Starting refinements 3/7/13

I have braces 20 years ago but was never happy...

I have braces 20 years ago but was never happy with the results. My teeth have moved spaces out more and I still have an over bite. I'm on the express plan with an option to go to the full line if I don't get the results the clincheck promised. I paid about 3500 but my insurance chipped in another 2k. I find my mouth gets real dry and the first few days of an aligner are snug. I'm hoping for great results but not sold on it.

Good job getting through the first tray!! It seems most people say that adjustment phase is the hardest, so hopefully things only improve from here for you. :) Are you finding that you are snacking a lot less due to the hassle of having to remove the trays, brush, etc?

Thanks Megan!!!! I am not a snacker so it wasn't hard for me. The aligners were tight the first 2 days other then that not bad. I have 3 attachments on top and 5 on the bottom.

Oh wow, you are fortunate just in general to not be a snacker. I would graze through my entire day if I let myself!

Did the attachments bother your lips or cheeks much when you did have your trays out?


I just started tray 3 of 9 on top and bottom. ...

I just started tray 3 of 9 on top and bottom. I've seen some movement in the overbite but not my spacing. My spacing is together when trays are in but revert back when taken out.
Oh I was a snacker so now I feel hungry all the time =)
I laughed so hard at your comment. :)

So I am 4 trays complete of 9 trays. I just...

So I am 4 trays complete of 9 trays. I just changed into my 5 th set last night. I don't see a big difference so I'm going to post my updated picture. On the clincheck I saw the gap close at number 8. So that would be the first of the year. Also wondering if anyone else now snores and when my trays loosen up I get the lisp. I notice my trays are super loose at day 5. I actually changed 1 day early last time because the top was slipping off.

Updated pictures as of 11/29/2012

Updated pictures as of 11/29/2012

I'm in my last tray of 9. I took this picture...

I'm in my last tray of 9. I took this picture when I changed trays. My gap is almost closed and my arch is widened. I'm pretty sure I still have a significant overbite. I do notice my teeth look more moved in the retainers then when I take them out. I also have a top and bottom tooth on the left side that isn't straight enough for me. I go back Feb 1. I think I will need a revision. What do you guys think from start to this point.

I finished my 9 trays upper and lower. Now I'm on...

I finished my 9 trays upper and lower. Now I'm on refinements #1 with 10 additional trays. My front gap didnt close and my bite is still 10 to 15 percent off. Also I got 2 attachments on my front left tooth. One on the top corner and one diagonal on the bottom corner. My gap was not horrible and I see a bunch on new people getting the express line I don't think most will get complete results unless the gap is really tiny and there on nothing else to fix as my gap really didnt start closing until aligner 5. Just my thought.

Half way through revision one tray 5 of 10

I have completed my express trays of 9 and I'm on tray 5 of revision of 10 trays. I've seen a big change in the revision stage. I still feel like my bite is still a little over at this point and my space is almost closed. I am happy with them the only thing is sometimes I have to file my aligner because they rub me. Thanks to the forum I knew what to do.
great progress so far!

Finish my treatment.

After 1 refinement I'm done. I currently have bottom retainer but my top she cut the back teeth out to allow them to drop down. I'm suppose to go back and hopefully get my top retainer. The top picture is the end. The middle is where I started and bottom was when I started refinement. Not sure I'm happy with them but this was an easy process. Took about 9 months.

They look good, and how great it only took 9 months!!

Thank yoi
I think your teeth look great!
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