any idea of what I should buy do feel more comfortable
Thgank tara that is very helpful I have a 3 year old and I am a single mom so that one of the things I am worried about as will I know my mom will help me with him bout not sure for how long
Hi! I had my tt And boobies done on aug 17 ... You will def
Be i'n bed. 6 weeks but you do def Need a good 7 days give
Or take i'n bed ... I
Came home and completely
Over did it by just going up and down stairs and two days post op my ps had
To go i'n and
Reposition my BB bc of severe swelling Which was the most painful thing I've ever been through ! And yes the surgery is extremely painful but I'd do it again If I had too! :) hope that helps

Will tomo I will have ny blood work done and pay...

Will tomo I will have ny blood work done and pay the rest of the payments off and I would will be down I am scared and confused about the whole thingf my family aren't really all that supported at all and I find that on this site no one really gives me advice or talks to me I don't know ijust feel so alone in this whole percess and I don't know what to do I haven't been sleeping well at all I don't just feeling really alone in the whole thing

Just checking in to see how you are doing today?

Hey Dominicanrican,
You are not alone. Don't be discouraged. People (specially family members) will always have something to say about your choices. As long as you are certain that this is something you want don't even worry about what they have to say. At the end of the day they are not the ones walking around in your skin and feeling uncomfortable. I got similar reactions when I finally decided to go forward with it but I don't care what others say. I'm positive that this is what I want to do. Please keep me posted. Your surgery is coming up pretty soon!!! I'm so very excited for you. You are scheduled for the 8th which is next Thursday exactly a week from tommorow. Nice!!!! Keep your head up and good luck. I hope you have a smooth recovery.

How did your appointment go?


Sorry i havent updated in a while after my appt on...

sorry i havent updated in a while after my appt on weds 31st 2011 i dicided to take a little 6 hours trip to canada and i just back today on tuesday my appt went well on weds the hospital give me all the insertion i needed and the soap to wash with before the TT and they told me that the pain meds would be given to me at the hospital i dont really know how that would work because i dont think i would want to be anywhere but my house but we will see i can not believe that i am only two days away i thought that the day would go very slow and its gone by so fast QUICK QUESTION: i bought a heating/cold pack and also gauze but thats it any one recomended anything else i would need for recovery that woulds be great
Stool softener and milk of magnesia ... Lots of pillows I'f you don't have recliner .... Benadryl , maxi pads for oozing ! Clean towels ...straws .... Tylenol pm , tons of water to drink, food that is filled w protein (helps healing ) pineapple ( good for swelling) , ginger ale , saltines,
lol wat is milk of magnesia for and wat are the straws for and wat i mean maxi pads for wat oozing lol

Well i got the phone call from the hospital i have...

well i got the phone call from the hospital i have to be there tomo at 11am i am so nervous i am really freaking out i go to the store and i buy nothing i and scared of the pain i will indure i am also feeling really sad about my old tummy its been apart of me so long i will i feel after it is not apart of me anymore lots of weird emontions right now i want to cry laugh smile do so many things i keep cleaning i keep thinking about how i am not going to be able to carry and play with my son like before for a while i am lets just say a big mess right now

Here are pics of me today the night before the TT...

here are pics of me today the night before the TT at 163.2 lb

Well it is 1am and i can not sleep at all i have...

well it is 1am and i can not sleep at all i have to be at the hospital at 11am i have no idea why but my abs are killing me i think they are stresses lol i bought the MOM and i also have something called senokot but not sure when i should start taking them i also wanted to buy something to put on my scar after would i was think about mederma or vitamin e any one have any tips
Prayers coming your way!!! You are most likely in surgery or being prepped right now. I pray for you to have a smooth outcome and speedy recovery.
Good luck on your surgery!
Good luck tommorow. I'm having a tt in a little over amonth. Im super nervous. Wondering if it 'll be anything like my c-section that was a painful recovery. Keep me posted I love to hear the rest of the story after your surgey.

