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29 Year Old Mom of 1 That Can't Get Rid of my Belly - Alexandria, VA

I'm a mother that works out 3-4 times a week. I...

I'm a mother that works out 3-4 times a week. I eat healthy but I can't get rid if my belly. I was scared of lipo because I didn't want extra skin left behind. After reading over 500 reviews on this site and other I picked a doctor. I wanted something with very little down time. I also stared a low sodium diet to help keep the swelling down b4 and after the surgery.

Day 3

So today I went back to work. Which was fine except the garment is so itchy. I walked around every hour the 1st 2 days to keep my blood flowing. My body feels sore like a did a million sit up but it all pain I can deal with. So Aslong as you keep yourself hydrated the swelling isn't too bad
Wow I can see a difference already in your after pics.  That compression garment sounds miserable, but at least it is temporary.  Are you happy with what you see so far?
I'm 100% happy....the garment is so annoying and it helps to have someone help u get it up and down but it'll all be worth it in the long run. If u have a problem area that just won't go away I totally recommend doing it but just research drs 1st bcuz I didn't see the same result from all the doctors
U look great!!! My gartment case is worse i have to wear a yoga mat underneath so i dont get any marks which can become permanent. I hate it with a passion i can not wait to be garment free. Good luck girl u look good!

Day 7

I'm still really swollen but I can tell the difference. The only pain I have is when I sit up my abs feel like I did 1000 sit ups but no real pain. I worked Saturday night as a waitress with no problems
Your results are looking great, we are a day apart from having done the same procedure! So im right with ya, about the 1000 sit ups, Im still very swollen also, but it gets better every day! Happy Healing!!
Yep, looking good.
Looking Good!!! Im very swollen 2 but mine is not as flat as urs yet but i hope i get there soon. Do u wear ur gartment 24/7 and do u put any foam or mat underneath ?

Lymphatic massage

Today I YouTube Lymphatic massage and tried it on myself because I stared to feel some lumps and it couldn't book to get 1 done until next Monday and after I was done I started to get some draining out my right side after days of no draining. The lumps are gone and I'm still wearing my garment even though it's super tight and annoying. I also still wear the belly band thing at night. But my belly button still hurts
I had the same experience with drainage on day 12 but it was a whole bunch, it soaked a bath towel before stopping. I developed a hard lump on that side. Keep an eye on it and talk to it Dr if u think it is not going away.
so on your 12th day, all of a sudden you started draining? were your incision areas not healed all the way? for that to happen?..........i thought i was in the clear...maybe not!!! : )
I had started massaging somewhat aggressively. The scabs had not come off and the left lower scab came off and that is where the drainage came from. The drainage was a blood tinged fluid, more like the last drainage I had gotten immediately after lipo. I believe that the incisions sealed off before the fluid had all drained since I really had no drainage after 36 hours.

3 weeks side view

I'm so Happy with my side view. I'm still wearing the garment and I just started rubbing oil on my stomach to help prevent saggy skin. My belly button still hurt but every day gets better

Took garment off for 1 day

So I headed to the pool today and wanted to show off my stomach so I took my garment off for the day. Doing this made me realize I was healed because I felt pain through out the day. But I loved my new body. I put the garment back on and even though it's so annoying I'm gonna keep wearing it until my stomach pain is gone and I think I'm fully healed

Garment off

Sorry I forgot to upload a photo after not wearing my garment for a day
OMG, u r looking great 4 just 3 wks out. U r indeed one of the lucky ladies. I agree with u that the CG is needed for much longer than we think. I am a little past 4 mths and just quit wearing my cg 24/7. Continued great healing..
Thank you ☺️ did you do laser or regular lipo
I just saw your recent post op pics... what a transformation! You are looking great girl!!! :-)

2 months

I finally stopped wearing my garment bcuz it felt like it was cutting off circulation to my legs while I sleep. I still feel a brush burn type pain when I squeeze my stomach but I'm extremely happy with my results even though I'm still swollen around my belly button. I just started taking dandelion root pills to help flush out extra water my body holds
You are coming along so well and your body is looking great! I still felt that biting/ burning sensation under my skin to go the first few months when I stretched it, especially on my back. It will subside eventually :-) Keep up the great work you're doing!
Dr Segev

The staff was AMAZING.... I was driving down from Pittsburgh because I heard Dr Segev was awesome and he was. The nurse katherna I think her name was, helped so much and made me feel se comfortable. The process wasn't that painful. If you can handle a tattoo the you'll be fine. After I returned home I was ok until I had to change my pad and I felt pain then. But even swollen I'm already happy with the results

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