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I am all scheduled for my surgery on June 13....

I am all scheduled for my surgery on June 13. Received the doctor packet with all the info and risks and now starting to feel nervous.

I'm 32 years old have 4 kiddos and breast fed all until they were 1. I'm 5'7 and about 130lbs. Me and my hubby have decided that 450cc would be perfect but at that size the doc wants me to go with a ultra high profile which makes me nervous because I don't want the projection to be so far out. My breast width is at about 12.5 and hoping I can get away with just the high profile. From looking at all of the pictures, I seem to like the moderate plus after photos the most. Any words of advice?


Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf! Good for you for breast feeding that many kids for so long. You really earned your procedure! ;)  Will your husband be able to help out with the kiddos the first few days of recovery? Here is a list of things to do in preparation for your recovery. Looking forward to your updates!

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            hi i had ultra high profile implants before my revision; they dont stickout as much as you think; ultra high is a narrow implant! i thpught the same as you as well; my high profile actually stick out more than the ultra high; if you want more of s natural look ypu should go with mods: 
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I want to go with the moderate plus but my ps thinks they may be too wide for me.

2 days till my pre op.

Going to my pre op on Friday starting to get really excited! Will make all the final decisions size 450ccs is more than likely what I'll be going with and hp or ultra hp. Going to look at before and after pics before deciding on which implant to go with. Doc wants me to go with ultra hp but I'm feeling a little nervous about that. I just want a natural look. Can't wait till the 13th of June to start the healing process and the beginning of the new improved me.


Hi Quad, we have similar stats I think:) my surgery is on the 11th June!! I am going for my pre op on Monday to finalize sizers, want to be a full C at the most so it is either going to be btw the 325cc or 350cc!
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Good luck to you and a speedy recovery!
I also wanted to go with mod + initially. After my consultation my PS recommended HP as well, I Could have gone with mod plus but it would have been a much smaller implant and after trying on mp sizers I did not Like the look for me. My BWD is 13 and narrow ribcage (29in I think). I trusted my surgeon and went with all her suggestions. I have no regrets, thy change SO much the first few weeks. I'm continuing to see change that I like. At first they were super high but finally they are starting to settle, I really need to update pics:-) I ended up with 400 left/ 450 right HP silicone unders. Good luck!!
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Mixed feelings

I went for my pre op today and I can't believe I'm actually going to do this. I'm having mixed feelings. Did anyone else feel like they were being selfish or vain? I'm really not happy with my breast now but should I just learn to love them?


How are you!?
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Just checking in to see how you're doing. Did you go through with your procedure? Hoping you are doing well!

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I am at exactly 2 wks today and i keep getting this feeling of pressure in the upper poles plus have not dropped at all. I see my PS tomm for a chk in-am going to ask exactly what happens when the implant drops because as of now I don't really get it. If anyone has had them drop and can explain how they look after please let me know. I also want to go back to the gym but i am nervous about how much i can do. I wonder if women born with full boobs have as much fun as i am with my "fake" ones. Its amazing how much i love having them- Wish i could have done it sooner but I have them now and am enjoying every minute of being a full breasted woman LoL
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