Goodness ladies - my MM Should have taken...

Goodness ladies - my MM

Should have taken place years ago if I could have afforded it back in the day. Well it didn't , so here I am at 32 ~ and 2 kids later. My oldest will be 16 in may and our youngest is 3. God bless them both but ~ the 16 year old really messed my stomach up! I gained close to 100lbs and then some . Wheeee - that wasn't a good look. So needless to say , the start of me being very insecure about my mid section . To the point of never wearing a bikin / that's for sure !!

So with the second pregnancy I was already stretched out - but I was in great shape an very small. I only gained 25lbs with her, if that. But the skin was still very saggy no matter how hard I worked out after having kids - it just never looked right agian.

 Let me back up a few years - I'm july 2001 I had a BA - saline implants filled to 360cc's. Right after , I knew I should have gone bigger than what I asked for . I had way to much skin to fill out. And honestly 360- wasn't cutting it! But it was a little to late.

So after nursing this last baby for 2 years ... YES that's right , lol ... I said 2 years :-) .. My fake boobies no longer looked like some what perky fake boobs.

So this leads me to my mommy makeover .
Honestly the thought of wearing a bikin this summer, or even shorts that i dont have to constantly check on to see if my bulg is hanging over... Or shirt isn't rising up on me - cause god forbid my stomach show ... Like I can't even imagine this feeling of not freaking out , if my stomach shows . I still cant believe this is really happening .

You would think I would be so excited , but to be honest ~ I'm freaking out! I'm actually very scared. Don't get me wrong I'm ready for a new belly & some nice new boobs- but gezzzee , I'm freaking nerveous !!!

I have to believe this changes your entire look about " your self " ... Your crazy insecurities change quickly into a positive feeling of " I am back to who I know I was made to be"

And of course feeling seXy and confident when my clothes are off plays a big part in this - let's just keep it very real :)

Now, this website - of this website ;-) It's truly been a God sent . So incredibly helpful - a wealth of knowledge and preparation from the woman who have been through what I'm feeling - and then some . I have learned so much , and enjoyed hearing about the Good , the bad & th ugly~ about all that can possibly happen during this Time.

Most important ~ the site provides TRUTH & INSiGHT about what can happen. The pictures have been so helpful to me - being as though I'm so visual , it's made this process easier in me making my final decision to do this!!

So good luck to all - and thank you so much for Sharing your stories & experiences ... Cause otherwise , I'm not sure I Would be going through with this next tue.

So for all that - this leads me to APRIL 26th!


You don't need much work done. You are going to look fantastic afterwards! I'm 6 wks post op and couldn't be happier!
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Wow .. Your going to look hot! Lol I'm very excited to! I'm going in on the 28th! I'm scared but ready! Well good luck !
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I know exactly how you feel - we all do! Good luck with everything :)
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Ok so what lets see.....6 days left!!! still...

ok so what lets see.....6 days left!!! still nerveous and ready for all this to pass.
Ready for this cold to pass to. My PS said to call on friday and check in . If my cold isnt gone he said we will have to push my TT back
Man, i really pray this is out of my system by then. I just want all this to be over ...........................


Ugghhh I'm in the same boat. Caught a sinus infection hoping to b clear by my surgery on the 29th. Did they give u a 5 day stronger faster antibiotic? U will be looking amazing hope u feel better
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Wow your pre op pics don't look that bad so once your MM your body will be rocking!!! How are you feeling?
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I'm so excited to see your post op pics! Can't wait till next week!
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Well tomorrow is the DAY! So far today my nerves...

Well tomorrow is the DAY! So far today my nerves have been Shot~ lol.... I feel like food just isn't an option :(
7- up I's all I can keep down .
I suppose i should be happy it's finally here so I can start the healing process.
"Lord" Just Keep me Safe Please!'


Congratulations, your results are going to be amazing!!
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Thank u so much- I'm excited!!
When are you having yours???
Can't wait
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Ok ladies - I'm here waiting to get taken...

Ok ladies - I'm here waiting to get taken back- nervous as heck!
Please keep in your prayers!

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Well thank u Jesus I made it - I got out around 11...

Well thank u Jesus I made it - I got out around 11.
I'm super sore n it BURNS!!

I have some serious air bubbles n my stomach , boy do I wish those would go away-
Any suggestions on how to get the air n tummy gone?????

I will post throughout the day:)

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4/26 6;45pm So I have been sipping ice/7-up all...

