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Almost 40yo & Finally Got the Courage to Fix my Teeth! - Albury, AU

I am 39 & tired of hiding my bad teeth. I've...

I am 39 & tired of hiding my bad teeth. I've always had a phobia about the dentist but decided it was time it get them fixed so I don't pass on my fears to my daughter. My teeth are quite crowded top and bottom.
After deciding to proceed with Invisalign I had to have several procedures done including wisdom tooth removal, 2 tooth extractions to allow the crowded teeth to be able to move and a filling.
In July I finally got my Invisalign fitted. I am on the 3rd set of my aligners, almost ready for the 4th. I will also be using Acceledent to speed up the process meaning from the 4th set I will be changing the trays weekly instead of fortnightly.
I have 34 sets of aligners but have been told I will need more after that.

I've been reading about people trying to keep their invisalign clean. After having tried vinegar and water, then toothpaste I found that the trays were discoloured and still didn't smell too good. I have bought an ultrasonic jewellery cleaner from eBay for $40 AUD. I put my trays in there in the morning & night and every second day I put a Polident tablet in with them. Occasionally I need to brush the outside with a toothbrush but they are much cleaner now and don't smell at all.

I can't wait to start changing the trays weekly and finally start seeing some results!


Tomorrow I finally get set 4 and hopefully my Acceledent. Here are some photos of my teeth at the start and with the attachments. Also a photo of the jewellery cleaner I use daily.

4th set

Today I finally got my 4th through to 6th set of aligners. I was supposed to pick up my Acceledent also but unfortunately it hasn't arrived yet :(. Hopefully that will turn up on Monday so I can start finally changing the aligners weekly.
I must say that this set is better than the previous one for my speech. I found it really difficult to talk without a noticeable lisp with the last ones. Much better this time! Not sure why it would be different?
I can feel the tightness of these new trays but it's not too painful thankfully. Just a little tender when I remove them or put them back on. Like the previous set (but not the first 2) these ones seem to have a little indent at the top on the front 2 teeth. Any reason this would need to be there or is it just a fault in the tray?

They showed me my 11th set while I was there today and I must say that it was a boost to the confidence in the process. I haven't really noticed any difference yet but I could see heaps and that tray is only about 7 weeks away. Made me feel much better!


Hooray! Finally picked up my AcceleDent today, was given another 3 sets of aligners and the ok to change them weekly from this Friday. Very excited to get started tonight.
A run through on the use of AcceleDent explained that it needs to be used for 20 minutes every day. It is supposed to make the transition to the next tray much easier and less painful.

I also got to see my ClinCheck for the first time. Great to see it and see what the results will be like at the end of the 34 aligners, although I have been told I will definitely need more. Apparently it will be 90% correct by then.

Will post updated pic when the 5th set go in!

Tray 5

ClinCheck video
Tonight is my first weekly aligner change. I have been using the AcceleDent for the past 3 days now.
The 5th set are tight but I don't feel any pain with them as yet and they were relatively easy to put on. I think once I have been using the AcceleDent for the full week it will be even better. Still haven't noticed any changes yet!

I have attached some photos of the AcceleDent and my ClinCheck video (hopefully!)
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Hi i am also from Albury, wondering where you are having your treatment? as i also use acceledent and they have no asked me to bring mine in to plug into the computer to track my usage? And i have the same model as yourself. :)
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Hi! I go to Evolve. The Q&A sheet they gave me when I picked up the Acceledent says they would like us to bring in the hand piece with every appointment so they can track the usage. I'm guessing that's not happening when you go in?! I've only had it a week so my next appointment isn't for another 5 weeks so I'll have to see what they do!
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It worked, yay!  And thanks for including the pictures of the AcceleDent as well.  Do you know what model it is?  I'd like to use your picture of the unit in the forum if I may?
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The box says it's AcceeDent aura. It's the one that can be plugged into a USB. You take it to each orthodontist appointment and they plug it in to the computer to track your usage. Feel free to use the pictures, let me know if you need anymore. :)
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Thank you!  I made your pics into a collage and posted it in the forum.  Much better than what we had before!
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Congratulations!  Did they give you a copy of your ClinCheck, by any chance? :)
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Yes, they put it on a USB for me.
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Ooh!  Can you upload here for us?  I don't know if it's a format we accept but when you do your next update there's an "Add Video" button I think, and you "choose existing" and find that and that would be so cool!
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I'll give it a try tomorrow :)
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The indents are called power ridges, and they just help grip the teeth a bit tighter to get more movement in :D.  Some doctors use them and some don't.  Invisalign Teen used to have them standard but I don't know if they still do.

That's great, that you're having less trouble speaking!  It may just be that you've gotten used to them, or that your teeth plus the new trays are in a slightly different position.  Hard to know!  I hope you get your AcceleDent soon, though.  It's a lot of money to pay and not get to use it!!!
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Thanks for that info! Hadn't read anyone else's review that talked about the indents so wasn't sure if they were meant to be there!!
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I know mskitycity just got some put on hers near the end of her treatment to get stuff going--she calls them dimples :).  And Invisa312014 just finally got some aligners without them on.  But most people don't seem to mention them.  I didn't even notice them when I had them! :D
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Thank you for the pictures!  Have you managed to find others on here yet?  Or would you like me to give you some reviews of others with moderate-to-severe crowding?
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I'm really enjoying reading so many different reviews from people! It's great to see I'm not alone with some of my experiences such as clenching the jaw. I wake up with such a tired jaw every morning from this, I'm glad it seems to be quite a common issue!
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Yeah, I sure had it.  Still do!  Blah ;).  I hope that you're leaving comments or liking or thanking so that others know you appreciate their reviews!  Sometimes it can feel like talking to an empty room if people just read and don't respond :D.  Gonna go read your update now!
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Congratulations for finally getting up the courage to do this for yourself!  Do you have very severe crowding?  Because I could totally see how one could end up with a fear of dentists then.  It's so difficult to maintain healthy teeth with crowding.  We have another dental phobic who chose Invisalign and had such a difficult time even getting started.  But she made it, and is now 8 months along in treatment, I think.  Her name is chandlera07 (the link goes to her review).

That's a great idea about the jewelry cleaner!  I had no idea they were so affordable.

I hope you'll show us pictures!  It's a great way to maintain your own motivation, when it's difficult to see results with the naked eye.  Also, it'll give me an idea of whom to introduce you to ;).  For now, here are some more Aussies! (The links go to their reviews :) and the starred people have AcceleDent as well--there may be more of them that do but I can't recall off the top of my head).

SophieD, Astrodog21, littleoz, Crooky24*, Sunluvva*, smilemelb, shannon1990, Dante555, Malnic, Megastar, Bec1234, jessjaensch, and Jessea.
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Thanks, yes they are pretty crowded. I have put a couple of photos on so I can track my progress.
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