Finally getting boobies! I waiting for them since...

Finally getting boobies! I waiting for them since I was 12 and they never showed up lol. I just turned 31 and I wear a 34AA or 32A. I decided to make a profile finally bc I'm sure my friends are sick of hearing about it. I know my boyfriend is! By the time I get them he's gonna be so over looking at boobs. Lol no, he's excited bc he's never been with a girl that has move than an A cup.
Anyway I'm going for a D in high profile silicone (400-450ccs), I really hope they don't look too big. I'm currently 5'2, 120 lbs but I'm about 10-15 lbs heavier than normal and hoping to lose it the week after surgery. At the very least I will once my best friend and I make use of the gym memberships she's getting us as a happy birthday/boobie present for me. BUT ANYWAY back to the size, I was always very comfortable with my body and actually love the way small boobs look on women, not quite this small and that is why I always said if I got boobs I would probably only get a full B. And no one would even notice bc as it is I wear padded bras. But now that I'm actually spending the money (and by the way the boobs are just under 6 grand the other 2 is for the scar removal) I feel like I should get more bang for my buck lol. Plus the fact remains big ones look great in clothes. I kept going back and forth between HP and UHP and I decided if I was getting a HUGE implant that had a huge base the UHP would be good but not for these. But NOW I'm wondering if I'm making the right choice by going for HP instead of Mod+! My doctor ordered all of the above in case I change my mind again. Any suggestions? I'm thinking HP silicone should look good on a small frame like mine.
As for the scar, about 7 years I was in a car accident and went to hospital where I was refused treatment after sitting in the waiting room for a couple hours and asked repeatedly to leave. I knew something was seriously wrong so I insisted on being checked out again and finally FIVE hours later they figured out I was bleeding internally out of my spleen and by that point needed emergency surgery. Bc it took them so long to realize this, they had to get it out via a long vertical incision about 7 inches in length. Had they found the problem sooner they could of done a horizontal micro incision or possibly went in endoscopically. At any rate, the surgeon, although he saved my life did a HORRIBLE job or stapling me shut and in addition to the scar, which in itself is not that bad, I have what looks like a second belly button and under my actual belly button my belly, no matter how skinny I am, has a small pocket or fat on the left side. My plastic surgeon will be fixing all of this, including the "railroad tracks", I'm so excited!

Here's a visual...


Okay can I please get some opinions on whether or not I should have thems use the HPs or the Mod+s when I get my surgery???


Okay so in addition to not knowing what profile silicone to use with my surgery ten days away, I'm also having second thoughts on the size. In the past two days four ppl I know said to go with Cs, that Ds would be too big on my small frame. And one of them was a guy! Any thoughts??? Please???

The twins birthday is Wednesday!!!

So excited!!!

I can't stand this!!!

It's on my mind 24/7 which implants to go with!!! These pics REALLY make me wanna go for UHP though!

My 450cc HP Wish Pic

Well although I LOVE the how the UHP look on my last wish pic, I'm really leaning towards the 450cc HPs and this is how I expect/hope they would come out...

My Ugly Scar

Here is a picture of my ugly scar bc of this scar my stomach can never be flat no matter how skinny I am, well until Wednesday that is!

I mean it's a lot worse up close but...

Longest Night Ever...

Omg! I'm sitting at work so bored with nothing to do expect think about how much stuff I have to do AT HOME to get ready for Wednesday! ARG! I need to be at home! And my dryer is broke so that's gonna make my life a living hell! Omg so stressed!


Wish me luck!!! I'm so nervous, mainly bc I'm concerned about the amount of pain the scar revision is going to cause.

480cc UHP Silicone!

Apparently my breast pockets are very small so the UHP were the only ones that would fit unless I wanted to loss about 80ccs. But that's okay I know I will love them once they have settled.
I am just now feeling a little better. My stomach is what's really hurting and the only thing that's giving me relief is ice. I'll try to post a topless pic tomorrow but for now this is the best I can do. Also I'm measuring as a 32DD but I don't know how accurate that is. They look kind of small to me :-( Oh well I still have plenty of dropping and fluffing to do!

They Seem Small!

