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So Excited! - Albuquerque, NM

So like many other reviews on here I have also...

So like many other reviews on here I have also been teased about my nose. I am 18 and started to dislike my nose throughout high school, I was always self-conscious about my nose I would wear my bangs over my face just to hide it and it was always difficult to have a conversation and look someone directly in the eyes.. Now the teasing was mostly family members like my step sister and my guy cousins they would be so blunt about it and just come out and say "Alexis you have a big nose" of course I'd just stay quite then go cry about it when I was alone, because I hate to show my feelings in front of anyone! Another time I was criticized about how big my nose was, was by a guy I had a hug crush on he told my friends I was pretty and all but I had a huge nose.. Well that really hurt my feelings and self-esteem that day I cried to my mom about how I felt and what happened I was 16 at the time my mom of course said I was beautiful just the way I was (like all moms say lol) but she said to wait till I graduated to see how I felt about it.. Well now here I am graduated and feel the same way about my nose everyone is very supportive with my decision.. This Friday I will have my procedure at 10:30a.m. Now it's the waiting game I am so nervous and I hope everything goes good(: I am starting collage soon and I am just ready for a fresh start in life with out my nose in the way lol sorry for my long and boring story but I just felt like I needed to let it out somewhere cause the nerves are really kicking in and everyone seems so supportive on here (: so wish me luck guys! I'll update soon again.. Bye bye(:


I'm so glad you're here! I never did grow into my nose and had rhinoplasty at 27. I wish I'd done it earlier like you are. Right before college is perfect (imho). That said, I don't think your nose looks that huge or oversized for your face. I'm so sorry you've been teased and that that boy said your nose was big. Stupid kids!

I look forward to following your updates and watching you transform. :)

Here's a list of supplies that might come in handy as you recover.

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well, ive waited 25 years to be able to even discuss my rhinoplasty. the doc took off the whole bridge of my nose. all I wanted was to have a smaller tip, which I thought at 18 was huge. anatomically we dont 'grow into' our large noses until mid twenties. adolescence is tough. uneducated people make it worse. they have no idea. :/ TELL YOUR SURGEON NOT NOT NOT TO BE AGGRESSIVE,,,,TO LEAVE YOUR BRIDGE STRAIGHT AND STRONG LOOKING. DON'T LEAVE YOUR TIP PINCHED, LEAVE YOU NATURAL--JUST A BIT REFINED. A BIT. try to look forward to this time you've wanted for a long time, the more you think about it the more obsessed we become with our noses,, and as its healing the swelling is going down we're obsessed with that. sometimes we need to take a break from the whole thing. clear our thoughts from the nose completely! you have a great mom she made you wait a little while and think it over! let us see your post op pictures girl you're going to be fine!!
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Bad few days..

Okay so it is now 4 days post op I did not feel good at all this past weekend I felt nauseous and I was very swollen. No pain just very very uncomfortable.. I called my doctor at like 3 in the morning cause I was scared I got sick but I was just being a baby lol he responded right away to my phone call I felt bad cause he was half asleep but he is such a great doctor I will do a review for him soon because of how awesome he is, I got lucky!(: but anyway my swelling is now going down some bruising and black eyes, also no more stomach ache. I got my packing taken out today it did not hurt at all! It was such a relief I could breath though my nose again it felt so amazing because I had a really hard time breathing through my mouth it got very dry and sore it was hard to sleep but I feel way better now, and can see a difference in my nose already!(: I get my stitches off next Friday so we'll see how that goes... I'll update soon again. Bye(:


thank you so much for your support it means a lot!(: may i ask did your rhinoplasty help boost your self confidence??
your nose looks fantastic even thru the swelling! hang in there through your doubts and your swelling and your tears, you are past the hard part congratulations it is great!
Thank you so much!(:
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