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Thursday 3rd of April was the day I had my...

Thursday 3rd of April was the day I had my attachments put on and got my first set of aligners I was so excited/anxious. My hygienist was lovely and talked me through everything as she polished my teeth in preparation for my attachments (which are tooth coloured). A dental assistant then ran me through how to put my aligners in and out, how to clean my teeth and aligners, rules about eating and drinking etc. and made my follow up appointment for 6 weeks.
I was pretty devastated walking out that first day as I had heaps of attachments and I was expecting that I’d only have like one or two. It was really noticeable, the aligners were sharp and cut my tongue and I had a very noticeable lisp. I could feel pressure with them in, took some Panadol, had six beers and went to bed.
The next day my tongue was killing me and the pressure in my mouth was still present as well as my lisp. Being a nurse and talking to people all day made my job very uncomfortable. Thank god it was Friday! I used some wax around the sharp parts of the aligners to give me some relief on my tongue, worked a treat.
Over the next few days the pressure subsided, eating became easier, my tongue toughened up but come Tuesday the lisp is still present. Hoping it will go away soon so I can talk more confidently at work. People who know I have them on don’t notice the aligners (or so they say) and people I haven’t told haven’t mentioned a thing so far. Not that I care, just not enjoying the lisp. Things I miss so far include smoking, red wine, white wine, COFFEE. One positive thing is that it stops you from snacking.
Looking forward to going back for my 6 week review and having the attachments removed (hopefully less put back on) and commencing AcelleDent!!!


Thanks for sharing your story, and I look forward to following you!

Question:  Why would they remove attachments at your next visit?

Also, there are quite a few Aussies in the Invisalign community right now, in case you're interested in finding them :).  I think you've already met brosegr.  But NadinellianaCJ13SophieDAstrodog21, and littleoz are also all from Australia.  I feel like there was a man who started recently but I can't find him now.  Maybe he was in braces.

Anyway, I hope you have time to look around and meet people!  And if you need anything, don't hesitate to let me know.
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i have no idea, maybe i misheard her, she was pretty rushed and running behind. Guess i'll find out soon anyways :)
I look forward to hearing more! :)  Unless they accidentally put attachments on the wrong teeth, they generally don't take them off for a long while….  And if they'd put them on wrong, you couldn't get the aligner on.  But there are always advancements and innovations, so you never know!

Second Tray!!! YEAH BUDDY..

In case anyone wants me to break down my day with routine for them here goes nothing.
730am- Tray out for 15-20 mins while I shower and brush my teeth, I let them soak in Luke warm water and Listerine, give them a brush with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste before I floss and put them back in.
830am- Tray out for 15-20 mins to enjoy morning coffee, Berocca and apple. Quick brush of the teeth and tray, mouth rinse then pop those bad boys back in.
1pm- Tray out for 25 mins for lunch. Brush and floss, brush tray and rinse mouth, then put them back in.
7pm- Tray out for dinner 20 mins, brush and floss teeth, bush tray and put them back in.
9pm- Tray out for 5 mins prior to shower for a final brush of teeth and tray before heading to bed.
Pretty griping stuff I know haha! Must confess, if I want a beer I will have one but rinse with water in between really well. I’ve also had a smoke with them in but raced home to brush and soak ASAP. Even had a black Sambuca shot! My trays aren’t stained at all. I’ve been told to soak in vinegar and water 2:2 if concerned about any discolouration.

Have changed to tray 2 today, YAY! No issues getting them in, they are tight, with a little pressure not discomfort. Guess they are doing their job. I have posted some pics today of my second tray. Some good news is my lisp has gone away now that I have adjusted to having extra gear in my mouth and I’ve lost 1.8kgs #WINNING!


few words of advice, you could probably cut out your 730 break and just do the whole coffee,rinse etc all together at 830... also don't use toothpaste, big no no to abrasive for the trays and they will end up smelling terrible. eBay some stuff called retainer brite and use that in the morning (20 min soak cleans them right up) or alternatively buy some polident from coles (denture cleaner) depending on how much of a heavy smoker you are your trays wont stain in that two weeks, i usually go out 2 nights a week drink and smoke with the trays in for around 6 hours (anything from beers, to also sambucca shots ) get home give a good rinse and soak and they are fine.
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That's not a bad idea, I could not take them out until then and enjoy my coffee more. My ortho said the toothpaste and brush they gave me is fine to use on the trays. I'm only smoking socially but will definitely get some retainer bright for those big nights! Cheers for the advice and happy easter!

Was this really for me??

This whole process is really starting to annoy me when it comes to my social life. I enjoy a drink and a smoke more than the average person i guess and its starting to show really bad on my trays. They are so freaking yellow after smoking and drinking all weekend despite brushing, flossing and soaking them. I tried taking them out for smokes and cut my mouth doing it so often and it cant be good to keep going in and out.
And the taste is bloody terrible. Either i am going to have to become a hermit or rethink this whole process..It seems i can handle the wear time and the cleaning process but its no good if my social habits are staining my trays and potentially doing damage to the enamel of my teeth.... FML!!!!