4/26 6;45pm
So I have been sipping ice/7-up all day - feels ok!
They just brought be chicken broth fit dinnerv- n of course I didn't check it n burned my tounge :(

Very very sore- still that burning sensation, ugh'
That's a pain!!!
Ummm, overall just uncomfortable n incision area- n sitting this long sucks.

Wishing know i would have brought more pillowS - like 10 :)

I will check in later :)
Hope everyone is recovering well!

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Its 2 am , I just got up to talk for the first...

Its 2 am , I just got up to talk for the first time. ~ So not fun:( that really sucked!!!
My nurse is neW and really has no clue what she I doing - I have had to talk tO her like she is 3 to get her to follow my directions - ugh not want I want to be doing.
The pain now is at least a 9.5 since walking -

I'm waiting on the other nurse to put med's n me ASAP!
Ugh, so annoyed at this point- and did I mention SLEEPY!!


Thank u!!!
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So glad you are doing well! Congrats!
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Hey ladies - thank u so much for the prayers !!! Thank you!

I'm hanging in there- as long as the nurse is n here every 2 hours injecting the pain meds n the iv it's bearable . Once that 2 hours past though - UGH- u really feel the pain n burning then.

I'm so greatful to stay the night I here. I'm also ready to go hymen some ways .
The baby just called me crying , and saying " mommy please come home" :(

So that was sad!!!
So it's 9:05 and as soon as the nurse comes back n we are going for a walk at like 9:30 :0 not really sure what to expect." CAN SOmeOne FIll me in on tHe fiRSt walk?????"

I also ate soup & jello at 7pm.
No solid food just yet!

I have pics to post I just can from the phone - they will be up soon :)
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Day 2 - headed home now , CAR ride sucks!! Ended...

Day 2 - headed home now , CAR ride sucks!!
Ended up stoping off for a new binder at my PS office - the one in the hospital was hard n digging me.
Tubes are annoying and burn-!
Hungry but still on a liquid diet.
Will work some jello & maybe soup n so I can take my pain pills.
Hope all is well with all u ladies .....
I will post pics soon


Girl I can relate to EVERYTHING you have wrote/ blog about!!!! Omg I so going to copy and paste to my profile lol!!!!! We are going to get this this girl!! With all of us girls support!!! Im going in tomorrow and Im soooo scared but Im ready! I truly wish we had a fast forward remote we all can use!!! Wouldnt that help? lol Do you work? If so how long are u thinking off? We can keep each other company thur the process! I would of broke down to hear my child crying!! Im sure shes okay now. By time you know if everything will be ok.. Give her kisses over the phone!! :) My youngest is 8 and hes asking all kinds of question. Why and Why momma? :( Ugh brakes my heart! The things we do to , to get where we want! Girl get some rest and keep in touch! :) Kristal...
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Thank you so much! ♥ Glad to hear you are finished with the surgery part and are in recovery land!! It really goes by faster than you think :) Can't wait to see the new you!

Has anyone experienced COTTON MOUTH and felt like...

Has anyone experienced COTTON MOUTH and felt like it's Causing you to have a HARD TIME breathing almost ?? :( Im afraid to cough again - so I'm freaking out about all this !!


tThinking of u girlie! I feel a lil better then yesterday! I saw my PS and he says everything looks great!!! Im so ready for this recovery to be over :(
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Hey babe :)
Are u in the hospital ?? Or did u come home ???
I had my doctors appt today and let me tell u all they did was clean it up , take off all old tapes " ouch " and place new tape on there.
Drains down come out until monday.
He also said to please take the muscle relaxers 4 xs a day, that it should really help out.
Cause I wasnt.... So make sure you do!
How are you ??? What are u feeling right now ??
Please call me if you need to chat / im just laying around so feel free...
i had a transderm patch on the back of my ear for three days to stop nasua. that gave me a dry mouth which is common...could that be it?
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Day 5~ legs sometime hurt?- I'm sure...

Day 5~
legs sometime hurt?- I'm sure it's from not being active and the blood flow isn't back to normal - it's getting there though.
I do try and walk around every hour.

I have so Many pics to post - I'm gonna Try and make it to the computer- I know seeing pics makes such a difference when u are looking at this site. It's so helpful .

Boobs are al little sore at the incision site that's it.
Thank god cause I have really been using my arm strength to move Around. And kinda the cheat muscle to because u has to n order to push ur self up .
I must say the lipo hurts like heck still.
Just back there on the left side .

