7 week po pics

I am a 29y/o mother of a beautiful 10y/o daughter...

I am a 29y/o mother of a beautiful 10y/o daughter.Pre-pregnancy weight 105lbs.Gained 105lbs to weigh in at 210lbs!!She was born by c-section.Only lost about 20lbs and stayed at 180lbs for a couple years.

I have been anywhere from 130lbs to 170lbs over these past 10 years and my stomache is a hot mess. I go the gym, eat healthy and can't get rid of this flapjack belly no matter how hard I try.

Been wanting a TT for about 7 years and now I have scheduled it for July. I'm so excited. I have one question for you guys. As you can see in my pictures I have some love handles. Will a TT slim these down a little or should I also have lipo done?

Please give me some advise for this dilema I am having. Anything would be helpful at this time. Thanks!!

Wow! These pictures look horrible. I don't...

Wow! These pictures look horrible. I don't feel that big..haha! I don't know why I have waited so long to do this. I am even doubting they will be able to fix this mess I have. I am only 5'2 and currently have been at a steady 155lbs. I have been working my butt off at the gym,avoiding the junk food and it is so discouraging that I can't see the results. I would just like to sit down without my belly sitting on my laps all the time. I have to dress like I'm 50 years older than I am. I have to buy at least 1-2 pant sizes bigger than I am to accomadate this "pooch" and make sure I don't get it caught in the zipper.It sucks! I have been so depressed with my body. My fiancee has never even seen me get dressed in front of him, that's how self conscious I am and I have had enough!! It's time to have my body back. I know I will never be 105lbs again nor would I want to be.When your a "teen mom" you loose your teen years, your twenties too,lol! Well I have done so much for myself and my daughter that I am very proud of. From raising her on my own with no help, living check to check on $5/hr to pay for a roof over our head to putting myself through nursing school and becoming a RN. Now I can give my daughter what I never had. Now it's time for me! I am gonna get rid of this BELLY cuz it's a constant reminder of years of struggle and pain. Be gone belly blues..you are no longer needed =o)

Two and a half months to go and I wish it was...

Two and a half months to go and I wish it was sooner. I'm getting so anxious to just have it done already. I've been dieting and exercising hard core. I want to try and loose at least 10 more lbs by then. But this wait is KILLING ME!!! On another note I am in the middle of a disengagement. Took the ring off this morning =( We have been engaged for 4 years and already called off our wedding last year. Besides he makes me feel like I'm worthless and constantly throws in my face that my daughter is not "his kid". What an ass!! So even more encouragement to get this done I guess. Maybe once I loose this belly, I'll loose him too..

It seems like the days are passing by so slow. But...

It seems like the days are passing by so slow. But I know it will be here before I know it. Today I was feeling good. I got on the scale and I have lost 5lbs. So me and my daughter go have lunch and this older lady that was our waitress asks me if I'm having a boy or a girl?! WTF!!! Anyways...that kinda sucked but she just gave me more motivation to work harder and not chicken out on having this done =)

Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful...

Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful mother's out there!!

5 weeks until the big day! I also quit smoking...

5 weeks until the big day! I also quit smoking about 2 months ago..YAY ME!! Time seems to be flying now and I am getting a little nervous. My biggest fears are the surgery itself and going through all this and coming out with the same results. I have been looking at before and after pics more than usual and trying to stay positive that there is hope for me too to have wonderful results post-op even though I am not going to get lipo. But I just can't picture myself with a flat tummy. I haven't seen that since I was a teenager. I'm sure I will be pleased with the results because it can't get any worse than what it is now. Anxiety is kickin in due to the upcoming surgery and just the anticipation i guess.

Just found out my time off request from work was...

Just found out my time off request from work was approved!! Gonna take off about 5 weeks. My pre-op is on Monday and I'm kind of FREAKING OUT! Time is just flying and I've started to have dreams of myself post-op. I can only hope I look and feel as good as I do in my dreams. Trying to get everything I will need in place. I ordered a 12" wedge pillow and TED hose. Got me some supplies for bed baths,wound care,bed pads in case the drains leak and comfortable clothes. I think all I need is my prescriptions which I will recieve on Monday. I have a list of meds I think I will need. I now understand why nurses are the worst patients =^)

Pre-op appointment this morning. Signed my...