Well i am alive i went to the hospital on the 8th...

well i am alive i went to the hospital on the 8th of sept at 11am the doctor was kind of late the last time i saw was 1:45pm and than it was 6:30pm i woke up with the biggest pain in my thought i couldnt breathe at all and my whole family was waiting in the room for me the funny thing was i did not relieve that i was on the meterantiy floor of the hospital and that my mom had told everyone i gave birth to a 3 pound baby girl lol sooooo funny because i was so out of it because of the drugs everthing my mom asked to i said yes to i stayed at the hospital and that was the best thing ever because i was in pain and they would just give me pain meds threw the iv i admire all of u that go home the same day i dont know how u doit my docotr discharged me last night on the 9th of sept at 6pm they olny put one drain in which i thought was kind of odd but i am staying at my grandma house no internet but it a hadicap house so everything is really close thank god she has a recliner chair that stands u up all the way so i could go pee on my own they give me vicodin for pain but ithink today i am doing good because i havent needed it at all today but believe me they are close by i took a bath today it felt like heaven today the warm water hey my doctor told me not to but dressing wat he said is to use a clean white cotton t-shirts and wear it that it fit in to my garmet and use that as dressing it great i have some pic to put up as soon as i can thanks all for everything i will write as soon as i can my back is killing me from wrting this bye
Thank u! I look forward to Ur post as u heal & Ur pics of after TT.
Have a great evening!
sending you healing thoughts...glad to hear you're on the mend.
So glad to see you were able to update and you are ALIVE lol. Hangbin there I'm sure you will be just fine.

Well i am three days post-op and i am not taking...

well i am three days post-op and i am not taking any med for pain just my antibobictic which i think is great i do have a something to say why know one on here said anything about the painful massages they have to give u on the lipo area of ur body the first two day was hell it really really was i thought someone was ripping me up but today i noticed that they work i didnt have any pain waking up i took another shower "heaven" this morning and i am waking around pretty good now the only thing is my family tells me i walk with a hump in my back but like i tell them i dont even notice i am doing that so all day i hear is walk right up" with is funny to me

You look wonderful!   OMG a completely new tummy!   

yea it is completely weird to even think i did it kim i am so surprised with the results and that my doctor only put one drain in i thought it was always two and i am walking alot to heal faster

I knew you could do it:)


Day 4 post-op i am doing really good today i am...

day 4 post-op i am doing really good today i am down to draining 20ml every 12 hours and i called my doctor and he will see me on the 9/14/11 to see if he will take to drain out i still havent had a BM which really sucks i want to poop so bad but i really havent been eating that much and this morning at around 3 i got the sharpest pain and i didnt want to take my med so i just moved around but at 7am i couldnt take it anymore i had to take my pain meds i feel really sad because my son wants me to carry him and hug him like before but i cant and it suck so so bad its really hard seeing someone do things for him when i was the one that did everything for him before it just makes me sad but i cant even cry because it hurts to much to cry laugh cough it hurts but i wont let the pain keep me down at all i will fight threw it will got to go
Wow you look amazing hun, I cant wait for my turn. 6 more days.
I know how you feel! My 18 month old was
Scared of me at first but just give him lots or kisses and hugs and lay w him alot ! You will get stronger everyday and it
Be totally worth it! You look great already !
I still am amazed at how great u look! Not being able to hold my baby would upset me' too. Have u tried oatmeal to try to havea BM? That usually works for me'. Have a super day & take care of urself.