Still no BM :( I'm going to try MOM today .
I've been eating good and healthy along with prune juice everyday so I'm not sure why I'm not going .

I'm so ready to stand up straight - wow , it's doing a number on my back - thank god for heating pads.

Hope everyone is doin well with their recovery / you girls are definitely in my thoughts .

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Day 5 well sleeping sucks, mu booty hurts from...

Day 5
well sleeping sucks, mu booty hurts from sitting up to sleep..
i so want to sleep on my side :(
i miss doing stuff for my self but i so dont want to over do it...
i dont take one pain pill last night , so i think i probably should have just to take the edge off.
Oh well!!
i did give my self a bird bath and shaved , lol..........i so felt it later ;)
im missing by baby .she is been with family casue it was way to much for me to have her here.

Tomorrow i go and hopefully get the drains out. So scared !!!! ugh!


Congrats you look awesome!!!!!
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Wow!! Your PS did an awesome job!! How are ya feeling?
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WOW U LOOK GREAT ALREADY! Can't wait to see more pics of your new body! I'm so inspired by all of this. So glad I found this site ;)
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Day 6 PO~ wow drains came out today & belly...

Day 6 PO~
wow drains came out today & belly button stitches ... Omg that wasn't fun at all!
I have my new binder on today ladies .
Going out just for this , I feel so beat at this point .
Still can't stand up straight though :(
I truly can't wait for this process to be over ...
I will post new pictures in a few minutes .


I knew you were going to look GREAT bcuz you looked Good b4 the surgery! Your Boobs look fantastic!
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Hey Ms G:)how are you????
Why, thank u babe :)
I'm just so glad it's over .. Now I will be happy when I can finally sleep on my side .

Boobs are a little sore still , but so far so good :) lol!!!
OMFG!!! U look great!! Ur PS did an amazing job :) I"m next!!
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1 week PO todAy ~ Wow how the time flys. This...

1 week PO todAy ~
Wow how the time flys.
This morning was rough but I think it was from over doing it yesterday evening.
I was beat this morning and. Sure paid for it today.
Slept a long tome this morning .. I needed it though.

I made it to the hair salon today :) yay!!! It was a much needed wash & blow dry that's For sure .

Swollen pretty bad today , I suppose we will have our good days and bad.

Still not standing up straight but hopefully that's right around the corner .. Or I pray it is!!

Hope everyone is recovering well.


Looking good. What is ur tattoo of? The pic is kinda blurry so I can't tell it looks like an arrow pointing up. If that's it it is cracking me up. Hope tomarrow u feel better
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I never noticed I didn't see your pics before. I LOVE those yellow panties with the cheetah/leopard print!

You are going to look amazing when all is done. I was looking at some boob progression pics/videos and some women, especially those with bigger implants, took about 60 plus days before it looked great and 1 year they looked smokin!

My PS had me practice deep breathing to overcome the discomfort standing. I also laid with a slight angle and would pull my legs up indian-style or and maybe that helped 'stretch' me out.
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Day 9 PO well im hanging in there ... and taking...

day 9 PO
well im hanging in there ... and taking it day by day.
still not standing up staright...ugh!
my right side is very swollen , much more than my left where they did the LIPO, which is very frustrating...but maybe in time it will go down.

my incision sit e is bery swolle, and thats annoying. At times i forget its only been 9 days since they ut me hip to hop...what am i really expecting ya know!

hope everyone is doing well.
Posted new pics ....not the greatest BUT......


You look great, even with the little bit of swelling. You may have already said and I just missed it, but how many cc's did you end up with? Saline or Silicone?
I'm asking b/c they look great!
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Looking more and more amazing!! I knew you would already had a rockin bod! Not being totally verticle irritated me to no end too! I can't remember how long it took but it drove me'll get there soon!:)
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Girl , that damn tattoo ....ugh!! It's a cross I got when I was 18 :(
Im getting it removed in October - I hate it!!!
The only thing I see when I look at my boobs is that dumb tattoo - it makes me angry, lol!!

Day 10 Felt horrible :( Had chills all day -...

Day 10
Felt horrible :(
Had chills all day - no sitter ! Not a happy camper ... Ugh!


Awww..hope you feel better soon!
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Girl , me too!!! Innate feeling like this :(
Thank u for the support ! I just love this site- and all you woman who can relate or just understand where one is coming from :)
Haha. It doesn't look bad. Ur tatas look great. Gotta love that tattoos u get when ur young and regret now. My hubby got his gpa's name misspelled on his back when he was 18. It could b worse....