Pre-op appointment this morning. Signed my consents, they took before pictures(that was not fun at all!!)made final payment and got my presciptions. I have to be at the surgical center at 6am. 14 more days...YIKES!!!

12 more days. Now that it is getting so close I am...

12 more days. Now that it is getting so close I am really starting to get really anxious. I'm excited but so nervous. Every time I start thinking about it I get myself nauseated. Did anyone feel like this? How did you deal with these feelings? I think three months is too much time to wait for something like this. If I'm this nervous now...how am I gonna get through the day before or the day of...AWWWWWW!!!!!

5 days left! I am so ready for the waiting to be...

5 days left! I am so ready for the waiting to be done with. It has been a very unique experience for me. I had 3 long months to think this over and I think I have experienced every emotion possible. I am now so close and have finally got passed the major anxiety. I'm still anxious but I am just thinking of all the positive that will come of this. I can't even imagine how it's going to feel to get dressed without having to tuck and adjust everything everytime I move..always worrying if my bulge is showing. I can't picture myself without the belly. It is so hard to picture myself without it. You all were awesome and thanks for all the comments. I will update the day before and then try and do post-op pics as soon as I can.

4 more days!! I know I said I wasn't gonna...

4 more days!! I know I said I wasn't gonna post until the day before but I can't help it, lol! Well all the dieting and working out didn't work. I'm weighing between 150-155, same as what I started with =(. I have been telling myself these past couple of days "ok this is my last big meal." But nope! I just don't want to go into surgery all bloated and then post-op be vomitting..not a good picture. So I have made a plan, soups and protein shakes from here on out. Sunday I will give myself an enema to make sure my bowels are clear and Monday nothing but fluids and electrolytes. Then I should be alright. Tomorrow is my last day at work and then it will be time to clean and get everything ready. So excited,anxious,nervous and scared but it will all be worth it in the end. I know it's gonna be painful and I'm just gonna expect that so I'm not suprised. Well enough rambling =)....

1 more day!!! I have been waiting for this for a...

1 more day!!! I have been waiting for this for a long time and now I am at the point of no return and kinda scared. I know I will be fine and just got to keep all the POSITIVE thoughts in mind. Came close to loosing my father yesterday. He has end stage MS and we had a close call but he is doing ok now. I feel so selfish still going through this with him in the hospital but I know we will both get better. This will be my last entry and I will post as soon as I can. Wish me luck!!

3 days post op and things are getting a little...

3 days post op and things are getting a little better.
Day 1 was tolerable but day 2 had to have been the
Worse day by far. I was in pain and nauseated vomiting.
That was the worst. The MR was the most intense and i was so sore it was hard for me to breathe. I will post pics as soon as I can. Haven't seen my belly yet but it is flat I can tell there's gonna be a big difference. BTW..They took off 5lbs of skin!

Today is PO day 5. I feel a little bit better. The...

Today is PO day 5. I feel a little bit better. The worst parts of the day are when I wake up or when I go to bed. I am hoping once I have a BM everything will feel better. Been a little nauseated from time to time, which is the worst for me. I can handle everything else just not the nausea, ugh! Gonna try and wean myself off the pain meeds today. I am having a little burning around my belly button and drain sites. Is that normal? More than likely will post pics after my PO appt on Monday..ttyl

Today started off with a little nausea. I also...

Today started off with a little nausea. I also have had a bad sore throat the last couple days. I think it is irritated from the intubation. Has anyone had this before? How do you treat it? Besides my binder and these darn drains nothing's changed. Have my first PO appt tomorrow and I'm excited but nervous to see or peek at my new tummy! I hope everything is where it's suppose to be =)

1 week PO. Nausea is pretty much gone. Sore throat...

