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Im scheduled and ready to go!! Albuquerque, NM

I am very excited and anxious to get my TT done. I...

I am very excited and anxious to get my TT done. I am a 31 years old 5'3 138 lbs and a mother of 3. I have chosen my surgeon booked my procedure and paid in full. I will post my progress in the coming months. I am having a no drain procedure and can't wait to get it over with. I just hope my expectations are not to high.

Pre op photos

Tomorrow is the big day!!!

So tomorrow is the big day! I spent all day getting everything ready lol it feels like in nesting or something. I am a little nervous and have had butterfly's all day but everyone I start doubting my decision all I have to to is look at my picture and I am reminded of why I am doing this. It's so surreal still, I have so many thoughts going through my head. I have pictured the scenario of the surgery day and replayed it in my head over and over I guess I will be living it in a few hours. As I write this I just want to keep everything on a positive note. It's 11:13pm right now and I hope I can sleep tonight. I am drinking a lot of Gatorade to stay hydrated through the night. I always have a glass of water next to my bed. But tonight I have to stop drinking and eating after 12am. I am having a lot of emotions at this moment, I keep thinking positive but I can't help but consider the possibility of something going wrong. I just need to keep those thought out of my head. I just want it all to be over and be back home with my kids and fiancé. I am excited and nervous all at once my anxiety is probably going to kick in in the morning. Well what can I do? There's no turning back now. So I hope to see everyone on the flat side.

My story of abuse

I can't remember the last time I didn't cringe at the sight of me naked. Omg I always think, if only this heavy flap of skin wasn't there. I feel like a freak of nature sometimes. I have friends that have more kids than me and don't look as bad as I do. I got pregnant at 19 and I actually planned it that way. I didn't however prepare myself to live in an abusive violent relationship with a mentally ill drug addict. I thought I was in love. I guess growing up seeing my father be the same Made me think it was normal. But somewhere in the back of my mind I knew it wasn't what I really wanted. I tried my hardest to prevent stretch marks and excessive weight gain, but failed to keep my weight down I was so depressed from being dead broke, dealing with a drug addict boyfriend who would beat me black and blue almost every night. I was 120 when I got pregnant with my first son and by the time I gave birth I was 165. I stayed with his dad regardless of the fact I was miserable. I remember being in the hospital bed and trying to hide all my bruises. I felt so stupid. I gave birth to my wonderful 8lbs son. I think all of the stress during my pregnancy and the fact that I couldn't afford to eat healthy left me with awful stretch marks and a lot of extra skin. We stayed together for about 1yr after my son was born then one night he came home really mad and messed up. I asked him where he was and he blew up and punched me in both eyes, my nose and kicked my ribs repeatedly. I had my son in my arms the whole time. I decides this was the last straw so I called my sister up the Next day while he was gone and gathered a few things and left. He called begging me to come back for days and days threatening to kill himself if I didn't. I was so fed up I didn't give in this time. About a week later I got a call that he had shot himself in the head and he was dead. I felt really guilty at that time because his mother blamed me saying I had caused him to do it because I wouldn't let him see his son. He had told her I was keeping him from him, which I never did, he never once tried to see him. It's been almost 10 years since that happened my oldest son is almost 11 now. I am engaged to my first love and we have a 4 year old daughter and a 1 year old son. I couldn't be happier, except of course there's my self esteem issues the next 2 pregnancies really worsened my belly. I feel so lucky to have so much support now and a man who loves me more than anything in the world. I am finally doing the one thing I have always dreamed of. And very excited for tomorrow. Again lady's thanks a lot for your support.

I did it!

Today is 5 days post op. I am feeling really good, considering the situation of not being able to do much. I have no drains to worry about I showered with help yesterday and today I showered all by myself. I put on some really low underwear and my scar which is under steri strips is completely hidden most of my stretch marks are gone and the few ones that remain are barely noticeable. I am ecstatic and so pleased with my results. I can't wait to see what I look like in a few months. My dr and all his staff are miracle workers. Top of the line surgeon.

