Laser Lipo of Abdomen ALC Dr. Segev

Hello All, My procedure is on Thursday. I am...

Hello All,

My procedure is on Thursday. I am getting my entire abdomen done. I have always had problems with my midsection despite being avidly working out. My goal is to get my waist trimmed ESPECIALLY from an anterior and posterior view...I can ALWAYS suck it in for a better lateral view..but cant do that for the lovehandles. lol

The cost of my procedure was 3200 and everyone in the office has been very kind, informative and easy to work with.

My biggest fear of this procedure is LUMPS, bumps, and unevenness.

I've read very good reviews about Dr Segev online and I am excited to welcome a slimmer core. I will provide an update and before and after photos on thursday

Only a day away

Omgg its almost here!!

I've been Pretty much STALKING the website for my ideal results. I want a DRASTIC waist to hip ratio to make my hips and legs appear bigger....Maybe my expectations are too high :(

I'm so anxious to do this!! I'm going to take some pictures today so that you guys can see the "before" I'm 5'5 150-155 lbs

before pictures!!

Don't judge me! I know what I want and I'm going for it. I also have my dream body posted lol.

uploading before pictures

Here are all the before pix

Day 1 post op

I had my procedure done yesterday. Dr Segev and his assistant are GREAT!!! They tried to make me feel as comfortable as possible. The hardest part for me was the numbing. I wish i didnt watch videos of the procedure before getting it done because I kept picturing the big fat needle sticking in me lol After the numbing it was smooth sailing. He worked meticulously to assure I achieved my results. Immediately after my procedure he stood me up to assure everything was pefect and ensued with a little more suctioning for perfection. The entire procedure took a couple of hours

I was driven home and about 3 hours post, the pain started kicking IN. Lol I popped the pain killers every few hours and that helped. I had to have my friend help me out so make sure you are NOT ALONE the first couple days. I had a hard time getting out of bed. Today, (day one post op) The pain is honestly not that bad AT ALL

My groin area is a bit swollen but I was told to expect that. I am very swollen but I can see my beautiful shape :)

I will post pictures today or tomorrow. I cannot WAIT to see the final results :)

day 3 post op..feeling better

Today isn't bad. I've been all around town carefully. I did take a shower. The results are there and I'm still swollen. I'm just waiting on my friend to take pictures when the garment is off..I wear it religiously lol. Im still tender and bumps lumps so far. He carved some nice curves in that belly fat I tell ya

impatient but not

The swelling is severe...I.cannot wait till it goes down! Its a bit more swollen today. The pain has subsided drastically. I brought an electric handheld massager today. My incisions are so tiny and I'm really happy about that! I haven't popped any pain killers today :-) im still wearing the garment. This morning I meAsured myself and will post the measurement progress weekly.

day 4 post pic

Swollen but what a difference

side by side pics

Love it. Husband does too
I will be back to work in a week since I'm on vacation

side by side


Day 5!

I'm getting better by the day. Each day I can bend and reach more and can actually "cough" harder lol. Im still swollen and I wear the garment and binder for about 23 hours a day. The binder is really uncomfortable and I cant stand it.

another preop pic

Pre op and 6 days post. Still swollen but isn't dr segev a good artist?? Im going to attempt a workout later on



My waist measured 28.5 inches the day after surgery. Now it measures 29. There is a lot of swelling..after all my waist is coming from being almost 34 inches! I must say Im very pleased. This was soo worth it and Im not even finished healing. Thanks ALC :) Im a happy girl. I stopped taking the pain killers a couple days ago and Im not dieting

By the way. Im still wearing my binder and garment religiously and the binder is sooo uncomfortable and folding..I massage my belly 3 times a day in circles around the bumps and downwards. I give myself a strong massage as to where it almost you can see on my pictures..there arent many visible lumps and bumps.

heres the post op pic that got deleted

Post op


I hate how i cant edit my posts lol..I have so many errors on here...