1 week PO. Nausea is pretty much gone. Sore throat is getting better everyday. Had my PO appt yesterday. Still have too much drainage to remove drains which kinda sucks but I know I need them in. Saw my belly for the first time yesterday. It looks good. My bb is nice and small and not frowning anymore. Side view I'm nice and flat. Front view I'm flat but very swollen on the back sides...especially the right side. I know the swelling will go down eventually and at this point I'm just happy to be done with the worst part. That first week is a doozy but so worth it. My Dr. said everything looks good and I can start taking off my binder now. I can't seem to put the binder down, it's like a comfort blanket. Took some pics and I will upload them soon. Ttyl =)

Here are my 1 week pictures!

Here are my 1 week pictures!

I would just like to add that I am so lucky I have...

I would just like to add that I am so lucky I have my fiancee, mom and daughter here with me. I would not been able to do it without them. My love is so supportive, helpful and patient with me. He sleeps on a huge bean bag chair right next to the couch where I sleep in case I need him. Poor thing...I have never seen him so tired in all the years we've been together. I love them all very much =)

Day 8..Have been very emotional today. My tummy...

Day 8..Have been very emotional today. My tummy under my bb is so numb..freaky. I hope I get some feeling back. Thoughts of regret cuz I am so swollen and numb thinking WHY did I do this to myself? Read others stories and they're already progressing with drains out going to lunch and I haven't even showered in more than a week. I guess the depression stage has set in;( Hope this is just a phase....

Day 10...Today I feel better. I must say, I didn't...

Day 10...Today I feel better. I must say, I didn't expect all this. All I was thinking about was I'll have a flat tummy. I wasn't thinking about everything else..like the recovery part. I totally underestimated this recovery process. By now I thought I'd be flat and curvy wearing cute clothes and showing off my new belly. That has not been the case. I am swollen still have my drains in, both of them and I feel so helpless. My PS said I could start taking off the binder and I can't stand to have it off more than 15 minutes. It feels like my incision is gonna pop open and I can't stand touching my belly cuz it's so numb it freaks me out. My PS also said I could start picking at the steri strips over my incision. I have loosened a couple and a few came off but I am a big chicken and I don't want to yank something off and have an open wound. I'm just thinking they will come off easier in the shower but I can't shower yet...ugh!! I just feel like I'm not progressing as fast as I wanted to and it's so frustrating. But everything has gotten better day by day. I am getting more feeling back in my belly. My bb is looking very natural and it's so cute! Swelling on the right is now about even with the left. I do still have some muscle tightness and am not walking completely upright yet but pretty close. Pain is still an issue from time to time. Mostly from the drains and I do still have some burning pains in abdomen and around drains. I think once my drains are removed, can shower and my scar is better healed, I will feel so much better. This is truely gonna be a long recovery and I accept that now. I am sure I won't regret doing this and I don't. Just need to be patient and strong. This dang heat hasn't helped either. It's been at least 95 degrees every single day. That and not allowed to shower is not a good combination. Well hope to have drains out by Monday, fingers crossed. Til next time =)

Day 11..So I woke up cranky from lack of sleep and...

Day 11..So I woke up cranky from lack of sleep and heat. Had myself a pity party this morning. I was mostly frustrated with these damn drains. My left one was pissing me off all night. The stitch kept pulling on my skin when I would move a certain way. So after I pissed and moaned all morning, I remembered...oh ya..I'm a nurse, ha! So I did some critical thinking and thought what are the reasons why I might still be draining over 20cc/day? And by-golly it came me. Maybe I need to take in more protein. It is very important for the healing process and I know I haven't been taking in what I need. So I drank one of my protein shakes for breakfast. I swear by the end of the day today my drainage has decreased significantly, so much that neither drain went over 20cc today...Amazing what a little thinking clearly can do. I'm praying that tomorrow will not prove me wrong...then I can get these drains out Monday..yay!!

Day 12...Note to self..keep up with the stool...

Day 12...Note to self..keep up with the stool softeners. OMG!!!! What a big mistake to stop taking those regularly. My daughter said it sounded like I was giving birth. I told her I did....just no baby,lol! It's funny now but at the time I thought I was gonna die!! Never again will I underestimate the power of the colace! Otherwise everything about the same. Drainage still below 20cc so I will be calling them tomorrow and hopefully they can come out. Kinda nervous...hope it doesn't hurt that bad. I think after these drains are gone, I will have reached a big milestone in my recovery and things will start to progress faster. Can't wait to move forward =)

Day 13...My drains are OUT! I feel so much better!...