Well I'm going to force myself to take my first shower in the morning but it's the scar on my stomach that scars me. But I took a peek at it and OMG I have a flat tummy!!! No more second belly button from the botched job they did closing me up after they removed my spleen 8 years ago! I'll get a pic tomorrow. But my boobs seem smaller than I would like though! As I wrote yesterday, I measured a 32DD but when I put in 34 for the band in the VS calculator I get a 34C :-( Also they are riding high (obviously) and they seem kinda far apart, but my surgeon says I will wind up with more cleavage... keep your new boobies crossed for me!

Looking Much Better!

My cleavage is starting to come together and it's looks like I might get that D cup after all!

Is Anyone Else Still in Pain 4 Days Post Op???

I still keep waking up in pain and right now my right boob is ACHING on the top. In addition, the incision on my stomach is very sensitive so I haven't got to play dress up :-( Here are some pics though. Oh, and If they are at least a half inch to an inch when they drop I will be AT LEAST a D!

When They D&F Will My Cup Size Increase???

My boyfriend says that they are the perfect size but I wish they would have ordered bigger implants when I told them I changed my mind on the size. I feel like they look like a C even though I'm measuring at least a D. So I wonder if they look larger once they drop and fluff. Here are some one week post op pictures:

Okay I'm Officially Done Bitching About Size!

I measure a 32DDD (or 34DD obviously) and that's using a tight bust measurement, if I use one where I'm bent over I'm a 32F! AND my best friend who got 650ccs under an already C cup measured the same as me, her bust was literally a half inch bigger! And hers are HUGE! But suddenly they don't look so big to me lol! Of course ours never look as big in pictures but I'll post some anyway.

Still in Pain!!!

I mean maybe it has something to do with the 8" vertical cut on my stomach lol but I'm also getting these random sharp pains in my boobs. Plus my left nipple is swollen and feels like PMS ten fold. Anyway thank god what I guess you'd call my partner at work offered to cover again. But tomorrow is my appointment and I hope he can do something for me.
See! As we speak my left boob is THROBBING! OH and on top of everything I have a UTI. Anyway other than all that I'm in love!!! But sad that I can't try on bras yet! I'm AT THE VERY LEAST a 32DD/34D. Maybe I'll find out for sure this coming weekend :-)

And 1 Week Later...

Sorry I haven't updated in a while I spent about five days straight sick to my stomach running to the bathroom every second to no avail lol. Still nothing... getting fat and bloated. Is this from the antibiotics? Any suggestions? Anyway my boobs are looking great, slowly growing closer together (literally). I have a bunch of pics so I'm going to post some here and some in another update.

Couldn't Wait...

I couldn't wait to try on a real bra so I bought this super cheap two pack of Amazon and they were "Prime" so they came the next day bc I was too sick to go out. I knew they would suck but I just wanted to see what a real bra would look like. I ordered a 34D... way too small!

Projection! Projection! Projection!

I think I'm having some sort of identity crisis bc NOW I'm thinking they're too big!!! Turns out I AM a 32DDD (aka 32E)! I spent a small fortune at VS. I'll have to take pics of the bras I got but here are these for now.

( . Y . )

Start, Drop and Fluff!

Ugh I can't take this waiting! I want cleavage! Those pictures give me hope but I don't want to have to wait a year :-( And for some reason the last week my boobs have looked higher than they did the week after I had them done. Well at least I'm continuing to lose weight :-) I'll make sure to post more me pictures in the next couple days.

Pretty Titties!

So I'm loving my boobs, they have dropped a decent amount now I just need more fluff. It is hard to get a good picture by myself though. I'm wondering if I should have bought 32DDs instead for maximum push up like my girl LaBella lol. I guess at first I was kind of insecure how big they actually were but now I would like a little more cleavage. So I shall return for more push up styles.

It's Been Awhile

Sorry about that! Me and my tatas are doing great though. They have almost completely dropped and they have been getting fluffier??? Lol. I want them to be closer still though. My surgeon has told me multiple times they will be in a few more months but I'm super anxious.
Allentown Plastic Surgeon