Day 13~ wow back at work...ugh@! so far so...

day 13~
wow back at work...ugh@!
so far so good:)

still So swollen ;(
when will this swelling go down ladies???????????????????????????????


Hey there girl. I go back to work friday....!Ugh not happy about that. How did it go? Im doing ok... hate the recovery! My tummy is swollen and hard! I look preggo
!! I went to the mall on sunday for a short while and I was sooooo tired after I just wannnna be normal again!!!!
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Fell today - at work :( Hit ground really hard ....

Fell today - at work :(
Hit ground really hard ... Back ad head :(
Headed to doctors Now.
Ladies please pray for me :(
I am freaking out! I'm n so much pain:(


Wow girl..... thats crazy! Its always something!! I hope u feel better!! What do u do at work? Girl u need to becareful..... As for me I go back friday.. Kinda of happy about it maybe its cause I feel like im gaining weight here at home! :{
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Girl it was crazy - I was just sitting in a chair .. And the darn screw came out -... I went flying back , ugh it wad horrible .

And I was actually glad to be back at it again - working :)
I was so bored n the house ..
I honestly can't wait to get cleared to hit the gym. I definitely feel Like I have put in weight and loosing muscle mass :( ugh!

So how are you feeling over all???
You look great :)
Thanks... dont feel great. LOL Im counting the days for me hit to the gym! Eveybody around me is working out and Im being a couch potato... lol Anyways... Im sorry to hear about your dumb chair! lol
Are u still on meds? Is your tummy hard? My belly button is very soar.
Are you still wearing a binder and a special bra? Girl, I know u r busy.... jus answer me when feel better ;)

Day 15 ~ a few new pics ;)

day 15 ~ a few new pics ;)


Hey lady,
Thank u ;) I just can't wait for the day the swelling is gone though.
I ended up with high profile 750cc's
I'm happy with them for sure :)
How are you doing???
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Looking hot girl!! What type of implants did you go with & how many CC'c they are perfect!!!
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You are looking so good! Not to worry girl about your booty. Muscle has memory and you will get it back quickly!
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Day 17 - PO Time really flys by... Wow! Still...

Day 17 - PO
Time really flys by... Wow!
Still swollen above my incision :( not cool ! When will this go down ladies ??


Hi there, I have 11 days to go til my TT & BA and I just wanted to say thanks for your review and especially your pics. Your posts are so honest and as I am a visual person, your pics are soooooo helpful. And btw you look fantastic. Happy healing.
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You look fabulous..even with swelling!! Don't worry it does go away. I noticed a huge difference about 6 weeks out. Then when you start to work out at 6 weeks you might notice swelling....but now at 2 months I hardly wear my spanx and have very minimal swelling. So it gets better girl!!
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Awe thank u !!
You know I'm actually concerned about my right side where he did lipo... It's alot more swollen then the other .
It's like one side is curvy as the other isn't ..
Not sure what the deal is :(

How are you feeling???




You look awesome. I cant notice any swelling. That bikini is very happy you are sporting it. lol Congrats on your results.
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You look incredible! Seriously!
I was also noticing you have really great legs...what kind of exercise do you do?
I've always been muscular built but since having kids and most of them close together it's been hard to stay as motivated. With my twin pregnancy I had to take it really easy and lost a good bit of my tone. But you really do have nice legs...any suggestions would be great! :)
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Oh wow!!! HOT MAMA!!! I'm loving your results :) You are BEACH READY!!! LOL
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How did ur appt go with your PS? What did he say about the swelling?
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Wow! That bikini looks AMAZING on you. I really want to get a few of those microfiber bras you have in your pics. Can you tell me where you got them and how much they cost? I have seen a couple other ladies wearing them too and they look comfy. I can't believe you are only 3 weeks out and you look THAT awesome! You should go celebrate and buy a bikini for every day of the week(-:
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Yeah I wanna know about those bras too!

Day 23 PO ~ Pics. still sore & swollen for...

Day 23 PO ~ Pics.
still sore & swollen for sure!!
i hope the days get better...


Cool. Lemme know how it turns out!
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He said if the swelling above the left part of the incision isn't flat in 4 months he will go back in an take that tissue out and re-due that area so it's flat.. No worries!
So I pray it flattens out ;(
He said sometimes certain spots tend to do that....