Day 13...My drains are OUT! I feel so much better! It was not painful at all just felt a little weird. Feel 100% better and it can only get better from here. Drove myself to Walgreens. I bought some Bio-oil for scar therapy. What would you recommend? Well everyone have a good day..happy healing!

2 weeks...Kinda down today...trying to recover and...

2 weeks...Kinda down today...trying to recover and fighting with your fiancee don't go well together..ugggh! Well I took my first shower this morning and that was awesome! Oh the joy of soap and water! My incision is looking good. Still has some scabs but is healing very well and thin! My only question is sometimes when I touch my belly especially below my bb I have this area above and below the incision that feels as hard as a rock! Has anyone one else had this and what have you done for it? It's kinda freaking me out! Other than that been ok. Just wish I could recover without the drama in my life. I really don't need this right now;-(

16 days PO....Getting better everyday. Emotionally...

16 days PO....Getting better everyday. Emotionally...I'm still up and down not due to anything in particular just in general. But I have had some personal drama at home that has still not resolved. So that is making all of this 100x worse than what it should be. Incision still healing well. Still have that hard as a rock feeling but I've just been trying to massage it as much as I can. I really hope that gets better fast, I hate that feeling. I'm walking a little straighter but when I overdue it I start to walk hunched over. Well everybody have a great day...

I am exactly 7 weeks post op today and love my...

I am exactly 7 weeks post op today and love my results. I am slowly seeing my figure come together. I do still have swelling especially at night. Those hard lumps come and go. Otherwise everything has returned back to normal. This is my second week back at work and the 12 hours on my feet are killing me but it's tolerable. Well just a quick update. I'll try to post some pics as soon as i get a chance =)

Here are my latest pics at almost 8 weeks po....

Here are my latest pics at almost 8 weeks po. Still swollen along my incision towards the evening. But i now love getting dressed in the morning =)

Here are my latest pics at 7 weeks. Still have...