Day 5 Well i think i am staring to heal because...

day 5
Well i think i am staring to heal because i am itching like crazy and people say that's a good sign i think i over did it yesterday with my son because i had to take my pain meds last night and this morning i thought i was going to die can u imagine itching and hurting all at once not fun at all. i have something to say i am so tired of doing nothing all day and i miss working out so much i thought those words would never come out of my mouth but i do i want to go to the park and jog 3 miles and do my workout videos and all of it i miss it so much will i started on my health eating habits again but even that is tough because i am used working out at the same time and there is nothing to do o did have a little BM yesterday so that was good but nothing really new i know i have to be patience with this all but i want to work out it like my body is asking me for it
so yesterday I ate a Fiber One Bar & then I drank 2tbls of MOM... holy moly... i spent some good qt time in the bathroom & this am, I'm feeling much "lighter"... (I did that 4 days PO & had the same results...

you look great!!! especially from the back (not that cha don't look good from the front, but cha know what I mean) :)
thanks loves i know i cant believe i have a waist line it great
hey take the MOM and stool softeners and seriously drink tons of water..it will happen but it took me i think 5 days post op..once you go your swelling will go down even more....

Well i just got back from my appt with the ps and...

well i just got back from my appt with the ps and everything is good he took my drain out thank god i am free of the but he told me i have to work on standing up stright which is hard and newt wed i see him again

You are looking fantastic!

You go girl!!!! Drains out already!!! That is great. I hope you continue to have a speedy recovery. How are the lymphatic massages going and how many do you have to get a week?

9 day post-op well the worst thing i did...

9 day post-op
well the worst thing i did yesterdaY was go to the movies to see the lion king because i ate popcorn and soda and i blew up like a ballon i thought i was going to doing my hip where i got lipo on were rock hard all night i said no choice but to take my vicodin because i was so swollen this morning i woke up still in pain still swollen but it water water water for me today nothing with salt or very little salt at all maybe that will make it better but other than that i am good still cant take a shower how i want to by myself but it ok and everytime i take of my binder i feel like i and all wobbley it kind of funny how this little thing makes sure a difference in everything will that for today
Yes, you are probably correct, all the swelling is due to the popcorn and soda. I had half of a soda shortly after my surgery, and WAM...the bloat came was it ever painful. SInce then I haven't eaten or drank anything that has salt. If you flush your system today with water, that will help. Also I found that if I ate cucmbers it also helped my body to rid itself of the extra fluid.

You do look awesome and just think, it'll only get better!...Congrats on the new tummy!
hey .. i made the mistake of eating popcorn too and i blew up like a balloon...good for you for being able to go movies already!!! your looking fantastic already

That must be from all the salt???  Sorry that happened to you.


Day 10 well yesterday i was so so so tired...

day 10

well yesterday i was so so so tired and i think it was because of all the salt on friday night NEVER NEVER doing that again i felt so down yesterday i slept threw out the whole day on and off and than i got up no one was around to help me so a took a shower on my own and i washed mt hair thank god 10 day with out washing my hair was rough i just had to but afterwards back to bed thats when i was really tired i am having this weird feeling when i get out of bed my right side were i got the lipo has a painful stabbing feeling and i try to massage it out but it kills me to the point i have to sit down than it goes away i dont know what it is but this morning i woke up much better having regular BM now which is always good moral of the story KEEP AWAY FROM THE SALT!!!!!!!!

My binder the doctor give me is already very loose...

My binder the doctor give me is already very loose and i am swollon like a big ballon i hate it so much please help me u guys to find i new binder and where i could get one which is the best brand to get please help i and very sad on how i look now

New pics 10 days of how swollon i am is this normal

New pics 10 days of how swollon i am is this normal

Your swelling will go down and then you will feel better.  Hang in there because you need to ride this one out.  

I never wore a binder so I will need to have the other ladies help you with that one.  

Ok kimmer thank feeling i little down and feeling pretty fat again i hate that word but i feel bigger than before i just wanted to make sure its normal

Oh darlin it's all part of this healing process.  You will have good days and bad days so just hang on.  You are not fat I assure you of that.  

Try to focus ahead to spring time when you will be all healed and feeling fabulous.  You will get there and all of this will be worth it in the end.

Hugs for you:)


Ok day 11 last night i couldn't take it anymore...

