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I have been using Latisse for 6 weeks. I paid $230...

I have been using Latisse for 6 weeks. I paid $230 for three months (a buy two, get one free promo). If this is the result after 6 weeks, I cannot imagine what my lashes will look like in 4 months. I did a lot of research and took the advise of some and purchased a high quality, thin eye liner brush that I only use for this. Because of this I have been using the same bottle for the past 6 weeks. I use it in the morning - the directions say night but I found I wasn't remembering to use it every night at first and read up on it a bit and some doctors recommend the morning too for the very reason I use in the am.

When I was younger -- in my 40's - I had longer thicker lashes and I did notice that they had become shorter. What really motivated me though to use it was that I picked up my younger sister to go out of town after not seeing her for over a month - her lashes were so long it was almost comical. I asked her if she was wearing fake lashed and she told me that she uses Latisse. I saw her at the end of the day when typically some of your mascara has come off and they looked like that! I was sold.

I use it on the top and bottom lashes and when I'm done I run the brush over my eyebrows since they were getting a bit sparse. I read recently that they are looking into getting it approved for eyebrows too so I guess I am ahead of the game. I am getting now to the point where I have to be careful with my mascara because some of my lashes have grown long enough that they touch my eyebrows if I use too much mascara - not complaining. They are not as thick or dark as I've seen in the photos but that appears to come after you've used it for closer to 4 months.

Even if I didn't get anymore results than I have now - I am very happy with the product.

Hi Christine, 

Wow, you use it on the top and bottom and it sounds like you have no side effects which is great. Some of the doctors in our Q&A are leery of using it on the bottom because it could get in your eye, but if you have no problems that's awesome. We'd love to see pictures. 




I am still using the second bottle of Latisse so...

I am still using the second bottle of Latisse so switching brushes has been cost effective. I have to be careful with the mascara I use or my lashes almost look ridiculous. I don't use anything that is supposed to lengthen the look because that is overkill to 100th degree. I'm attaching a photo. Well, I hope I am.
Christine, sorry for the late reply. I had my Botox on Feb 8th. It is now the 2nd week of March and my eye is still lopsided....though much better thankfully. The majority of time now it looks close to normal, at least to the casual observer. I think anyway.

There are times it gets very heavy though and closes again :/ When I am tired or just woke up etc. It took WEEKS to get to this point though and it was an awful time for me. The embarrassment was tremendous as I looked absolutely awful. And to think it was all because I wanted to look better. I wound up feeling even worse about myself and my appearene.

I think the problem was 2 fold in my case. For one, the dr was VERY quick with the injections and from what I am now reading placed them in strange areas and while some drs make several small injections in different areas around the forehead, my dr made only 2 and one little itty bitty tiny one extra.

He also didn't advise me about aftercare. Though I asked what I needed to do, his answer was "nothing" Which was terrible advice! You have to make sure NOT TO TOUCH the area for hours afterwards. Also, do not lay down and bend over so that your head is below your knees. There are a few other no nos to keep in mind after the injections as well and a doctor should be able to advise you.

I will say that it dies work for wrinkles and I have not had a blinding headache since, which for me is remarkable.

I am scared to try it again but I can't deny that it can work. I think moderation is important because it is powerful and not only can things go wrong like in my case but I have also seen people freeze their face to the point of looking frightening.

If you decide to do it, find a well reviewed cosmetic surgeon. Make sure they care enough to spend some time with you, explain things, examine you, ask what results you want and go over aftercare!
I will post a photo. Just have to remember - that is always the issue. When did you have Botox? I'm curious because I have been toying with the idea. Has your issue gone on long?

I do still wear mascara. I wear a brand called Blinc. It does not thicken your lashes nor does it really lengthen them all that much for that matter. I just like the look with mascara though I have to be careful that they don't get too long - if you can believe that would ever be an issue! It is a gel based mascara that doesn't smudge - it is truly the only mascara I have ever found that I didn't end up with mascara under my eyes after a few hours. It's a bit pricey but I also get it on Amazon. Having said that drug store mascara is now over $10 now days too.
Your lashes don't look real! They are just remarkable, so dense and so long. I've always loved the look of dark, lush lashes. It's quite striking. Problem is, I hate globs of makeup and the "run" that can come from mascara. The thought that you can have this look out of the shower or upon waking....this seems almost too good to be true

I've just had a very bad incident with Botox which led to a paralyzed eye. Between wearing a patch on one eye and manipulating the other to apply drops, clean the "sleep" that now seems to accumulate etc, I am losing some of my eyelashes

I am thinking of giving this a try to undo some of the loss I've experienced this past month.

Thank you for the review

Ps..id love to see a photo with your eyes open as well
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What a great staff at this office! They are unbelievably nice. And they are sincerely nice people. You can tell they are not putting on a fake nice act. Dr. Desman is nice and laid back. He spends a lot of time with you and he really knows his stuff I am actually having a breast lift in December with him. That is why I went to him to get the Latisse in the first place.

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