I am thinking about committing to a tt on 4/16 and...

I am thinking about committing to a tt on 4/16 and then going on a beach vaca 5.5 weeks post op. Am I nuts? I don't need a bikini bod by then I just need to know I will be able to hang in a chaise comfortably and walk the beach. I don't want to be miserable and ruin the trip for my family. Any thoughts? Btw, I had a c section 19 years ago, am a tough cookie and will rest po.

Going for it! 4-16. Working on my prep and plans!...

Going for it! 4-16. Working on my prep and plans! Cant wait!

Pre op testing done! 19 days to go. Mentally...

Pre op testing done! 19 days to go. Mentally preparing for revovery! Lots to do to get ready!

Ok, I paid for my surgery today and am waiting on...

Ok, I paid for my surgery today and am waiting on my pre op labs to come back. 14 days from tomorrow! I have noticed a lot of different ways to handle the post op care. My ps does the cg for 2 weeks then you go to spanx for 4. I can shower the day I come home, put on a clean white tshirt under my cg and I'm good to go. I'm very glad my ps seems a bit progressive in his methods. I was talking with one of the girls from the office and she said they never have infections! Good to know.I think the hardest thing for me is going to be staying still for 2 weeks. I am a real estate agent and I just came off a wave and I need to build it back up again! I have people I can count on, I am still going to be going nuts. I want of narcs as soon as possible. I am hoping the good habits I have put in place over the last year will pay off in faster healing. Hope all are well!

I ate so bad at lunch! Cheeseburger, fries and a...

I ate so bad at lunch! Cheeseburger, fries and a shake. Bluck! Bad girl!

So my hubby really pissed me off the other day. We...

So my hubby really pissed me off the other day. We had made plans to take the day off and go shopping and spend the day together. The morning before he wiggles out of it by saying why don't we wait until after your surgery? I said we don't have to shop we can go hiking and have lunch and just hang. He said no and went to work on Friday. As Friday turned into an awesome day weather wise, I really started to get pissed. I realized that I won't be able to do anything fun like hiking until June and I lost it on him, many times on Friday. This week work has me tied up in knots as I have lots to get done before next Tuesday. But, I keep going back to being pissed about Friday. So, is this pre surgery emotions or do I have every right to be mad? So how much of my mood right now is surgery jitters and how much of it is ligit anger. Sorry to be a negative cloud but I can't seem to get myself out of this place.

I am putting my trust in the process and hoping...

I am putting my trust in the process and hoping all goes well! Happy healing to all the tt sisters!

Oh my. All was as others said but ive been naeous...

Oh my. All was as others said but ive been naeous and had a magraine since 2. Pain meds didnt touch headache. Vomited 2 time, one projectille. Aide was in room and said it was her first!

Just got home. Had my tuck yesterday. Worst for me...

Just got home. Had my tuck yesterday. Worst for me is the naseua but I seem better now. Giving up pain killers fir tylenol. Need to decide where to sleep. Bed or sofa. Happy healing ladies.

Last night was a little rough. Didnt take meds and...

Last night was a little rough. Didnt take meds and woke around 4:30. Took.2 tylenol. Didnt do it. Took a percoset and anti nauseau at 5;30. Fell asleep. Took a shower in am and have been dozing off and on. I feel pretty goos just tired. Doing tylenol every 4 and that seems good.

Feeling good today. Been sleeping in bed, hanging...

Feeling good today. Been sleeping in bed, hanging on sofa, doing stairs and standing pretty straight. Drains aren't a huge deal. Only have one on the side. May come out today or Monday for sure. Only doing pain med at night. Tylenol during day. Hope everyone else is well!

I think every morning is a little better than the...

I think every morning is a little better than the one before. I woke up on my left side today. I still wake up for pain meds at 3 am. May try just tylenol tonight so I can drive again. Drain comes out monday, only have one. Draining 25 cc overnight. We went out for dinner so I was more active yesterday. Still no #2 even with sinekot. :-(
Hip incisions still swollen and am.icing them. Lipo areas tender and yellow but putting arnica gel on twice a day. Hope to start supplements next week. Happy healing ladies!

Po 6. Feeling good. Slept thru the night! Drain...

Po 6. Feeling good. Slept thru the night! Drain coming out today. Hubby driving so I can bring a pain pill. Brusing is really yellow so im thinking ita healing well. Still swollen along incision but all in alll good. Worked from home this morning. Chilling on the sofa till my man taxi gets here!

PO 7 Drain free since yesterday is so nice!...