Ok day 11 last night i couldn't take it anymore the pain and swelling was unbearable so i got up and went to the 24 hour walmart and i bought a tighter binder and the whole time my mom was yelling because she was saying its going to be to tight i bought one anyways and i wear it out the store and the whole night i did feel tight but better when i woke up this morning to check on everthing and that big ugly bumb i had on my left side is flat thank god i thought i was going to cry because its really flat i knew that the other binder i had was never going to flaten out at all but just one night and the swelling is down and that ugly side now is flat and smooth like my right side i am glad i bought i knew would be better when i saw the doctor give me en xlarge i knew it would be to big not even before my TT was i a size xlarge i am glad i trusted myself and my body because i have no pain and i am walking alot better
Oh I'f you feel better then you def made the right decision!! Im so glad you are feeling better ! I'm the same
Way I make my hubby pull my binder (velcro) as
Tight as he can and he thinks I'm nuts!!
Swelling is normal ... It will get better I promise and what type of binder are you in now? I still wear my big ugly original
Binder when I'm
Home and put on a flexees or spanx type
Of thing when I'm out ..... You should call and ask nurse if you can switch and what type the dr wants you in ... he may provide you w a smallee
New one ... Don't be afraid to ask! You Spent all that
Money they should through in a new
Binder !! Let me know what you end up with !!
Thanks tara i couldnt take the swelling last night i went a bought one last night and today the swelling way down i have an appt on weds with ps i will ask him than if it was ok but i feel so much better with the new one on

Day 14 well yesterday I want to my ps to get my...

Day 14 well yesterday I want to my ps to get my stiches out I had I lot of pressure above my BB and he said it my be fluid so he numb it and stuck a huge needle and it was just that lots of fluid I felt so much relief afterwards he told me he wanted to see me next week and he may have to take my fluid out if it builds upo again than he started taking out the stiches that hurt badly because they were already healing he give me a cream for the scar and have to put it on twice a day and told me I was ready for stage two gridle so I went to pick it up he wanted me to get a large but it was to big so the lady give me a size medium and it fit I haven't been a size medium in anything I can't even remember when it felt great than I went home to take a nap and when I woke I had gotten my period TMI I know but now the swelling please the bloating not fun at all on another good note tomo I start my massages with a professional my mom fanailly give up on it and got some else to do it I know I will be better for the fluid built up and the forming of the lipo area very excited will that's all I have been up right I have a heating pad on o yea I am down to 159.4 lb that is greatttttt!!!!!!!!
Hey, how are you doing? Any updated pictures? I'm so happy for you! I'm anxious to get my drain out tomorrow....and will be ven more excited nce the stitches are out! Take care
Hey Girlie!!! I hope you are doing better. I hope yesterday was a better day for you.

Well today i am 3 weeks post op and i feel pretty...

well today i am 3 weeks post op and i feel pretty good still some swelling mostly when i take off my gurdle but i have been good the doctor wants to see me in 4v weeks which i think is a good sign here i am at 3 weeks let me know wat ya think
I hope you're doing well! I've been waiting to hear from you again . I have my surgery in Friday and I'm so scared , almost want to back out.
hey soul sorry been so busy i hope everythng went well
Hey there u look so amazing ! I will say reading your blog made me feel less scared about having the procedure done. I'm 2 1/2 weeks post op but still have drains and swollen. I feel like I'm not going down although half if my tummy is gone I feel like i still stuck out sometimes . Guess I need to be patient . Are u following a diet if any kind? Just curious ??