Here are my latest pics at 7 weeks. Still have swelling in the evenings along the incision. But I now love getting dressed in the morning =)
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You look awesome!!! Your scar is perfect too! Congrats to you :)
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Thank you =)
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You are looking great and at only 8 weeks...it's gonna get better all the time. Don't stress over the swelling I'm 11 weeks out tomorrow and it comes and goes and when it goes I am HAPPY with what I see so I know it will eventually go for good and I'm willing to be patient with that. Wearing the garments or binders helps too. Body shapers are all the rage again and they have so many kinds it's great. I love mine for the swelling and muscle repair spots that still ache when I over do things.
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Thank you! I'm trying to find a shaper but it is harder than I thought, lol! Do you have any recommendations?
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I got one at Walmart that comes up high enough to help my spots above the belly button. I did cut off the horrible seam from one end of the crotch to the other and man am I ever happy with it now. Those seams cut into my butt something awful. :/ I also found a cute little pair of boy short type panties considered to be shapewear also and they were at Kmart. The thing I found was there are different strengths of support so read the tags carefully ok. I'm buying the ones at the standard malls and shops because I don't plan to use them for too long and I'm finding that most everywhere they have different types to choose from. Check in the panties, slips etc. sections.
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Thanks for the tips. I need something soon to help me with the swelling:-/
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You really are a inspiration and I'm so happy for you! You are looking so great! I know if my doctor said he we need to do surgery to remove your kidney I would be like ok let's do it! haha But when I'm deciding to do a surgery I'm not so confident about it. Our silly nerves!
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Well only you will sign that consent form. No one is gonna make you. But for me I knew something had to change when I would cry every morning becuz I felt horrible getting dressed. Even on vacation to go hiking it took me an hour to figure out what to wear and feel comfortable in it. I knew it had to be done. If it affects your life that bad and you've had it, it's much easier to sign that consent form. But if it doesn't bother you all that bad then don't rush cuz it is a major decision to make.
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You will know what you need to do. Don't be scared of something you want. We always put ourselves last and sometimes it's good to do something for ourselves. The nerves will be there until the last second before your surgery but if you really want it just think if the positive. It is so worth it in the end and I know if I wouldn't have done it I would still be crying every morning. Hope this helps. Keep in touch =)
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You are so right. I take forever to decide what to wear too. It's like everyday and almost every minute I'm thinking about the food I need to eat and when to workout and ugh I hate this, it's so consuming! I feel like I'm not always myself because I'm ashamed of it. I just happened to stumble across this website and I am so happy I did because you can speak to people that understand how you feel and you can learn from them. I'm almost waiting to really live and it won't happen until I remove this chunk of fat. What I really hate is I see people bigger than me or the same and they seem so happy! I'm like what the heck?? Why can't I be happy with this too?
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Lol! I know what you mean. Everyone is different. Some can handle it and some can't. If your constantly trying to eat healthier and working out and find that you don't look any different. It's because that skin will never go away. You will be suprised what you have under there after the extra is removed. In the early morning before swell:30, I am sooo super flat. It is amazing how much better I feel about myself. And I too was ashamed. I didn't even like to leave my house. Now they can't keep me home =)
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I think I would walk about like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever haha, I would strut about and do anything and everything I want to do!
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Lol! Good one =)
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Hi! I am really relating to you, we have about the same body shape. Previous shape for you hehe. Your story is really making me feel braver to do this myself. I am so scared I will have a complication. I've read alot of stories that went well and then you read one with problems and it just puts a cloud over the whole idea. You are looking great! Can we see more post-op pictures? Those 2 you have really can't see too well. How you come out gives me a really good idea of how maybe I could look. Hope you are doing well!
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Sure. Hope this helps =)
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Jolie81 It is scary to think of but once it's over you will be so relieved. The first two weeks po were the hardest for me but i am nearly 8 weeks po and so glad i didn't chicken out. Being scared of all that can happen is scary and everytime I would think of it I would second guess myself. But I was so uncomfortable in my own skin and tired of being insecure that as scared as i was i knew this was the only way to get rid of the 'pooch'. I can't tell you what a difference it has made. I love the way i look in tight yoga pants even when I'm swollen. I would have never dressed like this before. I would strongly recommend it. Hope this helps. Good luck!!
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I am happy that you seem to be healing well. I am almost 21 weeks po. I still dont have feeling along my scar. I have gotten used to it at this point and it doesnt bother just itches at times. Each day everything gets better and better as far as healing goes however. I have gained a little weight from going on vacation. I need to get back to my diet.
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Lol how funny about stool softener ,,, I actually just didn't take mine today I forgot! The thought of oh I don't need that anymore crossed my mind and litteraly 2 min after that I stumble on your page how funny, so I will not be stopping them I guess :)
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That's exactly what I thought and that was a huge mistake. If your not taking your pain pills anymore wait until you feel regular and then start weaning yourself off of them. I think that's the best way =)
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Awwww, Just me 99...Thank you for your kind words. Yes, i look much better then before. I'll show him in due time. =)) By the way you look great too!!!!
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So I just got back from my appt and there was really no real explanation except that its pretty normal and should go away with time. I was just advised to keep massaging the area. Hope this helps, its nice to know were not the only ones with this issue!
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I agree lesabq...Thanks! It's nice we share the same PS cuz we can share info =)
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Wow I have the same problem in the exact same spot. Hard as a rock. I've just been trying to really massage it but it doesn't seem to help. Mine even seems to bulge out. Well I have my six week check today so i'll let you know what he says.
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Thanks lesabq! That would help alot to know what this is and what to do about it. Please do let me know what he says.
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Yeah! the drains are such,a pain. i all to remember that wonderful day when i got to take my first shower. i am like 15 (ish) weeks out from surgery. im on vacation right now and for the first time not embarresed to wear shorts and take pictures. this is the best thing i ever did for me. my tummy is still numb but it doest bother and i just do everything as normal.
happy healing
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