PO 7
Drain free since yesterday is so nice! Washing my garment now with just a tank on and it feels weird! My lipo bruising looks like someone smeared yellow mustard on my hips! All part of the process I suppose. Only took tylenol to sleep an that was a mistake. I needed to drive at 10:30 today so I was being responsilble. No more am apts, 1pm and on only so I am not "under the influence".
I have my gc off while it dries and its surreal. It is less numb tho which is good to know.
Happy Healing!

Slept like a rock last night. Im out and about...

Slept like a rock last night. Im out and about working ect about 3-4 hrs a day and hit the wall yesterday. Feeling better today. Hope all is well in tt land!

Been taking it easy. My lipo swelling went down...

Been taking it easy. My lipo swelling went down last nighy by like 50 %. Could be the tummeric kicking in. My cg was on my last nerve so I switched to a binder. Better now. Did some housework, dusted, watered plants, picked up my closet that was a mess. All in all a quiet day. Hope all are well!

Who says 46 cant be fabulous! I am so glad I did...

Who says 46 cant be fabulous! I am so glad I did this! Wish I had done it years ago. Hubby and I actually had some.fun last night acting like teenagers! Took it slow and easy. I was on my feet a lot yesterday but iced and it came down. Today im taking it easy and wearing my spanx for the day! Have a good one ladies!

The only thing I can complain about is being tired...

The only thing I can complain about is being tired. 3/4pm is sofa time til its time to make dinner. Wish I could be riding my bike and at yoga but I know I need 3 more weeks. Should be all good by.then plus we.leave for beach and sun in 18 days!
I do want to do a recap of Dr. G and why I think hes awesome. Just need to do on my laptop. Stay tuned...

Ok, I have been wanting to do this for a while but...

Ok, I have been wanting to do this for a while but haven't been on my lap top. After surfing here for what seems like forever I thought I would mention some things to look for in a PS or maybe questions to ask. Since there is such a wide variety of post op practices, I would think you need to do your research on what makes sense to YOU and then pick your surgeon based on your thoughts. For example, if after reading and research you think you want your drains removed pretty quick and be able to shower day 1 as not showering leads you to believe it's a higher risk of infection, then ask your PS what they do. If you think wearing a binder is not comfortable ask about a compression garment. Also, ask how many stiches your PS expects to do inside you. I think alot of times corners can be cut and you can't see it because it's under your skin. Also, if you like stiches vs. glue gives a better result, ask about that. Make your choice based on what makes sense to you. Here is a run down of what my PS did and why I loved him.

Surgery was done in a hospital with a manditory over night stay. I was in bed for well over 24 hours with compression booties and a cath. I do believe staying in bed that long helped me get a leg up on recovery. I would never have wanted to drive home and I was so sick from anethesia. I was puking all over.
Dr. G used a ruler to make my incision line. This impressed me because my scar is straight, not wavy like some scars I've seen. I understand you need to work around the hang, but I am pleased it is straight.
My garment rocked. I had a binder as a stand by while my garment was in the wash but the garment was so much better!!! Ask what your PS does. If a binder is not for you, and thats what they use, find another one!
I was able to shower the next day. Not hot, but quick and cool. Made me feel like a human again. Not showering for days upon days, imho is not good for your head or your body. Look gross, feel gross.
Never used bandages after shower. Just a clean white tank under the garment. Worked like a charm and was comfy. I bought like 6 at Old Navy for $3.50 each. I still sleep this way even though I am on spanx as of day 14.
Dr. G says spanx after 2 weeks. Love this option as you can find good ones at Kohls and you dont' have to wash CG everyday anymore. So, week 3-6 is Spanx.
Dr. G said stairs and walking are fine. No special rules like no stairs for 2 weeks or no sitting up for 1 week. He said do what your body does and you will be fine.
I even hit him with taking tummeric and he admitted he had no experience with it but was sure it was ok. He even asked me last time if I thought it made a difference. I get the feeling that he is open to trying and learning new things for his patients. His staff also gets work done and they try new stuff to see how it works. I like that his a down to earth guy and not some god complex surgeon.
So, I guess what I am saying is, figure out what makes sense to you and THEN find a surgeon who believes in what you do. I've seen some really wacky stuff on these boards and it's ok to think for yourself~ Happy Healing Ladies!

4 weeks

Getting ready for.vaca next week. I have like 8 new swim suits ready to go! Feeling good, not as tired-no rest time at 4 anymore. Work got nuts as it does before vaca. Swelling not bad, just along incision at night. Tummeric is my friend! Pics to me, dont.look.different. all in all, happy, happy!

6 weeks minus 4 days!

Im counting down the days til tuesday! I have noticed this week my healing seems kicked up. I have very little numbness unless I touch it. I feel real good. I still get some swelling at night but I really believe the supllements I take help tremendously. Been replacing my clothes and cleaning out my closet. Ready for vaca and cant wait for 6 week mark!

