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7 Years in the Waiting... I Have Arrived! (Tummy Tuck) - Allentown, PA

I have always been a small girl.... But after I...

I have always been a small girl.... But after I had my daughter all hell broke loose! At first I was sick throughout my pregnancy, I could not even eat, and lost 15 pounds. But when I was no longer sick the last two months of my pregnancy... I ate like I could eat no more lol... I was just so happy to eat that I went ham. Nevertheless I went from 140 to 197 during my pregnancy... And after birth I weighed 185...worked out went to 174...did hcg went down to 162...back up to 177 after my husband came into my life (he showered me with snickers and Pepsi) ha ha ha. So now I still work out but the gut still remains. Actually I got down to 152 because of stress and I still had a gut so I know I need a tummy tuck. Dr Wojick said I do have lose skin and fat so it does need to go ha ha ha.

So after the consult I scheduled the appt ASAP.. I'm scared and excited and scared at the same time! Special shot out to Stevie1girl for introducing me to this wonderful doctor. Check out her amazing transformation! Pre-op pictures coming soon.

Ayeeee... 5 more Dayssss

I can't believe that I have really less
Than five days until my tummy tuck!!!! At first I was really scared and thought that I may have scheduled the procedure too soon as I wanted to lose at least 10 more pounds and maybe wait until my child went on summer break but now I am happy that I am doing this sooner than later! My husbandwill be going on leave ffrom his job for 2 weeks to help me with my recovery and I just came from Walmart to get a couple of supplies, not much just Stoll softer, guaze, neoprene etc. I wanted to get a breakfast table stand but I didn't see one there for some reason. I will check Rite Aid. All I have to do now is switch out my living room cable box to HD to match my new HD 3D TV and I will be all set lol. Yessss... I want to be extra comfortable in the living room on my recliner as I recover! Any advice for 5 day pre op doings? I soooo can't wait to get rid of this kangaroo pouch!

Pre-op / before Pictures (Supplies)

Just a couple of pictures and supplies bought today.

Reminder of why I'm doing this...

So I went out shopping yesterday, nothing heavy, just some tops and was trying some shorts on trying to imagine what size I would be.. Smh... I can't wait to go bathing suit shopping... Any hoo, while in the dressing room these pictures reminded me why I was getting a tummy tuck.... All the hard work in the world would not get rid of this flab. If I was strung out on drugs and the skinnest in the world this stomach would have still been there. No more having to pull my pants up over my belly button to hide the pouch! Anyway... Take a look.

Less than 7 hour's away...

This just got real, got the call yesterday... Have you be at the hospital today at 7am...I go back to be prepped at 8:30am....It is 12:20am right now and I need to get some sleep. Got my bag all packed because you have to stay overnight at the hospital in which I love. I really don't want to be sent packing hours after my surgery. It's nice to have the nurses take care of me for a day. Now to calm my nerves....

Father God in the mighty name of Jesus, put your protective hand and shield around me, guide Dr. Wojick hands as he operates on me, let no hurt harm or danger come my way cover me with your blood Lord God and place your healing hands on me throughout my recovery. Lord I thank you for it now, in Jesus nameI do pray, Amen!
Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus!

In Jesus Name I Do Pray!

No typos allowed!

So glad I made it... I made it through...

Hey hours, am going to try to tell me my experience without dozing off... So here goes...
First off I want to thank God for getting through the surgery safely. God is truly amazing and showed me that everything was going to be okay before I went in. Do I arrived a little late but as soon as I got in they (nurse/Dr Wojcik) got to work. I gave a urine sample to make sure I wasn't pregnant... Dr. Wojick marked me I changed into my surgery clothes. For some reason, as soon as I saw the prepping room and Dr. Wojick I felt at ease. I thank God for that. The anesthesiologist came in to interview me, gave me medicine to calm my nerves, and then I got my IV in.. (oh and aunt flow started today :/.. They gave me a pad and disposable panties)... I started to "feel good" by the time they wheeled me in to the surgery room, mask on, and a couple of deep breaths later, I was knocked out and woke up to the surgery team telling me to wake up as if I just took a nap. That's exactly what it felt like. I felted refreshed!... I felt a little pressure and pain but not that bad at all... Got meds... Went to room... Been drinking water, eating ice, and taking meds all day... It's almost 12am now... I'm only up until I get my muscle relaxer dose and then I'm out for the night. Dr Wojcik came in to check on me twice I believe and one of his colleagues once. Just got my muscle relaxer as I was updating and the nurse says everything is fine... I blood pressure and breathing was good. She will be back in about an hour to give me my antibiotics... But I will be sleep lol... Here are a couple of sneak pictures I took of my incisions. I am very pleased!