1 week post op

A little fluffier

Pain on lowww

Im not wearing the binder today but I cud wear it to bed

10 days post op

A little fluffy still. Pain minimal. I have been wearing the garment and an exercise sweat band instead of the has too many wrinkles and I'm afraid it will scar me with ripples

Here are two pics. Me sucking it in..and me pushing it out

I've ditched the binder day 11

I've ditched the binder, which had too many wrinkles in it. I got a sweat belt from walmart for about 6 dollars and its doing just great. I wear it to sleep. No lines or wrinkles. I also wear it to work out, as I dont wear the garment when I work out. My waist measured 27.25 inches this morning. Post op was 34ish

Swelling :(

I dislike this swelling. 12 days post.....I worked out and I swoll up like a mugg. Since my original binder is all wrinkly and leaving indents on my skin I havent worn in in a couple days...So today this is what I did...I wore my garment (which is not as tight as it was before) and my sweat band over that (sweat band does not crease, as it is kind of a thick rubber material)..THEN I put my original binder over that..there is a lot of compression going on here

I will measure myself tomorrow and post another update pic as well

day 13

Almost two.weeks

day 13 pics

Measurements are 28inch waist. Im swollen and hard on the sides...I can now do everything I was able to do pre op..maybe not situps though :-)

Future updates

I will be updating on a weekly basis from now on:) I'll post measurements and front and side angle photos. I'm back to work now and the only discomfort i have is when i stretch too much (due to underlying swelling)


I washed my garment yesterday and it is exxxtra firm. I honestly gave it a break for two days and was only wearing the sweat band. Feels good to be back in the garment..I just cant stttaaand the "panty lines" from wearing it. My sides hurt. I've been massaging them, as well as my belly button area which has some hardness. I massage about twice a day but I'd like to step it up to 3 times a day. I cannot WAIT until the swelling subsides. If I work out the swelling occurs but then subsides. Tomorrow I post my mesurments and update (one week from the last photo update). I dont think you'll notice much of a difference. I also need to clean up my diet. I have not been dieting one bit

update pic

Pardon the dirty mirror. Im 27 inches and as you can see in the pic it is hard and lumpy around my belly button and also another lump to the right below my belly button. It was bigger but I've been massaging it and its getting smaller. Same for the other lump. I feel good. Im still a little numb around the flanks and boy does it feel weeeird lol

one month post

Ok today marks a month and im VERY HAPPY. My lump is getting smaller. My waist is 27inches so far. It drops an inch every couple weeks but I think ill stop shrinking at 26 inches.

Im very pleased with Dr. Segev

I work in law enforcement so no one can tell what's going on under my clothes. Can't wait

forgot to post 1 month front angle

By the way. I massage at least once a day

next update ..will be my 6 week update

Hope everyone is getting happy results

5+weeks, pics coming on monday

I'm still swelling when I do too much. I wear my garment all day and night for the most part. My lump is becoming less and less noticeable..or should I say smaller. My flanks are the most painful (where most of the fat was removed). I will start exercising (zumba) soon to burn some more fat. I have not tried to do a situp and will not do so anytime soon. I'm sure it will cause more swelling. I massage once or twice a day. At least 3 times a week with the handleld electric massager. I cant wait to see what I look like at 3 months. I'm getting there

almost two months

I have not been dieting and exercising but I will start my zumba again. Im still at 27 inches. I still have small lumps that seem to be getting smaller. I have minimal pain and swell up a little when I do too much

front view 27 inches 6.5 wks

started to exercise

I started zumba today and It felt great. I cannot wait to get my waist down to 25 inches by summer. That is my goal! I will try to stick to it and keep a good healthy diet. I am going to start doing my situps today too. I hope to one day have a six pack that would be nice

2.5 months


I'm working out now. I dont feel any discomfort. My flanks are a LITTLE sore still. Im happy i did the procedure. I'll post pics later. I dont wear the garment anymore. I still have some lumps around my belly button im massaging out

6 months

Hello everyone!!

I've been so busy with work. I work in law enforcement so Its been very busy. Its been 6 months. No lumps bumps or swelling or pain. I love the results. I work out occasionally doing cardio exercises. here are the 6 month pictures
Dr Gilad Segev