almost 3 weeks PO

so I went to my 2 week follow up, got the steri strips off it literally felt like I was getting waxed down there. my scar is so low it goes through my pubic area a lil. I am happy with my incision so far it's very low and not to long. I do have a little pleating but it will resolve with time and of course I still have a few stretch marks but I decided I'm going to embrace them. I'll take the stretch marks over the gross flap of loose skin any day. plus they're not too bad I think I can probably hide them with a little dermablend if I ever decide to wear a 2 piece. so the nurse and dr. said everything looked great and assured me that nerve pain will resolve on its own, it just takes time. they gave me an RX for alevil an antidepressant that is used for nerve pain. So far it feels likes its been helping. I am 20 days post op today it's crazy how the time just flies by. I can't wait to get cleard for workouts I feel like my arms are so fat I want to lose about 10 pounds, but anyway it will all come in due time. I still have my good days and bad ones. But overall I have to say its not as bad as I thought it would be. I love my new tummy, I've been massaging it everyday with arnica gel, bio oil and coconut oil to help break up the lumps on my flanks from the lipo. and im planning on looking for a good scar therapy product. so ill let you guys know when I decide which on I'm getting. thanks again for the support ladies you guys are awesome :)

pain and more pain ugh

so at my 3 week mark, I woke up feeling good and unfortunately that lead to me doing a few things around the house, I probably shouldn't of done. The next day I was in the worst pain ever. I mean we're talking intense cramping all over my abdomen, almost like labor pains. I took the last of my pain pills I had left and they barely took the edge off. So I phoned my PS office and talked to the nurse which I never really felt was a very caring or personable women. I should of known and thought about this when I had my pre op visit with her and she called herself "the nurse from hell" so anyway I asked for something to take the edge off and she basically treated me like I was some sort of junkie trying to get a fix. I mean c'mon I just had major surgery and was in intense pain. I guess they don't care about their patients that much. She was rude and obnoxious and told me to suck it up and take aleve, or go to the ER. wow are you kidding me? I am happy with the results so far the Dr. is a very skilled surgeon but his nurse seems to lack empathy. I mean I understand they have laws to control narcotic overuse but it's not like I was trying to get medication to get high. I was and still am in pain. They made it seem like I would only need pain meds the first few days, here I am 3 weeks out and the ibuprofen doesn't even take the edge off. I wake up feeling really stiff from sleeping in one position. they won't even prescribe muscle relaxers. I am stunned and annoyed. on top of everything my thigh is still numb and I'm still having the occasional shooting pain. I'm hoping my recovery will get better. I just want to be back to normal already. I still am happy with my result but not with the way I was treated.


4 weeks

well I'm 4 weeks and 2 days today and it's been a rough month. My goodness, I really wish I would of prepared myself for the recovery period mentally and physically. I don't know if that would've made a difference but damn I'm still having pain and I hate taking so much ibuprofen and Tylenol, that many pills can't be good for me. Today my incision and parts of my abdomen started burning. I hope that's nothing serious, I really can't take another setback. I am just so frustrated. I know I have to keep positive but it's hard when you can't do the things you want as soon as you think you'll be able to. Well hopefully I'm over the hump :)

Fat Necrosis...why me?

well about 1 week ago around 9pm I noticed a small blister forming on the left side of my incision. I had no idea what it was so I gave it no thought. At around 1am I got up to use the bathroom once I sat down I felt a trickle down my leg, I looked and it was something leaking out of my incision it was a orangish color with a thick consistency, I panicked but tried to stay calm. I covered it and called my PS office the next day, he wanted me to come in. I went in and the nurse looked at it and smelled it and said it didn't have a bad smell so I guess it wasn't infected. Then the Dr. came in and saw it and told me i had fat necrosis which was basically fat cells that had lost their blood supply and died, they needed a way out so they found a path out. The weakest point in my incision and that's what caused it. He opened the small hole to about the size of the tip of a qtip and drained some out, then proceeded to stuff a dry dressing inside of it. He explained that I needed to repeat this daily on my own. So the wound wouldn't close before getting all the dead fat out. I couldn't help but want to cry. I am so squeamish and the thought of having to poke and stuff gauze into a hole in my stomach wasn't so appealing. I couldn't do anything about it, so oh well, I guess I'm just gonna have to take it as it is. so now for about a week I've been packing and dressing my opening. Im hoping it won't happen in another place. I have had a few days where I felt really down and depressed. I am still not walking all the way straight. I haven't left the house much because I don't feel normal yet. I have been trying to be more optimistic and I am trying to look to the future. I know once I am fully healed I will be a happy person. I'm not sure why this happened to me I am overall a pretty healthy person. I don't smoke but I understand this stuff just happens. I go back to my ps in a few days and I'm hoping this will stop draining so I can start scar therapy. I did a lot of normal stuff yesterday and I noticed by night time I was cramping pretty bad. I took ibuprofen and 2 benadryls to try and help me sleep. I kept waking up through the night in pain. ugh I just want to be able to do the simple stuff I used to do, without thinking about my tummy. For anyone having a tummy tuck the recovery is no joke and they weren't lying when they tell you you'll have them days when you think you're in hell and all you wanna do is cry. I'm lucky to be able to stay home rest and recover and for the most part I've had a lot of help from my mom and fiancé, keeping the house clean and I especially needed it with my 20 month old toddler. Hopefully I will be cleared at 6 weeks to start working out! all this resting and just walking around the house has got me feeling fat and depressed, but after I can start focusing on changing areas that can be fixed with exercise. ;) cause my puffy belly was a lost cause. I have to remind myself why I did this and how amazingly better my tummy looks now. my ps did a great job and obviously was very generous with the lipo on my flanks because they were huge! overall I can say I am happy and I just need to have more patience.

