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48 Years Old and Have Been Waiting Way to Long to Get This Done!!! - Allentown, PA

I have three kids and after the last pregnancy,...

I have three kids and after the last pregnancy, the twins...21 years ago...I think its time! I am a little scared and I keep reading mixed updates on the pain and swelling. I guess everyone's tolerance is different. I am sooooo excited, I can't wait to see the results!! I had a breast reduction done 14 years ago and that was not so bead...I am hoping a TT will be the same.

date has been changed!

My surgery date had to be pushed back to March 26th!! I am paid up and ready to go, can't wait!!

The day is approaching!!

Leaving for my cruise this Saturday...4 days after I return I get my TT!!!! Can't wait!!!!

9 days to go!!!!

I can't wait for my TT, my GL got it done a couple weeks ago and doing great! That just makes me even more excited!!

The day is finally here!!!

Tomorrow I go in for my surgery!! Excited and nervous!!


I'm feeling better than I thought it would but I know tomorrow will be hard. My drains are leaking all over the place at the hospital the left one They hadto clean the Area again and now I'm at home the right one is leaking I may have to go to the doctor in the morning. Update later if I am up to it.

Day 2

So nauseous !! Yesterday I threw up. Ugh. And I am still nauseous , I can't stand up for very long as I get dizzy too. I am standing straight however since day one in fact the doc said not to crunch down, I wonder why. He did tighten the muscles hmm. I am going to see him today as I am full of blood and still leaking from the right drain. I am taking pain meds every 5 to 6 hours, not to bad. Ok. Trying to get some sleep now. Update later.

Day 3

My left drain stopped working. Not sure what the doc is going to do. I will probably have to take a ride there again. This is brutal and not with pain, it's these drains and binder that is driving me nuts.

It's 4am and I just can't lay here anymore....

I'm going stir crazy...

Day 3

I'm not talking pain killers anymore just Motrin. Pain is Minimal just discomfort.

Day 2 &3 photos

I could not get great pics but here is day 2 & 3

Day 4

Going to doc again to look at drain. Drains have been a big issue. Hopefully he says I can shower today! I will try taking some pics standing up!

Each day is gettin better

Today I went to the doctor my right drain is doing good I don't have to go until Thursday and hopefully he can remove this drain. I took a shower it felt wonderful it was very tiring however. I can't wait to move around freely with no drains!

Can't remember the last time I slept!

Tomorrow I am calling the doctor and getting some sleeping aids...I can't sleep. Will I ever get back to normal? Swelling has gone down some more...going to try and get more pictures after I attempted another shower :) My yahu finally went down LOL I never thought I would see it that swelled up. I start to get anxiety at night...and more swelling so I now know that I need to take it easier. I will attempt to get some work done tomorrow, I work from home on a computer so it is not that bad. Lets see what happens. My neck left shoulder is killing me, anyone else developed neck pain?

Day 6

Swelling has gone down so much more I am beginning to see the results!! I love it now I can imagine once it's completely done healing!!

Day 10

I am feeling so much better. The darn drain is still in and it keeps draining, other than that I am feeling somewhat normal. My left side of my stomach, where the drain fell out of early on is way more swollen the the right side..I am hoping that he will not have to aspirate ugh!!! Doc calls me almost everyday to see how I am doing. Maybe the draining will slow down some by end of day and we can remove it tomorrow. We shall see. My stitches sometimes seem to have a stinging feeling here and there, I guess it's all starting to wake up LOL Let the healing continue!!

Day 11 (drain still in)

The drain is still in, but the swelling is getting better. Going to have my daughter take me out to go buy a nice tight Spanx so I can burn this binder LOL I realized the drain cord is long enough where I can carefully pull it up and pull up some spanx, Yay...not to buy a tighter one :) Here are a few pics


As of yesterday I am drain free!! I am still very swollen, ugh! In the morning I see some hope of what it will look like and then as the day progresses I swell up. Will post pics when the swelling goes down in a few weeks!

Dealing with Seroma!

So a few days after the drain was removed I got Seroma. Ugh!! I went to PS THIS Saturday (yesterday) to get it drained, such joy! Today is Sunday and it's filled up again ! Going back Tuesday. This is going to be at twice a week visit to be sure. To top it off I live one hour away one way!! Make sure your plastic surgeon is close to home!!
Dr. Altobeli

I have had the pleasure of having a breast reduction from Dr. A 14 years ago. He is a sweet gentle man with a great bedside manner and he does great work!! I loved my smaller boobies back then, I am sure I will love my new tummy too!!

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Get better soon!
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Thanks!! Recovery is longer than I had hoped!
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U know it!
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That sucks! It will get better soon.
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Congrats on your procedure. We are the same age so I am curious to see how your healing goes. I will be following your progress, but I must say the pictures you posted look great. You can tell you are going to have excellent results.
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Thank you Shiny! It's a long road...yesterday I felt fat all day LOL its of course the swelling but the mind starts playing games....this morning I tried on a pair of my pants, I am not able to zipper up..yep swelled. Only thing that concerns me is that I need to be on my treadmill! I need to ask my doc if its OK, my legs are getting a bit thick from not moving so much! I was hoping this drain would be out by this weekend but it seems to be doing its job so that's not coming out, I hope it this week, I feel bound at home, feel funny going out with it. I will post pics in a few :) Go ahead and do it, you will not regret it!!
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Drains will be gone soon - you look great - Happy healing
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Thanks Skinny, I hope so!!
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You look really good. Just wait after a month, you will really LOVE it!
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I can't wait!!!! I just Can't wait to have this drain off! Tomorrow is one week and it is still draining so much. Has me worried, I had to start taking an iron pill.
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I hate the swelling! But I see a difference in you already! Happy healing!
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I didn't sleep at all my first week. I slepted on my dad's recliners and was the worst! It wasn't until I came home n my hubby out pillows n cushions on the sofa that I starting sleeping better. Hope you get sleep soon!!!
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Thanks...I guess I forget that it has not even been a week yet :)
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I know the first shower is such a good feeling! Wears you out every day you will get a little more energy.i went a whole day last week w/out my garment and by the end of the day I was swelling ! I'm now 9 1/2, weeks po. You look good for just a few days po
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OMG I can only dream about 7 days without this binder! LOL Yes it did wear me out, resting the rest of the day but feel nice and clean LOL
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Day 4 already! Keep up the good work, the first shower is so exhausting! It will get better.
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Your incision looks good! You will do great!
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I will try taking a photo standing up today
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Take care and get plenty of rest. Every day will be better than the last. You're going to be so happy you did this! Happy healing!
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Ty!!! I am feeling so much better today!! Just got my left drain removed yay!! Can't wait to shower!!
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Looking good. The first week is the worst! Good luck on your recover, it only gets better.
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Heading back to the doctor now by the way it's an hour away from my home because my left drain stop suctioning! I can't wait till they removed!!
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You should feel better once drains are removed, wish I can say the same for the binder!
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I know, I hate this binder!
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