Dr Segev is HILARIOUS!! He's actually a comedian! :) He made me laugh throughout the entire procedure and answered all my questions fairly and accurately. He works meticulously and KNOWS HIS CRAFT (because he does it so much) !! He knows the curves that women want :)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I love this makes me super excited I go see Dr Segev on the 28th. I wish I would stop looking at the videos :/!!
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I just had Lilpo Laser done to my abdomen, waist and flanks this is day three I really enjoyed reading your post it has definitely encouraged me you look great God Bless
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Bwgreer, did you also see Dr Segev?
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Bwgreer, did you see Dr Segev too?
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Hey you look great! I just had my procedure last wednesday with Dr. Segev. The first 2 days after the procedure I looked smaller but now I feel like I look like I didn't get anything done. You think I'm just swollen? I have a follow up with him tomorrow but I can't stop worrying. :(
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How was your follow up appt? Im going to him on the 28th, this is a great wall!
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Girl! You look great! Just saw your pictures....dang
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You look awesome!!! I hope to be as curvy as you at 2 months. I'm so sick of the swelling lol
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1. Studies and patient testimonies have shown that causes fat "redistribution" after 1 year, especially to upper abdomen, triceps, upper arms, and worst of the worst, intra-organs (13% increase viscerally!) - potentially creating an "apple" shaped body upon weight gain. 2. Liposuction could theoretically cause hormonal imbalance - for women, one way in which estrogen is synthesized in the body is through fat cells. If you take away estrogen-dominant fat areas, such as inner thighs or love handles, you are potentially taking away your bank of extra estrogen storage needed during menopause as well as creating an unpredictable outcome of your body shape during this stage. 3. Love handles, the place where many women resort to liposuction, can, when at an ideal weight, create the illusion of a smaller waist-to-hip ratio. Once taken away, it can create a "log" effect, similar to that of a man's. Love handles are beautiful if kept under control through diet and exercise. 4. Aesthetically, liposuction could result in asymmetry, skin discoloration, and lumps, and physically could result in infection, nerve damage, etc. 5. If you are doing it for losing weight, you are doing it for the wrong original purpose of liposuction. It was meant for changes in shape not weight. If you MUST, fat transfer is at least salvaging your estrogen bank. 6. Be happy with your body and excited about meeting your potential through the most natural means; you know the benefits of exercise combined with diet. It's highly rewarding, not to mention less risky and more cost-efficient than surgical alterations. As the age old adage goes, you never realize what you had until it is gone...
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When making these statements, you should ALWAYS list a credible source. For each point you made, I had several questions that could turn into rebuttals if I had the time to do the research. Additionally, I was an apple shape before my laser lipo and my fat will always be genetically prone to settling in my abdomen IF I LET IT! The same with my sister, mother and grandmother. Having fat in you diet is ESSENTIAL but having it hang on to certain body parts is NOT ESSENTIAL AT ALL. You may also want to do research on the abundance of fat cells and cancer cells.
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Check my review, they are all there :)
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Oh and BELIEVE ME, I HAVE DONE EXTENSIVE RESEARCH, this is why I write about it to inform others. I hate and dislike when people only open their mouth to state lies. I wish someone could have told me all the information that I know now, instead of researching endlessly while this procedure has left me disabled.
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Maybe your surgeon was the problem?
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So then Salama, Yily, Duran are included in this problem? Go to my review, countless women harmed by this procedure.
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And oh gosh, I wish we would all be united women, and have each other respect, and believe in each other instead of doubting, harmed women. I guess ignorance and judgement is easier for some then compassion and understanding.
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Too late now :-)
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Jerseygirl1983 I know. That post was actually left on your page accidentally. It was meant for the other review.
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I agree with Jerseygirl1983...we have already gotten our procedures and we are more than satisfied (very happy, actually) with our results. The only thing you can do as far as activism is to post your own experiences and hope that it speaks to people who are looking for more information on the procedures before they get them. I have done equa
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A "I'm sorry for what happened" would be nice but I guess thats too much to ask for. Pashley. That post was for another review like I stated but you were too quick to respond. And she had not had the procedure done. Jerseygirl was saying shes going to have great results, she doesn't know that, even when I support women on the explant section, I never say they are going to have great results, because I don't know that. I can only wish them the best. I think its awesome to show support that way but also by letting her know what shes getting herself into. Look what happened to 150mmlover, she was dead set on that surgeon because so many women on there told her she would have great results, did she? You can go check for yourself.
