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All I Can Say Is....AMAZING!!!

Just got home from getting my cast off.......and I...

Just got home from getting my cast off.......and I am THRILLED. I have wanted this surgery since I was 12 ( 20 years) and only held off so long because I was afraid of the actual procedure and the recovery. It was SOOOOOO much easier and less traumatic than I thought it would be. NO pain whatsoever; just felt like I had a bad cold. I actually needed to deliberately relax, because I felt great a couple of hours after surgery and was tryting to do too much.

I went to about 8 surgeons before deciding on "my guy", and he was GREAT. The best advice I can give, is to go to a plastic surgeon that specializes in noses. All of them do the procedure, but very few make it their "specialty". My Dr. did 3 noses the day of my surgery and that is a "normal" day for him.

I was very concerned that I would not get enough of a result. The doctor under-promised and over-delivered. He was extremely honest and straight forward about what to expect.

I am already ecstatic, and it will only get better as the swelling goes down over the next 6-12 months. I would tell anyone to "go for it"

Well 11 months later, I am happier than ever...

Well 11 months later, I am happier than ever with the results of my sugery. Believe it or not, the swelling still goes up and down a little depending on the weather, if I am in the sun, or if I fly, eat salty foods etc. But that is normal for the first two years.

Overall I cannot say anything negative about my experience. The surgery was a breeze, I am thrilled with the final result and a close friend even went to get her nose done by my doc after seeing the work he did on me.

The work I had done on my nose was different than the typical rhinoplasty surgery. I did not have the standard bump or beak appearance. My nose was simply too wide for my face and lacked definition. I felt like my nose was front and center of every picture I took!  I added some pictures. Hopefully you will be able to see the difference in the bridge and tip of my nose- those were my biggest issues!

Dr. C is extremly experienced and precise and was able to give me exactly what I was hoping for. After working at a plastic surgery group for years- I saw way too many "typical nose job" results and did not want that at all. When deciding on my surgeon ( I saw 8 others), I looked at so many before and afters that just looked so typical. I feel that Dr. C did a great job of giving me a natural ( not "done") looking nose, that fits my face.

Alot of you have written asking about a website for the doctor. As of now he does not have one and his business is strongly based on referrals. His office number is {edited - click the provider's name at the top of the review for full contact details}.

Go for it- trust me you will be pleased!!

Here I am more than 2 years later and still...

Here I am more than 2 years later and still posting on this website! lol
I love hearing from everyone and answering questions for people who are considering surgery.
I have built a really close relationship with Dr. C and his staff from all the people I have sent to him. So I am happy to help in any way I can. For all of you who want to see a website, he now has one, due to me convincing him to do so! The address is www.RobertCiardulloMD.com
I am still happier than ever and everyone who I have sent to his office, has been thrilled as well. Feel free to write. Best of Luck to you all :)

GREAT NEWS EVERYONE!! I met with Dr. C and he was...

GREAT NEWS EVERYONE!! I met with Dr. C and he was able to give me some other before and afters, from patients who gave their consent. So for all of you who have been waiting for the website...I now have the pictures to share. Message me seperately and I am happy to send along.

Photo Update

Hey Everyone! I posted a few new pictures for a...

Hey Everyone! I posted a few new pictures for a reason( make sure to scroll over to read the text on the pics). So many of you write me about what to expect after surgery, swelling,bruising etc. So I tried to pick pictures that really show you the ups and downs. I will say it again...surgery and recovery was a breeze...so have no fear :) The hardest part ( which I do my best to warn people about), is the swelling you will experience AFTER you get your cast off. It is not painful...it just hides the true results you will eventually have from finally going through the surgery you have wanted for so long!Everyone is very different and reacts differently- but EVERYONE WILL HAVE SWELLING. Picture this... Your nose is being held down for a week under plaster. Doctor removes the cast and your nose basically explodes at the opportunity to be able to swell, without being held down. So your nose will NOT look how you want it to, it WILL be swollen and it WILL look 1000 times better as the weeks go on. Personally, I was thrilled within about 2 weeks. But I also didn't realize how much more improvement I would experience over the following months. I remember looking in the mirror in April ( my surgery was 12/31) and saying to myself
" Wow. My nose looks much more defined!". It kind of happens slowly and then all of a sudden, you notice a huge change. So again...my best advice is not to panic, realize your nose went through alot of trauma, and be PATIENT!! It takes time, but you will be fabulous soon enough :) I love hearing from everyone and answering all of your questions...so please don't hesitate to write

A few of you have emailed or commented, asking for...

A few of you have emailed or commented, asking for more recent pictures. I am now 2+ years post-rhinoplasty...so it is a FINAL result :) It's crazy, but I still feel like my nose goes up and down sometimes, but I don't think it has anything to do with my surgery; probably just normal water or salt retention as I get older! lol As I stated so clearly in my previous posts...I am SO happy with my results! What I love most about my new nose, is that I think it looks very natural. keep the questions and emails coming! I love hearing from you :)

If anyone would like me to send pictures until the...

If anyone would like me to send pictures until the website is finished, please private message me with a personal email. Please use a non-gmail address, as for some reason, they never go through. Thanks!

Great news everyone!!! The before and afters for...

Great news everyone!!! The before and afters for rhinoplasty are now up on the website!!! Please continue to email me, even if not for pictures. Lol. I still love answering questions and talking about my experience with the surgery.

Wow. It's so exciting how many people are going to...

