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I have a deviated septum - 8 weeks post op - Albuquerque, NM

Hi everyone. I am not sure where to start as this...

Hi everyone. I am not sure where to start as this has happened so quickly. I only decided to do this about 4 weeks ago. I am having an open septo/rhinoplasty tommorow at about noon. I am pretty excited.
I am so happy to have found this site.My friends are tag teaming me tomorrow, one bringing, one picking up. My friend has used this Facial Plastic Surgeon for herself and her daughter and he comes highly recommened. I have never had anything done and who would have ever thought my nose.

I have a deviated septum and my insurance company is paying for the procedure. I do have a big deductable but to have insurance is awesome..
So I have never "hated" my nose but I have never liked it either. I also would like to breathe better and not wake myself up storing...LOL
So here we go, I am 53 yrs young and am taking this time during the holiday to recover.

Please wish me luck, Twilight anethesia and not too long a procedure. We shall see....Oh and I did not have too much time to pick out a nose, but I provided photos and we will consult prior to the procedure in the morning.

Hi everyone, I did it yay. Went into my procedure...

Hi everyone, I did it yay. Went into my procedure at noon today, yes about 6 hours ago? It was so much easier than I thought and my surgeon did everything. Septo-Rhinoplasty was done under twilight anesthesia, yes I was talking and aware of everything. What I liked is I never had to go through the awful wake up process. I got up and dresses 30 mins later and my friend took me home. I was not intubatedd and do not have any packing.
I will take pictures as I sit here and write.

Well, woo hoo so happpppy. Went way better than I...

Well, woo hoo so happpppy. Went way better than I expected, no post pain and have enery. I am so pleasently surprised. I will update with a detailed explanation in the morning as I am going to sleep. Sweet Dreams and don't be afraid...

Hi Jan Rio! I had read your post and was remembering you as Albuquerque, so we you wrote to me as Jan Rio I got confused - sigh - it's a confusing time! I'm thrilled for you that you have no bruises! I knew I would bruise terribly because I always do. I'm never really without a bruise... I have them on my thighs all the time because that's the height of my students' desks! I'll know they'll go away soon though. They're already not such a deep purple as they were yesterday. How long did your surgery last?

Yay! You're on the other side. Thanks so much for starting your story on RealSelf. Hoping you love your results.

Well I am fortunate to not have packing up my nose. That being said I do have a stuffy nose but I can already feel that my breathing is better. My Dr. made sure to expand my nostrils some, we did that before the procedure. He looked at my nose as I took in air and figured out we needed to be. We also agreed on the noses I had chosen online. I will post day 2 pix soon. FYI, NO painkillers today.

Today is day 3 post op. I started to get a little...

Today is day 3 post op. I started to get a little more swelling and a partial black eye. I had a little nasea today but all is pretty well. My nose is full of dried blood so no breathing from it today. I cannot wait to see my new nose. I took the gauze off and that is great.
Overall, my nose does not hurt at all. I have hardly had any pain at all, no headache or anything and this was a full rhino/septo. I was partially awake during the procedure and I have to say, given the choice I would do it all over again like that. I remember talking and hearing everything. I also remember not having to wake up from general anesthesia which is great. I didn't get sick or anything.
I do not have packing, but I am so excited.
How long does it take to start being the shape that it is going to be?
I had to go get dog food so here I am driving.
Thanks, I do have some yellowing around my eyes. I cannot wait to see the result? Hey gift how are you?
Glad everything is going well
Hi. My surgery was 1 and a half hours. I think yours may have beena bit more complicated, did you have a graph? I see your bruises fading already and you have the most beautiful skin. I cannot wait to see yours. Did you provide a picture to the doctor of the nose you wanted? Sorry about the confusion with my name, I made a mistake when creating my profile, I am in NM. I can see that my nose is smaller, can you? When are you getting your splint off? I get mine off Wednesday.

Here is the sutures from the Open part of the...

Here is the sutures from the Open part of the proceidure. Does this heal up ok or will I have a big scar?
Hi! I tried to find your Doctor info on here, but couldn't. Who was your Doctor? Thanks!
Congrats JanRio! You've made a lot of progress in the past two months. Your nose looks great!
You're looking fantastic Jan! Wow!
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