From perfect natural breasts to sad & saggy (after babies) to boxy boobs after lift/aug.

I only first found this site AFTER my surgery -...

I only first found this site AFTER my surgery - unfortunately! How much help I could have found here...:-)
No worries though - I have found it now, and I am sure glad; so many good reviews (and your doctors are so much better to give advice than here in Europe;-))

PS: Sorry if my spelling is incorrect/I don't use correct terms etc...

My story - the short version:
Had beautiful breasts (large, natural, no sagging), but after 3 x pregnancies and 3 x breast feeding, they looked sad and saggy... With a bra they still looked good - but without? Oh no no no...

So about 3 weeks ago I had surgery; breast lift and implants (275 ml, round, moderate profile).

Everything went well, but I was devasted to see the result afterwards; boxy/squared shape - and not round and natural looking as I had hoped for... Cried for three days, but then decided that I will just have to wait it out... They change so much, and I can already see how they have improved some during these past 3 weeks... Hopefully 3 months can perform miracles when it comes to the shape!

I have posted a before photo and some post - from aprox. 10 days after surgery.

On the good side: I think my scars will heal up really well. My doctor has a pretty good rep. when it comes to the sewing work;-)
hi! i totally feel your pain! i, too, just recently had a breast lift + small augmentation (200cc round silicone mods) and they look ALOT like yours! i haven't really found many others on this site who have had a 'boxy' post-surgery, so on one hand, i'm happy to see i'm not alone, but on the other hand, i wonder what causes this result because it seems so rare! i hope you're not crying anymore, and hopefully their shapes is improving and your beginning to like them more and more everyday. i have moments when i think mine are ok, but then i look at my nipple placemnet and think they're too low and the overall shape is still too wide & boxy/ :( i'm trying to be patient, and it's still been just 5 weeks since surgery, so my fingers are crossed things will change. yours really do look much better than you might think, so keep your chin up! i have pics posted from pre-surgery through 3 weeks -need to add some new ones, so maybe later tonight i will so you can see the changes!) :)
Hi Snowdrop, Thanks - and it's funny, because I actually commented on one of your posts 2-3 weeks ago (but I hadn't done a profile/chosen a username at the time;-)) but I had searched for others in the same 'boxy situation'(!) and found one of your posts (though I didn't find yours boxy;-)) And yes; you are probably right that it's hard to evaluate objectively what we see in the mirror, and hopefully I too, will eventually like mine a little better...:-) (However, I still hope they will 'round up' within these coming 3-6 months or so...!;-)) Let's keep in touch and share experiences. I'll also be posting pics along the way, and see if I can find out what to do about it (my PS told me to be patient but also said, that if they hadn't rounded out in 6 months, he could always do a little corrective liposuction on the sides to make them appear more round/less boxy... Just seems crazy to remove some of the only fat in ones body, that's actually situated where you want it!!;-)
yes!! let's definitely keep in touch! i'm hoping to post some new pics soon, but i feel like they still look the same even though i'll be at 6-weeks post-op this week. =/ i have my next post-op visit next week and i'm planning on bringing in lots of pics of breast lift/augmentation results pics because i am having such a hard time understanding why mine look the way they do when the majority of what i've seen look nothing like mine. geeeez... what did you & i do to deserve these boxy boobies? haha :D (at least your nipples look like they're in a better position than mine!) ;)

5 weeks post: Still not happy...

I am now 5 weeks post surgery - and even though they are much softer now (and perhaps a tiny little bit less boxy), I am still far from impressed with my result...:(

On the plus side; I can't feel the implants at all. They feel very natural.. Maybe it's because my own boob-fat+muscles cover the implants, or perhaps because they are so small!!;)

Another thing: I am frustrated that bits of thread keeps popping out everywhere - it's really yaaarkk and makes me feel like Jeff Goldblum in 'The Fly'... Also it leaves 'holes' making me worry if my scars will heal up nicely...

5 weeks post pictures

I hope you come to love your results! I think your breast shape looks great!
I had 255 put in with lift and mine resemble yours some...I'm 6 weeks post and I'm having a totally different issue... :(
Sorry to hear that you are still having much pain... But yes; it sure is a tough healing process, with daily pain and nightly waking up feeling sore as h... Hope you will get better soon and that your skin will heal up nicely. And I think yours look much better than mine, and hopefully you will feel happier about them in time. Perhaps we are all our own worst critics:-*

Still not happy with my result...

I'm not at all happy with my result; my breasts look flat and boxy. Not at all like I had hoped or wished for...
I will post new pics soon, though not much have changed since last time...

I have spoken to my doctor again. He was off course 'not happy with my unhappiness' and said he wished he hadn't taken me in(!). Maybe I'm too difficult and unrealistic about things... However, to me; an improvement isn't necessarily the same as a satisfying result... If that makes me difficult, so be it...:(
After some discussion back and forth, he however suggested that we could try to put in a little larger implants, and see if that could help make them less boxy and more round... Perhaps with some liposuction on the sides of each breast...

I'm having a new consultation in the new year. Then we'll see.
I am so sorry to hear that your surgeon is treating you that way! :( He should not be telling you those things!!! I think your boobs look very natural and beautiful! Maybe when the scars heal up completely you will love them more? I hope you start to love them more over time
Bo Jønsson

He is probably a top 10 plastic surgeon here in Denmark and both skilled and very sympathetic. However, I'm still far from happy with my results, but have decided to wait and see... Perhaps they will look less boxy and square in 3-6 months. This is not my final evaluation - I will have to wait and see.

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