4 weeks tomorrow...time flys ! i cant believe it...

4 weeks tomorrow...time flys ! i cant believe it.
Im still very swollen and cant stand it! i really want to know WHEN WILL MY STOMACH BE BACK TO NORMAL.
Wore a regular bra this weekend for the first time... ugh, didnt really like it , not so comfy ;(
wrong size i bet lol!!


How are you doing girl? Swelling getting any better?
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Hey HAPPY 4 WEEKS to us!!!!! lol Feeling better but the swollness is still here for me toooo! ugh
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girl can you belive its been what 5 weeks i think... omg!!
how are yo feeling?

6 weeks ~ i have lost track of time.... new pics.

6 weeks ~ i have lost track of time....
new pics.


Hey Girl! I miss chatting w/you too! I have been fairly remiss these days, recovery is srsly beating me down -still! Last 2 days I have finally SQUEEZED into work clothes, and slept a straight 5 hours LOL, so I think things are starting to look up.

Your 6 week pics are the best yet, you are looking gorgeous! Txt me updates :)
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please text me so i have your number again.. my ohone crashed ;(
You are looking fantastic!! Time does fly doesn't it?? You wouldn't think so in the begining but it only seems to go faster! I am now 3 months post op and I had to look at a calendar to figure it out because time is flying!! haha! I am glad you are doing great and looking fabulous ♥
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New pics ~ 7 weeks.. I think ;) lol! belly buttin...

new pics ~ 7 weeks.. I think ;) lol! belly buttin still red.. over all its been good!!


Hey Mac!! How ya been? Your looking so good..look how small your waist looks in the pic of your driving..boobies look HUGE!! How are your sscars healing?
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too funny i just wrote on your wall and didnt even realize you poste danything on mine.. i was just thionkning about u!

ok, so my scar is still red....and my BB is too.
Im hoping that will soon fade.
Happy with BOOBS, sometimes i still wish i would have gone bigger ;(

im slowly returning to the gym.. i really miss it.

I still get swollen at times , do you???

Good Morning Ladies ;) Well im almost 3 months...

Good Morning Ladies ;)
Well im almost 3 months PO i cant believe it!
im so happy i finally did this.. Dont get me wrong i still have a long ways to go but its better than what it was.
I have Posted some new pics ~ will postmore later.
Hope all is well with everyone else.


Wow, you look amazing! What did you use saline or silicone?
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u look awesome!! How many cc's did you go with?
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You look amazing, the road to recovery is a tough one I'm finding out but every week seems to get better and better. Keep up the good work!!
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4 MONTHS OUT!! wow time flys~ a few new pics to...

4 MONTHS OUT!! wow time flys~ a few new pics to post ;)
im happy with the results


Hey chicka!! I meant to ask you earlier but what bra size did you end up being? And where do you find your bras? I am a 34DDD but can fit into some DD from Victoria Secret..also what type of workout routine are you doing? Your body looks awesome and I want to look more toned like you! I am going to my PS in 3 weeks for my (at that time 6 months) post op checkup and want to talk to him about quotes for some lipo on my thigh and butt area!!! Cant seem to get that area worked (doesnt help that I dont like lunges and squats..hehe) but i dont want them bigger just want to get rid of the giggle!! ttyl girl!
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Wow!! You look awesome!!! See your getting a tan! I am jealous your BBC looks cute! Mine looks like a freaking butt hole! (Not to be gross) so I hope that still changes! I can't believe how fast time flys by! I am 5 months today! Haven't been on the site in a while so I will get some update pics this week!! You look real good girl!! I still won't wear a two piece yet because my BB! So that better change, but I just started a tanning membership so maybe when I am not so pale it will look better!
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You are very welcome!!! Very well deserved! :)

I am feeling alright. The pain is not as bad as expected, however i think i expected to b able to doing a little more at 3 weeks po. All in all i am pretty happy so far.
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Wow took a quick pic just to update page . Not a...

Wow took a quick pic just to update page . Not a good one but it's something . I will post more today.
It will b a year in April. I can't believe how time flys. Ok ladies one boob looks lopsided in this pic but it's really not:) wil post more :)


I'm curious how tall you are and how many CC's you have, I think your tata's look fantastic. I'm having implant replacement/ lift on March 13th and yours look ideal……. however I'm 5'6 and if your taller or shorter the size you have would make a difference on me. Thanks
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You look great,I am also seeing the same dr. My surgery is on Feb 28th 2012.
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