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I have done equal research before my procedure and was aware of the consequences and possible side effects. Triple bypasses are not for everyone and are not aways successful but hey, they are still an option. Not everyone is a candidate for EVERY procedure and an excellent surgeon will tell you that.
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I'm sorry that happened to you and it certainly sounds like your dealing with a lot of emotions surrounding your procedure. Even though your procedure did not come out the way you expected, you do still have the right to seek support here and give support. I do not believe any of your comments were supportive and that's why I jumped to the defense. But I missed your comment that it was for another member. I hope things get better for you!
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Pashleythanks. may I ask, do you recommend liposuction with a dermatologist?
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Some surgeons can be more negligent, but the biology of fat and the structural unsoundness of the liposuction remain consistent. When people who are in the decision making process read these public blogs, it may be helpful to their future health to know that short-term results might not be indicative of long-term cosmetic or health results. Here is just a little information (and the sources) on the harm caused by liposuction, but there is so much more. VISCERAL FAT The study done at UC Denver in 2011 concluded that after liposuction, fat re-deposits, likely creating more visceral fat. In online blogs, desperate patients describe the way fat re-deposits in disturbing, disfiguring ways after liposuction. What many patients likely don’t realize is that their fat re-distribution might have increased visceral fat deposits. 1. FAT EMBOLUS SYNDROME Hyperlipidemia is the presence of elevated or abnormal levels of lipids and/or lipoproteins in the blood, and is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Fat embolus syndrome (FES) is a disorder caused by fat particles that enter the circulatory system and is characterized by respiratory, hematological, neurological, and skin symptoms. 2. Liposuction causes mechanical trauma to fat deposits, which leads to systematic fat mobilization. Studies conclude that FES occurs after liposuction. One clinical study done on rats published in the ‘Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal’ revealed that: “Although there were no fat particles in the blood before liposuction, blood specimens obtained following the procedures and in the long-term had fat particles.” 3. INCREASE IN INSULIN RESISTENCE Insulin resistance (IR) is a physiological condition in which cells fail to respond to the normal actions of the hormone insulin. Insulin resistance can contribute to hypoglycemia, and contribute Type 2 Diabetes. 4. A study done in Brazil in 2013 concluded that “Insulin resistance shows significant increase in liposuction, and it is correlated to the volume of aspirated fat”. In other words, insulin resistance increased with liposuction as the volume of aspirated fat increased: over 1500 g there was an increase of 123% and less than 1500 g there was an increase of 53 % from the baseline data. 5. METABOLIC SYNDROME AND DIABETES Metabolic syndrome is the name for a group of risk factors that occur together and raises your risk for coronary artery disease, stroke, and type II diabetes. 6. The American Journal of Physiology published an article that concluded that hamsters that underwent lipectomy developed a metabolic syndrome with significant hypertriglyceridemia, relative increase in intra-abdominal fat, and insulin resistance. “We propose that subcutaneous adipose tissue (SQAT), via disposal and storage of excess ingested energy, acts as a metabolic sink and protects against the metabolic syndrome of obesity.” 7. --- HERE ARE THE SOURCES --- Well, I just had to remove the links as under my message it states, "Links aren't allowed in your comment." 1. Fat redistribution following suction lipectomy: defense of body fat and patterns of restoration 2. Fat embolism syndrome 3. Evaluation of the risk of systemic fat mobilization and fat embolus following liposuction with dry and tumescent technique: an experimental study on rats 4. Insulin Resistance and Pre-diabetes 5. Insulin resistance shows significant increase in liposuction, and is correlated to the volume of aspirated fat. 6. Metabolic Syndrome Metabolic syndrome is associated with increased risk of common cancers 7. Subcutaneous lipectomy causes a metabolic syndrome in hamsters, American Journal of Physiology
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Hi Pashley. I would just like to clarify for women who might not yet have made the decision to have liposuction. I have had time to do extensive research. Liposuction is not a cure for fat. Besides settling in the abdomen, toxic visceral fat can also marble through one's muscles and organs. Studies show that liposuction creates a metabolic syndrome, increases resistance to insulin, and increases visceral fat which all can lead to cancer. But women don't know this is happening to them. Women who are speaking out with health and cosmetic issues are being marginalized, (as you can see evidence of on these boards). The HTAC stated: "The increasing number of liposuction procedures has led to a growing number of iatrogenic fat tissue deformities, in addition to those of traumatic and disease-related nature."
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ChaCha, what do you say to the women who have already gotten the procedure done such as myself? Am I automatically screwed now? What can I do to restore my body? You tell us (women who've already gotten the procedure) of all the harm we've unknowingly done, which I can't fully disagree with because I haven't looked at the studies in their entirety. But can you provide possible solutions for women like me??
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