I cant believe i am 11 weeks post op whoa its been...

i cant believe i am 11 weeks post op whoa its been a while since i logged in sorry about that but i have been doing so great i am back at the gym and still doing my massages i am sometime sore around the lipo areas and all so i have to keep my scar moist because it get tight if i don't i am alittle swollen still but that is normal so they say i am going to put pics up let me know wat really think thanks so much
I have to say you have AMAZING results..you look awesome!! congrats!
WOW..i am one week out from surgery so reading all these stories i can..and you are amazing..what a great end result!!!!
thank so much but still not hte end results lol i have a way to go before my end result but i am very happy with everything so far

Well everything is going so well i cant believe i...

well everything is going so well i cant believe i want shopping for the first time in for ever for jeans i am so happy to say i use to be a size 13 or 11 and now i was in shock when i went shopping i am a size 9 or 7 in juniors and size 6 or 4 in misses i cant believe it i thought that would never happen in my life i feel so good i even cried in the store people looked at me like i was crazy but i didnt care i even went home and fanilly threw away 5 size 15 to 13 size pants and even 2 size 11 i was so happy and felt so liberated to get rid of them it is the best felling in the world i didnt on my own to lose all that wight no pills no easy way out but just hard work and lots of well power well thats all i wanted to say i am feeling so good asnd i hope everyone can have that feeling i did
Wow you look great congratulations! I am debating on contacting your DR since i live in NJ and i like the fact that he keeps you over night instead of sending you home.

You look amazing!

This story has given me a sense of the journey ahead for all women considering this procedure.Thank you so much for the posted comments in this blog. I appreciate the sincerity and emotions poured out that feels like we are there by your side. Regarding the money spent it was well worth it. As long as you feel good about yourself it does not matter the money you paid as it will be forever. Thank you again.

Im back lol will i am 6 months 1 week post op i...

im back lol will i am 6 months 1 week post op i have not been on for a while i am down to 150lb which i am happy with but my goal is 140lb i have working very hard at it i have been going back to my ps and everything is very good except i have i little fat above my belly button which is the only thing i do not like and all so the my scar has become alittle thick so my ps told me he didnt like either of those things and that he would like to open me up again and clean out the scar after that he wants me to get radiation done so that the thickness will not return i guess that a trick rich people use to have nice flat scars i told my doctor that i DO NOT have the money to pay for that and he told me that since i have good insurance that he can make them pay for the precidure which i wasnt complaining about people tell if i am crazy that after 6 months i would let them open me up again and my answer was YES if i dont have to pay for it i would do it in a heart beat so that is where i am at right now just waiting to see if the insurance company will pay for it if not believe i am thrilled about my results
SI CHICA..... yes.
thank you! i decide to struggle to get close these last "25" or so pounds, even though many are telling me in another forum they did NOT wait and my Friend in FLA she did hers beautifully without the weight,as her fla. surgeon,did not make her wait,and she is flat and sexy stomach since last dec.2011.
but yet i am going to try to lose the extra add'l weight.

i was told by a top-surgeon in our nj/nj/pa
tri state area. actually a few who saying not too much more is needed,now that i drop like (As of today(44 pounds so happy!) three more pounds came off with a diet "supplement"help this time past week so i am stickin to that supplement,to get me down more and i am very healthy for 36 years so i am goin 2 do this.
and then postpone surgery from late april until may. gracias, thanks so much!
de nada chica.
your welcome,and thank you for mi support. i am now being told"wait until mi target weight ugh!" but i do not believe i am goin to do this,mi amiga she flew to fla. dr did hers, dr. told her no need to wait,we are same flabby mid section,same age,she
older i am mid 30s,but her stomach is flat as a board,sexi again,and i love it,YOURS is sexi hot too and i want to know DID U WAIT until your target or you just did it?
i am not going 2 wait,but will try to lose a lil more .
my schedule TT date is LATE APRIL,but i want it now lol but told 2 lose"a lil more"here by a nyc/nj
tri-state area, surgeon,my girlfriend surgeon fla.
said no need to.i just wanna get it done with already so excited.but i will lose hopefully another 10 pounds or 20.but it so hard.

gracia chica.
i would really tell u to wait that is my opinion because i got really close to my goal wieght i will feel really better if u wait that is whhy i pick my doctor because he would not do the surgery if i didnt lose the weight and he was right i know he told me to wieght because he really cared about my health so i suggest that u wait until than and dont worry i know its hard but if u ever need anything i am here
Dr. Edward Guarino

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5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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