my muffin top in jeans


Dr. Michael s Hopkins

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Can anyone tell me the cost of the tummy tuck??
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Any new pics?
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How ya feelin?
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Praying this little setback will be over with soon and you can continue on with a good recovery! U look great
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My femoral nerve is entrapped from a suture in my right thigh too. The first couple of weeks after surgery I would get the worse stabbing pains that would shoot down my rt leg. I have a large area of numbness on the anterior lateral side of my right thigh that wraps around the posterior side of my thigh. Around 5 to 6 weeks the shooting pain has lessened and the area of numbness has gotten smaller. My PS wants to open up my incision (in the office using a local to release the nerve from the suture) however I have opted to wait because the pain has gotten much better. I am only the second person that this has happened too since he has been performing the drainless TT. I am almost 8 weeks post op and now I rarely have any nerve pain and the numbness has gotten better and it now only involves the anterior lateral side of my thigh. I see him next week so we will see what he says. Good luck. I hope the pain gets better for you!!
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Hello and thank you for your story. Did you have dissolvable sutures? I do and I'm wondering if when they dissolve they will release the nerve that's entrapped. I know how you feel. I feel like I am just an unlucky healer. I am 4 weeks post op now and have been taking the elavil at night and I still get the shooting pain, especially when trying to get comfortable in bed. I thought since I was still getting the pain, the medicine must not be helping, I hate chancing side effects so I decided to not take it last night and wow I had the worst pain and could not sleep at all. I had to keep my right leg propped up on a pillow and avoid movement. I guess I'll just stay on the medicine and see want happens in a few weeks. I'm glad to hear there is hope and yours has lessened a lot. hope all is well with you :) and thanks again.
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I would have probably asked for her to speak to the doctor or someone else and you can still do that, I was in pain for a long time and Tylenol does nothing for me and im allergic to motrin products and they gave me another refill no problem, that is what you paid them for, I might call them back and tell her you want the doc to call you or you want to see the doc as im sure she does not pass on to him that you have called and are having problems
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you're so right,! thanks for your advice doll. How are you doing?
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your very welcome and I am doing great, glad all the healing is behind me but couldn't be happier I finally had it done last year ! 
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How are you feeling? Any pics?
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I would of had to tell her about herself lol!
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How's the healing coming along? Hope all is well! =o)
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it's going ok but I wish it was better, I was not prepared for the long painful recovery. I have a very low pain tolerance and don't respond to OTC pain medications. So it's very hard to deal with, but I'm hoping I am almost over the hump. :) thank you for asking doll.
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you look great!!! Congrats to you on the beginning of your new life :)
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cant wait to see your photos, hope your nerve issue gets resolved, sounds like you have great surgeon, be patient and Im sure he will correct if needed, any questions don't be afraid to ask these girls on here they are all great and helpful
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thanks :)
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You look great! Way to hang girl! I grew up in a alcoholic/ drug home with sexual abuse. Its tough regaining your self esteem. You are worth more than you'll ever know! Happy healing!
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thank you for your kind words. I'm so sorry to hear that, you were in that type of situation as well it's rough when you grow up that way and it causes all these issues. Thankfully we can moved passed them and believe we are worth more :) hope all is well with you.
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Thanks! Past is n the past!
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just noticed on your ratings of your procedure and your doc it is all just one star ratings, you seem very happy so possibly it went thru before you rated it properly, not being nosey, but didn't know if you caught this
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Haha no you're right I'm using this on the mobile site and it does weird stuff. My dr was amazing thanks for letting me know :)
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Very touching story...hope you heal really well!
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thank you, I hope your journey is going well as well. thanks for taking the time to read it I know it's long but I just felt it was a big part of who I've become. :)
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being happy with your doctor is a great thing and it is what helped me thru it all as I had so much confidence in mine, so glad you are happy, im sure your results will be amazing !  Im going on a vacation so wont see some of the posts from people till I get back, best of luck
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well hope you have a great time on your vacation! I can't wait to go on my next one somewhere tropical. since I've been avoiding it for so long :)
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