6 weeks 4 days

Just flew home and had very few issues. Minor swelling from.flight. came home.cg free.today. pretty much done with that thing. Only at night but not tonight, its.dirty. Still using tummeric and will.continue for 6 months. Seems to help my swelling a ton! Wore my swim suits with pride and had no issues. Mentaly I'm great. Heading back to yoga and gym this week.

8 weeks

Hit 8 weeks PO yesterday. Doing well. Back to yoga and walking. Eating well. Total weight loss so far is 10 pounds. Stull puffy but not anything major. Still taking Tumeric daily and will for 6 months. It works! Saw Dr. G today and he said all is well!

almost 4 months

All is well! Going to have to see.Dr. G to talk about my dog ear on the left. Not looking forward to having it fixed but I am not even. Scar is good just wish it would lighten. Wore a bikini to the beach a few weeks back. Yoga.taking care of my back and bra flab. Feeling strong from the inside out!

new pics 4 months

cleaned out my closet, again!

Not ine single thing from last year fits! I have 3 skirts that I hope the dry cleaner can talior cuz I love them. I found 4 pairs of old dress pants that will work until I buy new ones. Every blouse is huge. Big pile for donation so far! Need to do more but it kills me to see all that money on the floor! Oh well!

worth it? hell yeah! almost 6 m po

2 more weeks and I am po 6 months. Cant believe its that long already! Happy with my results but I need a revison on my left side. Physically I am better than before. Been walking, kicking yoga ass and just all around strong! Anyone who thinks this wont change your life completely is nuts! 6 weeks of recovery for a new you, worth it!

Almost a year! Holy cow!

Just had a revision on my left side the other day. I had a lumpy dog ear on that side. He chopped it off, stiched me up and I am black and blue. It's just tender, no big deal. I'd say it's about 6-7 inches long. Other than that, all is well. Would do this again in a heart beat! I am so much happier with myself. This winter has been tough wtih keeping up working out. I had been to yoga and skiing but no walking. I hope the weather changes soon so we can get back outside and walk away my winter ass! All the best!
Dr. Guarino

A friend used him.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Glad to hear your doing good! A lot of us have the winter booty! Mines a winter tire... :(
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I just had a dog ear revision on my right side. After my PS was done stitching me up, the nurse showed me the tissue they cut out. It was gross, looked lumpy and fatty.
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You do look fab and your incision healed very nicely :))
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Thank you!
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You look great! Its nice to read a review of someone whos 6 months out to know what to expect.
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Looking fabulous! :) thanks for your update, girl!
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Hey I remember you ( my date was April 12) You look fantastic! I agree it's life changing ;)
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I remember you too! I was 4/16. Thanks so much!
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Wow! You look great!
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You're looking so great!!! Proud of you! :)
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Hey there just wondering what turmeric supplement you used? I tried the arnica and pineapple juice and neither has helped.
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I got it at fresh market. Im sure they have it at cvs and rite aid. Look in the supplements by vitamins. Its a caplet.
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Thanks I got the turmeric and bromelian and defiantly felt a difference. Doesn't completely get rid of swelling but nothing compared to before. On another note does your mr feel normal now or still extremely tight?
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Im po 4 months. Its not tight anymore.
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Omg thank god! I feel claustrophobic in my own body right now! When did it start to feel back to normal?
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Sorry for so many questions but the mr has been the worst part for me!
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Normal, normal? Month 4. I physically am back to presurgery strength and abilities with walking, biking and yoga. Mentally feeling good. Finally wearing new tops in the right size with out a.jacket. amazing how nuch I hid! Still a bit of swelling at end of day. I need a dog ear revision but havent made an appointment yet. Gonna do some botox next month for my birthday. Hang in there its worth it!
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Ha ya normal, normal were you can actually stretch and not feel like you have a 10lb weight anchoring you down. Lol. 4 months sounds far right now but better than feeling tight like this forever. I feel like I am wrapped in 1,000 layers of duct tape! You must so be so thrilled to finally feel normal! My next big conquest is sleeping flat! As of now still surrounded in mounds of pillows! October can 't come soon enough ;-) thanks for responding!
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I was back to yoga at 7weeks. That helped alot. I really think week 6/7 are a turning point. If you want help lying flat. Slide your under knee pillows down towards you feet a little more each night. Gravity will help flatten you out as you sleep.
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Thanks for the tip! Still some burning at hips that hurt to lay flat for to long and the boobs are painful when I am on my side. I guess I will try again next week! Glad you are back to normal :-)
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My surgery is next week & I got fresh turmeric today going to start making a tea out of it now hoping it starts helping right away with healing & side affects!!!
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