Just think…all that stuff on your trays was going onto your teeth before!  At least you can switch out the trays. :D  And you'll be switching them weekly, right?  

Aren't there options in between becoming a hermit and…the current situation?  I don't read so much about people smoking with the trays in…I think just you and Snowy ;)…but drinking, definitely.  Straws and the like.  Are they really getting yellow from just a week?
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True, the trays for the first 6 weeks are fortnightly. They are due for change this Thursday, thank the lord. Then weekly there after so i guess that will be better. Drinking beers through a straw would probably not look too good but perhaps i should just cut back and quit smoking. Its not just the staining that sucks its the taste of the trays but its my own fault from pulling all nighters....



Thanks for the ClinCheck.  What is that sudden drop there toward the end?  Where suddenly you go from nothing to (normal) overbite?
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I'm not sure really, i do have an overbite, so guessing it corrects this? I have heaps of questions when i go back for my six week check up. In other news, after not smoking for two days and no drinking, more frequent soaking, i am happy to say my trays are clearing up and dont taste like an ashtray lol.... feeling positive again :)
Great news! :D  With as much as we have to go through with Invisalign, feeling positive is really, really helpful!

Tray 3 of 23

So pretty chuffed i'm on tray 3. I'm used to this whole process now and actually enjoy it in a weird way lol. My teeth have def's moved slightly as people close to me have noticed small changes and i can feel slight movement on my top teeth... Progress!! I have my first follow up with my ortho this Saturday where i will get new trays and accelledent (WHOOP WHOOP)... Will update there after.


I liked my trays too..haha. They're a reminder that you're making progress so they never bothered me too much :-)
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we started at the same time, so i'm going to (virtually) hold your hand through this process. here's my philosophy on this whole thing. your denial of certain comforts are but a blip on the radar of the rest of your life... with a straighter set of teeth mind you. you don't have to go into hiding, and this certainly doesn't have to feel like a chore. bigger picture thinking here. focus on the amazing smile you're going to have at the end of all this and nothing more.
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Could not agree more, i cant wait to have a beautiful smile :) I'm now six weeks in and ive adjusted well to routine and have not given up much besides snacking now.

6 weeks in and onto tray 4

Cant believe how the time has flown. I had my six week check up last Saturday and was pretty disappointed because they didnt give me my acceledent as apparently they havent arrived yet. Not happy!!!! Also i was rushed in and out, thrown three new sets of trays and given another appt for 6 weeks. I'm posting a photo today, i dont see any changes yet :( but im sure they will come :)


I could not agree more on your comments about your social life. That has probably been the biggest adjustment for me as well! I didn't think I went out that much but, of course, the moment I get these, I turn into a social butterfly! Hard when you just want a drink whenever you want without having to pop these in and out and brush, and floss and brush the liners . . . . it's a little tedious for sure! I don't smoke so I can't even imagine how much that exacerbates the problem! I hope that has gotten better for you. I think you're teeth are looking great!
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Thanks for your comment :) I guess i have gotten used to it now and my friends know im not shy so i take them out infront of them when needed lol. Been trying not to smoke with them in. I got my Aceledent gadget yesterday so now am changing weekly, yay no more stains!!
That's awesome! I almost got Acceldent as well but since I'm on the express and will be done in July, it seemed a little excessive. Can't wait to see what you're results are with that. And I'm the same way. We wouldn't be friends if they couldn't handle me popping out these liners in front of them. Sharing is caring and all that. lol

AcceleDent a god send!

So i got my AcceleDent last Thursday and began using it that evening. Super easy to use, i'm a big talker so it sucks i cant talk for 20 mins but im sure it please some haha. I change from tray 5 to 6 on Thursday and will be changing weekly starting then.
On another note i've found the best home made stuff to clean retainers especially after big nights out, bicarb and vinegar is the bomb!
I may have been a wee slack on wear time and flossing this weekend but i put that down to big nights out and eating very little (only consuming liquids).
I've posted some photos of the awesome lil gadget for those interested :)


whats you bi carb and vinegar ratio?
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I just wing it aye, put ya bicarb in first as the vinegar will make it fizz up. I prob use about 1 heaped table spoon of bicarb and about a cup of vinegar. I scrub them after about 5-10 mins with some of the undissolved bicarb in the base of the bowl.
Thanks for the AcceleDent pictures! :)
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2 months post comparison

2 month post comparison pic.


