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After breast feeding and pumping for twins for one...

After breast feeding and pumping for twins for one year my boobies were sacks. Did I NEED it? no. Did I WANT it? I think so. It's been 2 weeks and my body is recovering slowly.

I am 5 8' and 135lbs. I got 300cc silicone boobs and they have not dropped yet. My biggest issue is the pain I have in both my arms. It's like nerve tingling and I am praying it goes away as my body recovers. I have told a fair number of people and others I just don't think they deserve to know if they treated me poorly.

I spent 5 days away at my mother in laws house and loved it! I definitely needed the Oxyconden and the valum. (sp sorry)

I am 3 and 1/2 weeks post op. 300 round cohesive...

I am 3 and 1/2 weeks post op. 300 round cohesive gel, under muscle implants. just now I noticed what felt like a trapped air bubble on the left of my left breast. It pushes in under the light pressure of a finger and then pops back out. Are they just air bubbles that will be absorbed by my body and if so how long will this take, or are they something I should worry about? Many thanks.

I've still got some crazy arm numbness going on...

I've still got some crazy arm numbness going on all down my right arm and in my fore arm on my left side. Going to call for an in office evaluation as I was hoping it would go away by now. Has anyone ever dealt with this before?

I am getting excited about my breasts but just...

I am getting excited about my breasts but just dealing with the tingling/numbness.

Went in for my 6 week check up and the tingling...

Went in for my 6 week check up and the tingling and numbness is almost gone. I've discovered it didn't have anything to do with my new breasts and was an issue from two big knots in my neck area and those knots are pinching my nerves down my arms. So that's good news. My L breast looks great, and my right is slowly dropping. So I am massaging and stretching the heck out of it. So things are looking up and can't wait till R drops! Although will be "Undecided" till that suckers drops.

16 weeks and counting. I went in for my 3 month...

16 weeks and counting. I went in for my 3 month appointment and my right breast is still about an inch high than my left one. My doctor was not surprised but also not happy about them. The left one looked good but he said it was still a little too high. He stated that we'll most likely have to "go in and cut the scar tissue that is holding the right breast higher than it should be". He wanted to see my back at the 6th month mark and recommended everything that I was doing; massage, stretch, working out, and the big one PATIENCE. After the appointment I was not surprised at what he said. I did, however, contact my friend who had an augmentation just 2 years ago with the same doctor and her breast took 10 months to drop!!!!!!! Fine... I need to take a breath and be patient. Cutting now and having them drop even more later would NOT be an easy repair. So They look a lot better than they did but "Righty" is still stuck up there waiting for me to roll out the red carpet. So I am just breathing and letting it go...

It's been 4 months and my right breast has not yet...

It's been 4 months and my right breast has not yet dropped. Well... it actually has dropped a little but still has half an inch to go. I know it's not finished dropping as I can FEEL that it is not healed totally. I've felt electrical charges, sore and at times uncomfortable on that side. My left breast has totally healed so I know the difference between where I am and what it should feel like and look like. My friend who had the same doctor just 2 years ago told me that it took her breast 10 months to drop!!!! Wow - guess I need to have more patience. My Doc told me he would consider doing another surgery at the 6 month mark to help it drop but I am wondering if this thing won't drop on it's own. Better get in shape before summer!

Ok - they put up duplicates of my last 2 days...

Ok - they put up duplicates of my last 2 days comments! Sorry!
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They look great.
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Almost 5 weeks of recovery and I am hopeful the tingling/numbness will dissipate. Getting a massage and stretching today to try to help it along. I was going to see the doctor this week but I am going to wait till my 6 week apt. and give myself a little more time to heal. Patience. Patience. Patience.
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Thank you for posting your experience and photos on RealSelf! You might want to contact your PS about the bubble-like thing, just to ease your mind. I'm glad you're liking your new look more everyday. You look good!

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Thanks so much for your advice. My doc did tell me about the dropping and one has already dropped! The other one looks funny now but I can tell it's dropping and I think there's an air bubble in there! Ugh. kinda gross and funny at the same time. My numbness is decreasing as well as my dependency on Ibuprofine. Thank you so much for your words and you are right - every day is getting better!
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You have to be patient. I had a ba at the end of Oct. and from the start, my left breast sat higher than my right. Like you, I was seriously beginning to wonder if my left was ever going to drop. But just after my 2 week post-op appointment, my left finally dropped and now looks similar to my right. Your surgeon should have gone over this with you. It takes time. The numbness you feel will eventually stop along with the swelling. By the time you are 6 weeks post-op, you will be amazed at how far you have come in your recovery. :)
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I know these pictures aren't great but I'll update them as we go. It's been 2 and 2 1/2 weeks. The numbness in my arms is diminishing. I know that may sound scary but I have to be honest about my journey. Liking my boobs more and more as the swelling goes down and they drop into place. My recovery is going well but every day I have to remind myself not to lift more than 5 lbs. ugh! I can do this.
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