Has won numerous awards, including Best Surgeon in The Lehigh Valley for about ten years straight. The facility is beautiful and they are so helpful. I have gone there unannounced twice to make my payments and they have allowed me time with the nurse regarding last minute changes.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi! You look so great!! I live about 1 1/2 hours from Allentown an have began to research Drs for my really wanting a BA!! it seems like you had a positive experience..would you recommend him? Also if you don't mind me asking what was the cost of the BA alone? Also, how are your implants doing? i don't see any recent posts from you.. Thanks!!
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I was totally aghast at when I read you'd been told to go home in ER when you had internal bleeding, you could have died. Man, I know we moan about the NHS in the UK but never again. You have an amazing figure and now you have the boobs to match, the incisions are tiny!! The stomach one looks 100% better too. I laughed at the competitiveness between you and your BFF over who has the biggest boobs, and the hair band pic, don't you guys fall out over this will you :)? You were right to go for UHP, they don't look massive on you so anything else would have been too flat I think, good job!
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Thank you! And LOL! Well I should have specified they are two different best friends. The one have natural C cups and we did fight a lot bc she did NOT approve of the size of mine. But we have been friends since 2nd grade.
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They look great!!!! Love the size!
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Thank you. I'm so glad I went a cup over what I thought I wanted.
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You have the most beautiful lips. May I ask, do you use flller? My lips look so much better with filler. I just had them done in March by my facial plastic surgeon.
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I wondered that too ;)
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Oh my gosh, thank you! No I don't use filler. In fact I'm not even quite sure what that is lol. How long does it last?
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I am debating if I want to go DD or DDD. You look great and not huge to me, but I like big boobs. Making me lean towards a DDD (although I am 36 band). Enjoy!
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Thank you! Well I would go DD if I were you just bc that is very large to begin with and with bras you can always make them look bigger. When ever I where slightly padded or push up bras I always think they're a little to big. But then again the reason I asked for a full cup bigger than I wanted is bc everyone always wishes they would have. Of course I wound up with almost 2 full cups bigger though! (I originally wanted a C.) So yeah, that being said go with your gut (or lack there of ;-)). That's what I did with my profile and I'm glad I did. Just remember you can always and very easily make them look bigger. Also are you getting silicone, and what profile are you thinking?
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Thank you! I am looking at saline moderate profile, which is very different from a silicone moderate profile. Saline moderate profile creates a nice cleavage. And I really don't need projection, but rather I need width (or side boobs as some women call it). It is really helpful reading your comments about maybe feeling a little too big. I have been wearing the add two cup sizes bras from VS for a few weeks now - two different sizes - and I think the larger of the two looks very sexy in some shirts but in other shirts too large. Overall, I think it would just be too big. I am glad to have gone through this trial. It was very helpful.
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Oh my goodness, your boobs look amazing!! So happy for you. They are soo pretty. I love your bra collection too. I need to treat myself to some bra shopping. Happy healing :0)
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Thanks! I just saw my surgeon and he promised they would be how I want them to eventually look so I can't wait for that!
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Hi Hun. Do you still wish you would've gone smaller? If so how small? I'm debating between 400 & 460 UHP natrelle style 45
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Yeah honestly I think I do. I mean in clothes they are amazing but then again if they were smaller I could just were Bombshell bras. I do love the look of the UHP but I think they would look a lot sexier on me if they were about 100ccs smaller. For lingerie, bikini and naked purposes lol. If you look at my pics I put my UHP wish pic and she has two different sizes but they are approximately 350ccs I believe. I think that looks super sexy.
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It's above under the title "I Can't Stand This!"
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I don't even remember. I must have looked at thousands. Her particular pic can be found if you Google image search ultra high profile breast implants. But you know I was thinking I
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Actually think the size is perfect in clothes without a bra or an unlined or sports bra. But again in a bikini they still look at tad large for my body but I do love them more everyday.
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Hi, they look great, iv just had uhp 400cc, i will b very happy if mine turn out like that wish pic!! :)
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Cute bras! I'm excited to go out and buy some new sexy bras but I know it's going to be another 6 months or so. Right now I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the idea that I actually have boobs LoL!
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Lol I know.
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Omg girl they are coming along beautifully ! And woop woop I got a shout ^_^ did u get them in 32DDD ? I actually bought 1 32DDD and to be honest even that kinda snug >_> I love your collection !! Is the royal blue the new very sexy push up ? I tried that bra on and it was hot !!!! And for some reason my girls look uneven in pics also >_> Projection no joke lol You look good girl xo
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Thanks yours are looking so squishy, mine are still a tad to tough. Lol I was going to tell you I gave you a shout out but I figured you'd see it.
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Oo no mines are still tough lol believe me and of course I wld see it I always check your updates u my homeyyyy lol xo
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