It's difficult to say for certain, since the one piccie has aligners in and the other doesn't, but it looks like there's been some movement in that central incisor.  Has that been your impression?
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i agree, i'm bummed i didnt take one of my teeth without the aligners at the start. But i have noticed some movement. I'm very happy thus far :)
I wish I had gotten more angles of my teeth from the beginning. I got one straight on but nothing else. I'm seeing some movement as well which is exciting! Little jealous of the accledent. I think you're going to be soooo happy you have that!

passed out with only bottom tray in!!!!!

OMG, FML....I passed out last night after a few brews with only my bottom tray in... so i had my top tray out for like 7 hours!!!!!!! To make the situation worse it was the night to change trays so now my mouth is throbbing like a son of a bitch! Also I've done this another night with both trays out for like 4 hours. Hope this wont stuff up my treatment time. Any suggestions people other than cutting back on the beers lol.


The stuff you get yourself into!  I have no real wisdom for you.  You might consider delaying moving on to the next tray for a day of very long wear.  I have no idea whether this will have an effect on your roots long-term, but I'm guessing if it's the last day, it's more a pain thing than efficacy thing.  Your orthodontist is definitely the person to ask, but I could see not wanting to ;).  One could also try asking the doctors here on RealSelf in the Q&A.  Is the new aligner tracking after a few hours?  I stayed out of my aligners for much longer than you at one point (about 10 hours, without the excuse of being unconscious) and I don't think it did permanent damage :).  No way to know for sure.
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Lol i feel like a dickhead. But what i did was, i increased my wear time over the last four days to "catch up" also increased my time using chewies. My compliance is in question i know but i'm still seeing progress, so thats the main thing :)

Tray 10 Pic

13 more trays of my first set to go yay! Its going so quick. I've noticed heaps of change. Quit smoking and drinking too so i feel extra awesome as my trays are squeaky clean!!! Cant wait to see results in another 3 months.


Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!  I wish you all the best on the self-improvement journey you've undertaken!
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Thank you very much :)

Tray 14 of 23...9 to go!!

Hi everyone,
Been a while since i updated my review. Ive noticed heaps of changes and i am very happy with my progress. Cant believe i have 9 weeks left. I had my ortho review on Saturday, he was happy with how everything was going. His assistant explained that in 9 weeks they will remove my buttons, re-scan my mouth, ? if i need a refinement set. Then i get them whitened and all pretty!. So very happy so far so ive attached a lil pic of me this morning with tray 14 in :)


Whaaaat!  Look at that front tooth!  It's almost fixed already!  Fabulous :D
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YAY i know :)

Tray 17/23, only 5 weeks left!!

Treatment is flying by! Very happy with my progress, only 5 weeks to go. Not sure about the quality of my photos but i know there has been heaps of change. Tray 17 is tight in places i have not had discomfort before so this is good. Cant wait for the end result.


Wow!  Two more aligners after this one?  No refinements, then?  Or are you certain yet?
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I have 3 more left now, ? refinements after my scan.

3 weeks left!

I can taste the finish line. So happy! hope i dont need refinement but if i do i will cross that bridge when i come to it.


How can I keep forgetting about the AcceleDent? LOL!  I look back at your first pics, and your teeth weren't that bad at all.  But looking at how they are now, it's still such a massive, beautiful difference.  Congrats!
three more after this one as i have 23 trays! will find out on the 20th what the go is with refinements after my scan.

Cool!  Only ten more days!

Final tray before refinements

I had to change my 2nd last retainer a few days late then changed tray 22 a day late so i am little behind but still happy with results. Had my ortho review a few weeks ago and he said everything is great, will need a few refinements so after the scan in about 10 days we will know more.


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OMG I'm so sorry... my stupid friend is typing mean things and sending them to my friends and random people... ugh she thinks it's funny. I'm sorry, none of that is true!!
wow i feel sorry for your stupid friend who appears uneducated and unkind. I was always taught if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all. Some people are jealous i guess! Also i've never had my tongue pierced.

Attachments removed after 1st lot of trays completed!

Yesterday i had my ortho visit and my attachments removed. The process was quick and painless. My teeth feel sort of slimy now after feeling so rough whilst having the attachments. I am over the moon with my results. I had a scan done while i was there for my refinements as my bite is still off. So i continue to wear my old last tray (tray 23) until i get my new lot, which i was told will be less trays and less attachments, yay :)


Whaaaaaaa?  Done with the first lot already!  Can't wait to find out how long the refinement will be!  Wishing for a short one for you!  You look great already, certainly :D :D.  Enjoy this time without attachments!  That first refinement tray is gonna be a shock if you have to wait a month.  I did, and it was like starting all over again *_*!  Well, almost ;).
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Its gone so fast i know :) Hope i dont have to wait too long! Thank you, i'm going to make the most of this time without attachments. I'm guessing also seeing as my teeth are'nt moving atm that i dont need to use my acceledent, which is a time saver. Have a great weekend.
You, too!
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