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About 5 years ago, I lost 50 pounds. When I did,...

About 5 years ago, I lost 50 pounds. When I did, the remaining fat I had went further south on my abdomen. I was left with these two small bulges of fullness right at my bikini line. When I started contemplating lipo, I asked my friend for an opinion. She said that her office has started doing this procedure, and that I was a perfect candidate. Due to my age, amount of fat, skin elasticity, my fitness level, etc. they believe I will have great results. I was also really excited when I found out how affordable this treatment was, which helped make my decision.

They did two small cups, with maximum suction, to maximize the results. I took pictures throughout the process, because when I researched I didn't see many photos/video of the process, and I wasn't sure exactly what to expect. I was actually pleasantly surprised by how minimal my discomfort was during the procedure- I wound up even falling asleep! The massage was not as bad as I had read (I was pretty numb, so there was little pain).

I will post more follow up photos over the next few weeks.

uvagrl..can u pleeeeez tell me wat exactly wer u trying to rid yourself of missy? ur stomach was gorgeous! r u kidding me? u looked AMAZING before girl! well we all have our want. I can't wait to see your final results because you already looked fabulous!
Thanks daughtersgirl! They actually said I was a perfect candidate for the treatment because my area was small enough that it should make a difference, but large enough for the machine to grab. The more fat you have, the less noticeable the result (and you can see, I definitely had quite a bit when they pulled the machine off!). I primarily want that area at my bikini line to be smoothed out. Even if none of the fat goes away, if it lays flatter, I'll be happier. I hate seeing the shadow of those two little balls of fat! To me it's a daily reminder of when I was really heavy.

Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your experience with us!

Thanks so much for the photos, it's really interesting to see how it works and you're right, there aren't may photos of the actual procedure out there. When did you have the procedure done?

Please do keep us updated with your progress!


Day 4- Swelling was the worst on Day 2, but it...

Day 4- Swelling was the worst on Day 2, but it wasn't as bad as I expected. Basically I have just felt like I've been on my period- bloated and crampy, but very minimal. I haven't been to the gym yet, but plan on giving it a try tomorrow morning.
Looking forward to hearing about your results! Dr. B did my Coolsculpting about a week before yours (upper and lower abs) and I am not very patiently waiting for the swelling to subside and the magic to begin! Hoping to end up looking like your "before" picture :). Keep us posted ...
VaPoobi- I totally understand not having patience! I get very obsessive about this area (even before, I was taking pics of my stomach every day to monitor). Mary, the surgical tech that does the procedure at Dr.B's office, is actually my next door neighbor... so she has been getting pictures of my stomach more than she would probably like (especially when I say I look pregnant and she's 37 weeks pregnant)! But she said the swelling is a good thing- that it means your body is sending macrophages to that area to destroy the dead cells. So if you are still really swollen, that must mean lots of dead cells :)

Update day 10- the pain was horrendous on day 8......

Update day 10- the pain was horrendous on day 8... I even contemplated not going to work. I had trouble finding an outfit that was comfortable to wear, and have been popping Advil like candy. I have some long ice packs that I have been sticking in my waistband when I'm around the house- this is the only thing that really provides any relief. The past few nights I have been waking up every 1 1/2 to 2 hours. This morning (day 10) some of the swelling has really gone down after a day on the couch. Most of the swelling is on my hip bones now, and isn't stinging quite as badly. I'm hoping that I'm beginning to rebound :)
Hang in, UVAGirl; you're on the home stretch! I'm 2 days shy of the 3 week mark. No pain, though still minor numbness, and am starting to see a difference in my belly. The first 2 weeks aren't much fun, but It gets a lot better, pretty quickly - promise :)

Day 12- slept through the night for the first time...

Day 12- slept through the night for the first time in days! Swelling and pain is reduced greatly this morning- hopefully this is the end. Abs finally look like they are just about back to normal. Now I can't wait to hopefully start seeing results!
so how were your results?
UVAGirl, Was it $700 for one treatment at Susan Buenaventura, MD practice? Did you require any additional treatments? Are you happy with the results now? I am considering having it done at her office, and would love to know more about your experience. Thank you!
thanks for sharing your story, how long does it take to see final results typically for one treatment?
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