So more pics

So Dr Wojcik is the truth... I mean just look at these pics and it's only day 1! I'm so happy and blessed.

Please excuse all the typos....

drugged up

Pics of belly without bandages...

So I really don't have an appetite but I eat now compared to say one and two of the surgery. I feel mostly tight and discomfort than anything. I have no bruising from the lipo which think is amazing bit one side does look more swollen then the other. I hope that is it just swollen and that's it. I need to chill though it's only day... I also hope that my belly button heals good and not have a black scar but if it does so be it, nothing a little Mac concealer can't fix if it shows.. Ha ha ha

Oh yeah... The pictures


Before and During (3 days Post op)

3 days after surgery

Got the drains out today

And I am soooo happy... One step closer to feeling normal now! It didn't even hurt.... I am so excited... Bought a new bra from Victoria Secret and the lady who fitted me for a bra actually said I was to tinny for a 38 DD and took me down to a 36 DD. I wore a
34C before I had my daughter so I was happy that I close to that at least Waist wise. I am pretty swollen right now so I look like it in these pictures but I still look alot better in my clothes. I tried in stuff that I bought 2 years ago and didn't wear because of my gut!

The rest of the pics

Swollen while trying on clothes.

Pictures with clothes

It's nice to be able to wear a dress and look the way I'm supposed to look with out a fat jelly belly. So far so good.... Cutting back in pain meds.
Pennsylvania Plastic Surgeon

Very honest and genuinely concerned about you and your health and your results. Very personable and caring. Everyone in the Dr. Office had good things to say about him and some of the workers referred family members to him.

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Hello Bellyboop, Thanks so much for sharing your story! You look great!! I am ready for my TT. I am in the process of shopping around for a surgeon. I am not too far from Allentown - about a 2.5 hour drive. Considering your results and one other Realself sister plus the price, I would travel the distance. I have a few questions: 1. What was the consultation fee? 2. Did the price of your TT include a night in the hospital? 3. What should I expect from the consultation - will the dr do any 3D imaging, etc.? Thanks so much for your time!
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I am interest in going to him did he tighten your muscle also and can you post more pics cause I know every month it's gets better
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Also, do you have to wear a compression garment? Would love to see how yours look, I may need to purchase another one.
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Hi my compression garment was provided by the hospital I will post a picture in a little. It is medical grade and not as tight as those fajas people wear in which I don't think they are supposed to be that tight. And for the next step y I you can get a flexies or a spanks not a extra tight girgldle.
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Awesome thanks for the info. I was given a garment today when the drains were taken out. It is extremely tight, hard to breathe :( and was told once it gets lose, I will need a smaller one to be tight again as it helps to shape you. I was just wondering if all PS require the same since I don't see many people posting about it.
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Marena Garments r the best with all procedures. Fr Lipo to TT. That's what I used for my Lipo and will use for my future TT. So comfortable. A lil pricey. They have a website too.
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Thank you! I just read reviews and they sound great. Do you know any stores that carry them? I only found them available online and would like to try it on before purchase :)
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it didn't hurt me either when he took my drains out and now it's such a good feeling you can really start to see the difference
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look at you you look wonderful he did such a good job
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Yes thanks boo I am so happy.
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How are you doing?
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Hi there I am also from PA (Easton) looks like we both had surgery on same day and had drains taken out today. I went to Miami for my surgery because of the price difference. I had an extended tummy tuck with lipo and muscle repair and breast lift augmentation with silicone implants for $8000 all included! I tried shopping around PA but around Easton I was getting quoted well over $8000 for just the TT alone! Not even including lipo, appointments. I see your tummy tuck was around 5-6,000, did that include lipo as well?
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Hello, yes that included lipo to the flanks and I see also heddid extra lipo around my back fat in the sides it seems. Dr. Wojick is an excellent doctor.
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Not bad! If I knew about your PS before I got mine I probably would've went with him so I didn't have to travel and be away from my family for so long.
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Yeah... Well u look great so you made an excellent choice and you got a semi vacation ha ha
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Congratulations! Looking great:)
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Thanks hun!
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Congratulations! God is good all the time!
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Yes he is and thank you.
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You look good. Were you able to walk the next day.
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Yes I was... Actually by that night I wanted to walk buy I had to wait until the next morning when they took the cathier* out.
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Wow! Amazing, looks really good
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Congrats. U look great
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Thanks hun
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Looking good!! :-) welcome to the flat side I had mine on may 12th and I'm feeling pretty good. Hope you feeling good as well. Heal quick!! :-)
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