Wow. It's so exciting how many people are going to Dr. C from this website. He really is an excellent surgeon and does amazing work! Many of you write to me that you can't find much information on the web about the doctor. To some, that is a concern. But also remember to look at it this way...he has run a very successful and busy practice for 20+ years, with NO advertising. That says a lot for a doctor! His reputation has been based solely on word of mouth, not by paying for fancy ads in fancy magazines. To me...that speaks volumes :) When you see a review on Real Self- this means that a real person; a real patient, took time out of their day, simply because they wanted to, to say nice things about their doctor; Not because they are being paid. That is in my opinion, much more valuable than any ad or fancy website. Keep the questions and emails coming! I'm so happy that I can be of any help to anyone considering surgery.

Well it's been a while since I have updated, but...

Well it's been a while since I have updated, but just figured I would post to let anyone know that I am still active on the site and am happy to answer any questions or assist anyone. I have spoken to so many people who have gotten their noses done with Dr.C, and all are thrilled. He really does incredible work; and every person who I have seen who has had surgery with him, has a distinct nose for THEIR face. None of them look "done" or "typical". I love seeing the new reviews pop up from people who I have spoken to. Keep the messages coming; I'm happy to share anything about my experience.
White Plains Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ciardullo is an incredible surgeon and specializes in rhinoplasty. He is known for giving extremely natural looking results. I had a wonderful experience all around, and would recommend him to anyone, for ANY procedure.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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Hi I have done the rhynoplast just yesterday,I have done in my country by Mr Adrian Aguis ,I have no pain at all and no black eyes,I have no padding in my nose ,i can breath very slowly from my nose for the rest it just fine I could even drive home just yesterday but I didn't as doctor insisted not to do do cause of anesthetic,He had remove tissue from my back ear to put it in my nose tip.
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stunning nose!! Exactly what I want, I think ill have to order my passport & book a consultation.
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congrats! can't wait to get mine!
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U look awesome..even i wantd 2 undrgo rhinoplasty bt very scard of people who had bad nose job..and can u plz tel me where did u undrgo rhinoplasty?i mean place..i belong 2 hyderabad so can i undrgo treatment with dr.c here?
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Okay here's a weird question. Did your surgeon mention whether or not you had thick skin? I went in for an eval with a PS and he said that my nose has thick skin which will prevent me from being able to get a very sculpted look :( Your results are incredible, and your before pics are very similar to the structure of my nose now. Love all the updates! Very helpful.
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you look amazing!:)
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really pretty results. Thanks for the updates even years later. Helpfu!
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Wow, you look amazing!!!! Probably one of the best results I have seen. I got my nose done about 3 years ago or so... I was only 17. :-0 Best decision of my life, so far! I just feel so much better and more confident. I'm really glad your results went so well!!
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You look great, he did a great job!
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I appreciate the compliment!
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Thank you for your continued updates. They are awesome!

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I love to update and post, because I am truly SO happy with my experience overall!
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Sushi- I am truly sorry you are unhappy with your nose- but to blame me for being happy with my results and praising a surgeon who I truly believe to be gifted, is neither fair or appropriate. There are also 72 other AMAZING reviews for Dr. Ciardullo...you seem to be one person in a sea of many who does not like your results. Have you spoken to him about fixing your nose? Your pictures are very unclear and really don't show much of an issue. My pictures speak for themselves, and anyone can look at my review and choose whether they like my results or not. I read your most recent post, and it sounds to me like you should be speaking to a professional to help you with your issues ( I say that with the utmost respect). I did tons of research before my surgery and knew the risks going in. Each person needs to decide whether that is a chance they want to take. I have gone back to Dr. C over the years, and many of my friends and family members have been as well...all are incredibly pleased with his work. Im all for being honest and straight forward on your experience but maybe you should take a step back and re-evaluate who you are really upset with? Best of Luck
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I feel so bad for Sushisushi but i got amazing results and im only 5 months in can you tell me how long it took to see your final results thanks in advance
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omg amazing results I also had a bulbous nose way too wide for my face im 1 month post op and im liking it so far. just a little scared the swelling decreases too much and I might end up with a way too small nose.. a little support here? again i love love love ur results wow haha
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Be patient! Swelling takes months to go down and you won't see your final result for a while :) A good surgeon will not ( and cannot) do too much of a change based on what they started with. I actually wanted my nose a little thinner, and my surgeon explained that he could not do that, based on how wide my nose was to begin with and how thick my skin was. So the chance of your nose being too small is unlikely. Keep us posted on your progress
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you look great! Congrats on your fab result!
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Thanks so much!
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You look so incredible. FLAWLESS! It's an amazing transformation. Probably one of the best before and after on this site! I have a Question regarding one of your posts... you said swelling goes down slowly... and then suddenly you noticed a big change. Was that 'big change' about 3-4 months post-op? I think you said April after a December surgery. I ask because Doctors say the same... they say we will see a sudden, big change and the rest happens in drips and drabs. Was just wondering how ling I have to be patient for! Thanks!!! :)
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Thank you so much for the amazing compliment! I am thrilled with my results :) Yes- it was about 4 months later when I looked in the mirror and really noticed my " final" result. be patient...swelling sucks. lol I was happy within a couple of weeks post surgery, but I had no idea just how much better my nose would continue to look over the months
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I have been googling the same question for the past three days regarding swelling after rhinoplasty surgery and I your posts and photos are reassuring to me since I am very very anxious right now about the tip swelling i have in my nose. When i got my cast off i nearly cried at how perfect the tip of my nose was and now, although its nottttttttt hugee, it is not as nearly as defined and pointy as it initially was when i first got my cast off. Although I read the comments of others and the comment that doctors post about how the swelling will go down I am just still so nervous everyday!
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Sorry it took me this long to comment back! Just seeing this now. Hopefully 3 months later, you are now happy and swelling has gone down...but YES!...my nose BLEW up after my cast came off. The swelling is the hardest thing about this surgery because it can take a while to go down and masks your final result. Be patient :)
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You look amazing. congratulations!
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Thanks so much for the compliment!
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